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  • Bostonsko pravo: Croatia (2004)
  • Bostonsko pravo: Croatia (2004)
  • Untitled 'The Practice' Spinoff: USA (2004)
  • The Practice: Fleet Street: USA (2004)
  • Fleet Street: USA (2004)
  • Untitled 'The Practice' Spinoff: USA (2004)
  • Fleet Street: USA (2004)
  • The Practice: Fleet Street: USA (2004)


  • Boston Legal: Episode 1 - Head Cases

    On a dare with Brad Chase, Alan Shore takes a case where a black mother wants to sue the Annie on Tour production because she believes that they did not choose her daughter to play Annie because she is black. Brad and Sally Heep take a case where a client’s ex-husband will not allow her to take her children to New York. Denny Crane tries to avoid his client from hiring an investigator to find out who his wife’s lover is. Meanwhile, Lori Carlson asks Tara Wilson to use her sexual nature to steer Denny’s client from investigating his wife’s affair. Brad and Sally share a secret.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 2 - Still Crazy After All These Years

    Alan helps his ex-lover who tried to kill him get out of a psychiatric hospital. Brad and Denny take a case where a wife is suing the hospital for causing her emotional distress when her husband died during an angioplasty. Denny learns this new case will help the other partners decide if he is a liability to the firm. Lori tries to steer Sally away from Alan.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 3 - Catch and Release

    A client of Crane, Poole s son is the environmental lawyer defending the area. Alan and Lori takes a sexual harassment case and learn that Christine, whom he recently helped get released from a mental institution and who, he now fears is stalking him, is opposing counsel. Sally has her first trail case where she defends a man who is accused of stealing a wallet.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 4 - Change of Course

    Edwin Poole escapes from the psychiatric hospital and gets a criminal case where a man is tried for murdering a police officer. Meanwhile, as Lori is forced to second chair with Edwin, Alan defends one of the firm’s biggest client after she is caught stealing a scarf. Alan asks Sally to perform an unprincipled task that can help win his case but also destroy their relationship.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 5 - An Eye for an Eye

    With Tara as second chair, Alan defends a hypochondriac who is suing his medical doctor for malpractice. Sally assists Lori on a case where a guy claims he accidentally killed the guy who beat him up four years ago with a martial art punch. Paul and Brad help Denny take on Edwin Poole’s old case where their client, Holcomb Pharmaceuticals, is being sued for bilking senior citizens out of millions of dollars.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 6 - Truth Be Told

    Alan is asked by his old crush, Samantha, for legal representation to help her husband Jack, who is running for Mayor, when a false rumor has been publicized. While dealing with Paul’s objection about him representing Jack, he also has to provide moral support when Samantha discovers a devastating secret about Jack. Denny anxiously awaits results that will reveal if he has Alzheimer Disease. Lori helps a client, who is also a lawyer, who wants to force his wife to give him their son’s frozen umbilical cord because he is suffering from Multiple Myeloma and the cord could save his life. Meanwhile, Denny takes Sally’s client who is suing a toaster company for his faulty product.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 7 - Questionable Characters

    Lori helps her former informant who was shot while robbing a convenience store and who does not want the bullet removed because it could incriminate him. Things become more complex for Lori when she learns that the bullet could jeopardize his life. Meanwhile, Alan tries to help his client who is accused of being a slumlord and is forced to do despicable acts from an infuriating judge. Denny enlists Alan’s help when he becomes arrested for solicitation.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 8 - Loose Lips

    After Denny rejects the case for personal reasons, Alan defends a man who was fired from being Santa because he is a transvestite. Brad and Alan make a bet towards Alan's case. Lori's therapist is worried that one of his patients may or may not kill someone and asks her for legal help. Backed into a dilemma, Lori takes Alan's advice and goes to extreme measures to help her therapist, but she soon discovers the consequences are more than what she bargained for.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 9 - A Greater Good

