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  • "Dallas":
  • Dalas: Serbia (1978)
  • Далас: Serbia (1978)


  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Digger's Daughter

    Dallas begins with a Romeo and Juliet theme. Bobby James Ewing, the youngest of the Ewing sons, marring Pamela Barnes. Pamela (Pam) is the daughter of Digger Barnes who just happens to be the enemy of the the head of the Ewing Family, Jock Ewing. Digger also shared a romantic past with Jock's wife Ellie. The marriage does not sit well with any of the Ewings. Sue Ellen resents the newcomer, Lucy tries to intimidate her from the beginning, and Jock is furious. J.R reacts the most strongly, trying to break up the couple by using Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman of Southfork to break the couple up. Ray had a brief fling with Pamela Barnes, and J.R hopes this will end the marriage.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - The Lesson

    Lucy Ewing is skipping school, and spending most of her time in the hayloft with Ray Krebbs. Pam, still not fitting in with the Ewing Clan, decides Lucy is her ticket in. Pam decides she will 'mother' Lucy and get her back in school. Lucy doesn't like her Aunt's interference, and up's the anti by claiming the guidance counselor sexually assaulted her. Pam, in the first of the 'Pam saves the day' episodes, finds out the truth and gets Lucy to tell the truth and return to school.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Spy in the House

    Cliff Barnes, Pam's bother is not pleased that his sister has married a Ewing. A document, Bobby asked Pam to bring to Ewing Oil ends up in Cliff's hands, all the Ewing's blame Pam, is she a Spy in the House? The episode ends with the family knowing it was not Pam...but Ginger, Tina Louise.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Winds of Vengeance

    Luther Frick and his buddy find out that J.R Ewing and Ray Krebbs have been having a little fun with thier women, so they decide payback is in order. They go to Southfork while most of the Ewing men are away and hope to do the same with the Ewing women. They kidnap Pam, Sue Ellen and Lucy and seek revenge. Bobby and Jock return home to stop the revenge just in the nick of time.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Barbecue

    The Ewings hold the family's annual Barbecue, and as usual the sparks fly. Digger's appearance pleases Ellie but annoys Jock. Lucy is thrilled Pam's cousin Jimmy is in attendance, and she show's him the hay loft. Bobby and Pam announce that Pam is pregnant. The fact that Pam is pregnant upsets Sue Ellen and J.R. Sue Ellen drowns her sorrows in the bottle. The episode ends with Pam finding Jimmy and Lucy in the hayloft. After they leave, J.R shows up. He and Pam have a conversation in which she ends up falling from the hayloft, losing her unborn child.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Reunion (1)

    Bobby surprises Pam by asking her join him on a business trip to Las Vegas. During the trip they are shocked to find brother Gary working at the hotel they are staying at. Lucy has been busy as well. While at a cattle auction with Jock and Ray, she ditches out with Pam's cousin Jimmy, Ray is not pleased. It turns out Jimmy is just her drive, he takes her to the diner her mother is working at. Lucy has been secretly visiting Valene. As Lucy and Val catch up, Bobby talks a reluctant Gary into returning to Southfork for a visit. Pam understands his reasons not too, but Gary eventually agree's. When Bobby calls Ellie with the news, she gives a stern warning to both Jock and J.R. Jock is not pleased with her words and says that 'Gary is his son too." J.R begins to plot Gary's downfall even before he returns. While attempting another seduction of Ray in the stables, they see Bobby and Pam return with a 'stranger'. Both trigger in to who the man is, and Lucy runs to the house to be reunited with her father. Lucy surprises both her parents by bringing them together at the diner. After a lengthy discussion, Gary talks Valene into returning to Southfork as well. Valene does, but is still fearful of J.R, remembering how he ran her out of Texas many years ago.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Reunion (2)

    J.R's efforts to rid the family of Gary...again, begin to work. J.R pretends to help his younger brother, by including him in some Ewing Oil Business. The business however is with a company doomed for failure, and Gary begins to feel the stress. Valene realizes what J.R is up to, but is unable to stop it. Pam has trouble of her own. A drunken Digger showed up at Southfork, while recovering from his binge, he tell Pamela he will no longer acknowledge her as his daughter because she is married to a Ewing. Gary falls victim to J.R's plan, and can no longer take the pressure. He leaves Southfork early in the morning. Valene catches him before he goes, but cannot talk him into staying, not even for Lucy. J.R attempts to blackmail Valene into leaving as well by paying her off. Both depart Southfork, leaving Lucy without parents once again
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Old Acquaintance

    Jenna Wade, Bobby's former love, returns to his life. She is trouble, and she and her daughter need his help. Bobby believes her daughter, Charlie might be his, but Jenna will not confirm. J.R see's this as an opportunity to rid Southfork of Pam, and encourages Jenna to go after Bobby. Bobby's help seems a little too much for Pam, who confronts Jenna and meets Charlie. Pam's fears prove to be unfounded as Bobby loves her, and decides Jenna is only someone from his past.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Bypass

    Bobby questions his role at Ewing Oil, J.R's way of business does not sit well with him. Jock does not support this, and confronts J.R. During the discussion, Jock suffers a heart attack. Bobby deals with his father's illness, by joining Ray working at Southfork. Jock knows J.R is not telling him everything, and wants Bobby back to keep things on the straight and narrow at Ewing Oil, the company he started. While in the hospital, Jock finds out he needs open heart surgery. All the Ewing's are there to support the patriarch of the family. The operation goes fine, and when Jock is concious, he wonders about Bobby's role in the company. Bobby does not give his daddy the answer his father would have wishes. J.R has Ewing Oil all to himself once again, just exactly the way he wants it.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Black Market Baby

    Sue Ellen is fearful Pam will produce the next Ewing heir before her. Sue Ellen is desperate, and decides to adopt. When she encounters obstacles, she decides a quicker method is required, and goes to extremes with a 'black market' baby. This deal is going to cost Sue Ellen cash, and decides she should meet the mother. Sue Ellen forms a maternal relationship with Rita Briggs, the mother of the unborn child. Sue Ellen's plan is almost ruined by a meeting between herself, Rita and Pam, but Pam is only worried about Sue Ellen. The plan falls apart of course by the doing's of J.R. He finds out about the deal and ships Rita out of the state. He wants an heir as much as Sue Ellen, but tells her it has to be 'our child, not somebody else's"
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Double Wedding

    Ed Haynes shows up in Dallas, causing conflict in Bobby and Pam's marriage. Pam was married to Ed, something she failed to tell Bobby. Ed tracks down Digger, and gets him drinking, using some of the info from the old man in his con. J.R of course uses the opportunity to stick it, again, to Pam. Ed was in the Vietnam war when Pam got the divorce, and claimed he never got the divorce papers, and claims that he and Pam are still married. Once Bobby and Pam are on to the scam, they convince Haynes that Pam was kicked out of the Ewing family, at the same time, Bobby tracks down Hayne's partner, and gets his hands on a copy of the annulment papers. Both men leave town.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Runaway

    It's Lucy Ewing's birthday. Sue Ellen is planning the music, Pam brings her home dresses, and J.R is planning the guest list. Lucy is not pleased. She tries to convince Grandaddy Jock to let her invite her mother. Jock says he does not want Valene on the Ranch given how she left the last time. Lucy tries to explain that J.R lied, and her mother never took the bribe J.R offered, but he stands firm. Lucy leaves Southfork in the middle of the night, taking a guitar, and J.R's car with her. Eventually she is picked up by a con man, Willie Guest, who includes Lucy in some of his thefts and scams. He is thrilled to have latched on to one of the rich Ewing's. Lucy wants out, but Guest kidnaps her, forcing her to stay with him. Bobby, and the police track them down, and eventually Lucy returns safely to Southfork
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Election

    Pam finds herself once again in the middle, between her brother and the Ewing Family. Cliff Barnes is in a race for state senator, and the Ewings, especially J.R are not happy. Pam puts her full support behind Cliff, but is tricked by J.R into giving damaging information away. J.R attempts to convice Pam the media will have ball if they find out Cliff is gay. Pam argues back about how rediculous that is and shares information about a past girlfriend that Cliff had. It turns out the woman died having an illegal abortion, and J.R is confident the voting public will not look to favourably on this. Cliff is ruined, and Pam vows to make J.R pay for what he did to her brother
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Survival

    During a storm, the Ewing Plane with both J.R and Bobby on board crashes. The news gets to Ellie first, who worried about his heart condition, insists the news be kept from Jock. As J.R and Bobby fight for survival, the Ewing women contemplate life with them in it. Sue Ellen is worried her place at Southfork is not secure without a Ewing heir. She comes across Lucy trying to get in touch with Gary, and argues with the young girl. Lucy taunts back that Sue Ellen will never have Southork without a child of her own. Miss Ellie confronts a reporter who comes to Southfork, and Jock overhears and is furious that the news has been kept from him. News of J.R and Bobby survival comes to the family.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Act of Love

    When J.R was feared dead in the plane crash, Sue Ellen turned to Cliff Barnes for support. The relationship progressed, and while J.R is away again, the affair goes further. Bobby and Pam's relationship is tested as well. He wants her to help with business, she wants to pursue business of her own at the store. Sue Ellen finds out she is pregnant, and drops Cliff fast. J.R is suspicious of the pregnancy, given how suddenly it occurs after seven years of marriage
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Triangle

    Pam, Bobby and Lucy join Ray out for a night of country music. Ray has become serious about country singer Garnett McGee. When Jock leaves Ray some land on Southfork, he pops the question to Garnett. Lucy wants to follow Garnett's lead and become a country singer, but the family acts like she wants to be a hooker! Garnett wants more than Ray can offer, and hooks up with J.R who puts together a music contract for her. Lucy comes to Ewing Oil, in the hopes of getting J.R to help her with her own music career. She finds the contract for Garnett, and spills the beans to Ray. Ray is furious and heads for Garnett's. He finds J.R with her, and a fight begins. Lucy, fearing what might occur, tells Pam and Bobby about what she did. Pam sends Bobby to save the day, and he stops Ray before he can kill J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Fallen Idol

    Bobby Ewing decides a new venture in is order. His old buddy Guzzler Bennett returns to Dallas, and want Bobby to join him in the construction business. Hitch is, they want to bid a shopping mall on Southfork. Ellie wants no part of a shopping center on Southfork, and J.R has that land in mind for future oil drilling. Guzzler's selfish ways also put a strain on Bobby's relationship with Pam. Bobby is out of luck all the way around on this one.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Kidnapped

    Kidnappers going after J.R Ewing, end up taking Bobby instead. The kidnappers want to use Cliff Barnes as the go between, but J.R cannot stay out of it. J.R overhears Cliff setting up a time to do the switch and he and Ray try to save Bobby. They do, but not before shooting the kidnappers, and almost killing Cliff in the process.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Home Again

    Ellie's brother Garrison, presumed dead, shockingly shows up at Southfork. Ellie, knowing the Ranch was supposed to be his, tells the family she will be giving Southfork to Garrison. The family is not happy, an J.R, of course insults Garrison causing the old man, who does not want Southfork to fight back. All the Ewing's fears about losing Southfork are not grounded, for Garrison's nurse, Cathy Baker, explains to Ellie that Garrison is very sick, and only returned to the ranch to die.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - For Love or Money

    Sue Ellen's mother and sister arrive in Dallas, and just in the nick of time. Sue Ellen catches J.R with another woman, and moves in with her family. She also hooks up again with Cliff for support. J.R is not happy, but finally decides he wants his wife home, even if the baby she is carrying is not his!
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Julie's Return

    Jock is getting tired of being treated like an invalid. J.R uses his father heart attack to keep him out of Ewing Oil. Ellie attempts to keep all stress out his life. When Julie Grey, Jock's former secretary arrives back in Dallas, Jock is thrilled to spend a lot of time with her. She does not treat him like the family, and two renew their relationship. Fearing Jock is having an affair with Julie, he tells his mother. Ellie tries to stop what is going on, but Jock leaves to see Julie. He gives her an expensive gift, and says that it will have to be a going away present. Once Jock leaves, J.R show's up at Julie's door. Julie promises to keep causing trouble for J.R, but he tells her not to count on it.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - The Red File (1)

    J.R is not happy that Cliff is back in public office. He attempts to use Julie to get info about Cliff. She is tired of J.R, and decides she will actually help Cliff. She calls him and leaves him a message that she will fill him in on all the Ewing's secrets. Cliff heads to Julie's but does not find her. After a run in with Ames and Garr from the cartel, Julie ends up dead, having fallen from the roof of her building. J.R uses his influence to have Cliff booked for the murder.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - The Red File (2)

    Pam is sure that J.R is framing Cliff, and leaves Bobby and Southfork. Bobby holds J.R responsible, and promises to get to the bottom of things. Bobby goes to see Cliff, to see if he can help. Cliff is not happy to see any of the Ewing's, and tells Bobby the only thing that can help is if the real killers are caught. Bobby is on the trail, and finds a key in Cliff's mail which was sent from Julie before her death. The key leads Bobby to Julie's file of Ewing information. One of the things Bobby finds is a fake codicil to Jock's will. Bobby thinks that J.R killed Julie. J.R shares with Bobby the name of the person who was taping Julie's phone for him, and through this man, they are led to Willie Joe and Jeb. Once the real killers are identified, Cliff is released. Bobby hopes this might bring Pam home, but she is not ready.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Sue Ellen's Sister

    Cliff tries to get Ewing information out of Sue Ellen, but she is not interested in helping him. He then tries Pam, who is hurt and angry about being used by her brother in the Ewing/Barnes feud. Meanwhile, with Pam away from Southfork, Kristin makes a play for Bobby. Lucy see's right through Kristin, as does J.R, but he encourages the relationship.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Call Girl

    While still separated from Bobby, Pam makes friends with a model from 'the store', Leanne Rees. Leanne happens to be a former prostitute, and J.R smells a plan. He creates a photo opportunity in which Pam looks like she too is into the world's oldest profession. Bobby finds out about J.R's scheme, and although not in J.R's plan, it actually brings Pam and Bobby back together. Bobby brings Pam back to Southfork which does not please his brother
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Royal Marriage

    J.R is thrilled when Lucy becomes engaged to Kit Mainwaring. It will mean a potential business merger with Mainwaring Oil, which would be beneficial to Ewing Oil, and J.R. Unfortunately, Kit Mainwaring is gay. He eventually confesses this to Bobby, and then to Lucy. Lucy is heartbroken, but stands by Kit, and holds the secret. Only she and Bobby know the truth. But, of course, J.R. knew all along.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - The Outsiders

    Sam Culver is someone J.R thinks is important! But Sam's wife, Donna Culver is fooling around with Ray Krebbs. Bobby and Pam run into them one night while out, and Pam is worried about Ray being hurt again. Ray is not concerned, he is love with Donna, and not Pam, Lucy or J.R is going to get in the way.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - John Ewing III (1)

    Lucy's a wreck after her breakup with Kit, turns to drugs! Sue Ellen's battle with the bottle continues, despite her pregnancy. Despite efforts from Ray and Bobby, Lucy keeps on using, and one day when the addict and drunk are alone at Southfork, they have a meeting in which Sue Ellen ends up falling down the stairs. Lucy seems to have learned her lesson, but J.R decides to put Sue Ellen, against her wishes in a Sanitarium.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - John Ewing III (2)

    Sue Ellen is not happy in the sanitarium. Bobby visits her, and thinks that Cliff is the father of the baby. J.R visits, which does not make Sue Ellen any happier. She bribes a nurse for alcohol, and leaves, only to end up in a car accident. Sue Ellen ends up in the hospital with the baby's life in danger. Cliff, thinking he is the father, rushes to the hospital!
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Whatever Happened to Baby John? (1)

    Sue Ellen returns home from the hospital, but is not a thrilled new mom! The family worries she is sinking into depression, not caring about anything, including her new baby. J.R begins to mentor Dallas's newest lawyer, Alan Beam. The rest of the family, minus Sue Ellen, take frequent trips into the hospital to visit John Ross, still to weak to come home. Unfortunately, this does not go on for long because JR and Sue Ellen learn from a group of reporters that John Ross has been kidnapped!!!
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Whatever Happened to Baby John? (2)

    Though Bobby thinks Cliff may have take John Ross, this ends up not being true. J.R thinks some of his thugs may have taken the child, but hey are all wrong. Pamela ends up solving the kidnapping mystery by remembering a woman she saw staring at babies at the Hospital. Pam remembers a woman, Sheila Larken, who she saw many times when she visited the hospital. It turns out Sheila lost her baby, and her husband ran out on her, leaving her desperate and alone, so she stole John Ross. The Baby is finally returned to it's natural parents...too bad Sue Ellen is not overly emotional about the outcome...
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - The Silent Killer

    None of the Ewing's are really excited when Sue Ellen's sister and her mother arrive at Southfork for a visit. Thought they know that John Ross may be his son, Cliff and Pam decide to keep the families genetic disorder a secret. J.R starts to take a deeper look at Sue Ellen's baby sister...
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Secrets

    Pam continue's to worry about her family's health and it's possible effects on John Ross, and her pregnancy. Valene returns to town, determined to have Lucy forgive her. She enlists Bobby's help, but Lucy is not receptive. It is not until Bobby speaks with Lucy, and Lucy overhears J.R try to railroad Valene out of town again before the mother and daughter finally come to terms with thier past and make up.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - The Kristin Affair

    Pam tells Bobby about her pregnancy. But she says nothing about her disease. J.R. mortgages the Southfork Ranch for his drilling in Asia. He's very interested in his sister-in-law Kristin.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - The Dove Hunt

    J.R. and Jock get wounded by snipper fire when two of Jock's enemies from the past catch up with him during a hunting trip to Lousiana.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - The Lost Child

