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  • Ekipa za ocevid: Miami: Croatia (2002)
  • Les experts: Miami: France (2002)
  • Na kraju zločina: Miami: Slovenia (2002)
  • CSI: Miami: USA (2002)


  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Golden Parachute

    Megan Donner returns to the CSI unit in time to work on a jet crash in the Everglades. While searching for survivors, they inexplicably discover a female victim found five miles from the crash site. When the only survivor says the woman opened the plane's hatch in order to commit suicide, Horatio is suspicious. The team must now recreate what happened on that fatal flight, especially when the pieces don't quite fit together.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Losing Face

    A serial bomber appears to be targeting Miami's Colombian community. A wealthy importer of Colombian goods is discovered wearing an explosive collar; both he and Caine's mentor, a bomb technician, are killed in the attempt to disarm it. The explosive device tests positive for TATP, which means that it was home-made and highly sensitive. The device is technically complex, with dummy switches, alternate power source, and collapsing circuits, indicating that it was constructed by a professional. The fact that the bomber used a photocell to defeat defusing confirms this theory. An upscale Colombian antiques dealer becomes the second necklace-bomb victim. But this device is found to be a hoax designed only to lure the Bomb Squad into the proximity of a real bomb, found in the basket of a child's bicycle. On the child is found a strand of hair that comes from a toupee or wig; the boy confirms that a man with wavy black hair asked him to deliver the package in exchange for the bike. The CSIs confirm the following things about the bomber: he is an expert in bomb making, he wears a toupee, and he constructs explosives out of counterfeit parts in proximity to insecticide. This leads them to the Miami Customs Impound Warehouse where counterfeit items and banned substances are confiscated, and where antiques and imports from Colombia must pass inspection. From a roster of people with access to the warehouse, Caine recognizes the name of Charles Berenger, a former bomb technician for the Miami Police Department, who was fired under strained circumstances. Berenger created the Colombian connection as a diversion-his real objective was revenge upon his former co-workers.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Wet Foot/Dry Foot

    A shark caught off the coast of Miami contains a human male arm and partial torso with a single .45-caliber bullet wound. From a tattoo on the forearm, the CSIs realize that the victim was likely a political refugee from Cuba. When a matching bullet is found lodged in the hull of an abandoned boat stained with female blood, the CSIs realize that they are looking for another victim. She turns up, dead, in a Russian-issued inner tube. Identified as Elena De Soto, who was attempting to escape from Cuba to the United States, she was shot fatally in the thigh. DNA evidence reveals that whoever tied the tourniquet around her leg was a close relative, probably her brother, Pedro De Soto, who is arrested when a Colt .45 is found in his bedroom. Personal belongings on the boat suggest that at least 12 people were aboard, for a total of some 1800 pounds, all near the stern. Up to 500 kg of cocaine were stored in the right side of the hull. This means that the boat was radically off-center in high seas. The captain chose to save the cocaine over his human cargo and forced people into the water at gunpoint. De Soto confesses that took the captain's gun before he and Elena were forced into the water, and that he shot his sister with her consent because they saw the U.S. Coast Guard approaching; refugees requiring medical attention are by American law taken to the mainland, where they are eligible for resident status. The Coast Guard cutter veered away without seeing them, and Elena bled to death despite Pedro's efforts to save her.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Just One Kiss

    A dead man with a slit throat and a partially burned face is discovered on a Miami beach, along with an unconscious young girl who was beaten and thrown into the ocean. The investigation leads Horatio to a prominent Florida family and its steely patriarch, who was once involved in a mysterious case that has plagued Horatio for years.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Ashes to Ashes

    When a priest is found dead in his rectory after being brutally shot, Megan, Calleigh and Speedle must untangle a messy web of familial issues that lead to his death. Elsewhere, Horatio and Eric attempt to solve the emotional case of an exploded vehicle, which was home to a mother with child.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Broken

    The whole team investigates the crime scene of an indoor amusement park when a young girl is found dead in the bathroom. They must track down the relentless man responsible for the heinous crime quicker than usual, as everyone on location has been detained until they can be cleared. What looks to be like a regular attempted kidnapping turns out to be much more than any of the detectives had bargained for.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Breathless

    Horatio, Calleigh and Speedle investigate the death of an exotic male dancer found dead after a sexual party, and must dig through the evidence to discover a motive. Meanwhile, Eric and Megan investigate the death of a man involved in diving that mysteriously died after climbing onto a random boat.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Slaughterhouse

    Horatio and his team must uncover the evidence in the brutal murder of an entire family in their own home. The only survivors are a blood-soaked toddler, and the father who's in surgery. The immediate assumption is that the mother is responsible – post-partum depression – but the evidence discloses a different outcome.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Kill Zone

    During a typical morning rush hour in downtown Miami, an unseen sniper chooses three victims at random and opens fire, killing each with a single shot to the head. Horatio and his crew rush to the scene, which is quickly mobbed by TV news reporters eager to spin the murders into a national story. The initial investigation doesn't reveal much, as there were no witnesses and little evidence remains. But the case heats up when the sniper strikes again, killing two more innocent people.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - A Horrible Mind

    Horatio, Speedle and Calleigh root through the evidence in the homocide of a strange, and unorthodox college professor when they find him tied to a tree. Elsewhere, Delko and Megan investigate a car found in the water with a dead body in the trunk, and immediately suspect an insurance scam.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Camp Fear

    The team investigates the death of a young model, whose body was found near a juvenile detention camp for girls. Across town, Delko and Speedle probe the bizarre death of a man who was apparently burned from the inside.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Entrance Wound

    Horatio and Speedle investigate the slaying of a hooker who is found dead under a bed in a plush beachside cottage, her naked body having been stabbed 23 times. But the crime scene yields few traces of blood because the killer bathed the victim in the cottage's tub with cardamom soap. Across town at an urban gas station, Calleigh and Delko attempt to uncover why a German tourist was gunned down in an apparent carjacking. They learn that a masked assailant approached a vacationing couple's rental car, shot and killed the husband, but left the wife unharmed and then fled the scene.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Bunk