    Alan and Denny defend a drug company that is being sued by a woman who states they provided false reasoning when they took her off of an experimental pill that was a possible cure for her sickness. Alan and Denny discover a shocking secret that could make or break their case and because of that, they become at odds with each other on how to precede. Lori discovers that Tara's new information for their case would win it for them, but the way she retrieved it could cost them their case and their careers. Lori learns a secret about Brad.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 10 - Hired Guns

    Lori and Brad defend a woman who is accused of murdering her husband and his mistress while they were in bed together. Alan's life becomes in danger when he helps a woman whose ex-husband plans to kidnap their children.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 11 - Schmidt Happens

    Founding partner Shirley Schmidt arrives at the firm with a mission to bring order to the office. While making herself known around the firm, she has to deal with Denny, whom she has a history with, not wanting her there, help with an extremely high profile case, and learns that she has to keep her eye on Alan. A Sudanese native wants to sue the U.S. government for the lack of action taken against the mayhem happening in his country and Paul looks to Lori to take the case. Alan ends up defending a man who killed his mother in a fit of rage but by accident.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 12 - From Whence We Came

    Lori, along with Denny and Shirley, defends a school superintendent who fired two science teachers because they refused to teach creationism and is now being sued by them. Alan learns his assistant has expressed concern about their work relationship. While dealing with that issue, Alan discovers that his client Bernard Ferrion, who killed his mother, needs legal help again but Shore refers the case to Tara. One of the members of the firm is fired and learns that a close associate is unwilling to lend a supportive hand.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 13 - It Girls and Beyond

    Brad defends a publicist who is accused of having a lesbian relationship with her boss only for financial purposes. To make matters more difficult, Brad finds himself starting to become attracted to his client and is starting to believe that she is lying about her being a lesbian. Alan is asked to second chair on Denny's trial case where a doctor is being sued for prescribing a drug that has not been FDA approved. While working on that, a determined Denny is on a personal mission to prove that he is a competent attorney. Meanwhile, the staff tries to deal with Alan's new assistant, Catherine Piper, who has a habit of speaking her mind about anything and anybody.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 14 - Till We Meet Again

    While out with Tara, Alan ends up causing a bar room brawl and as a result, becomes arrested for conspiracy to commit assault and battery. Shirley and Denny represent a man whose steakhouse is being put out of business because the public wants to ban red meat for fear of Mad Cow disease.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 15 - Tortured Souls

    Shirley asks Alan Shore to use his odious lawyering to help her defend a police officer accused of torture. Donny Crane returns and is the opposing counsel in Denny's case, with Chelina Hall as second chair, where a woman wants to sue her former boyfriend for saying no to her at the alter. For Denny, this is an easy case, for Donny this is to settle a score with Denny for letting him believe for 25 years that he was his father. Meanwhile, Bernard Ferrion is befriended by Catherine and Alan finds variance with that.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 16 - Let Sales Ring

    Milton Bombay is asking the courts to allow him to be frozen until another century so he can continue his legacy of being a great lawyer and needs Denny and Shirley to defend him. Alan and Chelina defends a high school student who accuses his teacher of censorship when he blocks out a news station on the school's televisions.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 17 - Death Be Not Proud

    Chelina asks Alan to assist her in Texas because her former client is getting executed but may be innocent of the crime. An old friend of Denny and Shirley asks them for legal representation when she charged with having sexual encounters for a fee. Lori files a complaint about Denny with Shirley and Paul and they seriously consider doing something about it; especially when they suspect he performed an unethical act on his recent case.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 1 - The Black Widow

    Alan Shore and Brad Chase represent Kelly Nolan who is on trial for poisoning her husband. Meanwhile, Tara Wilson second-chairs for Shirley Schmidt and is shocked to find that the opposing counsel is her former lover, Malcolm Holmes. Garrett Wells and Sara Holt assist Denise Bauer on a case where a Jewish man felt violated when his Christian co-workers held Bible readings in the workplace. To make things worse, Denise is served with divorce papers.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 2 - Schadenfreude