    Sue Ellen is unhappy with her marriage to J.R. and she looks for psychiatric help. Pam has an accident- she falls down from her horse and loses her baby one more time. She tells Bobby about her hereditary disease
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Rodeo

    Sue Ellen meets cowboy Dusty Farlow during a Southfork rodeo event.He's the son of a rich Texas rancher. J.R. is jealous of Sue Ellen and he makes it very clear to Dusty. Digger comes to the rodeo to see John Ross 111. But there is no fight with Jock this time around.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Mastectomy (1)

    Miss Ellie discover s a medical problem with her breast. She doesn't tell Jock because in the past he left his first wife Amanda because of her disease. Miss Ellie undergoes an operation to have her breast removed. Sue Ellen meets Dusty again and again.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Mastectomy (2)

    Miss Ellie's tumor is completely removed along with her breast. But she falls into servious depression. She's afraid of losing Jock. J.R. keeps trying to get rid of Cliff and uses Alan Beam to do it.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - The Heiress

    To frusted Cliff's plans against the Ewings, J.R. hires young lawyer Alan Beam as his spy. Lucy discovers the conspiracy but J.R. manages to turn things around again to make it look like he and Alan hate each other. Bobby hears about J.R.'s plaans in Southeast Asia and about the mortgaging of Southfork Ranch.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Ellie Saves the Day

    J.R.'s family is shocked to learn Southfork has been mortgaged. The drilling in Asia run into serious trouble because of a typhoon and the banks demand their loand back. Miss Ellie saves the situation by realeasing part of the ranch for drilling but she has to go against her father's last will to do it. At the end of the eposide she tells J.R: I may never forgive you for this J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Mother of the Year

    J.R. thinks Sue Ellen is an unfit mother. She seeks psychiatric help. At the last minute, Ewing Oil succeeds in starting drilling in the Asian fields.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Return Engagements

    iss Ellie's sadness over Gary's [Ted Shackelford] birthday ends when she learns he and Valene are back in Dallas and plans to remary.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Love and Marriage

    Pam takes care of Sue Ellen's Baby for a few weeks. Because she doesn't have a child of her own, she can't stand Sue Ellen's coming back to her baby. There's an argument with Bobby about his return to Ewing Oil. Ray Krebbs meets Donna Culver.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Power Play

    Lucy secretly meets Alan Beam. But all he is interested in is her family's money. He proposes to Lucy. But this is just an intrigue of J.R.'s whe wants to get rid of Lucy who, as he says, "is her daddy's only tie to Southfork." Pam is promoted at her job once again and problems in her marriage are on the rise.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Paternity Suit

    Digger tells a reporter the John Ross 111 could be his grandchild. The Ewings sue Digger Barnes for defamation. And Cliff goes to court as well- to determine the baby's paternity. A blood test finally determines: J.R. is the baby's father.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Jenna's Return

    Miss Ellie's tumor is completely removed along with her breast. But she falls into servious depression. She's afraid of losing Jock. J.R. keeps trying to get rid of Cliff and uses Alan Beam to do it.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Sue Ellen's Choice

    Bobby wants to save his marriage and asks Pam fro help but she replies:"'I don't think i can." Pam feels guilty because she can't have a baby. Sue Ellen wants a divorce. J.R. says he will never allow her to take John Ross awat from him. Because Sue Ellen knows she can't fight J.R. on this, she decides to leave Dusty.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Second Thoughts

    J.R. keeps pressuring Alan Beam to marry Lucy very soon. Cliff resigns from the OLM to run in the elections for Congress but J.R.'s intrigue is a success and Cliff runs out of campaign money all of a sudden. For the moment, he is finished professionally and has nowhere to go. Bobby feels sorry for Cliff and decides to do some job hunting for him. This provokes a furious reaction from J.R. Jock frustrated J.R.'s plans for Lucy and Alan by offering Alan a legal partnership in Dallas. Now J.R. tries to stop the marriage because there's no longer anything in it for him.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Divorce - Ewing Style

    J.R. hears about Cliff's new job at the district attroney's office. He tries to make Sue Ellen look like she's been drinking again. Sue Ellen hires a "privacy eye" to prove J.R.'s infidelity to her but J.R. bribes the detectivewho alters the reports which now say nothing bad about J.R. This makes Sue Ellen look like paraonid and obbbessive in front of the family.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Jock's Trial (1)

    A skeletion is found on Southfork. Cliff runs the investigation into possible murder. Jock is arrested. Sue Ellen drinks again as she hears about Dusty's death in a plane crash.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Jock's Trial (2)

    Jock is released on bail. Digger is dying and confess to having killed the man whoise skeletion was found on the ranch. It turns out it was Hutch McKinney-- a man with whom Digger's wife Rebecca had an affair. Digger killed him in a rage upon finding out about the affair. Pam learns that it was Hutch who was her real father. ALL these years she thought it was Digger... Digger dies but befoer that, he tells Pam that he has all ways cared for her, just like she was his own daughter.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - The Wheeler Dealer

    When J.R. learns of a possible revolution in Southeast Asia, he decides to sell of 75% of his oil well holdings there. Kristin and Alan scheme to try and gather information to ruin J.R. The family visits Jock's first wife, Amanda, who believes that Bobby is really Jock. Pam tries in vain to find information on her mother. Going through Digger's papers, Cliff finds a contract giving Digger royalties on an oil field which Bobby just reopened.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - A House Divided

    The cartel members and J.R.'s banker are finnnancially runied after the nationalization of the Asian fields. Seth Stone, one of the cartel members, kills himself. J.R. threatens to drive Kristin and Alan Beam out of townand he wants to put Sue Ellen back into the sannitarium. Pam and Bobby leave Dallas when Bobby learns that J.R. shut down an oil field to stop Cliff from having his portion of revenge based on an agreement between Digger and Jock which Cliff has found among Digger's papers. Then as the episode draws to a close J.R. is shot.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - No More Mister Nice Guy (1)

    J.R. lies to close to death as the Ewing family awaits news of this fate and the police search for clues and suspects. All hope for J.R. to regain consciousness and the possibility that he will be able to idenfy his assilant.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - No More Mister Nice Guy (2)

    As J.R undergoes the helplessness of paralysis as Bobby takes over Ewing Oil with Jock's blessing. Sue Ellen feels guilty that she may have shot J.R. in a drunken stupor aandd the list of suspects grow.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Nightmare

    J.R. fights to overcome the helplessness of paralysis as Bobby finds that his efforts to run Ewing Oil are thwarted by J.R., even from his hospital bed. Ellie finds the gun in the immediate family.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Who Done It?

    ue Ellen fingerprints are identified on the gun that was used to shoot J.R. and is arrested. Feeling abandoned by the family, her bail is posted by an unknown source and she seeks solace from Kristin
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Taste of Success

    As Ewing Oil's president, Bobby finds the power intoxicating, which promotes apprehension in both Pam and J.R. Bobby works hard to buy a refinery, something Jock has always wanted and which J.R. could never accomplish.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - The Venezuelan Connection

    J.R. and Bobby are in conflict over who is running Ewing Oil which puts Jock in the middle. Lucy introduces Mitch,her new boyfriend, to her friends with disatrous results.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - The Fourth Son

    Ray Krebbs' father, Amos,whom he hasn't seen or heard from since he was three shows up at South fork with some very distrubing news for the entire Ewing family. An oil tanker sinks woth over 600,000 gallons and is not insured.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Trouble at Ewing 23

    An extortionist threatening to blow up Ewing 23 gives J.R. opportunity to put a halt to his fading fortunes with the company and the family by out-maneuvering Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - The Prodigal Mother

    Pam belives she has at last found her mother, but all hopes of a reconcilition are dashed by the woman. Lucy proposes marriage to Mitch and J.R. stumbles into a scheme which he intends to use to put Bobby in trouble with Jock.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Executive Wife

    J.R. encourages Jock to consummate a business deal, fully aware that this will conflict with Bobby's plans. Pam feeling a poor second to Bobby's work, receives the attention she is lacking, from a business associate named Alex Ward[Joel Fabiani].
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - End of the Road (1)

    Mitch's sister[Afton Copper] and mother arrive for the upcoming wedding and J.R. takes an immediate interest in Afton, which worries Sue Ellen. Bobby finds himself in a tough position after he enters an oil drilling agreement.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - End of the Road (2)

    At Lucy and Mitch's wedding,Sue Ellen makes a play for an old boyfriend[Clint Ogwood] to get even for J.R.'s "interest" in Mitch's sister. Bobby resigns as president of Ewing Oil and Miss Ellie accuses Jock of behavior for which she can never forgive him.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Making of a President

    J.R. hires a high-pressure public relations woman named Leslie Stewart[Susan Flannery] to improve his tarnished image as he resumes the reins of Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen discovers Pam having a rendevous with Alex.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Start the Revolution With Me

    J.R.'s campaign for power puts him further under the influence iof Leslie Stewart who, much to his frustration, keeps him at arms' length. He moves ahead with his plans to topple the South-East Asian government which confiscated his foreign oil wells.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - The Quest

    J.R. uses his influence to make sure that Cliff Barnes does not get chosen for public office. Sue Ellen can't ger anyone to believe that she is being followed and J.R. couldn't care less, so she takes matters in her own hands.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Lover, Come Back

    J.R.'s forign coup brings the cartel back. Donna and Ray are reunited and plan to marry. Sue Ellen discovers that Dusty is alive but unwilling to resume their old relationship.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - The New Mrs. Ewing

    Donna and Ray are married. The cold war between Jock and Miss Ellie over Takapa escalates. Bobby forms a new business alliance with Cliff Barnes, but his growning jealousy over Pam forces a confrontation with Alex Ward.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Mark of Cain

    As Leslie Stewart "reels in" J.R., Bobby is caught in the middle of Jock and Miss Ellie's feud.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - The Gathering Storm

    Jock threatens to sell the company if Miss Ellie divorces him, thanks to J.R.'s manipulating.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Ewing vs. Ewing

    Donna and Ray try to reconcile Jock and Miss Ellie only to find their problems run deeper than the tapapa project. As J.R. accelerates his efforts to sell out Ewing Oil, Leslie Stewart's ex-husband shows up in Dallas.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - New Beginnings

    Jock and Miss Ellie's reconcilization results in a second honeymoon and the stalling of J.R.'S scheme to sell Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Full Circle

    Kristin Sheppard returns from California to revealanother scheme. Sue Ellen meets Dusty again; Lucy moves out on Mitch; Cliff uses Westar's help to build a case against J.R. in connection with the South-East Asian coup, and hands the marterials over to Bobby's Sennate committee.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Ewing-Gate

    J.R. faces the possible loss of Ewing Oil and a jail sentence for his role in the Asian oil scandal. Cliff finds the body of a dead woman in the Southfork pool.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Missing Heir

    The identify of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed. J.R. and Cliff accuse each other of murder and both are questioned by police.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Gone, But Not Forgotten

    J.R. and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Sue Ellen takes action to put an end to her marriage.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Showdown at San Angelo

    J.R. uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Sue Ellie has misgivings about buildong a new life with Dusty.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Little Boy Lost

    As they prepare to do battle for temporary custody of John Ross, J.R.conosts a scheme to undermine Sue Ellie's chances. But the "wheels of justice" do not turn in J.R.'s favor this time around.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - The Sweet Smell of Revenge

    J.R. tells Jock that he has a new plan: he'll get the Farlows to throw Sue Ellen off the Southern Cross by blocking all of the oil shipments to their refineries. He gets Phyllis and Sly to drop everything and get him appointments to see all of the the Farlow's suppliers. JR manages to get three of Clayton's suppliers to agree to his plan. Bobby gets the police to search for Pam. They search for hours but don't find her until somebody finally spots her on top of a tall building, preparing to jump. Bobby quickly arrives at the scene, blocks a fire engine and a police car, and heads up to get her. He tries to talk her away from the edge of the roof, but she takes a step closer and starts screaming. Bobby manages to grab her just in time and takes her to Dallas Memorial. Bobby receives a letter with a picture of Kristin and her baby. He is contacted by the sender, who says he has more information for sale, if Bobby wants it.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - The Big Shut Down

    Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to J.R.'s demands. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identify of the father of Kristen's baby. Pam wonders where her psychiatric treatment will cause her to end up. Pam tells Bobby that she's afraid he'll leave her for someone who can give him a family, but Bobby assures her that that would never happen. Farraday calls Bobby and asks to meet. He tells Bobby that he was Kristen's lover and companion in California, and that he knows where the baby is. He can't meet the financial burdens of a child, so he figures that Bobby might be able to find a good family - especially since he knows the father. In exchange for Bobby's cash, Farraday gives him a birth certificate and copies of checks Kristen received in California. He promises to contact Bobby again. Bobby examines the information and finds that the checks came from Jordan Lee, who is strangely unavailable at his office for further comment. Meanwhile, Pam meets her sister Katherine for the first time and Sue Ellen finds Clayton out near his old ranch house, which he tells her he destroyed after his wife Amy died while he was away on a business trip. Ellie arrives in the Southfork chopper to see John Ross. Dusty tells Clayton he just found out that the refineries have stopped receiving oil and Clayton starts to investigate why.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Blocked

    Bobby talks to Jordan, who hesitantly admits having an affair with Kristin. He tells Bobby that he told Farraday to take a hike when he tried to blackmail him. Later Jordan shows Bobby the results of a blood test confirming that he couldn't be the father of Kristen's baby. J.R. calls Clayton and arranges a meeting. Jock calls and J.R. assures him that the plan is going perfectly and John Ross will be back at Southfork when Jock returns from South America. J.R. tells Clayton that his terms are very reasonable - he'll sell Clayton back all of the oil, as soon as he throws Sue Ellen and John Ross off of the Southern Cross. Clayton says that Sue Ellen would never return to Southfork, but J.R. says that's not important right now. Clayton refuses the offer, because Sue Ellen means so much to Dusty. He then tells J.R. that the price of crude dropped heavily that morning - one dollar a barrel so far, and likely to drop further. He tells J.R. that there might not be a Ewing Oil when Jock returns.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - The Split

    Ellie recives a shocking legal document from Jock which affects the future of Ewing Oil. Jock continues on his mission in South American for the State Department. J.R. has a confrontation with Dusty at the Cotton Bowl stadium.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Five Dollars a Barrel

    .R. is forced to Cliff's demands for Ewing property after Cliff buys the bank notes on J.R.'s $200 million loan and threatens forclosure. J.R. plots unsuccesssfully to acquire Gary's and Ray's voting shares. Pam is allowed to leave the hospital for a brief visit to Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Starting Over

    Miss Ellie wants to help Ray out of his financial problem and undercovers J.R.'s scheme in the process. J.R. consults a broker in New York about selling Ewing stock. Sue Ellen says a good-bye to Dusty. Bobby buys Kristin's baby thinking J.R. is the father. Bobby unintentionally surprise Pam with one thing she's always wanted-- a baby.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Waterloo at Southfork

    Pam is taking care of Chistopher, the new baby, while Bobby secretly investigates legal possiblities of adoption. A determined Miss Ellie confronts J.R. about his recent schemes involving Ewing Oil funds. She agrees to back him as president of Ewing Oil on the condition that he not persecute Sue Ellie during the divorce hearing. Meanwhile. J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen declared an unfit mother but eventually loses another battle for custody over John Ross. Ray is forced to pull out of his development deal. Jock continues in South America.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Barbecue Two

    After the divorce hearings, Sue Ellen moves into her new apartment with John Ross. Mitch makes progress in his medical profession. A cable from Jock announces his arrival from South America and Miss Ellie plans a barbecue as a homecoming. The whole family awaits Jock's arrival and even Rebecca Barnes-Wentworth,Clayton Farlow,and Cliff get invited. The happy scene is shattered by a phone call for Miss Ellie whe tells a stunned J.R. of the terrible tragedy.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - The Search

    J.R, BOBBY,and Ray fly to South America to join in the investigation at the site of the crush of Jock's helicopter. They search in the jungle and even reach the crash site where Bobby finds Jock's medallion but nothing else. Miss Ellie leaves before the Ewing boys return with the terrible news. ==========
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Denial

    Jock's death devastates J.R.,rAY, and Lucy the most. J.R. seeks consolation with Serena but feels very depressed and neglects Ewing Oil business. Bobby takes over most of the operations. Miss Ellie is pressured by family lawyer Harv Smithfield and by Bobby but refuses to allow Jock's will to be read and to have Jock declared legally dead. She says :"as long as I believe he's alive,he's alive."Sue Ellen meets a new man named Tom but he comes on too strong and she rebuffs his advances. Ray refuses to go into another deal with Punk Anderson because he feels devastated by Jock's death. Donna and Ray drift apart because of Donna's success in publishing a book about the late Sam Culver. J.R. tells Sue Ellen he will never let het take John Ross away from him, despite the recent divorce.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Head of the Family

    Ray neglects his ranch duties and is reprimanded by Bobby. Clayton offers his frienship to Sue Ellen. Bobby tells Miss Ellie that if J.R. continues his neglect of Ewing Oil business, he may have to step in as president but Miss Ellie disagrees. Lucy gets an offer for a modelling portfolio. Bobby tells Pam thaT they got Chistopher through private adoption and that his parents were a couple from Louisiana who had been killed in a car crash. Sue Ellen sees Cliff. Donna decides to write another book on the late Sam Culver.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - The Phoenix