    Horatio investigates the death of a man who accidentally inhaled a lethal combination of chemicals in a neighboring house after he went inside to retrieve his cat. Elsewhere, a resident of a retirement community is found dead in a pool of blood, an apparent victim of a vicious attack.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Forced Entry

    A nude man is found tied to his bed, having suffocated on a rag stuffed in his mouth while he was being sexually assaulted. Meanwhile, while investigating the murder of a crematorium owner, the CSIs discover dozens of bodies that were never cremated.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Dead Woman Walking

    A dead junkie is found on a Miami street with a broken neck and a wad of cash in his hand. When the body is taken to the lab, Alexx notices that the victim's right hand is burned down to the muscle, even though it wasn't like that when he was found. It's deduced that he was exposed to radioactive material. The investigation leads Horatio to an environmental lawyer involved in radiation cases. Shortly thereafter, she learns that she is being eaten up inside by the deadly substance and has only days to live, but she doesn't know how she ingested it or who gave it to her.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Evidence of Things Unseen

    Horatio and his team investigate after a Russian immigrant is stabbed to death in a peep-show booth, and the only witness to the crime is the stripper who was performing for him.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Simple Man

    Shortly before Horatio is set to testify at a high-profile murder case in which the defendant is the husband of a city councilwoman, he's given new facts that could prove the man is innocent. The information revolves around the discovery of a second victim who matches the profile of the first one and was killed in a similar manner. If the man on trial isn't guilty, then Horatio fears that a serial killer may be on the loose.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Dispo Day

    The investigation into a drug heist offers brief glimpses into the private lives of the CSIs, whose nerves are on edge when they become suspects in the crime they're trying to solve. A police convoy headed across town includes an unmarked truck filled with confiscated drugs being taken to an incinerator to be destroyed. The trip ends abruptly when thieves hijack the vehicle, kill its driver and shoot Speedle, who was riding shotgun. It's hard for Horatio when the media draw comparisons to a similar case several years ago in which his brother, an undercover cop, was killed. But it's worse for his team when Internal Affairs decides that one of them tipped off the robbers about the delivery.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Double Cap

    Horatio battles the FBI and U.S. Marshals as he tries to uncover why a woman was murdered at the side of a pool at a hotel. The investigation begins shortly after the woman is found dead from two shots to the head. The evidence suggests that it was a professional hit man, which is strange enough, but the case becomes additionally puzzling when the Feds and U.S. Marshals get involved. Plus, the murder weapon is linked to a cold case that was orinially investigated by Yelina. Meanwhile, Calleigh talks to her dad about his drinking problem after she's called away from work to drag him out of a bar.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Grave Young Men

    Horatio is approached by a parolee he helped put away several years ago, who begs for his assistance in finding his missing teenage son. As the investigation gets underway, Horatio discovers that the boy may be planning a deadly assault at his high school. Meanwhile, as Speedle investigates a man's death, the victim's flirtatious girlfriend, who was there when he died, tries to play on Speedle's obvious attraction to her.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Spring Break

    The team investigates the deaths of two college students who were in Miami on spring break. The first is a teenage girl found dead on a beach with her neck broken and human bite marks on her legs. The second is a young man found in the bottom of a hotel swimming pool who apparently died before he hit the water.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Tinder Box

    Speedle and Delko are present when a trendy nightclub catches fire, apparently from a DJ's pyrotechnics display, killing sixteen people and injuring dozens of others. But the ensuing investigation reveals it may have been arson to cover up a murder. Meanwhile, Horatio probes the death of a prostitute whose body is found in the bathroom of a judge's home and evidence suggests that she was in the club during the fire.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Freaks and Tweaks

    An explosion in a rundown barn nearly kills Horatio and his crew just after they find a dead man inside, bound with duct tape. The case gets personal for Horatio when he discovers that the leading suspect knew his late brother. Meanwhile, Alexx is shocked to learn that her best friend's husband has been murdered, apparently the victim of a random shooting.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - Body Count

    An inmate at a massive Miami prison complex is stabbed to death in the prison yard. Shortly after Horatio arrives on the scene, a helicopter appears above the correctional facility. He immediately fears that the murder was a decoy to set up an escape. That's confirmed as three prisoners hop aboard the chopper and flee. As the investigation gets underway, the identities of the fugitives become known and a horrible realization sweeps over Horatio: two of the escapees are cold-blooded killers who already have their next victims picked out, and the other is a child molester who he recently put away.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Blood Brothers

    Horatio investigates the murder of a model intentionally run down outside of a Miami hotel by a driver who fled the scene. When the evidence leads to a suspect, governmental red tape puts an unexpected twist on the proceedings. Horatio and Yelina begin to confront their feelings for one another.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Dead Zone

    The body of a man involved in recovering sunken treasure is discovered pinned to the wall of his new cabin cruiser by a bloody spear fired from a speargun at close range.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Hard Time

    Horatio hunts for the person responsible for a vicious attack on a woman who was lured to a vacant condo and beaten with a piece of lumber. The investigation leads Horatio to a Georgia prison and prompts Delko to make a surprising confession.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Death Grip

    When a teen tennis phenom is abducted from her bedroom, the investgiation leads to the waterways when a girl's arm is recovered in the belly of a alligator. Delko calls for an expert - his old college buddy and now alligator expert Jeff Corwin to assist.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - The Best Defense

    The two young owners of a city bar are gunned down after hours and another man is wounded in the attack, which was allegedly committed by a masked gunman. Meanwhile, Calleigh's dad announces he is now a public defender and needs her help with a murder case in which a woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death in his car with a screwdriver.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Hurricane Anthony

    A man and his wife are trying to drive out of a hurricane's fury when they strike and kill a man in the blinding storm. Horatio finds that the lack of impact wounds on the victim's knees suggest that he struck the car as opposed to the car striking him. Meanwhile, in a seemingly unrelated case, Horatio finds another victim of the hurricane impaled on a fence. However, as the CSIs uncover the scattered remains of the post-storm evidence, it seems that these two cases may have a deadly connection. Meanwhile, after Calleigh witnesses a man looting a house, she realizes that she's got another case on her hands when she finds his ex-wife inside shot to death.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Grand Prix

