Entry type:
TV series
Crime, Drama, Thriller
English, German, Romanian, Spanish, Farsi
46 min


A chemistry teacher diagnosed with a terminal lung cancer, teams up with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, to cook and sell crystal meth.

Additional information

  • В обувките на Сатаната: Bulgaria (2008)
  • Totál szívás: Hungary (2008)
  • Kriva pota: Slovenia (2008)


  • Breaking Bad: Episode 1 - Pilot

    Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who learns that he has lung cancer. With a new lease on life, Walter becomes a drug dealer to secure his family's financial security.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 2 - Cat's in the Bag...

    Following their debacle in the desert, Walter and Jesse are left with a mess to dispose of. Later, Skyler grows suspicious of Walt's recent activity.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 3 - …and the Bag's in the River

    Walter is left to deal with Krazy-8 alone following an argument with Jesse. After Marie raises concerns that Walt Jr. is smoking cannabis, Hank shows him the dangers of drug use.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 4 - Cancer Man

    The DEA becomes suspicious of a new drug kingpin. Walt reveals that he has cancer to Marie and Hank. Elsewhere, Jesse visits his estranged family.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 5 - Gray Matter

    Walter and Skyler attend a former colleague's party. Jesse tries free himself from the drugs. Later, Skyler organizes an intervention for Walt.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 6 - Crazy Handful of Nothin'

    The side effects of chemo begin to plague Walt, who is also cooking meth again. Jesse's friend, Skinny Pete, introduces him to a distributor named Tuco, but things go awry and Jesse ends up hospitalised.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 7 - A No-Rough-Stuff Type Deal

    Walter accepts his new identity as a drug dealer after a PTA meeting. Elsewhere, Jesse decides to put his aunt's house on the market, and Skyler is the recipient of a baby shower.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 1 - Seven Thirty-Seven

    Walt and Jesse try to end their deal with Tuco. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to repair Marie and Skyler's relationship.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 2 - Grilled

    With Walt and Jesse trapped with Tuco, Marie and Hank comfort Skyler over his disappearance.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 3 - Bit by a Dead Bee

    Walt and Jesse's become short on cash when they try to cover their tracks. Meanwhile, the DEA has a lead that could get them straight to Walt and Jesse.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 4 - Down

    Walt attempts to reconnect with his family, while Jesse struggles to rebuild his life.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 5 - Breakage

    Hank suffers from the aftermath of his encounter with Tuco. Meanwhile, Jesse hires a crew to get their product out on the streets.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 6 - Peekaboo

    Walt's secret is in jeopardy when Skyler thanks Gretchen for paying for his treatment.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 7 - Negro Y Azul

    Rumors fly about Jesse's recent actions as he and Walt discuss expanding their business into new territories. Hank struggles to fit in with his new co-workers in El Paso. Skyler pursues a new job opportunity that reconnects her with a former colleague. Jesse gets to know his landlord, Jane.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 8 - Better Call Saul

    When Badger finds himself in trouble with the law, Walt and Jesse seek the legal advice of a shady attorney, Saul Goodman. The DEA believe they may have finally caught up with the elusive 'Heisenberg.' Hank returns to Albuquerque, but his troubled mental state and demeanor cause Marie to worry.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 9 - 4 Days Out

    Walt interrupts Jesse's weekend plans to inform his partner they'll have to cook for four days straight, or risk losing their batch of methylamine.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 10 - Over

    With Walt's disease in remission, the Whites throw a party for all those who've supported him through the ordeal, but the mood is ruined when Walt and Hank argue. Skyler is worried about Walt's emotional state as Walt tries various home improvement projects to occupy himself. Jane continues her relationship with Jesse but keeps this secret from her father.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 11 - Mandala

    Saul suggests a new business partner. Skyler discovers something shocking at work. Jesse tells Jane about his job.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 12 - Phoenix

    Walter Jr. launches a new website to raise money for the family.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 13 - ABQ

    Skyler's frustration with Walt's secrecy boils over; Jesse is dealt a devastating blow that leads him down a path of self-destruction, and only Walt us willing to help him; and a grief-stricken Donald experiences more tragedy.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 1 - No Mas

    The aftermath of the crash clearly affects the entire community. Walt Jr. adjusts to a new home life. Walt receives a new offer after picking up Jesse from his stint in rehab.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 2 - Caballo Sin Nombre

    Despite ever-increasing tension between Walt and Skyler, he pulls out all the stops in an effort to reconcile with the family. Elsewhere, Saul is instrumental in getting Jesse involved in a most unusual investment opportunity.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 3 - I.F.T.