    J.R. finally returns to the business and brings John Ross into the office for thr first time. Bobby has a fist fight with Ray over Ray's negligence in running the ranch. Pam is concerned about whether Christopher came from a healthy family and pressures Bobby to tell her about who Christopher parents were. J.R. is afraid the reading of Jock's will is going to divide Ewing Oil shares in a way he won't like. Lucy's photographer friend Roger starts following her. Cliff gets Afton a singing job. Ray has an extra-marital affaif with a girl from the bar. J.R. sleeps with Marilee Stone and convines her to talk the cartel into doing business with Ewing Oil again.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - My Father, My Son

    J.R. pressures Donna to talk Ray into giving up his voting shares. J.R. sees Cliff and Sue Ellen together in a restaurant, hires a detective to keep Sue Ellen's house under surveillance, and tell Afton he's in love with Sue Ellen. Donna leaves for Laredo to do research for her book. A lawyer tells Bobby he will have to ask Sue Ellen for permission to adopt Christopher because Sue Ellen is the sister of Chistopher's mother[Kristin]. Lucy learns Mitch is dating Evelyn Michaelspon[Patricia McCormack] and, feeling abandoned. turns to Roger. J.R.,John Ross,and Sue Ellen spend time together in a fun park and J.R. invites Sue Ellen to dinner at Southfork. She refuses after some hesitation. =================
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Anniversary

    J.R. hatches a plot against Cliff with the help of Wally Hampton, chairman of one of the biggest conglomerates in the South-West. If Cliff accepts Hampton's offer for chief Operating Officer, he will have to move to Tulsa,Okahoma. Rebecca is reluctant to see Cliff go but leaves the choice up to him. Evelyn Michaelson confronts Lucy [who is separated fro Mitch] and tells her she wants Mitch. Donna discovers Ray in bed with thr girl from the bar, thanks to another plot by J.R. Bobby buys Pam an aerobics business. J.R. tries to win Sue Ellen back. He shows her a video from the late 1960's where Sue Ellen is 20 years old, appearing in the Miss Texas contest. That is how they first met because J.R. was one of the judges in the contest
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Adoption

    Sue Ellen accepts J.R.'s invitation to dinner at Southfork. Pam and Bobby are shocked the most to see her back at the Ewing residence. Lucy's photographer friend Roger gets increasingly obessed with her and gets mad when she doesn't want to talk with him. J.R. has Ray arrested, comes to jail, and makes him sign a statement giving up his 10 voting shares in Ewing Oil. Ray signs and says "Go to hell, J.R." Ray tells Donna he wants to cut all his ties to the Ewings and that he wants a divorce. Donna tells Ray he will have to file himself because she's not ready to give up on him. She goes to the bar to confront Bonnie[Ray's girlfriend] and punches her in the face. Cliff discovers that J.R. and Wally Hampton collaborated on framing him. He confronts J.R. about it. Cliff also tell J.R. he pland to marry Sue Ellen. Cliff wants the cartel to do business with him but Marilee Stone and Jordon Lee say the timing is bad because they're already in a deal with J.R. Bobby asks Sue Ellen for an affidavit disclaiming any interest in Christopher and stating she doesn't know who the father is. Sue Ellen tells Bobby J.R. is the father. The court grants Pam and Bobby temporary managing conservatorship over Chrisiopher, which is a necessary legal step before full adoption. Roger gets mad at Lucy when she tells him she wants their relationship to be professional, not personal. Sue Ellen gets mad at J.R. because she thinks he is Christopher's father and she thinks she had to lie on the affidavit saying she doesn't know who the father is.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - The Maelstrom

    ue Ellen tells Clayton that Kristin and J.R. were lovers. Ray recovers from Jock'd death and reconciles with Donna. J.R. learns Bobby paid Sue Ellen a visit and accuses him of poisioning her mind against him. Mitch pressures Lucy for divorce. Lucy turns to Roger. Jeff Farraday asks Bobby for a meeting, J.R. meets Cliff's half-sister Kathernie.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - The Prodigal

    Rebecca gives Cliff autonomy in running Wentworth Tool and Dye, which upsets Katherine. Donna learns during her book research that the late Sam Culver and Jock had Sam's uncle Jonas Culver committed to a mental institution to get his oil-rich land. Jonas later killed himself. J.R. gets Christopher's birth certificate fro California. Clayton wants to find out from Afton whether Cliff is worthy of Sue Ellen. Kathernie meets with J.R. about how to stop Cliff. J.R. plots to have Cliff buy worthless land. Farraday blackmails Bobby. Roger tells Lucy she can never have pictures with anybody else and threatens her. Pam tells Roger to stay away from Lucy.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Vengeance

    J.R. thinks he is Christopher's father. Clayton goes overseas on vacation. Bobby finds Farraday murdered. Sue Ellen accuses J.R. of destroying her friendship with Clayton. Donna and Miss Ellie clash over Donna's discovery of Jock's involement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff thinks he's on the verge of striking oil and asks Sue Ellen againt to marry him. J.R. tells Bobby he's Christopher's father and demands Bobby's loyalty on Ewing Oil business in return for keeping the matter secret. Roger kidnaps Lucy. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that Cliff is heading for disaster on the Wellington property. Police take Bobby in for questioning about Farraday's murder.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Blackmail

    J.R. thinks he is Christopher's father. Clayton goes overseas on vacation. Bobby finds Farraday murdered. Sue Ellen accuses J.R. of destroying her friendship with Clayton. Donna and Miss Ellie clash over Donna's discovery of Jock's involement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff thinks he's on the verge of striking oil and asks Sue Ellen againt to marry him. J.R. tells Bobby he's Christopher's father and demands Bobby's loyalty on Ewing Oil business in return for keeping the matter secret. Roger kidnaps Lucy. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that Cliff is heading for disaster on the Wellington property. Police take Bobby in for questioning about Farraday's murder.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - The Investigation

    Rebecca learns Cliff has been withdrawing large amounts from Wentworth Tool and Dye. Police question Bobby about Farraday. Bobby and Pam rescue Lucy fro Roger. Lucy is taken to the hospital where Mitch shows up to visit her. Lucy decides to go ahead with the divorce. Cliff is facing financial ruin and tries to borrow money from Sue Ellen but she tells him to get lost. She tells him she feels used by him. Sue Ellen tells Pam about Cliff's situation and about the conversation she had with him. Farraday's associates show up at Bobby's office thinking Bobby had drug deals with Farraday. They offer him a continous drugs supplies.It turns out they killed Farraday during a confrontation over his failure to come up with money. J.R. tells Sue Ellen she belongs at Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Acceptance

    Rebecca fires Cliff fro Wentworth Tool and Dye over the recent embezzlement. Bobby helps the police catch Farraday's murderers by arranging a fake cocaine buy. Miss Ellie becomes increasingly withdrawn over Jock but finally accepts his death. Punk Anderson wants to establish a memorial scholarship to Jock at the Southern Methodist University. J.R. sends roses to Sue Ellen's place every day. Mitch leaves Dallas and Lucy behind and moves to Atlanta. Cliff feels rejected and abandoned by everybody. Afton tries to console him. Miss Ellie gives Donna the go-ahead on her book.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Goodbye, Cliff Barnes

    Marilee Stone tells Cliff that J.R. used her to get Sue Ellen back. Bobby tells Pam the truth about Christopher. They fly to Los Angeles and learn that Kristin miscarried J.R.'s baby, that Farraday and Kristin were married, and that Farraday is Christopher father's Clayton comes back from vaccation. J.R. and Sue Ellen plan to marry and break the news to family. Lucy tells Muriel she was raped by Roger. Cliff feels devastated when Sue Ellen tells him she's marrying J.R. He tries to kill himself. Rebecca shows up at Southfork and tells Miss Ellie that the Ewing-Barnes feud will continue. Sue Ellen feels guilty about Cliff's suicide attempt and tells J.R. she may not be able to marry him if Cliff dies.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Changing of the Guard

    Miss Ellie,Bobby,AND LUCY VOTE to have J.R. removed as president of Ewing Oil. J.R. learns Chistopher is not his baby. Rebecca,Afton,and Pam visit Cliff who is in a coma in the hospital. Ewing Oil gets new offices. Bobby meets oilwoman Holly Harwood[Louis Chiles]. Lucy learns she is pregnant with Roger's baby. J.R. accepts Holly's offer to run Harwood Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Where There's a Will

    J.R. is tries to see Jock's will by using Serena and blackmailing Harve Smithfield's son-in-law. Cliff recovers in the hospital and gets a visit from Sue Ellen. Ray gets a letter from Aunt Lilly about Amos Krebbs' ill health. Lucy tells Pam about her pregggnancy. Cliff leaves the hospital. Sue Ellen is having second thoughts about marrying J.R. and visits Clayton at the Southern Cross Ranch. Marilee offers Cliff a job.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Billion Dollar Question

    Lucy has an abortion. Cliff cautiously accepts Marilee's job offer. The Ewings get an innviation for another Oil Barons Ball. J.R. pressures Miss Ellie to open Jock's will and tries to use an IRS agent to put pressures on Bobby. Miss Ellie decides to socialze again. Holly Harwood rebuff's J.R's sexual advances. Ray gets news of Amos Krebbs' death. J.R. visits Sue Ellen at Clayton's ranch. Clayton learns Dusty is coming back.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - The Big Ball

    Dusty questions Sue Ellen about her and J.R. Ray and Donna go to Amos Krebbs' funeral. J.R. continues to secretly run Harwood Oil. Dusty introduces his new wife LINDA to a shockes Sue Ellen. Ray meets his rebellious cousin Mickey Trotter. Sue Ellen leaves Southern Cross. Pressured by J.R.,Punk Anderson announces the Jock Ewing Scholarship at the Oil Barne Ball. Miss Ellie decides to have Jock declared legally dead.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Jock's Will

    Pamela urges Lucy to go back to work. Ray and Donna continue in Kansas. Ray learns Mickey is hiding a criminal conviction from his mother. J.R. and Sue Ellen set the wedding date. Ray brings Mickey to Southfork. Bobby testify in court about the search for Jock in South America. The court declares Jock legally dead. The reading of Jock's will sets the stage for a year long battle bewteen Bobby and J.R. for control of Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Aftermath

    The aftermath of the reading of Jock's will, and the beginning of the battle for control of Ewing Oil between JR and Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Hit and Run

    The battle for control of Ewing Oil gets tougher every day. Cliff becomes president of Barnes/Wentworth Oil. Ray discovers Mickey gambling with ranch hands. Lucy works with a woman photographer. The McLevish brothers see Bobby moving too slow and go to Cliff instead but eventfully Pam surprisingly helps Bobby secure the Canadian deal.Widower Frank Cructher offers Miss Ellie his friendship. With Cliff running an oil company,Pam is torn bewteen Rebecca and the Ewings. J.R. schemes to get an oil variance. Lucy's lawyer's [John Larroquette] warns her that Mitch may be after some of her money in the divorce settlement. [111] The Ewing touch
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - The Ewing Touch

    J.R. blackmails Walt Driscoll and gets his variance. Miss Ellie tries to make peace with Rebecca. Christopher's adoption becomes final and the family celebrates. Cliff gets mad at Pamela for helping Bobby secure the Canadian deal. J.R. pumps oil at full capacity despite a surplus. Ray finds Mickey in a bar instead of working and tries to teach him a lesson of responsibility. Miss Ellie brings Frank Crutcher to dinner at Southfork. J.R.tries to sabotage Bobby's operations.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Fringe Benefits

    Bobby's Canadian deal is delayed due to weather problems. J.R. ans Sue Ellen get ready for their wedding. Pam and Sue Ellen become closer despite the rivalry between their husband's. J.R. questions Miss Ellie about Frank Crutcher. J.R. tries to see Sue Ellen to get a refinery deal but the scheme backfires and it's Cliff who gets the deal in the end,with Aflton's help. The cartel sides with Cliff. Pam tells Bobby that Jock's will is running the family and asks him to give up the battle.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - The Wedding

    It's December 3,and J.R. and Sue Ellen remarry. Cartel members stay away. Mickey and Lucy meet. Ray warns Mickey to stay away from Lucy. Jordon Lee pressures Bobby to stop J.R.'s uncontrolled pumping. J.R. makes an unsupecting Holly sell some of her assets to his dummy corporation named Petro State. Punk Anderson, as administration of Jock's estate,warns J.R. to play by the rules of he'll stop him. MISS Ellie tells Clayton he reminds her of Jock. Bobby accuses J.R. of using Jock's will to destroy Ewing Oil. Aflton fears Cliff is still in love with Sue Ellen. Donna agrees to serve on the Texas Energy Commission and gets Miss Ellie's blessing to do so, even if it means she will be the one to stop J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Post Nuptial

    Cliff makes a scene at the wedding and then fights with J.R. in the pool. Rebecca encourages the cartel to put the screws to J.R. Holly reveals to Bobby that J.R. owns 25 percent to her company. Another man tries to take advantage of Lucy. Donna fears her membership on the Texas Energy Commission will cause more problems in the family. Bobby suspects J.R. is selling oil to an embbargoed country and confronts J.R. about it.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Barbecue Three

    Lucy rebuffs Mickey's advances.The Texas Energy Commission votes to rescind J.R.'s variance. Holly tells Bobby she suspects J.R. has been using a dummy corporation. J.R.opens a chain ot cut-rate gas stations. Estimates put the number of station owned or controlled by J.R. in Dallas and North-east Texas in excess of 200. Faced with J.R.'s cheap gas, the Texas Energy Commission rescinds it's previous decision. Bobby accuses J.R. of gaining short-term profit at the expense of Ewing Oil's long term resources. For the first time, Bobby tells Pam that he fears he may lose the contest with J.R. Holly tells Bobby she wants to be on his side in the battle with J.R. Angry oilmen led by Cliff and the cartel confronts J.R. at the Ewing barbecue but Bobby,Ray,and Miss Ellie stick up for the Ewing family. Miss Ellie decides to stop the battle for Ewing Oil by going to court to break Jock's will.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Mama Dearest

    Miss Ellie's decision to cotest Jock's will cause further divisions in the Family. J.R. warns Miss Ellie he will fight her in court. Bobby reluctantly sides with J.R. Pamela sides with Miss Ellie. Harv Smithfield refuses to represents Miss Ellie because of his legal and moral loyalty to Jock. Bobby accuses Pam of fighting him on Miss Ellie's side. An angry J.R.'s confronts Clayton who visits with Miss Ellie at Southfork. J.R.'S CUT-rate gas stations get more media attention. Miss Ellie's new lawyer suggests it might be necessary to question Jock's mental competency at time the will was made. Cliff moves into a new place. Aflton questions Cliff about marriage.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - The Ewing Blues

    Miss Ellie second thoughts about overturning Jock's will. Donna fells frustrated with the Texas Energy Commission and considers quitting but Ray encourages her to stay on. The medica lable J.R. "the king of cut-rate gas".Pamela meets Mark Graison[John Beck] who immediately feels attracted to her. Afton gets mad at Cliff for not taking the marriage issue seriously. J.R. gets a punch in the face from Ray over Donna's involvement in the Texas Energy Commission. J.R. blackmails Holly over Harwood Oil business. Mark Graison uses a pretext to see Pam for breakfast. Lucy and Mickey continue exchanging insults. Holly wants to get rid of J.R. and asks Bobby for help. J.R. and Sue Ellen appear on television where J.R. publicly says Bobby is too weak to run Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie decides to break Jock's will after all.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - The Reckoning

    J.R. and Bobby unite against Miss Ellie in her effort to overrule Jock's will. Pam's siding with Miss Ellie causes more tensions with Bobby. If Miss Ellie wins in court, the old will of 15 years ago shall become effective. Sue Ellen discovers Mark Grasion's obvious interest in Pamela and tells J.R. who tries to use Mark to break Pam and Bobby up. Ray and J.R. have another confrontation. J.R. and Bobby try to convince Punk Anderson to be on their side in the court battle over the will. Mark becomes very interested in Pam. Sue Ellen questions Pam about her marriage and Mark. Miss Ellie testifies in court that Jock was mentally incompetent when he wrote the codicil to the will but in the end she loses the court case.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - A Ewing is a Ewing

    Cliff plots to tempt J.R. with a political office. Mark Graison continues to try to impress Pam. J.R. gets a visit from a Air Force general concerning Harwood Oil's cancelled contracts with the military. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to ask Clayton to refine his oil but the plans backfires because Clayton gets mad at Sue Ellen and J.R. Bobby sees George Hicks of the Texas Energy Commission and J.R. talking and suspects Hicks has been bought by J.R. Miss Ellie goes to Galveston to get away from it all and runs into Clayton. J.R. tries to romance Holly but she pulls a gun on him and threatens to kill him if he ever touches her again. Miss Ellie has a good time with Clayton in Galveston. Bobby plots to play dirty with George Hicks.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Crash of '83

    J.R. gets suspicious of Clayton Farlow's[Howard Keel] intentions toward Miss Ellie. Hicks is questioned by Bobby about him and J.R. and denies having ever met J.R. Ray is worried about Mickey's influence on Lucy. J.R. gets a call from Walt Driscoll who is in the Cayman Islands. Bobby blackmails Hicks to make him change his vote on J.R. 's variance. Pam is disgusted when Bobby tell her about blackmailing Hicks. Afton recives news of a crash of the Wentworth jet.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Requiem

    After the plane crash Rebecca dies,with Pam at her bedside. Clayton accuses J.R. of being responsible for Rebecca's death. The Texas Energy Commission rescinds J.R.'s variance and J.R. gets mad at George Hicks who tell him he was blackmailed by Bobby. Cliff takes the blame for Rebecca's death and seeks consolation from Afton. Katherine arrives from New York and accuses Donna of being responsible for J.R.'s losing his variance. J.R. pushes his Caribbean deal. Mark Grasion attends Rebecca's funeral but J.R. stays away. Pam tells Bobby she can't
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Legacy