    Horatio suspects foul play when a pit-crew fuel man at a qualifying race in Miami is burned to death after being engulfed by invisible flames shortly after refueling his team's race car. The investigation leads the CSIs into the ultra-competitive, high-stakes world of open-wheel racing, where they discover teams will do anything to get ahead.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Big Brother

    Horatio is driven to find his brother's killer and protect the niece he never knew existed when a woman shows up with Ray's illegitimate child. The team explores a voyeuristic Internet site in connection with a stockbroker's murder.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Bait

    A young woman is attacked by a shark and later dies, but it's discovered that she was shot first. The case becomes even more difficult for the CSIs when one of their coworkers becomes a leading suspect. The dead woman worked for a private-investigation agency that specializes in luring and entrapping married men suspected of infidelity.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Extreme

    A young woman is thrown over the railing of a parking garage, but the investigation into her death uncovers evidence that she was killed before the fall and had likely been kidnapped. The victim's watch is traced to her boyfriend, who tells the detectives that she was a thrill seeker who was abducted during the course of an extreme kind of role-playing game. Meanwhile, Delko gets into trouble when he inadvertently interferes with a case after stumbling across a car-theft ring.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Complications

    An anesthesiologist who worked in a beauty clinic is discovered swinging from a rope in his two-story condo, but the investigation points to murder, not suicide. The case intensifies when it's learned that the doctor lost a patient the week before during routine plastic surgery and that the victim's husband believes she was killed.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Witness To Murder

    A diamond broker carrying two million dollars in merchandise is murdered after his car is hit by another vehicle and he gets out to confront the driver. The only witness to the crime is a developmentally challenged man who says the killer is someone named Colton. Meanwhile, outside of town, Speedle and Delko investigate the death of a teenage girl discovered at a rest stop with a broken neck. Shortly after the victim is taken from the scene, her body disappears during transport to Miami.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Blood Moon

    A cigarmaker is found in his store tied up, beaten, mutilated, and murdered with a chaveta, a cigar-making tool featuring a rounded blade. The investigation leads Horatio to a group that helps Cuban refugees. Across town, a 25-year-old man is gunned down while withdrawing money from an ATM, but the motive doesn't appear to be robbery since the cash he withdrew is left behind.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Slow Burn

    Delko and Alexx are nearly burned alive when they investigate the death of a hunter found shot near a supposedly controlled burn in the Everglades. The fire suddenly rages out of control and traps them, forcing them to take refuge under a tarpaulin. Later, a second body is discovered, and this time it's a young woman who looks to have been beaten to death. After bite marks are found on the victim's breasts, Horatio is led to believe a sex offender is behind the attack – and the fire.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Stalkerazzi

    A celebrity photographer is found dead in his car following an accident, but Horatio believes he was murdered. The investigation leads to an A-list movie star who was caught in a compromising position in photos taken by the paparazzo.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Invasion

    When a former surf champion is murdered in his home, the CSIs are determined to find the killer. Ted Henderson is killed in his own home and his body is missing, while his wife and son are left beaten and bound. While searching the home, Horatio finds heroin in the son's room and learns that he is secretly a drug dealer. Meanwhile, the CSIs find a home pregnancy kit in the bathroom that reveals Ted's wife is pregnant, but Alexx finds proof that the baby could not possibly be Ted's. Now, Horatio and the team find evidence that suggests that someone at Ted's surfboard manufacturing plant was not only the son's supplier, but may have a strong motive for the murder as well.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Money for Nothing

    Horatio is quick on the scene when an armored truck carrying $3.2 million is robbed in a daring downtown heist. During the holdup, the driver is killed and Horatio guns down one of the two thieves. The other escapes with the loot, but the money turns out to be counterfeit. The team must figure out what happened to the bank's money before it was replaced with fake bills. Making the day even worse for Horatio, Yelina spies him with his niece and assumes the girl is his illegitimate child, not her own late husband's daughter.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Wannabe

    Horatio and Speedle's case hinges on the testimony of a forensic-evidence enthusiast who stole a blood-drenched latex glove from the scene of the murder of a man who was stabbed to death with a butterfly knife. When Speedle tracks him down, the CSI wannabe is impressed by the ease with which Speedle was able to locate him, and the two begin to develop a slight bond when he shows up at the crime lab the night before he is set to testify. However, their relationship is cut short when the young man is found dead in his forensics-shrine of a home. Meanwhile, Delko and Calleigh probe the shooting death of a young woman whose body is found wrapped in a plastic garbage bag in a dumpster near the ritzy Miami club where she worked.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Deadline

    Josh Dalton, a hot, young reporter for the Miami Sun, witnesses the murder of his friend, a city councilman's aide, in Miami's drug district, the Golden Triangle. Josh, who was suspiciously unharmed in the attack, claims that they were only down there on a story, but Horatio believes that there's more to the situation. Later, another writer from the same paper is found shot to death inside the trunk of her car, which was reported stolen. Now, as the evidence rejects Josh's version of what happened, the CSIs find themselves entangled in the world of fast-paced journalism and learn that there is a dangerously fine line between the truth and what sells newspapers.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - The Oath

    A police officer collapses and dies after pulling over a car, and the investigation reveals he was murdered. Horatio grows suspicious when Internal Affairs gets involved in the case, leading him to believe that the killing wasn't a random crime. Meanwile, Calleigh aids an abused woman who is living with one of the suspects in the probe. Yelina begins dating Horatio's nemesis – who is heading up the Internal Affairs inquiry.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Not Landing

    After a small plane crashes at a Miami beach and the pilot dies, Horatio finds remnants at the crash site of chemical used in making cocaine, and it seems that the victim's business partner may have sabotaged the aircraft. However, when evidence suggests that the pilot may have died before the crash, the team investigates the victim's neighbors – all wealthy residents of a secluded cul-de-sac where lust, jealousy and greed are dangerous motives for murder.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Rap Sheet

    A security guard is found dead after shots ring out at a rap star's concert and the CSIs must investigate. Rap star 10-Large won't talk to the police regarding the murder or why someone would try to kill him. But when evidence suggests that perhaps 10-Large's bodyguard was the intended target, the CSIs must look into the dangerous world of personal security. Meanwhile, Alexx gets the shock of her life when a supposed cadaver from a recent car accident wakes up in her morgue, suffering only from hypothermia.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - MIA/NYC – NonStop