    The Kelly Nolan trial continues, but Alan, Denny and Brad run fear the worst when Kelly's cold demeanor begins to turn off the jury. Meanwhile, Garrett and Sara are enlisted to help Denise in her divorce settlement and Malcolm convinces Tara to represent Johnny Damon, Edwin Starr's nephew, whose performance of War strikes a nerve at a nightclub.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 3 - Finding Nimmo

    Denny takes Alan to Nimmo Bay, British Columbia, Canada, to help him get over his breakup with Tara. Catherine confesses to Bernard's murder. Sara and Garrett take extreme measures to help Denise challenge her husband's alimony demands in their divorce proceedings.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 4 - A Whiff and a Prayer

    Denny's strong conservative values are put to the test when the firm represents a Democratic congressman who refused to keep a promise to his supporters. Alan tries to forget about Tara as he prepares to defend Catherine who is on trial for murder. Meanwhile, Sara is given a bizarre ultimatum.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 5 - Men to Boys

    Denise finds herself in a difficult position when an auto-injury case she neglected for three years comes up for trial and she is unprepared. While Garrett researches, he meets Cassie, a young paralegal whose strange sexual tendencies hide a painful past. Meanwhile Denny learns he must apologize to Lori or face a sexual harrassment suit, and Alan takes Sara out for dinner and a "show".
  • Boston Legal: Episode 6 - Witches of Mass Destruction

    The firm takes on two milestone cases. First, Shirley and Denise represent Christian and Wiccan parents who are outraged by a public school's Halloween celebrations, but the case takes a turn for the worse when the clients begin arguing amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Denny and Alan's friendship is tested when Alan helps Cassie sue the US military for the loss of her brother.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 7 - Truly, Madly, Deeply

    Denny is called to defend a man who raped and killed a 13-year-old girl, but decides he'd rather go to jail than spend his days defending murderers. Meanwhile, Alan must face his fear of clowns and Shirley dumps a bizarre bestiality case on Denise.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 8 - The Ass Fat Jungle

    Denise finds herself wanting to sue her own client when Boston's most celebrated plastic surgeon is under fire for unorthodox techniques. Shirley takes on a difficult case involving an Alzheimer's patient which touches her personally. Meanwhile, Alan and Denny fight their own demons as Alan asks his new secretary to protect him from night terrors and Denny undergoes an MRI.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 9 - Gone

    When the FBI's hands are tied with red tape, Brad helps Denise go undercover as a rogue agent in order to find a missing boy who is close to her heart. But when legal and ethical roadblocks appear, they must make some difficult decisions. Meanwhile, Denny's nonchalance regarding the use of firearms becomes a real concern for the other senior partners when he shoots a homeless man in the head with a paintball gun.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 10 - Legal Deficits

    After kidnapping a witness and physically assaulting a priest, Brad is put on trial and enlists the help of Denny and Shirley to bail him out. Meanwhile, Alan's hands are full with his secretary's financial troubles when her credit card company charges ridiculous interest rates putting her $50,000 in debt.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 11 - The Cancer Man Can

    Paul recruits Denise to help him defend a cancer patient who used his wealth to guarantee he would not get a placebo during a drug study. Meanwhile, Alan goes too far in trying to convince the senior partners to promote "Hands" to partner, and Denny finds himself falling in love with a woman he meets at a charity event.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 12 - Helping Hands

    Alan finds himself all alone against the firm when he decides to defend Jerry Espenson from charges of attempted murder, torture and terrorist threats. Denise and Daniel Post get closer as Daniel second chairs a case against parents who are constantly harassing their daughter's teacher. Meanwhile, Paul is worried about the impact Denny's pending nuptials may have on the firm.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 13 - Too Much Information