    Pam leaves Bobby and Southfork, to J.R.'s delight ,and moves into a hotel. The cartel celebrates J.R.'s losing his variance. J.R. tells Mark Grasion[John Beck] that Pam and Bobby split up. J.R. vows to keep selling cut-rate gas,despite the loss of the variance. Mark Grasion visits Pamela at the hotel. Rebecca's will is read and Pam,Katherine,Cliff, and even Afton get their shares. Lucy and Mickey becomes friends. Cliff and Katherine reconcile. J.R. and Walt Driscoll continue collaborating on the Caribbean deal. Clayton tells Sue Ellen that he used to be in love with her but now he's seeing Miss Ellie. J.R. offers Bobby a "compromise solution" to the battle for Ewing Oil but Bobby rejects the offer. J.R. succeeds in making Bobby look in front of the family like he wants an all-out war.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Brothers and Sisters

    J.R. could go to jail for shipping oil tom Cuba. Clayton sells Southern Cross and gets closer to Ellie. Holly wants J.R. out of Harwood Oil. J.R. gets letters of support from TV viewers. Kathernie[Morgan Brittany] arranges for Bobby to see Pam and Mark Grasion[John Beck] together in a restaurant. J.R. is forced to pay $1000.000 to Walt Driscoll's contract man. Mark Grasion purses Pam. J.R. is very happy to see Katherine pursuing Bobby,Donna,Ray, and Dave Culver[Tom Fuccello] wonder whether J.R. could run for a seat in the US Congress if he does the battle with Bobby. Miss Ellie helps Clayton find a Dallas home. Bobby tells Pam again that he's determined to win Ewing Oil. J.R. tells Walt Driscoll he's ready to sell 1 millon barrels to the Cuba
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Caribbean Connection

    Donna][Susan Howard] accuses Mickey[Timothy Patrick Murphy] of being interested in Lucy for her money. Katherine[Morgan Brittany tries to persuade Mark Grasion[John Beck] to stay close to Pamela. Clayton[Howard Keel] continues to look for a house in Dallas. Bobby and Ray uncover J.R's illegal Caribbean deal. If the State Department finds out about the deal with Cuba, this could be the end of Ewing Oil. Mark continues to see Pam. Cliff finally recovers from his depression over Rebecca's death and buys a company from Mark. J.R. considers going into polities but Sue Ellen fears her past alcohol problems and affairs with Dusty mat complicate things.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - The Sting

    Bobby aand Ray bust J.R's Caribbean deal and Driscoll gets arrested. Clayton Farlow meets Mark Grasion. Ellie and Clayton wonder whether Pam is getting serious about Mark. J.R. continues his affair with Serena, even after being remarried to Sue Ellen. Pam tells Bobby she doesn't feel guilty about seeing Mark. J.R. learns he will have to go to Cuba to claim his $40 million. Walt Driscoll is left to rot in jail and vows revenge on J.R. Mickey kisses Lucy for the first time. Katherine offers to help J.R. fight Cliff. Mickey brings Lucy to a motel room. J.R. confronts Bobby and Ray about the sting. Ray bails Driscoll out of jail with J.R.'s money. Bobby has a fight with Mark over Pam. Cliff has big plans for Barnes/Wentworth. Holly learns that both her oil and her money is in Cuba and she vows revenge on J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Hell Hath No Fury

    J.R. gets ready for his trip to Cuba. After suffering a $17 million loss, Holly Harwood tells Bobby that she's determined to get the Ewing brothers out of her life.Lucy enjoys modelling again and continues to see Mickey. Clayton Farlow keeps on seeing Ellie. Bobby runs into more weather problems on his canadian deal. J.R. encourages Katherine to move in on Bobby. Holly declares truce with J.R. and tries to seduce him. Bobby and Pam spend a night together but when he wants her to go back to Southfork,she tells him that the night was"just a moment",and so they break up again. J.R. tries to force Walt Driscoll[Ben Piazza] to tell him the name of his contract man in the Carbbeans. J.R. and She Ellen appear on television again where he sets the stagefor his Cuban trip. Ray offers Bobby his finnancial support in the battle with J.R.Mark Grasion continues to see Pam. Bobby tells Donna and Ray that it's to late to save his marriage. Katherine urges Mark to take Pam to France. Holly tells Sue Ellen of her relationship with J.R. The State Department OK's J.R.'s trip to Cuba. Sue Ellen finds proof of J.R.'s marital infidelity.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - Cuba Libre

    J.R. goes to Puerto Rica and learns he'll have to go to Cuba to claim his $40 million. Mark Grasion and Pamela vacation in France. Aunt Lil[Kate Reid] misses Mickey and decides to come over from Kansas for a visit but Mickey is not thrilled. Sue Ellen is in denial over J.R. 's rellationship with Holly. She questions Bobby about J.R. andd Holly. Bobby and Cliff clash over the Canadian deal and Pam's marriage to Bobby. Punk Anderson questions Clayton Farlow about his intentions toward Ellie. Donna also asks Ellie about her feelings for Clayton. Sue Ellen confronts Holly. Aunt Lil is worried that Mickey and Lucy could be getting serious about each other. At the Riviera, Pam tells Mark she needs time alone. Katherine offers Bobby her help with the Canadiandeal but Cliff interferes. Sue Ellen and Clayton reconfirm their friendship. Aunt Lil tells Mickey that he and Lucy have nothing in commmon. J.R. gets arrested upon arrival in Cuba.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Tangled Web

    In Cuba, J.R. successfully claims his money from Señor Perez after he is released from jail. Katherine fights with Cliff over letting Bobby's Canadian partners use their drill bit prototype. Afton tries to warn Pam, still in France, about Katherine. Ray reveals to his Aunt Lil that Jock Ewing was his natural father. Miss Ellie asks Clayton about his relationship with Sue Ellen. Holly confronts Sue Ellen again. She doesn't believe what she's saying until she goes to her house and finds J.R. in bed with her.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork

    Sue Ellen starts drinking again and Clayton finds her in his bed. Pamela comes back from France and questions Bobby about him and Katherine. Walt Driscoll disappears. Ellie finds Clayton with Sue Ellen. Katherine tells Pam there's nothing going on between her and Bobby. Cliff tells J.R. he will not let Bobby have the drill bit. Clayton tries to persuade Sue Ellen to talk to J.R. about the incident with Holly. A drunk Sue Ellen tells Ellie that Clayton is the only man thta she ever loved. Cliff asks Pam to side with him on the drill bit. Sue Ellen angrily confronts J.R. about Holly. Mickey and Sue Ellen are involed in a car accident.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - Penultimate

    After the car crash, Mickey and Sue Ellen are taken to the hospital but Sue Ellen is realsed shortly. Mickey is in a coma and may have suffered neurological injury. Lucy blames Sue Ellen and her drinking for Mickey's condition. Pam tells Bobby that she still loves him even though she has feelings for Mark. Clayton accuses J.R. of driving Sue Ellen back to the bottle. Bobby blames Holly for Sue Ellen's condition. Mark keeps pressuring Pamela for a committment. Sheriff Washburn tells J.R. that Sue Ellen has three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood at the time of the crash. Pam tells Christopher that she loves Bobby but that she can't live with him. J.R. makes Holly an offer to get out of Harwood Oil for $20 million. Sue Ellen regrets having remarried J.R. At the Cattlement's Club,Bobby asks Holly to pay the $20 million to J.R. in installments so as not to put him too much ahead in the contest. Cliff encourages Pam to leave Bobby and be with Mark Grasion. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that the incident with Holly is to be blamed on the battle for Ewing Oil. Aunt Lil learns that if Mickey regains consciousness, he may remain paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life.
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Ewing Inferno

    Ray pressures Sheriff Washburn to find the hit-and-run driver. Holly wants to pay J.R. his $20 million in installments but J.R. objects,rightly detecting Bobby's hand. J.R. gets a slap in the face from Pam during an argument over her French trip. Mark convinces Pam to vote with Katherine and give the drill to Bobby. Mickey's condition continutes to be very serious and Aunt Lil even goes as far as to say that perhaps it would have been better if he had died on the spot. J.R. tells Bobby that they should consider stopping the fight for control of Ewing Oil. Pam wants a divorce. Clayton convinces Ellie to take a break from family problems and go away with him. Sue Ellen tells J.R. to stay away from John Ross. Katherine tries to console Bobby after he gets the news about the divorce. Ray learns that Walt Driscoll was driving the car that hit Mickey and Sue Ellen. Ray and J.R. engage in a terrible fight, causing a major fire at Southfork, Sue Ellen,J.R.JOHN Ross and Ray are trapped as the flames engulf the Ranch.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - The Road Back

    Bobby comes to the rescue of Ray,J.R.,Sue Ellen, and JOHN Ross during the Southfork fire. Ray continues to blame J.R. for the car crash. Sue Ellen,JOHN Ross,and J.R. move into a hotel. Clayton wants to keep the news of the fire from Miss Ellie. At the hotel, Sue Ellen learns that J.R. gave orders to room service not to give her any liquor. Pam tries to console Sue Ellen after the fire. Katherine tells J.R. that Pam filed for divorce. J.R. tells Katherine he'd like to have her as a sister-in-law. Bobby tries to have J.R. and Ray reconciled but J.R. cleverly reminds Ray and Bobby of the sting they puller on Driscoll and how he went to jail because of it. Sue Ellen overheards J.R. telling Pam that it was Driscoll who caused the car crash and she accuses J.R. of letting her think it was her. Mark is worried that the fire may bring Pam and Bob together. Sue Ellen questions Clayton whether he'll be joining the family. Mickey wakes up from his coma. Clayton acts as a go- between for Ellie and the Ewing boys. J.R. doesn't like Clayton's involvement and thinks he is using the fire tragedy to move in on Ellie. Bobby and J.R. want the contest for Ewing Oil stopped but Harv Smithfield says it's not possible because that would violate Jock's will.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - The Long Goodbye

    Sue Ellen tells J.R. she wants separate bedrooms and separart lives. Bobby tells that Pam the battle for Ewing Oil is over and he wants her back at the ranch. Mickey tells Lucy at the hospital that when he gets out, he wants to marry her. Katherine is very upset to learn that Pam is seeing Bobby again. Clayton tells Bobby that Miss Ellie wants him to guard Southfork till she gets back. Bobby fears this might complicate things if he has to leave Southfork to save his marriage. Cliff has plans to form a consortium with Pam and Mark, so he gets very upset when he learn's of Pam's reconciliation with Bobby. J.R. and Catherine plot to prevent Bob and Pam from getting back together. Mark tells Pam that he will not wait much longer for her to decide about marriage. J.R. threatens Pam to prevent the reconilitaion with Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - The Letter

    Katherine pressures Pam to leave Bobby for good. Sue Ellen thinks little John Ross needs psychological counseling. J.R. and Katherine plan to separate Bobby and Pam. In a conversation with Katherine, J.R. makes it sound like he's not sincere about having ended the fight with Bobby for control of Ewing Oil. The child psychologist tells Sue Ellen she should resolve her problems with J.R. Ray feels like everything bad that happened to Mickey is his fault. J.E. seeks consolation with Serena . Katherine tricks Pam into signing a letter. She then reads the letter to Bobby. making it look like Pam wrote it. The letter makes it sound like Pam told her laywer that she things that both she and Bobby would be better off if he would just let her go. The child psychologist recommends a day camp for John Ross. At the camp, Sue Ellen and J.R. meet Peter Richards[Christopher Atkins] who will be taking care of little John Ross. Pam tells Katherine that she wants to go back to Bobby and not ler J.R. intimidate her. But when she meets with Bobby, he]after having read the letter] tells her that the marriage is over. Katherine's devious plan works.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - My Brother's Keeper

    J.R. encourages Bobby to take a break from Ewing business, considering the divorce he's going through. Sue Ellen is happy to see John Ross having fun at the camp. Aunt Lil and Ray wonder how to keep Mickey from getting depressed. Sue Ellen gets her first real chance to talk to Peter Richards. Afton,Cliff, and Mark take Pamela for a night out but when she sees Bobby with Serena's friend Donna [guest star Tracey Scoggins], she leaves the restaurant immediately. Mickey tells Lucy she shouldn't come to the hosiptal so often. Ray continues to feel guilty over what happened to Mickey. Afton is still very suspicious of Katherine's intention. She thinks Katherine is after Bobby. Mickey tells Ray that he's rather die than live on a life-support system. Katherine is afraid that if Bobby shows up in court for the divorce hearings,he might change his mind. So she discourages him from going to the court hearings. Pamela and Bobby officially get divorce[and Katherine is not the only one who is happy to see the day.]
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - The Quality of Mercy

    Bobby confides in Phyllis[Deborah Tranelli] about his divorce and Lucy confides in Sue Ellen about the situation with Mickey. Punk Anderson tells Bobby and J.R. to get ready for the final audit. Mickey tells Aunt Lil to leave him alone. J.R. tells John Ross that hge will get Ewing Oil back for him. Pamela moves back into Rebecca's house. Cliff offers Pam a job at Barnes/ Wentworth. Cliff recruits Sly Lovegren[Debbie Rennard] as a spy in J.R. 's office. Mickey slips into a coma and is put on a life-support system. Mark proposes to Pamela. Bobby dates Katherine Wentworth. J.R. tells a stunned Sue Ellen that Peter Richards has a crush on her. Aunt Lil says she will not be coming to the hospital to see Mickey anymore and watch "that machine breath for him."Katherine meets Holly Harwood. Ray and Aunt Lil are found in Mickey's room. with the respirator unplugged.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Check and Mate

    Ray is arrested for unplugging Mickey's life support. Aunt Lil falls into apathy. Cliff tries to pay Skl for inside information on J.R.'s deals. Katherine tells J.R. she'S only interested in Bobby. Barnes/Wentworth/Graisco is offically launched into business but Pam is mad at Cliff when she learns that he stole a deal from J.R. Ray is released on bail and is very reluctant to accept a lawyer. Lucy goes into a rage upon seeing Ray after the tragedy in the hosiptal, and accuses him of having murdered Mickey.Mark Grasico fears that Ray's tragedy will pull Pam back to the Ewings. Bobby rebuffs Holly Harwood's romantic advanges. Holly says good-bye to Bobby. Donna tells Ray to pull his together after Mickey's death. Sue Ellen invites Peter Richards to a party at Southfork. Punk Anderson reads Jock's letter which says that the contest was just designed to make Bobby and J.R. respect one another as businessmen. Bobby's share of the profit on the Canadian fields comes in at the last minute and Bobby wins the contest but it makes no difference in view of Jock's letter. Donna hires a criminal lawyer named Paul Morgan [guest star Glenn Corbett] to respesent Ray at his trial.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Ray's Trial

    Ray is uncooperative before the trail and Paul Morgan complains to Donna that he's not getting any information from him. Mark Grisco is an excellent Polo player and Cliffc is clearly impressed with his lifestyle. At the party at Southfork, Sue Ellen is clearly impressed with Peter Richards. Bobby runs into Jenna Wade[Priscilla Presley] who works as a waitress. Bobby stands Katherine up. Paul Morgan warns Ray that his recent attempt to kill J.R. will hurt him in court if it gets out in the open. Ray is charged with felony murder and the prosecutor demands the death penalty. Despite the recent divorce from Bobby, Pam is clearly upset to learn that Bobby is seeing Jenna again. J.R. walks out of Ray's trail, Bobby testifies that Ray was a father figure to Mickey and that he loved him. Lucy Ewing testifes against Ray by saying that Mickey wanted to live. Ray is shocked to find out that Paul Morgan decides to ask Aunt Lil to testify, and he strongly objects.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - The Oil Baron's Ball

    Aunt Lil testifies at Ray's trial and tries to take all the responsibility for Mickey's death. Pam convinces Katherine to go to the Oil Baron's Ball. Ray is found guilty of killing Mickey Trotter and is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, suspended for 18 months. Sue Ellen comes to J.R.'s bed but then humiliates him by saying that she just used him sexually and that's as far as their marriage will go. Sue Ellen talks Peter Richards into going to the ball with Lucy and Bobby talks Jenna into going with him. At the ball,J.R. is very happy to see Bobby with Jenna. Cliff tells Katherine that Jenna's daughter Charlie could be Bobby's child. Pam and Jenna have an unpleasant exchange about Bobby. Cliff is honored as Oil Baron of the year and he warns J.R. that he will tell everybody "the truth" about Jock and Digge
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Morning After

    At the Oil Baron' Ball,Cliff publicly announces that Jock stole from Digger. A terrible fist fight erupts, involving J.R., Cliff, Bobby,Ray,Mark Grasion,Peter Richards, and many other guests. Bobby and Jenna are in love again. Peter overheards J.R. telling Sue Ellen that Peter has a crush on her. Jenna tells her daughter Charlie [Shalane McCall] that they will be seeing a lot of Bobby. Pam start at Barnes/Wentworth. Mark Grasion continues to see Pam and wants to talk about marriage but Pam doesn't. Sly continues to spy on J.R. for Cliff Barnes. Paul Morgan tells Donna Krebbs that Ray is nopt a good match for her. Cliff uses Pam's attractiveness to conclude a business deal. Peter Richards tells Sue Ellen that he doesn't want anything to happened between him and Sue Ellen. Katherine tells a stunned Bobby that she's been in love with him ever since she saw him. She also questions Bobby aboit why Jenna Wade came back into his life. Donna talks Ray into going for their second honeymoon to New York. Katherine asks J.R. to break Jenna and Bobby up. Peter Richards kisses Sue Ellen.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - The Buck Stops Here