    When a teenage girl returns home from a big party night at an underage nightclub to find her parents murdered, the search for the killer leads Horatio to New York City. Before he arrives, the New York detectives, led by Detective Mac Taylor, are called out to investigate the shooting of an undercover police officer – who, it turns out, is the lead suspect in the Miami case. However, the medical examiner determines that he has been dead for 72 hours and could not even have been alive at the time of the double-murder in Miami. After further investigation, Horatio and Mac determine that the real killer murdered the New York cop, then used his ID to get to Miami, and is still on the loose.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - Innocent

    An adult film actress is found strangled in the park and the CSIs must find the killer. Blood and human tissue are found under Ashley Anders' nails and the DNA matches that of the CEO of the company that distributes her films – and he's a registered sex offender. Also, Calleigh discovers his answering machine audiotape on which he makes a threat against Ashley. However, there is an accident back at the lab with this crucial piece of evidence and Delko was the last person to handle it. Now, IAB's Rick Stetler is put on the case, much to Horatio's dismay, as the CSIs try to uncover further evidence in order to find the girl's killer.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Lost Son

    After a large yacht slams into a major Miami bridge, the team finds that the man steering the boat was shot and killed before the accident. The victim's wife reveals that their son had been kidnapped and her husband was handing over the ransom – three million dollars worth of jewels. But when the team learns that the jewels were fake, the investigation leads them into a dangerous situation at a jewelry shop that may contain crucial evidence, where Horatio must face the unimaginable when one of the team is killed in the line of duty.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Pro Per

    A woman is killed during a party at an exclusive beachfront estate when a man opens fire on the proceedings from a cigarette boat. When a former con is arrested, he acts as his own lawyer and proves to be smarter than they appear. Complicating matters is the fact that the leading witness in the case is the dead woman's young son, who Horatio wants to protect, refusing to let him testify.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Under the Influence

    The CSIs must find the killer after a young woman is pushed in front of a moving bus. Alexx finds a bruise shaped like a hand imprint on the victim's back, proving that she was pushed in front of the bus, and her boyfriend, Jay Seaver, is the prime suspect. When one of Jay's office rivals also turns up dead, Jay reveals that he has a psychotic stalker, Claudia, who he thinks might kill to please him. However, when Jay hires a lawyer to protect Claudia, Horatio suspects that Jay may be more involved than they thought. Later, a man's body is discovered down an elevator shaft in a nearby building, and there is evidence to link the victims to a common killer. Meanwhile, Calleigh's father seeks her help when he fears that he may have killed someone after a night of drinking, and Horatio assigns a new CSI, Ryan Wolfe, to the case.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Murder in a Flash

    E-mails and text messages trigger a mass gathering of students to perform a random task on a golf course. However, as the crowd disperses, the body of a high school student is found. The original message triggering the "flash mob" is traced to a high school senior whose father is a high-powered defense attorney. The case changes direction when Horatio and the team learn that the schoolmaster's daughter may have had something to do with the murder and evidence reveals that the victim was having an affair with his chemistry teacher.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Legal

    An 18-year-old girl is stabbed to death in a bathroom of a popular Miami nightclub. Horatio learns that the victim was an investigative aide working for Alcohol Beverage Control and was monitoring underage drinking. As Horatio interviews the club's owner, an unknown man drives by the club, sees that the police are there, and crashes his car while fleeing the scene. However, the case gets more complicated when they discover another murdered victim inside the car. DNA from the second victim's watch ultimately leads them to a day spa where the services may not be entirely legal. Meanwhile, Calleigh and Ryan work together to determine whether an insecure and underage teenager at the club that night had anything to do with the murder.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Hell Night

    The wife of a famous baseball player is brutally killed in her home and her philandering husband is charged with the crime. The jury on the case, as well as the accused and his defense, visits the house to examine the crime scene, but when the lights are dimmed, as they were when the victim was killed, and then turned back on, the ball player is found dead with a meat clever in his back and a note that reads "guilty." Now, as Horatio and the team find that the husband's defense team tampered with the crime scene, they must examine the evidence to find the couple's killers. Meanwhile, Horatio gets a call from Yelina, who tells him that her son, Ray, Jr., is missing.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Crime Wave

    As a huge tsunami heads directly towards Miami, a ten-hour warning gives citizens just enough time to evacuate the city. In the chaos, two people are killed in a parking lot and the evidence leads Horatio to discover a plot to rob a bank timed to take advantage of the evacuation. However, as the CSIs close in on the robbery already in progress, they find that it's a more elaborate crime than they previously thought. In the wake of the storm, Ryan and Alexx discover a body washed up from a local cemetery that may have a different cause of death than originally recorded. Meanwhile, Horatio suspects that Yelina is being physically abused by her boyfriend, IAB's Rick Stetler.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Speed Kills

    A murder investigation takes Horatio and the team into the world of speed dating. Richard Laken is found killed by a tire iron outside a lounge following an evening of speed-dating. The team discovers his car is covered with acetone, which traces back to one of the female guests. She reveals that she dated Laken and he dumped her, so she doused his car with nail polish remover for revenge, but she didn't kill him. Now, when Horatio and the team learn that Laken recently witnessed a serious assault at a Miami Heat basketball game, they are on the hunt for two perps instead of one.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Pirated

    The team investigates a modern-day piracy off the coast of Miami after six bodies are discovered floating in the ocean tied together by rope. Horatio suspects that a ship was hijacked with some of the crew killed and then dumped overboard. Evidence suggests that other crew members might have escaped on a life raft. Using radar and GPS technology, the CSIs find survivors but their stories don't match. Now, Horatio and the team must learn what really happened out in the ocean as they find themselves investigating the seamy underbelly of Miami's militias and arms dealers.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - After the Fall

    The CSIs must investigate when a pedestrian is killed after a man falls from a building and lands on him. Horatio and the team find that the victim found on the sidewalk is not the same man who fell from the building, but the unfortunate person he landed on. The CSIs discover that the fallen victim is in possession of a sex DVD involving a top Miami criminal judge and a woman with a sordid sex life. When the woman is found dead, the team must delve into the complicated personal lives of those in Miami's judicial system in order to find the killer.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Addiction