    Alan and Denise take on the case of a young girl whose father killed her mother after finding the mother's whereabouts through her HMO's website. Catherine Piper comes back into Alan's life - by robbing convenience stores. Beverly Bridge, Denny's fiance, flexes her muscle around the firm -- meanwhile, Brad attempts to manage the situation for Shirley and Paul. Daniel goes in for chemotherapy, and attempts to shut out Denise.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 14 - Breast in Show

    After meeting Irma for a date, Alan finds himself defending her when she is charged with a sex crime by protesting topless. Meanwhile, Denise finds it difficult to remain close to Daniel when he invites her to his own funeral, and Garrett faces his toughest challenge yet when Catherine invades his office.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 15 - Smile

    Alan's friendly demeanor quickly turns into anger when a prestigious private school turns away a child prodigy because she lacks the face muscles to smile. Meanwhile, Shirley and Denise take on a hospital that refused to administer emergency birth control to a rape victim due to religious beliefs, and Brad is put on special assignment by Denny.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 16 - Live Big

    Alan and Denny defend a man charged with murder after he euthanized his wife with Alzheimers. Meanwhile, long-lost family members return when Shirley's ex-husband asks her to be "best man" at his wedding and Paul tracks down his estranged daughter.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 17 - ...There's Fire!

    Shirley, Paul and Brad batten down the hatches as Bev files for divorce hours after her marriage to Denny, and demands half of his assets. Alan helps defend an old friend who was fired for smoking on her private time.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 18 - Shock and Owww!

    Shirley covertly asks Alan for help when nude photographs of her surface for auction. Paul sends Brad in undercover when he suspects his daughter is once again using drugs, and Denny is inspired by a case involving self-defense electrocution.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 19 - Stick It

    When Alan Shore’s secretary, Melissa, is arrested for tax evasion, he takes on the case of this outspoken girl who says her late, patriotic grandfather would be proud of her for challenging the government. Meanwhile, after a blind date with Shirley Schmidt’s nephew goes badly, Denise Bauer hopes her love life will improve when she meets a cute policeman. And Paul Lewiston decides to stage an intervention for his crystal-meth-using daughter, insisting that a reluctant Brad Chase help him.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 20 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    While Shirley Schmidt and former husband Ivan Tiggs work together on a divorce case involving a couple arguing over their Victorian erotica collection, the recently remarried Ivan tries once again to woo Shirley back into his life. Meanwhile, now that Paul Lewiston is single-handedly taking care of his three-year-old granddaughter, his presence at the firm is sporadic and his absence is sorely felt. And, after Catherine Piper helps her 83-year-old friend, Adele, escape from the hospital where her court assigned conservator had placed her, Alan Shore steps in to help Adele regain control of her life.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 21 - Word Salad Day

    It’s a rough day in court for Alan Shore when he experiences an inexplicable case of “word salad” – a horrifying condition that causes him to speak unintelligible gibberish. To ease Shore’s anxiety, Denny Crane recommends that they enjoy a day at the spa. Meanwhile, Denise Bauer defends a polygamist whose wives believe their husband has done nothing wrong and are willing to fight for their beliefs. And Brad Chase defends his college buddy’s video game company, which is being sued by the mother of a boy who died after playing one of their games for two days straight.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 22 - Ivan the Incorrigible

    Shirley Schmidt begins an affair with her ex-husband, Ivan Tiggs (Tom Selleck), believing that he has left his new wife, Missy (Meredith Patterson). Then Missy -- who is still with Ivan -- suspects her husband is cheating on her and asks for Schmidt’s help. Meanwhile, Alan Shore agrees to be co-counsel on an attempted murder case with Jerry Espenson (Christian Clemenson), who has been in therapy since holding a cake knife to Schmidt’s throat.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 23 - Race Ipsa

    During Denny Crane’s therapy session with Dr. Sydney Fields (Peter MacNicol), a verbal showdown between the two results in Denny’s shooting the doctor. While Alan Shore defends Denny in court, the law partners discuss whether the time has come to oust Crane from the firm. Meanwhile, Alan runs into Chelina Hall (Kerry Washington) and their old chemistry returns when he enlists her help in a racially charged case. And Brad Chase learns that he can’t keep a girl because he’s a lousy kisser, so he asks Denise Bauer to give him lessons.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 24 - Deep End of the Poole