    J.R. accuses Sue Ellen of having a relationship with peter Richards. Bobby questions Jenna about who Charlie's father is. Mark Grasion gets impatient with Pamela. He thinks she is still emotionally tied to Bobby and she doesn't want to commit herself to Mark. Pam tells Katherine she's made a mess of her life she thinks she lost Mark by not willing to commit herself to him. Pam tells Bobby that Jenna is not good for him. J.R. loses another deal to Cliff Barnes and assuses Bobby of helping his ex-wife Pamela. J.R. doesn't realize he's got a spy in his office. Katherine confronts Jenna Wadw that she stands in the way of a reconciliation between Pam and Bobby. Mark buys Pam a mechanical bull so she can practive before the rodeo. Sue Ellen tells Peter that what she feels for him is just infatuation, not real love. Jenna tells Bobby that Kartherine has a crush on him. J.R. tells detective Harry McSween[James L. Brown] to find the spy. At the charity rodeo,Jenna loses to Pam in the medhanical bull contest but then Jenna and Bobby provocatively kiss in front of Mark,Pam,Afton,Cliff,Ray,Donna and others. After the rodeo, Mark takes Pam to bed for the first time.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - To Catch a Sly

    Pamela tells Christopher that she wishes she and Bobby were together,but in reality she seems to be getting closer to Mark Grasion. Cliff Barnes keeps pressuring Sly Lovegren for more information on J.R.'s deals. J.R. hires a wiretab expert to check for bugs at Ewing Oil offices. Jenna cautiously visits Sothfork at Bobby's invitation. Ray and Donna wonders whether Jenna acts to spite Pam. Pam tells Katherine she's not over Bobby yet. Sly gets nervous when Detective McSween comes to see J.R.Bobby gets depressed after learning Pam and Mark are lovers. J.R. tricks Cliff and installs a bug in his office telephone. Sue Ellen tells Peter Richards she's got to break off the relationship. When J.R. learns that Cliff's been using Sly as a spy against him, he-what else?-decides to use her to transmit false information back to Cliff. Ray and Donna observe Bobby and Jenna growing closer.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Barbecue Four

    J.R. use his secretary Sly Lovegren to hurt completely unsuspecting Cliff. Bobby wants Jenna Wade[Priscilla Beaulieu] to quit her job as a waitress. Peter Richards goes out with Lucy Ewing. Kathernie investigate Jenna Wade's Euopean past and who Charlie's father is. Sly learns that Cliff has been bluffing about helping her imprisoned brother Steve because the parole board cannot be brought. Karthernie tells Pam she needs to go to Rome,Italy to look for romance. Bobby brings Jenna to dinner at Southfork where Miss Ellie and Clayton surprise everybody with their unexpected arrival. J.R. and Bobby meet employee from Washington,D.C. The family is stunned to see Miss Ellie seat Clayton in Jock's old place at the dinner table. J.R. invites Pam,Mark,Afton,and Cliff to the annual Ewing barbecue. J.R. wants Cliff to think that he's sincere about ending the Barnes/Wentworth feud. Sue Ellen is upset to see Peter at the barbecue but then they kiss. In Rome, Katherine reads Charlie's birth certificate which states Bobby Ewing as her father. Mark tells Bobby that they will never be friends but he is sincere about being good to Pamela. Clayton annoumnces to engagement to Miss Ellie.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Past Imperfect

    J.R. is furious about Clayton's engagament to Sue Ellie. He tells Detective MsSween[James L. Brown] to investigate Clayton's background. Ellie wants Clayton to move into Southfork. Little John Ross misses Peter Richards and wants him to come to the ranch. Sue Ellen doesn't want to be seen with Peter. John Ross starts school. Cliff Barnes doe s everything in his power to find out who Edgar Randolph is and what dealingsd he has with J.R. Mark Greasion teaches Pamela the rules of business. Bobby wants to buy Jenna Wade a boutique but she refuses and they have an argument about it. Clayton tries to give Ellie an engagement ring. In Rome, Katherine Wentworth keeps digging into Renaldo Marchetta and Jenna Wade's past. Peter tells Sue Ellen that he "took care of everything"by finding an apartment for them. But Sue Ellen tells him she wants him out of her life. Clayton asks Bobby,J.R., and Ray how they feel about his marriage TO Ellie. Jenna and Bobby cool off after the arugement over the boutique. J.R. learns of Clayton's sister Jessica. Donna tells Bobby that he insensitive in handling Jenna. Lucy tells Sue Ellen that Peter quit school. Bobby and Jenna reconcile when he agress to finance the boutique for her. Clayton gets mad at J.R. for digging intom his San Angelo past.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Peter's Principles

    Sue Ellen learns from Peter's roommate that he left the dorm. Cliff wants the cartel to go in a deal with him on offshore tracks. It's Dusty birthday's birthday and Clayton feels down because he's can't reach him. Little John Ross keeps asking Sue Ellen about Peter. J.R. reveals to his familt that Clayton has a sister, Jesdsica. Afton feels neglected by Cliff. Miss Ellie fears that to take on the whole Ewing family[especially J.R.] may be too much to handle for Clayton. Afton walks in on Cliff having "business meeting" with Marilee Stone. Sue Ellen tracks Peter down but he refuses to talk to her. Afton goes to Pam's place after she discovers Cliff with Marilee. Pam questions Cliff about his faithfulness to Afton. Ray tries to put Clayton's fear's to rest about movint into Southfork ranch. Jenna is excited about a good start for her boutique. Pamela tells Bobby she's afraid that Cliff wants the Ewing-Barnes to start all over again. Cliff thinks Grasion tends to be too conservative and too slow at times but he doesn't talk to Mark Grasion about it. Marh gets mad at Pamela for having met Bobby. Sue Ellen yields to Peter Richards.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Offshore Crude

    J.R. is upset to learn that Bobby met with Pamela. John Ross wants to see Peter and keeps bugging his mother about it. Sue Ellen reminds J.R. of their "open marriage." Cliff Barnes buys Afton flowers and tries to make up after the incident with Marilee Stone. In Rome, Katherine Wentworth keeps investigating Renaldo Marchetta. Lucy invites Peter Richards to Southfork. Sue Ellen tries to avoid meeting with Peter. Ellie questions Clayton abouit his sister Jessicaand his other family but he's not very willing to talk. J.R. takes his first shoot at trying to infleunce Edgar Randolph. Bobby,Ray Krebbs,and Peter Richards have a little "swimmimng contest" in the Southfork pool. Sue Ellen throws J.R. out of her bedroom yet another time. Cliff gets excited about topping J.R.'S bid on the offshorer tracks. Katherine return from Rome but Pam refuses to discuss with her who Charlie's father might be. Cliff encourges Marliee to invest with him. Sue Ellen tries unsuccessfully to break off with Peter. J.R. finds something in Edgar Randolph's past with which to blackmail him.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Some Do . . . Some Don't

    J.R. tries to set Bobby upby letting Cliff Barnes buy Travis Boyd's company. Donna Krebbs tells Miss Ellie that she's lucky to be marring Clayton Farlow. Ray and Clayton go to a cattle auction. Clayton gets rid of his doubts about moving into Southfork. Donna Krebbs warns Edgar Randolph against J.R.'s manipulations and blackmail.Bobby and Jenna get much closer. J.R. asks Sue Ellen about having another child but she says it will never happen. Donna and Ray push Ellie and Clayton to set a wedding date. Pam tells Marilee Stone[Fern Fitzgerald]to stay out Cliff's life, particulary his love life. J.R. keeps on blackmailing Randolph. Sue Ellen is embarrassed when Peter's friends [Kate Veron,Claudia Christian]take her for his mother. Cliff tells Pam that he doesn't want to make and business deal withiout her because "blood is thicker that oil." Bobby assures Katherine that they will allways be friends. Cliff is disappointed that Sly has no information on Randolph. Peter Richards tries to convince Sue Ellen that the age difference between them doesn't matter. Katherine sleeps with J.R. Markl Graison checks into a Houston hospital. J.R. tells Katherine that Bobby is Charlie's father. J.R. blackmails Katherine. Miss Ellie tells Clayton she can't marry him or anyone else.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Eye of the Beholder

    Mark Graison hide his hospital stay from Pamela. Katherine hires a private investigator to find Renaldo Marchetta. Miss Ellie persists in her decision not to marry Clayton. Bobby makes J.R. co-sign the Travis Boyd deal. Lucy invites Peter to a party at Muriel's. Marilee Stone tells cliff that his sister Pamela is a problem in their relationship. Sue Ellen tells Clayton that he should not give up on Ellie, Donna finds out that Ellie's past with Jock Ewing haunts her and prevents her from making a commitment to Clayton. Pam and Bobby reminisce about their wedding. In Atlanta, Mitch gets a promotion. An intoxicated Clayton bursts into the Ewing residence where J.R. pulls a gun on him.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Twelve Mile Limit

    J.R. uses Sly Lovegren to sell geogical reports to Cliff Barnes. J.R. can'e get over Miss Ellie and Clayton's marriage. Afton goes to visit Mitch in Atlanta. Jenna tells Bobby that Charlie has fantasies about their marriages. Clayton Farlow talks with Ray Krebbs about Ellie's medical problem which has recently begun to haunt her again. Edgar Randolph cracks under J.R's pressure. Mark Grasion proposes to Pamela. Detective Harry McSween digs up some "dirt" on Clayton from the time when his first wife died. Marilee Stone pressures Cliff to give her the geologicals before she invest with him. Katherine pressures Pam to marry Mark. Edgar Randolph's wife calls Donna from Washington, concerned about her husband. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Clayton's past. Donna and Ray find Edgar unconscious in his hotel bathroom. Edgar tries to make it look like what happened to him was an accident. Donna and Ray accuse J.R. of leading to Edgar's sucide attempt. Katherine determines that Renaldo Marchetta is in the United States.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Where is Poppa?

    Edgar Randolph's wife Martha tries to discover what really happened to her husband, while Edgar is released from the hospital. Peter Richards pressures Sue Ellen to makes a commitment to him. Sue Ellen ttells Peter that she and J.R. haver separate bedrooms. Marilee Stone agrees to be Cliff's "silent partner." Bobby buys Charlie a horse. Mark Grasion pressures Pam for an ansewer to his marriage proposal. Afton suspects Cliff carries on his affair with Marilee. Bobby confronts J.R. about offshore drilling and Edgar Randolph. Miss Ellie terlls J.R. he should start getting along with Clayton. Katherine locates Marchetta. Donna questions Paul Morgan about Edgar's past and reputation. Sue Ellen is hospitalized after an accident and Jenna Wade accompanies her to the hospital. bOBBY tries to talk Clayton into becoming a partner in Ewing Oil. J.R. and Peter Richards both learn that Sue Ellen miscarried as a result of the accident.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - When the Bough Breaks

    After Sue Ellen's accident, the family is concerned about her healthy and the misscarriage. Donna Krebbs investigates Edgar Randolph's past with the help of lawyer Paul Morgan. Bobby questions Jenna Wade about who Charlie's father is. Katherine Wentworth takwes a trip to California in search of Renaldo Marchetta. Peter Richards paye Sue Ellen a visit at the hospital. Cliff Barnes asks his sister Pamela to join him in the offshore drilling venture. J.R. suspects Marilee Stone is Cliff's partner and wonders what the reasons could be. Clayton Farlow decides against investing with Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen wonders who she got pregnant with--J.R. or Peter. Pam talks to Sue Ellen about her pregnancy and miscarriage. Katherine finally finds Marchetta and has a conversation with him. Mark goes overseas on business. Ray and Donna learn that Edgar Randolph was institutionalized once. Bobby tells Jenna that he, she, and Charlie have "something very special" going. Peter wants to think he would been the father of Sue Ellen's baby. Sue Ellen breaks up with Peter.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - True Confessions

    J.R. tries to talk Marilee Stone out of doing business with Cliff. Ray and Donna take a trip to Maryland. Cliff tries to convince Pam to join him in the offshore venture. Lucy asks Peter Richards to pose as a model with her at Southfork. Jenna Wade tells Bobby that Charlie loves him. Marchetta shows upwhile Bobby and Jenna have lunch. Edgar Randolph gives J.R. secret information on the bids for the upcoming lease auction. Marchetta confronts Jenna and Bobby. He announces he's Charlie's father and shows them her birth certificate with Bobby's name. Ray and Donna uncover Randolph's secret from the past which J.R. has been blackmailing him. Katherine pays Marchetta for the meeting he had with Jenna and Bobby. Marilee Stone takes J.R.'s advice and pulls out of the offshore deal with Cliff. Katherine tries to help Pam from talking to Bobby. Jenna explains to Bobby her reasons for having listed him as the father of record on Charli's birth certificate.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - And the Winner Is. . .

    J.R. is upset to learn that Bobby and Jenna are having problems, AND TRIES TO "FIX"THINGS. J.R. gets suspicious that someone is behind Marchetta showing up at this time. Bobby spends time with Pam and Christopher. J.R. uses Edgar Randolph to get what he wants at the auction. Ellie wants a small wedding and insists on inviting Clayton's sister Jessica but Clayton is not too happy about it. Katherine is up set to learn that Pam is been seeing Bobby. Ray and Donna discuss the Randolph issue and what to do next. Cliff Barnes is high bidder on Gold Canyon 340. Donna and Ray confronts Randolph about his past. Randolph plans to quit the government office. Bobby accuses J.R. of lying and going back to he's old waysof running the company. J.R. uses Marilee Stone to set Cliff up on the offshore venture. Randolph and his wife Martha violently confronts J.R. Cliff is not happy with Sly's service. J.R. overhears Sue Ellen and Peter talking about her past.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Fools Rush In

    J.R. pretends he wants Peter Richards around at Southfork for little John Ross' sake. Cliff has to come up with the balance money date on the offshore track within 12 days. Miss Ellie set a wedding date and Clayton is delighted. Charlie Wade[Shalane McCall] questions Bobby about why he's not seeing her mother anymore. Cliff tries to talk Pamela into a partnership with him. J.R. blackmails Katherine Wentworth to make sure that Pam marries Mark Grasion. Pam goes to Houston fro a Wentworth meeting. Ellie asks Jessia over the phone to stay at Southfork for the wedding. Pam tells Sue Ellen and Katherine that she decide to turn Mark down. Bobby tries reconciliation with Jenna but they break up again. Sue Ellen tells Bobby that because of Pam's feelings for him, Shs decide not to marry Mark. Cliff gets a phone call from Mark who is in the Middle East. J.R. schemes to set Cliff up using banker Vaughn LeLAND[Dennis Patrick]. Pamela meets Mark's friend Jerry Kenderson[Barry Jenner] and learns about Mark's very serious medical problems.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - The Unexpected

    J.R. plots to frame Peter and teach Sue Ellen a lesson. Afton hates Vaughn Leland. J.R. wants a "double wedding ceremony"--Clayton marring Ellie, and Bobby marring Jenna. Katherine learns of Mark's medical problem. Peter turns Lucy down on a modeling assignment in the caribbeans. J.R. is nice to Peter to make him feel welcome. Peter teaches astronomy to little John Ross. Cliff borrows $227 million despite his comptroller's doubts about the loan contract. Bobby admits to Jenna Wade that he can be inflexible anmd self-centered. Bobby tells Jenna Pam's got a hold on him. Pam decides to marry Mark. J.R. and Vaughn Leland put on a act in front of a completely unsuspecting Cliff to make him sign the loan papaers. J.R. promises Katherine Wentworth to give her the "blackmail tape" as soon as Pam and Mark get married. Bobby is absolutely stunned and devastated to learn of Pam's decision to marry Mark. Jessica Montford[Alexis Smith] arrives from London and surprise J.R. with a special gift. Cliff,Afton,Katherine,Mark and Pam celebrate the upcoming wedding. Mark has big plans for his and Pam's future. Miss Ellie is glad to discover that Jessica is still a Texan, after all these years spent overseas.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Strange Alliance

    Katherine wants to make sure Pam doesn't change her mind about marrying Mark Grasion. Sly Lovergren continues to work for Cliff Barnes. Lucy is determined to find out what is "wrong"with Peter Richards because he refuses to date her. Jessica Montford makes her brother Clayton uncomfortable by bringingup stories from his past in Ellie's presence. Pam tries to protect Mark from learning about his health problem. J.R. prepares Detective McSween to do some "work" on Peter. Bobby and Mark vow to be ememies. Despites Sue Ellen's concern for Lucy",J.R. insists that Peter continues to come to Southfork. Jessica reminisces about her early years with Clayton. Charlie gets along with Christopher very well. Jenna Wade tells Bobby that she won't wait for ever. Sly tells Cliff that J.R. fears Barnes/Wentworth will become bigger than Ewing Oil. Cliff is mad to learn that Westar hit oil and he still hasn't. Jessica and J.R. find out they have a lot in common.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Blow Up

    Pressured by Jerry Kenderson[Barry Jenners], Pam tries to rush the wedding but Mark doesn't understand why. Vaughn Leland manipulates Cliff on J.R.'s instructions. Jessica feels she doesn't fit in with the Ewings. J.R. asks Katherine for help in buying some Wentworth land. J.R. invites Peter to a party for Jessica. Clayton picks Ray Krebbs to be his best man at the wedding. Punk Anderson questions Jenna Wade and Bobby about whether they will get married. Through another of J.R.'S schemes, a drunk Lucy angrily confronts Sue Ellen and Peter about their "affair"[and J.R. is a witness]. J.R. tries to use the "scandal"with Lucy to make Sue Ellen move back to his bedroom. Kathernie wants Bobby to teach her about the oil business. Donna gets suspicious of Jessica's intentions. J.R. and Jessica start discussing stopping the wedding.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - Turning Point