    When a woman is killed in what looks like a carjacking, the CSIs talk to her husband, the oldest of the three brothers who run their lucrative family business. However, when it is revealed that the victim had a gambling addiction that could have bankrupted the company, the team must follow the evidence to find the killer. Meanwhile, Alexx hires a recovering alcoholic as a body hauler and must investigate when he is accused of stealing from the dead.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Shootout

    When gang-related gunplay goes down in an emergency room, Horatio and the team must find the gang members responsible. The evidence suggests that an orderly in the hospital recognized the wounded gang member, who possibly killed one of the orderly's friends and alerted gang members to his location. However, the evidence doesn't match up and the CSIs discover that a cheating girlfriend, not gang retaliation, may be behind the shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan questions a mother in the emergency room after her story regarding her child doesn't add up.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Cop Killer

    During a routine traffic stop, a police officer is murdered and now Horatio and the team must track down the killer. The only witness to the murder is a civilian who was doing a ride-along with the officer, but who is now missing. Roadside evidence leads the CSIs to Missy Marshall, a teenage girl who was with the killer at the time of the murder. However, as the team searches for the civilian and the killer, they find that Missy may have been more involved with killer and the shooting than she is admitting. Meanwhile, Horatio and Rebecca's relationship is in jeopardy when they don't see eye to eye on a case.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - One Night Stand

    The CSIs uncover a complex counterfeiting operation after a bellboy is found murdered at one of Miami's hottest hotels. The luggage that the deceased bellboy had been loading, as well as a heist of a special paper that money is printed on, leads the CSIs to uncover a complex counterfeiting operation. It's cruise season in Miami, which means that the population of Miami swells, giving the team even more suspects to the murder. Meanwhile, Calleigh must investigate when a woman goes missing, and is later found dead, after she and her husband attend a hot and flirty "friction" party.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Identity

    When the CSIs find a woman swallowed whole and killed by a gigantic snake, they uncover a covert drug smuggling operation. Evidence leads Horatio and the team to a drug smuggling operation where large snakes are suspected of be being used to bring illegal drugs into the country to avoid detection by customs. However, when Horatio finds that Clavo Cruz, a nemesis of Horatio's who hides behind his diplomatic immunity, may be behind the operation, the team must find a legal way to put the criminal behind bars. Meanwhile, Wolfe must find the truth when two women each claim that they are the real victim of identity theft and the other is the culprit.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Nothing to Lose

    Horatio and the team must race against time to find a killer who escaped from prison before he strikes again. Meanwhile, the CSIs must discover what happened to a young man shot and killed in the middle of the Everglades, where a fire is burning and destroying their crime scene.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Money Plane

    Someone uses a laser light to blind a pilot and bring down a jet, which carries $1.2 billion in checks to be delivered to banks on the eastern seaboard. The crime scene evidence reveals a victim, a young fundraising socialite, who was inside the plane but killed prior to the crash. Now, although the team has little to work with since the victim's wealthy family is opposing an autopsy, Horatio must follow the money trail. Meanwhile, Calleigh works on the case with her ex-boyfriend, Detective Hagen, and their romantic history could cause problems for both of them.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Game Over

    An extreme skateboarder and videogame tester is found dead on a half-pipe platform used to program extreme skateboarding video games. The CSIs discover that he was wearing reflective sensors when he was killed, so the motion-capture device used to produce these videogames recorded the murder as it happened, but not the murderer. Now the team delves into the highly competitive world of videogame programmers and testers to find the killer.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Sex & Taxes

    An IRS agent is killed while trying to repossess a delinquent taxpayer's yacht soon after the CSIs discover a second IRS agent shot to death. Now, just when everyone has a reason to detest the IRS, Horatio must find who is behind what could possibly be a series of murders right before tax day.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Killer Date

    Horatio's life is changed forever when he learns important information about his deceased brother. Horatio must now figure out what to do with this information about his brother, Raymond, and whether or not to tell Yelina. Meanwhile, the team investigates when a woman is murdered at a crowded bar after she's approached by a female employee of a service that helps men pick-up women. Also, when Delko loses his badge after some reckless behavior and it's used in a crime, he must locate the badge before it's used again.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Recoil

    After a bitter custody battle, shots are fired outside the courthouse. Bullets fly and the target is the little girl's mother. Horatio goes after the father, who he suspects may not be the girl's biological father after all. However, when the mother's shady past is uncovered, the team finds that she has a lot of enemies who would like to take a shot at her. Meanwhile, Calleigh's father returns to the crime lab for her guidance but for an unexpected reason.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Vengeance

    When a former high school football star is murdered at a reunion, the CSIs must find the killer. The victim was the big man on campus in high school and there are a lot of guests at the reunion with reasons to resent him all these years. Now, the team must investigate everyone, from the head cheerleader to the school misfit, to see who held a decade-old grudge big enough to kill. Meanwhile, Horatio and Delko arrive at a crime scene and discover that it's already been processed, leading Horatio to uncover further information about his brother possibly being alive.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Whacked

    An axe murderer on death row is given a stay of execution just moments before it was to take place, on the grounds that there may have been tainted DNA analysis used at his trial. Now, without using any DNA evidence, the team must race against time and reexamine all of the physical evidence in the case, just as they get a call on a new double murder that looks suspiciously like the case they're working on.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - 10-7

    While investigating the murder of man hired to make dirty bombs that terrorists intend to set off in Miami, Horatio finds the bloody fingerprint of his brother, Raymond, who he believed to be dead. However, when Raymond's son is kidnapped, he emerges from deep undercover and the estranged brothers must work together to save the boy. Meanwhile, while processing a crime scene, an unknown assailant holds a gun to Calleigh's head and, after a deadly confrontation in her gun lab, she is left doubting that she can continue as a CSI.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - From the Grave

    The team must find the connection between the two crime scenes; the killing of a drug dealer and the rape of a well-off family 's housekeeper who happens to be pregnant with her boss's child.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Blood In The Water

    The team investigates the death of a foreign exchange student, the search for two missing teenagers, and the robbery of 10 million dollars in golden bars.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Prey