    Edwin Poole (Larry Miller), a partner in the law firm of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, returns to work after a stint at a mental institution. But Shirley Schmidt wonders if he should have been released when he decides to help an obese computer technician sue a junk food manufacturer for causing his diabetes. Denny Crane represents Alan Shore, after Shore is arrested for advising a client accused of attempted murder to flee the county. Meanwhile, after their unexpected rendezvous, Brad Chase wants to explore the possibility of a relationship with Denise Bauer.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 25 - Squid Pro Quo

    The ambitious but back-stabbing Marlene Stanger (Parker Posey), also known as “The Squid” – the only animal believed to be able to kill a shark – joins the firm, and Denise Bauer wonders if there’s enough room for the both of them. Meanwhile, when Denny Crane is pitted in court against his son, attorney Donny Crane (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), their politically different viewpoints come to the surface as they seek justice in a case about a woman who lost her baby at an inadequately supplied clinic in Nepal. And, after Paul Lewiston’s daughter, Rachel, returns from rehab, Brad Chase hopes they can pursue a relationship.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 26 - Spring Fever

    Denny Crane and Alan Shore travel to the Los Angeles office of Crane, Poole & Schmidt for business and wind up unexpectedly taking on a case with a decidedly Hollywood flavor. Once there, they spend time with senior partner Barry Goal, a powerful and cagey attorney who, like Crane, is no stranger to the spotlight. Back in Boston, Shirley Schmidt must once again defend Professor Clifford Cabot, this time on charges of soliciting a prostitute -- an act he claims was purely for the purposes of academic research. Denise Bauer and Marlene Stanger, who are both vying for partnership at the firm, compete to assist Schmidt in the case. Meanwhile, Brad Chase’s teenaged niece is accused of giving pharmaceutical drugs to a boy at a party and is charged with his murder.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 27 - BL: Los Angeles

    Alan Shore takes on the attempted murder trial of the beautiful and sexy Courtney Rae (Jeri Ryan), a Hollywood celebrity who shot a paparazzo she felt was a threat to her life. Meanwhile both Denny Crane and the LA firm’s senior partner, Barry Goal, are captivated with Ms. Rae. Denise Bauer thinks the sly new associate, Marlene Stanger, will ruin her chances of making partner, so she employs some back-stabbing techniques of her own. And, after Brad Chase’s sister fires him from defending his teenaged niece at her murder trial, the girl takes it upon herself to re-hire her uncle.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 1 - Can't We All Just Get A Lung

    Michael J. Fox returns in the third-season premiere as the terminally ill Daniel Post, who needs Denise and Shirley's help after running afoul of the law. Meanwhile, Alan defends Jerry after his driving habits lead to trouble.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 2 - New Kids on the Block

    New Kids on the Block Jeffrey Coho (Craig Bierko) takes on a new client, Scott Little (Ashton Holmes), who has been accused of murdering a judge. Handling this high profile case his first day at the office, Coho immediately makes a splash at Crane Poole & Schmidt. Meanwhile, Cranes online date threatens to sue the firm, and Shore takes on a cross-dressing client fired for taking maternity leave.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 3 - Desperately Seeking Shirley

    When Ivan Tiggs (Tom Selleck) wants to invalidate the post-nup Shirley Schmidt drafted so he can divorce his current wife, Schmidt finds herself in court, battling her former lover -- and his new attorney, Alan Shore. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Cohos persistence and ethically dubious tactics help him elicit key information from witnesses as he prepares to defend an accused murderer, and Denny Cranes petite Internet date, hurt by his comments on her size, pursues a lawsuit against him.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 4 - Fine Young Cannibal

    Alan Shores attraction to Shirley Schmidt increases as the two of them handle the case of a homeless man accused of cannibalism; Denny Crane finds himself drawn to the feisty, small-statured Bethany (Meredith Eaton-Gilden) while he helps her try a case against an HMO; and Jeffrey Coho continues his defense of accused murderer Scott Little (Ashton Holmes) in the most high profile murder case Boston has seen in years.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 5 - Whose God Is It Anyway?