    J.R. tries to question Jessica about Clayton's past. Vaughn LeLAND threatens to pull the plug on money for Cliff. Clayton warns Jessica that J.R. can be dangerous. Katherine and Bobby celebrates the successful purchase of Wentworth land by Ewing Oil. J.R. overhears Clayton and Jessica talk about "Clayton secret." Pam is a little disappointed that Mark wants such a big wedding. Sue Ellen questions Pam about why she changed her mind and decided to marry Mark after all. Jenna tells Pam that Bobby still hasn't asked her to marry him. J.R. learn that Clayton has something to hide from his past. Cliff frantically tries to raise money, and even goes through Afton's bank books and questions the way she's been spending money. Lucy apologizes to Peter for the scene she made, and they vow to be friends again. J.R. has a showdown with Katherine and she vows to kill him. Clayton tells Donna and Ray that he thinks Jessica is just too direct and unpredictable. J.R. pays oil crewman to slow down Cliff's offshore drilling. Jessica confronts Clayton about his sale of the Southern Cross ranch. J.R. has Peter arrested on drug possession.
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Love Stories

    Mark insists on a big wedding. Katherine tells an unaware Bobby of J.R's "blackmail tape"and Bobby has a showdown with her. J.R. keeps digging into Clayton's past and his wife Amy's death in San Angelo years ago. Bobby confronts J.R. about Katherine and the tape. J.R. pressures Bobby to marry Jenna Wade. Peter is in jail and he asks Sue Ellen for help in posting bail. Mark learns the truth about his health. Jenna accepts Bobby's marriage proposal. J.R. puts on an act in front of Peter and Sue Ellen. Cliff admits to Pam that he's financially runied. Pam is devastated to learn of tragedy strking Mark.
  • Dallas: Episode 29 - Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie

    The Ewing family learns of Mark Grasion's death. Bobby and Jenna holds off their announcement. Jenna fears that Mark's death may bring Bobby and Pam together. Cliff is forced arson in the San Angelo fire. Pam gets a letter from Mark which reveals the real cause of the "plane crush." A phone call from Dusty raises the tensions between Clayton and Jessica. Clayton tells Ray and Donna the truth about Dusty and Jessica's diary. Pam and Bobby talk about their years together and the divorce. Pam learns about the letter which Katherine wrote and which led to Pam and Bobby's divorce. Pam has a showdown with Katherine.Miss Ellie and Jessica disappears and the Ewings feaR Ellie is in serious trouble.
  • Dallas: Episode 30 - End Game

    Tension rises at the Ewing residence as the search for Miss Ellie and Jessica continues. Clayton and J.R. have a fight over Clayton's mentally unstable sister. Bobby confronts J.R. over his plotting with Jessica to stop the wedding. Cliff seeks Jordan Lee's help in getting another crew for his offshore drilling. Ellie is resuced from Jessica's clutches. Sue Ellen feels sorry for Pamela after Mark's death. Clayton and Ellie decide not to postpone the wedding,despite the recent events. Clayton tries to figure out Jessica's mental state and her motive for kidnapping Ellie. Pam learns that Jenna Wade and Bobby will be getting married. Clayton and Miss Ellie get married. Cliff is mad to learn that Pam left Dallas without saying where she's going. Ellie and Clayton go on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Katherine makes a scene during an angry exchange with Bobby. J.R. reveals the setup on offshore drilling to a completely stunned Cliff. Edgar Randolph reappears in Dallas vowing revenge on J.R. Cliff throws Afton out of the apartment. J.R. reveals his scheme to frame Peter Richards, and he blackmails Sue Ellen. Shots are fired in J.R's office and Bobby falls to the floor bleeding.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Killer at Large

    Afton finds Bobby shot in J.R.'s office. Lucy suspects J.R. framed Peter. Ray tries to warn J.R. against Randolph. Sue Ellen and J.R. have a new "marital arrangement" after the showdown with Peter. Lucy, J.R., and Sue Ellen rush to Dallas Memorial where Bobby undergoes an operation. J.R. realizes the killer was after him. Tract 340 comes in and Cliff is delighted. Bobby is blinded by the bullet wound. Marilee is angry with J.R. after Cliff strikes oil. Afton suspects Cliff shot Bobby. Jenna and Pam meet by Bob's hospital bed. An attempt is made on J.R.'s life. Afton leaves Cliff. Pam stops Katherine from going into the hospital to see Bobby. Marilee seduces Cliff. Bobby is skeptical about J.R. "watching" Ewing Oil business while he's away. J.R. and Bobby learn that the killer is still at large.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Battle Lines

    J.R. suspects Cliff Barnes in the shooting of Bobby and he pressures police to find answers fast. Vaughn Leland tries to patronize Cliff but he threatens to file a complaint against Vaughn about unfair banking. Pam questions Cliff about his marrying Afton. Bobby asks Ray and Donna to check the office phones for bugs. Bobby tells Jenna they can't get married until he regains his sight. Sue Ellen is touched by J.R.'s brotherly loyalty during Bobby's incapacitation. Cliff and Sly have an honest exchange about J.R.'s setup. Bobby fears J.R. will take advantage of his absence at Ewing Oil and he asks Donna to watch over things for him at the office. J.R. asks Sue Ellen whether it was her who tried to kill him. Sue Ellen reveals to J.R. that there was no "affair" with Peter Richards. Pam tells Bobby about Katherine's devious trick in writing the letter which led to their divorce. Donna and J.R. draw their battle lines, as do Pamela and Jenna. Cliff celebrates his offshore strike with Jordan Lee and Andy Bradley. J.R. and Cliff make another scene at the Oil Barons. J.R. is really worried that his scheme to set Cliff up on the offshore tracts backfired. Bobby asks Clayton not to tell Miss Ellie about his blindness just yet. J.R. has Cliff arrested on attempted murder and Pam is left completely shocked.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - If at First You Don't Succeed

    J.R. tells Bobby about Cliff's arrest. Cliff is released on bail. J.R. reveals to Bobby how he set Cliff up on the offshore drilling. Cliff admits to Pam that he wanted to kill J.R. Sue Ellen invites Donna Krebbs for dinner and is reprimanded by J.R. Donna and J.R. have a confrontation about her "filling in" for Bobby at Ewing Oil. Jenna Wade is mad at J.R. for bugging Bobby's phone and for the shooting. Pam vows to continue the Barnes-Ewing feud. Sue Ellen tells Jenna the story of her and Dusty Farlow. J.R. tries to sabotage Donna's work at Ewing Oil. Martha Randolph confronts J.R. about what he did to her husband. J.R. feels like he has turned everybody against him, and he turns to Sue Ellen. Pamela and Sue Ellen have a terrible fight over the Barnes-Ewing feud and Cliff's alleged shooting of Bobby. After striking oil big time, Cliff has an invasion of salesmen in his office. Bobby gets impatient with his eyesight problem. Lucy visits the place where her mother used to work as a waitress. Pam and Cliff get a lot closer. A woman named Mandy Winger (Deborah Shelton) comes up with an alibi for Cliff who is subsequently cleared of all charges. J.R. senses trouble when the Ewings learn of the death of Jock's brother Jason in Alaska. A sleeping Bobby gets a revengeful visitor at the hospital.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Jamie

    Bobby confronts deadly danger in his hospital room. Bobby's assailant is caught. J.R., Cliff, and Pam discover that Katherine is mentally disturbed. Lucy works as a waitress. Bobby's eyesight comes back and he's released from the hospital. Cliff romances Mandy Winger. Donna buys a small oil company but Ray is not too thrilled about it. Cliff suspects Katherine skipped bail. J.R. tries to "explain" to Bobby the bugs in his office. Ray discovers Lucy's new job. J.R. fears he may have been underestimating Cliff. J.R. and Pamela have an unpleasant exchange about her dating so soon after Mark Graison's death. Jason Ewing's daughter Jamie (Jenilee Harrison) arrives at Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Family

    J.R. is very suspicious of Jamie's intentions. The Ewings question Jamie about her family. Sue Ellen insists that Jamie stay at Southfork. Eddie Cronin (Fredric Lehne) comes to Lucy's defense at the place where she works. Bobby can't get over Pam, which naturally irritates J.R. Jamie feels embarrassed taking gifts from Sue Ellen and Jenna. J.R. "tests" Jamie by asking her questions about the oil business. Jenna is very happy after her first night at Southfork. Cliff gets a very attractive offer from Jeremy Wendell (William Smithers) of Westar but Pam is not too thrilled. J.R. confronts Jamie once again and tries to buy her off. Sue Ellen meanwhile is happy to be around Jamie. J.R. wants Sue Elen to "spy" for the family and find out whether Jamie is really a Ewing. Pam is suspicious of Westar's offer to Cliff and she questions Wendell about it. Jenna gets suspicious about whether Jamie is for real. Cliff uses Mandy Winger to find out about Wendell's intentions. The Ewing family lawyer Harv Smithfield (George O. Petrie) investigates Jamie and reports to J.R. and Bobby. Sly Lovegren continues to feed information to Cliff. Pamela is shocked to see Mark Graison's car
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Shadow of a Doubt

    Pam is determined to find out what's going on with Mark Graison's car and other disturbing "signs." J.R. learns of Wendell's offer to Cliff. Donna, Ray, Jenna, and Bobby celebrate Donna's little oil venture. J.R. risks spoiling the good relations with Sue Ellen because of his suspicions of Jamie and constant confrontations with her. J.R. tricks Cliff out of the deal with Wendell. Bobby and Jenna make wedding plans. Bobby meets Mandy Winger. Lucy has a fight with Eddie Cronin's girlfriend. Wendell tries to come up with a new strategy after being turned down by Cliff. Mandy is used by Cliff for housekeeping duties. Pam receives flowers with Mark's name
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Homecoming

    J.R. warns Bobby against Pam and Cliff's combined power after Pam inherits Mark Graison's wealth. Donna Krebbs is excited about her oil venture. Pamela tells Jerry Kenderson about Mark's suicide letter. A cable announces the return of Ellie and Clayton. J.R. and Bobby realize that life will be different at Southfork -- with Clayton around. J.R. and Bobby have a fight over Jock's portrait. Mandy Winger overhears Sue Ellen talking to Jamie about Cliff and J.R. Pam is determined to find out whether Mark was actually on the plane when it exploded. Ellie Ewing Farlow (Donna Reed) meets her niece Jamie Ewing. Eddie Cronin discovers Lucy's secret : she's a Ewing. Clayton feels uncomfortable, with the family talking about Jock so much. Ray and Donna worry over Clayton adjusting to Southfork and reminders of Jock Ewing
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Oil Baron's Ball III

    Wendell invites Cliff Barnes to sit at the Weststar table at the Oil Barons' Ball. Sly Lovegren needs a break from work and from interacting with Cliff. Miss Ellie confides in Donna Krebbs about Clayton's adjustment to Southfork. Bobby tells Pam she's overreacting to the recent "events" concerning Mark Graison. Eddie Cronin investigates Lucy's past. Bobby and Jenna set a wedding date. Bobby wants to spare Pam a wedding announcement at the ball. J.R. tries to get Jamie a job. Ellie tries to make Clayton comfortable and she orders new bedroom furniture. J.R. is impressed by Mandy Winger. Cliff is worried about Pam's emotional state. Pam is upset again about Bobby and Jenna marrying. At the Oil Barons' Ball J.R. makes a surprise announcement and Pam feels devastated.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Shadows

    Jenna is excited about the upcoming wedding. Bobby is mad at J.R. for making the wedding announcement at the ball. Donna and Miss Ellie are worried over Clayton's adjustment to Southfork. Pam covers up her real feelings about Bobby in front of him. J.R. hires a private eye to investigate Mandy Winger. Sue Ellen and Jamie spend time together but Jamie is bored and wants a job. Ellie wonders whether Clayton went to Houston on purpose, to stay away from Southfork. Pam is determined to find out what happened to Mark Graison. Lucy dates Eddie Cronin. J.R. eases up on picking on Jamie. Renaldo Marchetta shows up and asks Jenna for a meeting. Sue Ellen wants J.R. to hire Jamie at Ewing Oil. Marchetta tells Jenna he wants Charlie in his life. Jenna learns of the number Katherine Wentworth pulled with Charlie's birth certificate. J.R. and Miss Ellie argue over Jock's portrait which she eventually takes down.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Charlie

    Miss Ellie gets suspicious about Lucy being away from home so often. Clayton finds Jock's portrait gone from Southfork. Bobby and Jenna fear that Marchetta will tell Charlie he's her father. Pam has a new hope of finding Mark after a piece of the plane is found. J.R. and Wendell discuss doing business together. Cliff is upset to learn that Sly is on a leave of absence. Bobby confronts Marchetta. Charlie learns about Marchetta and disappears. Marchetta denies having taken Charlie. J.R. introduces himself to Mandy Winger. Cliff asks Mandy to meet with J.R. for him. Eddie and Lucy have a fight after he tells her that he knows she's a Ewing. Lucy tells Clayton he's not her grandfather. Ray finds Charlie. Pamela is convinced that Mark Graison survived the crash.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Barbecue Five

    Jamie starts working at Ewing Oil. Jerry Kenderson tries to talk Pamela out of pursuing Mark's "trail." Jenna thinks Charlie should meet her father. Cliff uses Mandy Winger to spy on J.R. Pam consults a psychic. Mandy tries to press J.R. for information on his deals with Wendell. J.R. is upset to learn that Sue Ellen bought Jamie a car. Bobby gets nervous when Jenna and Charlie meet with Marchetta. Pam tells Miss Ellie about her renewed hopes for finding Mark. Lucy and Eddie Cronin reconcile. Marchetta tells Jenna that he will remarry her. Marilee Stone and Jamie make a scene at the Ewing barbecue. Ray and Donna argue over Donna's oil company. Miss Ellie meets Eddie Cronin. Jamie presents a document challenging the legal status quo of Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Do You Take This Woman . . .

    J.R. wants to throw Jamie out of Southfork. Sue Ellen volunteers to talk to Jamie while the Ewings debate what to do about her document. Marchetta gives Charlie a gift from his mother. Pamela hires an investigator to search for Mark Graison in clinics in different countries. Cliff tries to get Jamie to show him the document. Harv Smithfield warns J.R. what will happen if Jamie's document holds up in court. Pam puts up an ad in the paper asking for information about Mark. Charlie disappears and Jenna doesn't show up for the wedding.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Deja Vu

    The bride doesn't show up and the wedding is off. Cliff travels to Aunt Maggie's with Mandy Winger. J.R. and Bobby try to find Jenna and Marchetta (Daniel Pilon). J.R. fears that Pam might come back into Bobby's life. J.R. and Cliff work together to keep Bobby and Pam apart. Bobby tries to understand why Jenna ran out on him again. J.R. plots to keep Pam out of Dallas. Marchetta reveals to Jenna his plan involving her and Charlie. Pam decides to travel to the Caribbean to search for Mark Graison. Cliff changes his strategy on Pam's wild-goose chase of Mark. Bobby finds Jenna with Marchetta and learns the shocking truth.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Odd Man Out

    J.R. continues to see Mandy Winger. Bobby drinks to forget what happened with Jenna Wade. Marchetta holds Jenna against her will. Clayton and Miss Ellie argue over her handling of Bobby's crisis. J.R. tries to poison Bobby's mind against Pam. Lucy continues to date Eddie Cronin. Donna can't find anything in Sam Culver's files concerning Jamie's document. Pam travels to the Caribbean to search for Mark. J.R. tries to find Jenna but Bobby wants to forget her. Ray and Donna consult Dave Culver about Jamie's document. Pam is convinced that Mark is alive. J.R. pressures Jamie to destroy her document. Marchetta is murdered and police find Jenna with his body
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Lockup in Laredo

    Jenna is arrested for the murder of Marchetta. Pam decides to go on to Jamaica to look for Mark Graison. Bobby learns why Jenna couldn't marry him. Scotty Demarest (Stephen Elliot) is hired to represent Jenna. Lucy and Eddie discuss starting a construction business. Jenna pleads not guilty and is denied bail. Bobby has a hard time getting Jenna out of jail. Bobby tries to locate Charlie with Scotty's help. Donna and Ray embark upon going through Sam Culver's papers. Jamie sees J.R. with Serena and uses that against him in front of Sue Ellen. J.R. plots to take Mandy away from Cliff. Mandy tells Cliff that J.R. has more class. J.R. has a confrontation with Jamie who threatens to use her document.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Winds of War

    Jamie leaves Southfork, to J.R.'s delight. Clayton warns J.R. that Jamie will use her document against him. Jenna Wade's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. J.R. tries to "explain" the incident with Serena to Sue Ellen. Jenna gets more nervous about finding Charlie. Cliff wants to find Jamie. Lucy and Eddie sign the papers on their construction partnership. Bobby is contacted by a woman claiming to have Charlie. Mandy Winger feels unhappy being with Cliff. Pam returns from her fruitless search for Mark Graison but doesn't give up. Donna and Ray bring some news about Jamie's document which gets J.R. worried. J.R. tells Mandy that Jamie's document is fake. J.R. wants to spend more time with Mandy. Jamie says good-bye to Sue Ellen who almost turns to the bottle again. After the argument with Jamie, Sue Ellen takes a fresh look at her life. Bobby gets Charlie released. Cliff and Jamie team up against J.R. and Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Bail Out