    The search of a missing 17-year-old girl, whose trip to Miami turns into an ongoing nightmare.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - 48 Hours To Life

    Horatio and the team are trying to figure out how to free an innocent young man after a harsh interrogation with Frank Tripp sends him to jail.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Three-Way

    Three suburban housewives on a girls' weekend in Miami are the prime suspects when the hotel's handsome pool boy is found murdered. When Horatio is tipped off that his team is facing a surprise efficiency review, he must trust Calleigh, Delko and Ryan to work together to find the killer. However, when they independently follow the evidence, each discovers that their analysis points to a different killer.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Under Suspicion

    The CSIs must race against time when all evidence in a murder case points to Horatio. When a murdered woman is discovered, Horatio admits that he was seeing her and that he was the last person to see her alive. Although the evidence logically points to Horatio as the killer, our CSIs must now dig deeper to find the real killer and learn who would have the motive and the method to frame him.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Felony Flight

    A crossover episode that concludes on "CSI NY" begins with a convicted serial killer who escapes after sabotaging an airplane that was flying him from New York to Miami, where he allegedly buried a body. After fleeing the crash site, the man goes on a killing spree and abducts a college student. Mac Tayor arrives to help Horatio track the killer since Mac originally arrested the man in New York.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Nailed

    The CSI's are called out to investigate the murder of a young woman who was about to sign her divorce papers. Soon the husband turns out to be the ideal suspect. The only strange thing about the case is the murder weapon: a nailgun. The case becomes complicated when one of the CSI's is attacked when he / she returns to the crime scene and ends up in hospital.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Urban Hellraisers

    Eric Delko is at the bank, following an ATM taking his debit card, when three robbers wearing ski masks rush in. Delko knows he can’t win against the three robbers but when one of them tries to rape a girl it ends in a shootout. The security tape leads them to Miami University and to the robbers next target and Horatio manages to arrest one of them. The trail leads to a videogame named “Urban Hellraisers” and when Ryan Wolfe starts playing it, it turns the similarities between the game and the actual crimes are very big. It’s up to the team to catch the robbers before they commit a crime much more serious than the last one.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Shattered

    A drug lord is gunned in his Coconut Grove mansion and a suspect arrested at the scene claims he sells marijuana to Delko. Stetler, from Internal Affairs, investigates and the case quickly gets personal when Horatio gets involved. As for the shooting, the CSIs learn that two gunmen may have been involved. Also, Calleigh makes a major decision concerning her job.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Payback

    Horatio hunts for the man responsible for a brutal rape on a woman years back, after new DNA testing technology finds the convicted rapist innocent.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - The Score

    The CSIs investigate the brutal murder of a man who was learning how to pick up women at a hot nightclub. Meanwhile, Horatio tries to help out Marisol, Eric Delko's sister, who was arrested on drug charges.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Silencer

    The Mala Noche strike again and it's up to the CSIs to bring them down once and for all. Also, MAJOR secrets are revealed about the characters and their love lives.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Fade Out

    A dead man is discovered swinging from a noose attached to a drawbridge. Both of his eyes are shot out and a joker playing card is found in his pocket. Horatio believes the crime is a mob hit.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Skeletons

    Walter Resden, an alleged serial killer who eluded Horatio 11 years ago in New York and again more recently in Miami, returns, and Horatio is horrified when he learns that the man is seeing the daughter of one of his alleged victims.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Deviant

    Alexx’s DNA is found throughout her neighborhood where she is suspected to be responsible for the death of a convicted child molester. The CSI team soon learns that mindset of the neighborhood could lead to any of community wanting the man gone. The team must find out who the real killer was to clear Alexx.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Collision

    What appears to have been a horrible car accident claims the life of a woman. The evidence turns up more information and another body. During this intense murder investigation Natalia must confess a secret in order for the case to be solved.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Double Jeopardy

    After a man is found not guilty of his wife's murder the CSI team finds evidence to the contrary.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Driven

    After a group of wealthy women are robbed at a luxury day spa, evidence leads the CSIs to believe that this is a part of a much larger car chopping scam and each of these women are being targeted for a home robbery. Matters become worse when Horatio discovers that Marisol was also at the spa during robbery and he must now protect her when her life is threatened. Meanwhile, Ryan must deal with the fallout after he freezes during a shootout.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Free Fall

    The CSI team must try to find out who is trying to kill a young couple who are released from prison. The couple was made out to be “media darlings” and soon find that not everyone though of them as darlings. Calleigh must work with her ex-boyfriend to help solve the case.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Dead Air

    The CSI team must locate a woman who has been kidnapped and dialed a wrong number on her cell phone. To try and find the woman the team must first figure out whom the kidnapped woman was trying to call in the first place. Marisol has a difficult decision to make and Horatio helps her. Natalia is surprised when Ryan asks for Delko’s permission to take her out on a date.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Open Water

    A cruise ship that is docked in Miami is the scene for a double murder. The team investigates the long list of potential suspects but soon find that the list is dramatically decreased when the CSI’s find a large amount of money is missing from the victim’s stateroom. Horatio and Marisol’s relationship evolves.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Shock

    During Horatio's wedding, the team is sent to investigate the death of a local celebrity, who is found murdered in her bathtub. The list of suspects includes her musician boyfriend, her assistant and her rival.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - Rampage

    The Mal Noche gang trial is obstructed when the defendant goes free with the help of the witness who is testifying. When a hit ordered by the Mal Noche gang on Horatio finds the people he loves lives are in danger. Delko finds that an ex-lover is disturbing any woman who he is now close too.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 25 - One of Our Own

    Horatio and Delko vow personal revenge on a murderer and the lab's mole is finally exposed. Horatio and Delko search Miami to bring down the Mal Noche gang once and for all after the murder of someone very close to them. However, their quest is jeopardized when the Feds seize the CSI lab with the intent to close it for good, based on the tip from the mole inside. When the mole is finally revealed to the entire lab, the news sends the remaining CSIs reeling.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Rio