    Alan Shore again defends Jerry Espenson, but is shocked when he discovers who the opposing council is.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 6 - The Verdict

    The Verdict Jeffrey Coho and his defense team must do all they can to undo the damage caused by the father of accused murderer Scott Little (Ashton Holmes), who makes a disturbing allegation about his own sons attraction to his mother, Barbara (Katey Sagal). Meanwhile, Alan Shore has renewed his romance with former associate Sally Heep (Lake Bell), but feeling unfulfilled, he goes to his sex therapist, Joanna (Jane Lynch), for help.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 7 - Trick Or Treat

    On Halloween, Denise Bauer receives bad news about her fianc, Daniel Post, and goes on a bizarre search for him. Meanwhile, Alan Shore defends Jerry Espenson for lying about his death penalty beliefs on a Federal jury questionnaire; Jeffrey Coho is sued for defamation by Lincoln Meyer, the peeping tom neighbor from the Scott Little trial; and as things heat up between Denny Crane and his diminutive girlfriend, Bethany, she takes him to meet her mother, and all three receive a big shock.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 8 - Lincoln

    Lincoln Meyer chooses Denny to represent him when he's suspected of killing the judge. Jerry enlists Alan's help in a first degree murder case. Brad has had it with Jeffrey, who wants to have Shirley. Alan overhears Denise telling Shirley about her desires, and takes advantage of it. Denny can't seem to decide between Bethany and her mother.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 9 - On the Ledge

    Lincoln goes to extremes and kidnaps Shirley. The trial begins for Jerry's client, and Jerry shines as an attorney in court. Denny feels threatened as the bond between Jerry and Alan strengthens. Brad and Jeffrey take their office relationship to the "next level."
  • Boston Legal: Episode 10 - The Nutcrackers

    Clarice applies for a job as Claire's new assistant, but she'll only hire him as Clarence. Alan's new case is involved in a friendly wager with Shirley. Brad and Jeffrey are assigned to work on a case, together, involving a woman who wants to sue God, even though they can't stand one another, which makes Denise feels more like a referee, than an attorney.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 11 - Angel of Death

    Alan and Denny go to New Orleans to help defend a doctor on trial for euthanizing her patients during the flood after Hurricane Katrina, and Clarence sues a women's gym that revoked his membership after he revealed that he was a man.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 12 - Nuts

    The firm defends a grade school teacher who is sued after one of her students dies from a peanut allergy, and Alan takes on the Office of Homeland Security after Denny is wrongly placed on the "no-fly list."
  • Boston Legal: Episode 13 - Dumping Bella

    Denny takes Bella's case against an animal rights group opposed to her cosmetic testing procedures, and her daughter Bethany is opposing counsel. And at the same time, Denny wants to dump Bella because he's still in love with Bethany.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 14 - Selling Sickness

    Alan defends a judge suing a company promising to cure him of "same sex attraction disorder," and Shirley defends a man keeping a teenage sexual assault victim from taking medication that will make her forget the experience.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 15 - Fat Burner

    Denny is sued for operating a company that wants to turn human fat into fuel, Clarence gets his first case, and Jeffery submits his resignation after he finds out that he's not the father of Denise's child.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 16 - The Good Lawyer

    Alan feels guilty after teaching Jerry Espenson a cruel lesson on being a good lawyer, Denny creates a scene at Bethany's temple, and Brad and Denise come to blows over whether she should give up her career to take care of their baby.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 17 - The Bride Wore Blood