    Bobby takes care of Charlie Wade after she is released by Veronica. Miss Ellie fears that Ewing Oil will fall into the hands of outsiders if Jamie succeeds. Jamie and Cliff hire a lawyer to examine their claim to Ewing Oil. Pam learns that Mark Graison has been seen in Hong Kong. Cliff makes a scene at Ewing Oil in front of J.R., Clayton, Donna, Ray, and Harv Smithfield. Mandy has a fight with Cliff and turns to J.R. Jenna is released on bail and reunites with Charlie. Jenna doesn't want a wedding until the trial is over. Pam meets Jamie Ewing. Pam refuses to join Cliff and Jamie in their legal fight for Ewing Oil. Bobby and J.R. unite against Cliff and Jamie. Pam tells Bobby she has fantasies about them being together. Sue Ellen warns Jenna against Bobby's "real side." Pam tells Bobby the real reason why she wanted to marry Mark. Pam is furious upon learning who plotted to send her on the wild-goose chase to the Caribbean.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Legacy of Hate

    Pam confronts J.R. about her Caribbean trip and joins Jamie and Cliff in the legal battle for Ewing Oil. Jenna can't wait to marry Bobby. Facing problems at Ewing Oil, J.R. opens up to Sue Ellen. Mandy Winger resents Jamie being with Cliff so much. Veronica's sister tells the story of Renaldo. Clayton tries to talk Jamie out of going ahead with the lawsuit. Bobby violently confronts J.R. about Pam's pointless search for Mark. Eddie Cronin and his girlfriend Betty are after Lucy's money. Mandy walks out on Cliff. Punk helps J.R. and Bobby locate witnesses from the 1930s. Miss Ellie urges Sue Ellen to stand by J.R. in the upcoming battle for control of Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie start their lawsuit and try to get an injunction to freeze Ewing Oil's assets.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Sins of the Fathers

    Pamela defends Bobby against Cliff's accusations. Ray dislikes Cliff Barnes and defends Jock's memory in the face of Cliff and Jamie's lawsuit. Pam has a fight with Bobby over who was behind her pointless Caribbean trip. J.R. wants to see Mandy more often. Cliff and Jamie get a temporary injunction against Ewing Oil but the victory is very short-lived. Cliff denies his involvement in Pam's search for Mark in the Caribbean. Mandy leaves Cliff. Jenna Wade's case is not getting any stronger before the trial and she fears she may go to prison. J.R. and Ray locate the roughneck from the old picture. Lucy and Eddie's construction project starts. The roughneck comes up with shocking evidence concerning Jock, Digger, and Jason, and the Ewings are stunned.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - The Brothers Ewing

    Clayton has a fight with J.R. over the meeting with Cliff and the roughneck. Before Jenna's trial, kids at school make problems for Charlie. Sue Ellen refuses to give J.R. emotional support in the fight for Ewing Oil. Ray, J.R., and Bobby unite against Cliff and Jamie. J.R. plots to purchase wasteland in case Cliff gets his hands on Ewing Oil. Mandy disappears from J.R.'s life. The Ewing brothers debate what to do to stop Cliff and Jamie. Donna is worried over Ray's involvement in the fight for Ewing Oil. Sue Ellen agrees to accompany Pam to Hong Kong in search of Mark Graison. Lucy and Eddie's construction business moves along. Ray, J.R., and Bobby ask Clayton for help in protecting Ewing Oil against Cliff and Jamie. Miss Ellie sides with Clayton against her children.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Shattered Dreams

    J.R. confides in Mandy and tries to get Cliff out of her life. Miss Ellie vows to stay at Southfork with Clayton through the troubled times. Donna argues with Ray over his involvement in the fight for Ewing Oil. Veronica Robinson contacts Bobby. On her way to Hong-Kong, Pam feels she's still attached to Bobby. Cliff tries to figure a way to make sure Jamie stays on his side. The venue of Jenna's trial is changed to Dallas. Lucy learns she's been sharing Eddie with his girlfriend Betty. Cliff offers Jamie a job. J.R.'s plan to win over Mandy backfires. Lucy confronts Eddie and tells him off. Pam gets her hopes up for finding Mark in Hong-Kong. Clayton proposes a truce to Ray. Veronica is found dead and Jenna's hopes are shattered again.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Dead Ends

    Bobby refuses to believe that Veronica died of natural causes. Barnes/Wentworth hires Jamie as a drilling expert. Ray and J.R. investigate Jason Ewing's past. In Hong Kong, Pam suspects J.R. may be behind her trip. Cliff tries to rush his lawyer in the lawsuit against the Ewings. Police say Veronica died of a drug overdose. J.R. wants to have a fresh start with Mandy. Despite an initial setback, Pam is determined to find Mark in Hong Kong. Cliff tries to get closer to Jamie. Ray explains to Donna his reasons for siding with J.R. Sly Lovegren returns to Ewing Oil. Bobby and Jenna locate a man from Veronica's flight. Marilee Stone makes up with Jamie. Cliff insults Mandy and gets a punch from J.R. Pam is disappointed in Hong Kong.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Trial and Error

    Sue Ellen consoles Pam in Hong-Kong after her dreams of finding Mark Graison are shattered. Mandy Winger fears a deeper involvement with J.R. Christopher misses Pamela and is consoled by Bobby. Ray and Donna Krebbs have a big fight after she strikes oil. Pam continues to suspect that J.R. is behind her Hong-Kong trip. J.R. is seriously worried that Jenna Wade may go to prison and he wants to keep Bobby and Pamela apart. Bobby is forced to testify at Jenna's trial. Donna and Ray have serious marital problems and she moves into Southfork. Veronica's sister refuses to testify at Jenna's trial. Pam accepts that Mark is dead.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - The Verdict

    Pam and Sue Ellen decide to stop over on the way from Hong-Kong. Ewing 17 is shut down for contaminating drinking water and J.R. plots to set up the head of the Texas Energy Commission. Bobby pressures Veronica's sister Anne to testify for Jenna. Ray wants Donna back home. Anne cooperates with Bobby to some extent. Pam and Sue Ellen return to Dallas. Miss Ellie gets a breakdown at the trial.Bobby tries to console Pam but Jenna is upset seeing them together upclose. Mandy refuses to continue to see J.R. as long as he remains married to Sue Ellen. A verdict is pronounced in Jenna's murder trial.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Sentences

    J.R. blackmails the head of the Texas Energy Commission. Pam tells Cliff that she finally accepted Mark Graison's death. Charlie has a tough life, with her father dead and her mother found guilty of manslaughter. Pam consoles Bobby after the verdict in Jenna's trial. Cliff and Jamie get a lot closer. Bobby makes a shocking announcement in court during Jenna's sentencing. Jamie tells Sue Ellen about her and Cliff. Sue Ellen learns for the first time about J.R. and Mandy Winger. Eddie and Lucy's partnership is dissolved and he leaves Dallas. Pam thinks Bobby lied to her about Charlie's paternity. Sue Ellen confronts J.R. about Mandy and threatens divorce. A court date is set in Jamie and Cliff's lawsuit against the Ewings. J.R. has a surprise meeting with Pam about her, Bobby, and the future. Bobby and Scotty Demarest question a stewardess about Veronica. Ray advises Lucy to contact Mitch. J.R. succeeds in manipulating the Texas Energy Commission's head into making trouble for Cliff's Gold Canyon 340. In prison, Jenna makes a surprise announcement to a shocked Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Terms of Estrangement

    J.R. plots to have Pam and Bobby get back together. Cliff fears his offshore operation may be shut down. The airline comes up with breakthrough evidence in Jenna's case. J.R. is offered information on the lawsuit. Mandy Winger tells J.R. off. J.R. has an angry confrontation with Sue Ellen and Clayton. Cliff proposes to Jamie. Sue Ellen and Donna wonder about "the curse of Ewing men." J.R. gets Bobby thinking about going back to Pam. Jamie's brother Jack (Dack Rambo) appears and offers J.R. a deal. Jenna's case is reopened but Bobby faces a problem with Jenna herself. Lucy succeeds in contacting Mitch.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - The Ewing Connection

    J.R. tells Bobby and Ray about Jack's deal. Jamie is very upset after seeing Jack. Sue Ellen continues in her therapy group. Lucy meets with Mitch in Atlanta. Jack reveals his deal to the Ewing brothers. Pam and Bobby reminisce about old times and kiss. Cliff's Gold Canyon 340 continues to be shut down and Cliff is mad at the head of the Texas Energy Commission. John Ross has a medical emergency. Cliff tries to find Jack. The Ewing brothers sign a deal with Jack Ewing. Cliff rushes his marriage to Jamie. Donna learns she's pregnant. Police spot a suspect who probably killed Veronica. J.R. makes Sue Ellen feel guilty about John Ross' medical emergency and she turns to alcohol again.
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Deeds and Misdeeds

    Sue Ellen feels guilty over John Ross' operation and starts drinking again. Bobby and J.R. argue over Sue Ellen and the crisis with John Ross. Pam helps Cliff sign a deal with Jordan Lee but has second thoughts immediately, after realizing that Cliff wants to defeat the Ewings. J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen leave Southfork and replace her with Mandy Winger. The Ewing brothers get skeptical about Jack's promises. Police arrest a suspect in Jenna's case. Cliff and Jamie get married. J.R., Bobby, Ray, and Jack travel to California to try and stop Cliff and Jamie's claim on Ewing Oil. Lucy visits Mitch in Atlanta and is very proud of his position in the hospital. Lucy also briefly meets Mitch's girlfriend. Donna tells Clayton she's pregnant. Clayton offers Donna his help in her problems with Ray. In California, the Ewing brothers learn they need to talk to Jock's first wife Amanda. Cliff is very happy that his tract 340 pumps again. Pam suspects that Cliff doesn't really love Jamie. Amanda comes up with documents that may save Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 29 - Deliverance

    John Ross recovers after the surgery. Miss Ellie tells J.R. he should show Cliff the new evidence in the lawsuit. Police question the suspect in Jenna's case. J.R. asks Cliff to drop the lawsuit. Bobby and Pam vow love for one another. Ray gets excited about nailing Cliff in court and Donna doesn't like it. Donna conceals her pregnancy from Ray. The suspect confesses to having murdered Marchetta. Mitch asks Lucy to move in with him. The Ewings win the case against Cliff and Jamie. J.R. promises Mandy Winger to put Sue Ellen away into "the hands of professional medical help." Jenna is released and the Ewings throw a big victory party.
  • Dallas: Episode 30 - Swan Song

    Sue Ellen gets drunk at the Ewing victory party. Donna tells Ray about her pregnancy. J.R. reassures Mandy Winger that the problem with Sue Ellen will be resolved. Jenna can't wait to get married and Bobby is confused about who he should marry. Sue Ellen assures Clayton and Miss Ellie that she stopped drinking. Mitch and Lucy remarry. Cliff considers an annulment of his marriage to Jamie. Dusty reappears. Pam tells Bobby he has to marry Jenna. J.R. asks Sue Ellen to agree to end their marriage. Bobby proposes to Pam. Jamie surprises Cliff during their conversation about annulment. Then as Bobby leaves Pams house, a car drives straight towards Pamela, Bobby pushes Pam out of the way and the car hits him. The crashes and the driver is revealed to be Katherine Wentoworth who is dead.Bobby is rushed to hospital where he dies of massive internal injuires.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - The Family Ewing

    The family mourns Bobby's death and Gary comes to the funeral from California. Pam blames herself for Bobby's death. J.R. attacks Sue Ellen for not being around when the family needs her. Miss Ellie [Barbara Bel Geddes] tries to keep the family strong. Pam faces the difficult task of explaining Bobby's departure to Christopher. Jenna regrets all the wasted time she should have been married to Bobby. Dusty Farlow comes to Southfork and is confronted by a hositle J.R. Miss Ellie tells Sue Ellen that she needs professional help with her alcoholism. Clayton Farlow meets Gary Ewing. Dusty follows Sue Ellen to a bar and tries to stop her from drinking. J.R. harsely rejects Ray's offer of help with Ewing Oil business. The Ewing family, Cliff,Jamie,Jack,Dusty, and other gather around Bobby's coffin for his funeral.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Rock Bottom

    J.R. object to Bobby's will being read so soon after his death. J.R. tells Sue Ellen off who winds up falling victim to car theft. Ray regrets his misbehavior toward Donna and wants to make up. Sue Ellen winds uop on the street among the homeless. Donna tells Jenna about her pregnancy. J.R. is in pain after Bobby's death. Cliff tries to warm the cartel against J.R. Pamela's appappers at the reading of Bobby's will make J.R.angry. J.R. object to some of the terms of Bobb's will. Sue Ellen disappears from Southfork which gets Clayton and Miss Ellie worried. Cliff sees an opportunity for himself in Pamela's situation after Bobby's death. Sue Ellen drinks heavily and falls victim to more theft. J.R. and Mandy Winger further discuss "theSue Ellen problem."
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Those Eyes

    J.R. investigates legal possibilities of stopping Pam from messing with Ewing Oil business. Jenna considers leaving Sothfork. Ray plans to build a new house. J.R. wants to buy back Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil from Pam. Sue Ellen is found in a detoxification ward of the country hospital, barely alive. Miss Ellie tells J.R to take decisive action on Sue Ellen's alcolism by having her committed to a sanitarium. Jermy Wendell makes Clifdf a very tempting business offer. J.R. and Dusty have a violent confrotation by Sue Ellen's bed in the detox ward. Charlie wants to stay at Southfork. J.R. blames Dusty for Sue Ellen's problem. The Krebbs make plans for their baby. Police release Katherine's diary and Cliff and Pam learn of Ellen committed to a sanitarium.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Resurrection

    Sue Ellen is shocked to find out that J.R. had her committed to the sanitarium and her freedom is in his hands. Jeremy Wendell extends a business offer to Miss Ellie. Pam has a hard time handling stress at Barness/Wentworth. J.R. tries to negotiate with Pam concerning Chistopher's shares of Ewing Oil. Jack Ewing spend's time with Jenna and her daughter Charlie.J.R questions Harv Smithfield about wheather outsiders can legally own Ewing Oil. Dusty secretly visits Sue Ellen at the sanitarium. Pam thinks she's being followed. Sue Ellen achives a small "victory" in her fight against alcoholism. Cliff probes Jack Ewing's family loyalties. Pam has a surprise visitor from the past.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Saving Grace

    Mark Graison returns into Pam's life and explains his long absence. J.R. plots to maneuver Cliff and Wendell out. Sue Ellen is scared before going through an alcohol rehabilitation program at the sanitarium. Mark's comeback shocks everyone around. Miss Ellie consults Gary before making a decisionn on Wendell's Farlow offer. Ray warns Jack Eing against J.R. Miss Ellie tells Dusty Farlow to stay away from Sue Ellen. J.R. fears thet Mark's return will be bad for his relations with Pam. Clayton warns J.R. against pressuring Miss Ellie on the Wendell offer. A burglarhows up at Jack's apartment. Cliff accuses Jack of changing his mind on Wendell's offer. Mark violently confronts J.R. over Pam's recent wild-goose chase in the Caribbean.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Mothers

    J.R. wants to nominate Bobby as Oilman of the year. Mark Graison wants to fund a medical research center. Sue Ellen's mother Patricia [Martha Scott]arrives at Southfork and meets Clayton Farlow. J.R. harsely rejects Wedell's buyout offer. Jack confronts J.R. about the burglary in his apartment. Patricia questions J.R. about his marriage to Sue Ellen . Mark acts as a go-between for Pam in her business dealings with J.R. and Wendell. Jack is interested in Jenna Wade. Sue Ellen's mother visits her at the sanitarium. Mandy Winder disappears. Patricia and Miss Ellie have a fight about J.R. and Sue Ellen. Pam makes a decision on Wendell's offer which gets J.R. despressed.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - The Wind of Change

    Miss Ellie feels sorry for J.R. and changes her mind on the Wendell offer. Sue Ellen apologizes to J.R. for the problems she caused as a wife and a mother. Sue Ellen leaves the sanitarium but doesn't go to Southfork. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that John Ross must stay at Southfork. Jack invites Jenna to be his date at the Oil Barons' Ball. Miss Ellie tells Pam that the Ewing family is falling apart. Donna learns of a serious abnormality in her pregnancy. Charlie is happy to see her mother dating Jack Ewing. Mandy Winger reappears and offer herself to J.R. A new and improved Sue Ellen shows up at the Oil Barons' Ball. Cliff and Jamie makes a scence at the ball. Jack and Jenna worry over Donna's medical problem. At the Oil Barons' Ball Bobby is posthumously named Oilman of the Year and Pam makes a startling announcement.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Quandary

    Miss Ellie is happy that Ewing Oil will remain in Ewing hands. Pam has a major fight with Cliff over her decision concerning Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil. J.R. wants to make sure Jack is on his side in Ewing Oil business. Mandy is impressed by the new Sue Ellen. J.R. feel he's on a roll, with Mandy back in his life and Wendell no longer a threat. Donna and Ray are divided over the babY. Pam takes over Bobby's office. Jamie and Cliff don't get alone. John Ross fears his parents may get divorced again. Dusty returns to Dallas and tells Sue Ellen about his plans for their future. Angelica Nero[Barbara Carerra] of Marinos Shipping offers a deal to Cliff. Mark and Pam have a fight over Pam's involvement in Ewing Oil. Mark complains he has to fight Bobby's ghost. Angelica's assistant Grace[Merete Van Kamp] follows Jack. J.R. talks business with Angelica.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Close Encounters

    J.R. tries to get Jack involved in Ewing Oil business. J.R. invites Angelica Nero to the annual Southfork rodeo. Sue Ellen's mother Patricia tries to tell Sue Ellen to stay away from Dusty. At the rodeo,Sue Ellen confronts Mandy Winger and J.R. has an un pleasant exchange with Patricia. J.R. has a fight with Sue Ellen over Mandy. Angelica does business with J.R. and Jack,and then meets Pam. Sue Ellen tells Clayton that she can't live at Southfork. Donna has an accident and is rushed to the hospital. Angelica tries to get close to Jack. Donna and Ray lose their baby.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Suffer the Little Children