    The episode picks up straight where "One of Our Own" left off. Horatio and Delko have arrived in Rio de Janeiro to hunt down Antonio Riaz, who ordered the hit on Marisol. The problem is that Horatio can't stop thinking about his late wife, and Brazilian authorities aren't being very cooperative. While there, Horatio runs into Yelena and finds out that Raymond is missing again. Ray Jr., now fourteen, teams up with Brazilian authorities and will stop at nothing to bring his father home safe, until Horatio learns the terrible truth... Raymond is already dead. Now Horatio must stop his nephew from getting himself killed trying to chase a ghost.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Going Under

    The team must investigate when Calleigh is run off the road into a canal, compromising crime scene evidence she just collected. After collecting the evidence to a crime scene involving a murdered ATF agent who was working undercover, Calleigh is run off the road into a canal, corrupting her evidence. Since almost none of the evidence is salvageable, the CSIs must work to uncover new, untouched evidence in order to solve the case. Meanwhile, Calleigh's ex-boyfriend, also an undercover ATF agent, offers interesting, yet conflicting, insight into the investigation.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Death Pool 100

    After a celebrity is murdered at an A-list party, the CSIs uncover a counterfeit ring producing hundred dollar bills. Horatio and the team discover that the motive for the murder is tied to a 'death pool,' in which players legally bet off-shore on when famous people are going to die. However, the off-shore gaming ship proves to be not as legit as originally thought when the CSIs discover that counterfeit hundred dollar bills are being circulated as a result.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - If Looks Could Kill

    When a male model is murdered, the CSIs must enter the high stakes world of modeling in order to find the killer. A male model is run over by a car and the CSIs discover that his good looks may have cost him his life. But when another male model falls to his death, Horatio and the team must find their connection before another murder occurs. Meanwhile, Natalia's abusive ex-husband (Estes) is released from jail and begins stalking her at the lab.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Eminent Domain

    The body of a local politician is found in an empty house. The entire neighborhood was upset that he was backing the use of eminent domain, allowing the government to force them out of their homes.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Curse Of The Coffin

    When strange accidents occur in the lab, the CSI team is spooked during a death investigation involving voodoo. As Halloween is near everyone starts to think that the lab is cursed.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - High Octane

    When a man is decapitated while doing a daring stunt with his car, the team suspects that it was more than just an accident. During evidence collection, the CSIs enter the world of "sideshows," where kids gather in tricked-out cars, mostly stolen, performing dangerous stunts. However, when Horatio discovers that the victim's car's hydraulics where tampered with, he detects that the accident may be been staged as a diversion to a more serious, yet lucrative, crime.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Darkroom

    A kidnapping case becomes personal for the CSIs when the victim turns out to be Boa Vista's sister. After one woman is found murdered and another kidnapped, evidence leads the CSIs to uncover dozens of photos of unidentified missing women in a safe. After examining DNA, the team discovers that the kidnapping victim is none other than Boa Vista's sister, Anya. Now, as they try to locate Anya and the other women, Horatio and the others must find the killer who has been posing as a photographer to trap unsuspecting women before he strikes again.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Going Going Gone

    Horatio uncovers a deadly plot against the City of Miami after a young woman is murdered at a charity event. After the team discovers that the 'date' the victim was auctioned off for was of a sexual nature, they soon find that the victim was only there to expose the event's host as a dangerous drug dealer. However, as the CSIs investigate further into the case, they find evidence of a plot against Miami that could put the whole city in jeopardy.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Come As You Are

    A Marine recruiter is found dead on a civilian shooting range with several bullet holes in him, but there's no blood at the scene. The investigation reveals the victim was dead before he was shot and that his body was dragged onto the range.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Backstabbers

    The team must find a suspected terrorist who goes on the run after a failed attempt on her life. Sonya Barak is standing trial for aiding in a plot to destroy Miami when her own people try to gun her down, suspecting that she may be a trader and in cahoots with the police. When she goes on the run to stay alive, Horatio, never wavering in his belief that she is innocent until proven guilty, must find Sonya before they kill her once and for all.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Internal Affairs

    When Natalia's ex-husband is murdered, evidence suggests that she killed him. Many people had motive to kill Nick. While Natalia remains a suspect, the rest of the team, careful to avoid any suspicion of interference from Internal Affairs, must watch the case from the sidelines. Now, holding Natalia's fate in their hands, Horatio, the lab's night shift and Calleigh's cop ex-boyfriend must find the evidence to prove her innocent.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Throwing Heat

    Horatio and the bomb squad must deactivate a bomb when Tripp steps on a land mine while investigating a crime scene. Tripp steps on the land mine while investigating the death of a Cuban refugee who is killed by one after stepping on shore. Now, Horatio and the bomb squad must work to defuse the mine before it detonates. Meanwhile, after protecting a woman in the midst of a domestic dispute with her husband, Delko is slapped with a $250,000 law suit by the wife who set him up.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - No Man's Land (1)

    The lives of two CSIs are put in danger when Horatio's old enemy Clavo Cruz returns. When a truck full of confiscated weapons is hijacked and the weapons are released back into the public, Horatio links the crime to Clavo Cruz, a man he put away for murder years ago. However, on the day of Clavo's arraignment, a confiscated missile is launched into the courthouse to aid his escape, with Alexx inside. As the team tries to find Clavo and put him away for good, another member of Horatio's team is fatally shot.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Man Down (2)

    A member of the team is pronounced dead after being shot in the head. Not wanting to give up, Horatio has the CSI rushed to the hospital and watches as doctors try to bring him back. Meanwhile, the CSIs find evidence that could lead them to Clavo Cruz, the man behind Eric's shooting.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Broken Home

    The CSIs investigate when the parents of a baby sitter in an upscale neighborhood are murdered. As the team sorts through the neighbors' secrets and lies, they find an unexpected love triangle as a motive for murder. Meanwhile, a key piece of evidence found at the crime scene leads Horatio to expose a doctor with some dirty secrets of his own.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - A Grizzly Murder

    A men's hunting weekend turns deadly when one of the group is mauled by a bear and evidence suggests foul play. The CSIs determine that the hunter may have been set up as bait for the 800 pound black bear. As the case unfolds, further evidence suggests that his death may have been a cover-up for the murder of a high-class call girl and her bodyguard, revealing an illegal prostitution business servicing Miami's elite.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Triple Threat