    Alan defends his ex-girlfriend Renata when she is accused of murdering her groom-to-be. And when the case starts going badly, she drops a personal bombshell in her defense that not even Alan knows about.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 18 - Son of the Defender

    Denny is forced to recount a trial with his father from fifty years earlier when the victim's son--carrying a gun and wired to a bomb--returns demanding justice. Meanwhile, Alan is found in contempt of court again while defending his neighbor.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 19 - Brotherly Love

    When Paul tries to force Brad to sign an agreement in order to keep the firm out of getting in between him and Denise, Brad forces the rest of the partners to reconsider their position. When Claire sees Clarence in a coffee shop with another woman, she reconsiders their position. Alan defends a man accused of helping his brother cover up a murder.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 20 - Guise 'n Dolls

    Alan goes head to head with Jerry, but Alan doesn't like the arrogant, boorish persona Jerry has assumed for the case. And Denny gets the firm in hot water when he "compliments" an African-American job applicant.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 21 - Tea and Sympathy

    Judge Weldon asks Alan to defend her in a case, which leads to a potential relationship. Meanwhile, Clarence has a client who wants to sue a college sorority for kicking her out, and Jerry Espenson is opposing counsel.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 22 - Guantanamo by the Bay

    Jerry shows up at Shirley's office, wishing to return to the firm and clients include someone who was detained at the hands of the government, who felt he was involved in a terrorist plot of some kind. Gloria warns Alan that Judge Folger entertains more lawyers in her chambers than motions in her courtroom.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 23 - Duck and Cover

    Alan defends a priest on trial for housing an illegal alien, and Brad and Denise hurry to get married before their baby is born. Meanwhile, Shirley gives Jerry a housing discrimination case involving a woman and her duck.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 24 - Trial of the Century

  • Boston Legal: Episode 1 - Beauty and the Beast

  • Boston Legal: Episode 2 - The Innocent Man

  • Boston Legal: Episode 3 - The Chicken and the Leg

  • Boston Legal: Episode 4 - Do Tell

    A general sues the military because he was fired after coming out. The firm's latest hire takes a custody case involving child bullfighting. Alan's "word salad" returns over Lorraine, and Denny finds out about Shirley and Carl.
  • Boston Legal: Episode 5 - Hope and Gory

  • Boston Legal: Episode 6 - The Object of My Affection

  • Boston Legal: Episode 7 - Attack of the Xenophobes

  • Boston Legal: Episode 8 - Oral Contracts

  • Boston Legal: Episode 9 - No Brains Left Behind

  • Boston Legal: Episode 10 - Green Christmas

  • Boston Legal: Episode 11 - Mad About You

  • Boston Legal: Episode 12 - Roe v. Wade, The Musical

  • Boston Legal: Episode 13 - Glow In The Dark

  • Boston Legal: Episode 14 - Rescue Me

  • Boston Legal: Episode 15 - Tabloid Nation

  • Boston Legal: Episode 16 - The Mighty Rogues

  • Boston Legal: Episode 17 - The Court Supreme

  • Boston Legal: Episode 18 - Indecent Proposals

  • Boston Legal: Episode 19 - The Gods Must Be Crazy

  • Boston Legal: Episode 20 - Patriot Acts

  • Boston Legal: Episode 1 - Smoke Signals

  • Boston Legal: Episode 2 - Guardians and Gatekeepers

  • Boston Legal: Episode 3 - Dances With Wolves

  • Boston Legal: Episode 4 - True Love

  • Boston Legal: Episode 5 - The Bad Seed

  • Boston Legal: Episode 6 - Happy Trails

  • Boston Legal: Episode 7 - Mad Cows

  • Boston Legal: Episode 8 - Roe

  • Boston Legal: Episode 9 - Kill, Baby, Kill

  • Boston Legal: Episode 10 - Thanksgiving

  • Boston Legal: Episode 11 - Juiced

  • Boston Legal: Episode 12 - Made In China

  • Boston Legal: Episode 13 - Last Call