    Tensions escalate dramatically in the White household. A meeting with Gus reveals that Walt is still in danger. Hank gets another call from El Paso to help with more cartel investigations.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 4 - Green Light

    Hank continues to ignore his call to El Paso by scoring a lead in the Heisenberg case. Walt breaks down as Skyler continues her affair. Jesse wants to get back to work.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 5 - Mas

    Gus prepares an offer Walt can't refuse. Marie struggles with Hank's difficulty in expressing his feelings. Skyler has second thoughts about her relationship with Ted.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 6 - Sunset

    Jesse gets ready to do business again but he and Walt have a close encounter with Hank that could jeopardize everything. Gus gets some unwanted pressure but comes up with a new target.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 7 - One Minute

    Hank's increasing volatility forces a confrontation with Jesse and trouble at work. Skyler pressures Walt to make a deal. Gus' actions have severe consequences.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 8 - I See You

    The fallout from Hank's shootout is revealed. While Jesse covers at the lab, Walt attempts to placate Gus. After witnessing a disturbing outburst, Walt worries he and his family are in danger. Walt also has new questions for Gus.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 9 - Kafkaesque

    Skyler hatches a plan. Walt and Gus come to an understanding, Jesse pursues a new opportunity.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 10 - Fly

    Walt, obsessed with a contaminant, refuses to cook and Jesse tries to get Walt on track.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 11 - Abiquiu

    Skyler gets involved with Walt's business while Hank struggles with recovery. Jesse has a startling discovery after meeting a girl at group therapy.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 12 - Half Measures

    Jesse has an issue with the way Gus is running things. However, although Gus seems to negotiate a fair deal, this isn't the case and when Jesse takes matters into his own hands, Walt has to take drastic action to intervene.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 13 - Full Measure

    With Jesse on the run, Walt negotiates a bargain with Gus to provide for his and Jesse's safety.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 1 - Box Cutter

    The fallout of the last scene between Jesse and Gale is revealed. Mike informs Gus of the current situation while Walt is held at the lab and there are deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Skyler deals with a disappearance and Marie continues to help Hank recover.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 2 - Thirty-Eight Snub

    Walt worries that Gus might still have it in for him, so he starts planning a new alliance. Skyler tries to persuade Walt to buy into a new business opportunity in order to protect their family.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 3 - Open House

    Events spiral out of control; Skyler asks for Saul's help; Marie returns to an old past time; a friend asks Hank for help.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 4 - Bullet Points

    The Cartel gain the upper hand; Walt and Skyler share a secret with the family; Jesse's activities draw unwanted attention.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 5 - Shotgun

    When Jesse goes missing, Walt fears the worst. Skyler has an unlikely reunion. Hank shares some bad news with Detective Tim Roberts.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 6 - Cornered

    Walt meets up with Bogdan, the disgruntled car wash owner. Walter Jr. pushes the purchase of a car. Jesse, meanwhile, continues to team up with Mike after putting in his hours at the superlab.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 7 - Problem Dog

    Hank presents his ideas to the ABQ police department. Walt and Skyler figure out the logistics of laundering through the car wash. Mike and Jesse continue their security work together.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 8 - Hermanos

    Skyler develops a solution for her money troubles; Hank enlists Walt to investigate a theory; Walt grows impatient with Jesse.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 9 - Bug

    Skyler's mistakes come back to haunt her; Gus takes action against his rivals; Jesse seeks Walt's help.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 10 - Salud

    Skyler and the rest of the family worry when Walt doesn't show up for Walt Jr.'s birthday. Jesse has to cook by himself at the superlab.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 11 - Crawl Space

    Walt takes action to protect Gus but when Walt learns of his new plan, Walt is forced to take drastic action. Skyler's efforts to solve Ted's financial problems hit a wall.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 12 - End Times

    Hank pushes Gomez and the DEA to pursue a lead. Jesse gets alarming news while Walt struggles to protect his family.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 13 - Face Off

    A showdown with Gus occurs but Jesse is held under suspicion that he has poisoned Brock. However, Jesse is able to suggest an ally for Walt through Saul's help.
  • Breaking Bad: Episode 1 - Live Free or Die

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 2 - Madrigal

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 3 - Hazard Pay

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 4 - Fifty-One

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 5 - Dead Freight

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 6 - Buyout

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 7 - Say My Name

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 8 - Gliding Over All

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 9 - The Decision

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 10 - Buried

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 11 - Confessions

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 12 - Rabid Dog

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 13 - To'hajiilee

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 14 - Ozymandias

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 15 - Granite State

  • Breaking Bad: Episode 16 - Felina