    The victim (guest star Colin Ferguson, "Eureka") is killed at a charity event hosted by his wife (Leslie Bibb, "Popular"). However, evidence soon reveals that the victim is not who they originally thought and blood found at the crime scene could belong to the wife OR her two secret twin sisters, who even her husband knew nothing about.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Bloodline

    Horatio suspects that the County Supervisor and the owners of a nearby Native American Casino may be involved when a murder victim is found scalped.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Rush

    Horatio and the team investigate a movie star's death while he was in a celebrity rehab center and on the verge of exposing some damaging secrets.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Just Murdered

    Nasty divorce gets even worse when the husband's mistress turns up dead and, as the body count increases, the soon-to-be ex-couple's relationship turns out to be even more complicated.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Burned

    While Horatio investigates a case of revenge on a scorned ex-lover, a CSI's personal problems taint the investigation and Horatio is forced to fire a member of his team.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Kill Switch

    After a suspected carjacker is murdered, the CSIs learn that the victim may have been involved in drug smuggling off the shores of Miami with a very dangerous drug lord.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - Born to Kill

    When a serial killer suspected of killing young women and branding them with a 'Y' is caught and also identified as having the extra Y chromosome, the 'criminal gene,' the team feels that they have closed their case until the killings begin again.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Dangerous Son

    A hostage situation turns into murder, leading Horatio to believe one of the suspects may be his son.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Cyber-lebrity

    After the Internet turns a high school girl into an international sex symbol, information leaked about Horatio puts his life in danger.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Inside Out

    Horatio searches for his son after he goes missing during a deadly prison break.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Bang, Bang, Your Debt

    While investigating the mysterious death of a college student in a car fire, the CSIs find evidence that Tim Speedle may still be alive.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Deep Freeze

    When a sports legend is murdered, the investigation hits a snag when the lab loses the body.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Sunblock

    Bizarre occurrences begin to plague the CSIs as they hunt down a serial killer who struck during a total eclipse of the sun.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Chain Reaction

    When a model is electrocuted on the runway, the case leads Horatio back to his son and his nemesis.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Permanent Vacation

    When a family vacation turns deadly, the CSIs must find the killer before the survivors take justice into their own hands.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Stand Your Ground

    An attempt on Calleigh's life puts both her professional and personal life in jeopardy.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - CSI: My Nanny

    Lifestyles of the rich and famous come under the CSI microscope when a wealthy family's nanny turns up dead.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Guerillas in the Mist

    When a rare and illegal machine gun "vaporizes" three weapons' smugglers, the CSIs must find the killer before the gun causes more deaths.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Miami Confidential

    While investigating the murder of a young woman, the CSIs uncover a meth lab in her apartment and an unscrupulous FBI agent with a secret life of his own.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Raising Caine

    Horatio's ex and Kyle's mother (guest star Elizabeth Berkley), resurfaces as a billionaire's widow who will do anything to get her son back.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - You May Now Kill the Bride

    A wedding murder takes the team to a strip club.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Ambush (1)

    In part one of the two-part episode, Horatio's past comes back to haunt him when Julia (guest star Elizabeth Berkley) has him arrested for murder.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - All In (2)

    In part two of the two-part episode, as Horatio deals with his past, the team races against time to save Calleigh from kidnappers.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - To Kill A Predator

    The team must act quickly to stop a vigilante who is killing Internet predators.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Tunnel Vision

    A body in a sinkhole leads the team to a robbery whose target holds a shocking secret.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Rock and a Hard Place

    When Alexx's son becomes a suspect in a murder, saving him has dire consequences.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Down To The Wire

    When a man is killed due to a fake 911 call, Horatio must face off with a private investigator who is systematically destroying the team.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Going Ballistic

    When someone is determined to take down the team, Horatio puts his life on the line.
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Vstajenje

    The CSI team will stop at nothing to find who shot Horatio Caine and the evidence leads them to some of the most dangerous people in Miami, including one of their own
  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Won't Get Fueled Again

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - And How Does That Make You Kill?

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Raging Cannibal

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Bombshell

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Wrecking Crew

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Cheating Death

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Gone Baby Gone

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Power Trip

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - The DeLuca Motel

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Tipping Point

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Head Case

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - And They're Offed

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Smoke Gets in Your CSI's

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Presumed Guilty

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Sink or Swim

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Divorce Party

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Flight Risk

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Target Specific (1)

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing (2)

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Chip/Tuck

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Dead on Arrival

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Collateral Damage

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - Dissolved

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 25 - Seeing Red (1)

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Out Of Time

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Hostile Takeover

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Bolt Action

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - In Plane Sight

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Bad Seed

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Dude, Where's My Groom?

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Bone Voyage

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Point of Impact

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Kill Clause

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Count Me Out

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Delko for the Defense

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Show Stopper

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Die by the Sword

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - In the Wind

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Miami, We Have a Problem

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - L.A.

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Getting Axed

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Dishonor

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Spring Breakdown

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Backfire

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - Meltdown

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Mommie Deadest

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 23 - Time Bomb

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 24 - All Fall Down

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Fallen

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Sudden Death

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - See No Evil

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Manhunt

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Sleepless in Miami

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - Reality Kills

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - On the Hook

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Happy Birthday

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - Blood Sugar

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Match Made in Hell

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - F-T-F

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Wheels Up

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Last Stand

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Stoned Cold

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - Blood Lust

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Hunting Ground

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - Special Delivery

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - About Face

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 19 - Caged

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 20 - Paint It Black

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 21 - G.O.

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 22 - Mayday

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 1 - Countermeasures

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 2 - Stiff

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 3 - Blown Away

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 4 - Look Who's Taunting

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 5 - Killer Regrets

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 6 - By the Book

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 7 - Sinner Takes All

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 8 - Dead Ringer

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 9 - A Few Dead Men

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 10 - Long Gone

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 11 - Crowned

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 12 - Friendly Fire

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 13 - Terminal Velocity

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 14 - Last Straw

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 15 - No Good Deed

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 16 - Rest in Pieces

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 17 - At Risk

  • CSI: Miami: Episode 18 - Law & Disorder