    Mandy Winger questions J.R. about Sue Ellen and their marriage. Ray and Donna grieve over their lost baby. Pam keeps Phyllis as her sectary. J.R. gives a "lecture" on hnis business style. Patricia and Miss Ellie discuss J.R. and Sue Ellen marriage's. Angelica is reluctant to discuss Dimitri Marinos with J.R. Sue Ellen hires a lawyer to get legal separation from J.R. and full custody over John Ross. Angelica tells Jack that he's important to the deal with Ewing Oil. Cliff assures Pam that he loves Jamie. Donna falls into apathy after the loss of the baby. Cliff admitts TO Jamie that he use her to get control of Ewing Oil. J.R. hires a private detective to investigate Dimitri Marinos and Angelica.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - The Prize

    Sue Ellen has nightmares. Angelica Nero's friend Nicholas gets impatient in Greece as the scheme to sign the deal with Ewing Oil unfolds. Miss Ellie tries to console Donna after the loss of her baby. J.R. talks to John Ross before the custody hearings. Angelica explains to J.R. Jack's Ewing critical role in the Marinos-Ewing deal and J.R.'s role in assuring Jack's paticipation. Jenna spaends more time with Jack who reminisces about his mother Nancy. John Ross runs away from home. In Greece, Nicholas follows J.R.'S detective Pete Adams. Pam keeps reasuring Angelica that she's an equal partner in Ewing Oil. Cliff and Jamie have a new start. Miss Ellie finds John Ross. Jamie wants to work by Cliff's side. John Ross doesn't won't pick between his mother and father. Jack tells J.R. that he needs tyo talk to Pam before committing to the deal with Marion Shipping. Pete Adams fails to return from Greece. The judge decides custody of John Ross.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - En Passant

    J.R. tries to win over the judge in charge of the appeal in the custody suit. Ray tries to help Donna go through thr crisis after the baby's loss. Jack Ewing doesn't want to get caught between Pam and J.R. on Ewing Oil business. In Greece, Nicholas and his friends hold Pete Adams. Angelica instructs Grace to intercept Pete's letter sent from Greece to the U.S. Pete is cocered to tell his Dallas associate that J.R. should sign the deal with Marinos. Donna thinks that Ray doesn't understand her pain. Sue Ellen doesn't want to take John Ross from J.R. before the custody appeal is decided. Ray goes into a rage at the construction site of the new house. Dusty comforts Sue Ellen befroe the appeal. Jack tries to get close to Jenna. Pam approves the co-venture with Marinos. J.R.'s appeal in the custody suit is decided. Sue Ellen surprises everyone with her decision on John Ross.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

    J.R. finds out that if Sue Ellen were to move back to Southfork, she would forfeit custody of John Ross. Sue Ellen tells her mother that she tries to control her life too much. Jenna tells Jack Ewing it's time to stop seeing each other. Clayton tries to sell off his subsidiaries while keeping it a secret from Ellie. Angelica is furious after reading Pete's report for J.R. Sue Ellen explains her decision on John Ross to Dusty. J.R. questions Angelica about how much he will get out of the deal with Marinos. Jack seeks Ray's advice on how to handle Jenna. Sue Ellen comes to a decision regarding moving back to Southfork, and J.R. and Sue Ellen make an"agreement", with mutal conditions. Jamie gets Pam thinking about marring Mark. Sue Ellen makes up with her mother. Dusty says goodbye to Miss Ellie and Clayton. Patricia leaves Dallas as well. Sue Ellen is back at Southfork and the family reunites
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Curiosity Killed the Cat

    John Ross is very happy having both parents around. Cliff warns Mandy Winger against J.R. Jenna breaks up with Jack who leaves Dallas in anger. Ray and Donna temporarily move into Southfork. J.R. gives Mandy an apology gift. Cliff hires a man to spy on J.R. and Angelica Nero. Pam recives a surprise return on Bobby's emerald- mine investment in Columbia. Sue Ellen gets hired by Mark Grasion. Angelica and Grace eliminate Sam Barker, Pete partner. Jack's disappearance gets J.R. and Angelica frustrated. Cliff plots to break Mandy and J.R. up. Mark makes plan for a European trip for PAM and himself. Clayton strange behavior gets Miss Ellie worried. Mandy finds out that J.R. has lied to her and she feels betrayed.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - The Missing Link

    Miss Ellie questions Clayton about his strange behavior, while Charlie and J.R. question Jenna about Jack. Matt Cantrell[Marc Singer] shows up at Ewing Oil, looking for Bobby. Mandy spies on J.R. for Cliff. Ellie seeks help fromPunk Anderson to deal with Clayton's mysterious behavior. Donna visits a school for handicapped children. Sue Ellen starts her job at Mark's insititue. Ellie learns about Clayton's problem. J.R.'s deal with Marinos is threatened and he lashes out at Pam, unaware he's been duped by Mandy. Pam and Matt discuss continuting investment in the emerald mine. Jamie has an accident which leaves Cliff feeling terribly guilty. J.R. thinks he found the spy.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Twenty-Four Hours

    Jamie 's life depends on a blood tranfusing and everybody is looking fro Jack. Mark Grasion offers help from his blood research center. Nicholas returns to Dallas and discusses strategy with Angelica. Jenna feels guilty for Jamie's fate. Mark confides in Sue Ellen regarding Pam and the emerald mine venture. Cantrell,Pam, and J.R. discuss continuing ivestment in the mine. Nicholas gets frustrated because J ack is nowwhere to be found. J.R. appears on television offering a reward, which leaves Mandy and Cliff stunned. Ellie tells Ray about Clayton's financial problems. Mandy tries to find out from J.R. why he's looking for Jack. Donna get ivolved with the Woodgrove school. Mark and Matt Cantrell have an exchange about the mine venture. Jack is found and Jamie is stabilized, which leaves evrybody happy but J.R. is stunned.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - The Deadly Game

    Jamie is stabilized at the hospital but the doctors warns against being overly optimistic. Pam and Matt Cantrell reminisce about Bobby. J.R. shows appreciation for Sue Ellen's new job. Angelica admits to J.R. that her previous story on Jack wasn't true, and she tells him"the real truth." J.R. senses trouble with the Marions deal, so he manipulastes the cartel to avoid possible loss. Ray shares with Miss Ellie his view on her handling of Clayton's problem. Pam wants is to visit the emerald mine in Colombia, which leads to a fight with Mark. J.R. wants to make sure Jack is around to complete the deal with Marinos. J.R. and Cantrell plot to keep Pam in Colombia.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Blame it on Bogota

    J.R. and Cantrell discuss preparations for the Colombia trip. Jack spends time with Grace. Mark is dissappointted with Pam's involvement in the mine. Sue Ellen spends time with Jerry Kenderson. J.R. feeds Mandy information on the emerald mine. Ellie tries to raise huge capital, which gets J.R. worried. J.R. and Cantrell put on a act at the dinner table at Southfork. Donna wants to bring some disabled children from the school to Southfork. Jamie makes progress at the hospital. Jenna keeps talking about Bobby. Jamie questions Jack about him and Jenna. Pam and Cantrell arrives at Colombia. ----------===========
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Shadow Games

    J.R. takes advantage of Pam being away from Ewing Oil. In Colombia, Matt Cantrell nervously awaits the package from J.R. Jenna spends more and more time at Bobby's grave. J.R. warns Grace and Angelica to play fair. Miss Ellie is happy seeing Donna with the disabled children. J.R. confronts Clayton who learns of Ellie's step to help him out of his financial problem. Donna tells Ellie about the lost baby abnormality. J.R. meets Dr. Jerry Kenderson[Barry Jenna] Clayton and Miss Ellie get his problem out in the open. J.R. questions Sue Ellie about Jerry Kenderson. At the auction for Graison Research, Nicholas arrives with startling news from Athens and Angelica Nero makes
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Missing

    Pam disappears in Colombia. Back at Southfork, everybody is impressed with Sue Ellen's performance at the fundraiser for Graison Research but Jenna feels left out and can't get over Bobby's death. Mandy tells Cliff she won't spy for him anymore. J.R. flies down to Los Gatos, Colombia to help Matt look for Pam. J.R. fears he might be held responsible if Pam gets hurt. Mark and Cliff makes a trip to Colombia, too. Angelica fears that J.R. may have learned of Dimitri's death. J.R. negotiates with Los Gatos police chief concerning a search party fro Pam. Mark and Matt have a fist fight over Pam disappearance. Grace gets instructions from Angelica to get closer to Jack. The Ewings are increasingly concerned over Jenna's psychological state. Grace questions Jack about him and Jenna. J.R. wonders about Angelica's true intentions. Matt recives a note about Pam's whereabouts. =============
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Dire Straits

    Pam is held by the kidnappers. Fights between Mark and Matt continue. Sue Ellen misses Pam. The Ewings decide to get psychiatric help for Jenna. Jack and J.R. get ready for the conference to him in Martinique. J.R. is generous with Mandy after she confesses to him a major breach of treust. Donna makes friends with one of the disabled children. Jenna resists psychiatric help. J.R. gets jealous of Sue Ellen seeing Jerry Kenderson, and he questions her about it. In Colombia, Mark gets impatient with the search for Pam. Jack questions Angelica and J.R. about the Martinique conference. Charlie overhears a conversation about possible drastic steps to get medical help for her mother. Pam is released. Jerry confesses to Sue Ellen his attraction to her. J.R. investigate Marinos Shipping. In Colombia,Mark has a surprise plan for Pam after her release.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Overture

    In Colombia, Mark talks Pam into staying on the seeing the mine. J.R. and Matt plot to keep Pam away from Ewing Oil. Jack has more fun with GraceJ.R. invites Sue Ellen to go to Martinique with him. J.R. tells Harry McSween to find "dirt" on Jerry Kenderson. J.R. comes across a servious obstance in his investigate of Dimitri Marinos. Cliff gets discouuraged at the mine site. Jamie goes back to work. Angelica, Grace, and Nicholas discuss details of the conference in Martinique. J.R. is jealous of Sue Ellen'e relationship with Jerry Kenderson. Jenna wants everybody to think she's fine but then she cracks iunder the Donna's pressure. Matt gets ready to talk to Pam about J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Sitting Ducks

    Mark,Cliff,and Pam return from Colombia. J.R. is happy to learn that Pam is determined to continue her investment in the mine. The Krebbs get increasingly involved in the Woodgrove school for disabled children. J.R. receives a warning about Angelica Nero. J.R. pressures Pam to let him run Ewing Oil. Mandy questions J.R. about what she should do with her future. Mark pressures Pam to get her priorities in order. On the way to Martinque, Jack Ewing is told of his role in the "oil conference." Jenna refuses to corporate with the psychiaatrist. Pam thinks she's ready to get over Bobby. In Martinique, Jack learns of Grace's plot and he feels hurt. Angelica,Grace,and Nicholas rehearse the uncoming events involving J.R. and "Dimitri Marinos."
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - Masquerade

    In Martinique, Jack Ewing agrees very unwillingly to go along with J.R. and Angelica. Pam considers selling Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. Jerry Kenderson continues to be interested in Sue Ellen. Pam pours more money into the emerald mine, which leads to another with Cliff. Ray misses being around a big family. J.R. talks Jack into making up with Grace. Jenna cancels her appointments with the psychiatrist. Cliff thinks that will marry Mark, and he makes a big business plans for the future. Pam tells Jenna that shw was the one that Bobby was going to marry. In Martinique,Jack poses as Dimitri Marinos at a masquerade Ball, and he and J.R. face deadly danger.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Just Desserts

    In Martinique, police clean up the mess created at the masquerade ball and Angelica's entire scheme is revealed. Angelica's takes the ulimate revenge on Grace for her betrayal. Back in Dallas,Pam spends sleepless nights worrying about Jenna. Charlie and Jenna disagree on Jenna's plan to leave Dallas. Ray tells Donna about the ideal of adopting a child. Mark tries to talk some sense into Jenna regarding Bobby. Jack feels fed up with all the business deals and wants to leave Dallas. Jenna has flashbacks of the conversation wiht Bobby on the day of Lucy's wedding. J.R. surprise Sue Ellen with a confession of aftermath of the events in Martintque. Jenna explains to Pam her psychological reactions to the events surrounding Bobby's death. Jenna and Pam reconcile. Pam decides to sell Christopher's 30 percent of Ewing Oil to J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Nothing's Ever Perfect

    J.R. is delighted to gain control of Ewing Oil, and he wants Ellen back. Jenna pays Jack a surprise visit to "clear the air." J.R. has big plans for thr future of Ewing Oil. The Krebbs come to a decision on adopation. Harry McSween reports to J.R. on Jerry Kenderson. Sue Ellen almost has a fight with Jerry over her staying at Southfork. Miss Ellie worries about the family's future. Nicholas testifies Angelica. Miss Ellie asks Jenna to reconsider her decision to leave Southfork. J.R. says farewell to Mandy. Pam's sale of Christopher's shares of Ewing Oil to J.R. becomes final. Mandy decides to leave Dallas. Mark proposes to Pam. Donna and Ray begin adopation proceedings. Angelica takes care of the "the Nicholas problem" and vows revenge on Jack and J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - J.R. Rising

    Mandy Winger faces some tough career choices. Clayton and Ray encourage Jack to stay on in Dallas. Ray's past criminal conviction doesn't help in going through with adopting Tony. Sue Ellen fears going back to J.R. Tony doesn't want to be adopted. J.R. tries to intimidate Dr. Jerry Kenderson. J.R. and Jack wonder what Nicholas' death could mean to them. In Colombia, Matt hits a vein of emeralds. J.R. promise John Ross for an answer regarding their relationship. J.R. goes ahead with the Marinos drillind venture. Angfelica's Nero returns to the United State
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Serendipity

    Mark Grasion warns J.R. to stay away away from him and Pam. The Krebb's learn the reason Tony doesn't want to be adopted. Matt wants to suprise Pam with the emerald strike. Jack wants to sell his 10 precent of Ewing Oil back to J.R. Sue Ellen confronts J.R. about his investingation of Dr.Jerry Kenderson. Police detain Angelica. Ray and Donna ask Tont to reconsider. J.R. is slightly disappointed with Harry McSween's working style. Jamie wants to srike a "deal" with J.R. concerning the Ewings and the Barnes. Cliff gives Mandy another "lecture" on J.R. Marilee confronts J.R. about the Marinos deal. The Krebb's bring Tony to dinner at Southfork. Angelica is realeased by police and heads for Dallas. An earthquake destroys Los Gatos and Pam fears for Matt's life. Sue Ellen turns Jerry down. Mandy changes her mind about leaving Dallas.
  • Dallas: Episode 29 - Thrice in a Lifetime

    J.R. and Sue Ellen get a lot closer. Jack Ewing doesn't like new ranch hand Ben Stivers[Steve Forrest]. Cliff lashes out at Jamie for trying to make peace with J.R. Sue Ellen tells Pam about going back to J.R. John Ross wants to work at Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie gets an invitation to Pam and Mark's wedding. Cliff and Jamie reconcile. Matt Cantrell return from Colombia and brings Pam both good news and bad. J.R. gets angry because production stops on the offshore venture with Marinos. The Krebb's adoption petition is denied. J.R.gets a punch in the face from Matt Cantrell.
  • Dallas: Episode 30 - Hello, Goodbye, Hello

    J.R. tries to get Ewing Oil out of financial trouble. Ray is determined to fix the promble with Tony's adopption but he learns that it may be neccessary to have Aunt Lil testify. Ben Stivers talks to Clayton about his past. Harry McSween comes up with "dirt" from Mark Grasion past. Sue Ellen invites J.R. to go to a reception with her. Punk Anderson has a strange fellings that he's met Ben Stivers before. Jerry Kenderson is upset to see Sue Ellen with J.R. at tjhe reception. J.R. and Sue Ellen get even closer. The Krebbs get another chance at adopting Tony. J.R. gets squeezed by the banks. J.R. tells Mandy tells Mandy again that it's over between them. Angelica Nero has J.R. at gunpoint.
  • Dallas: Episode 31 - Blast From the Past

    Angelica offers J.R. a deal. Sue Ellen worries J.R.'s safety in his dealings with Angelica,a woman who's wanted for murder. Jack pulls out of the horse venture despite Clayton's and Ray's disappointmeant. Tony calls Ray "dad" for the first time. J.R. send Sue Ellen flowers and buys her a ring. Mark and Pam get married. J.R. tries to outmaneuver Angelica but tragedy dtrikes Jamie and Sue Ellen in the process as Angelica plants a bomb at Ewing Oil and in Jack's car. Jamie gets into Jack's car and is killed and as Sue Ellen arrives in J.R.'s office it explooodes. Pam wakes up at her house, walks over to the shower door and Bobby turns around and declares "Good Morning".
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Return to Camelot (1)

    As Bobby emerges from the shower in Pam's house,she discovers how long hre dream was and she can't believe he's not dead. J.R. makes a promise to Mandyto get Sue Elle off Southfork. Ewing Oil and other companies face a crisis caused bo OPEC polices. Ray wanto to start his own business. Pam and Bobby go ahead with their plans to marry,which makes J.R. and Cliaa angry. Cliff steala a business ideal from Jamie and then presents it as hie own. J.R. tells Bobby they need to get rid of Jack.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Return to Camelot (2)

    J.R. tries to talk Donna into taking up a lobbying position in Wsahinton, and he endores her at a public gathering. Ewing 12 on fire after an explolosion. Ray and Clayton hire Wes Parmalee[Steven Forrest]. Mandy has another conforntation with Sue Ellen over J.R. Jenna moves out of Southfork and has to face a disobedient Charlie. Sue Ellen hires a detective to spy on J.R and Mandy.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Pari Per Sue

    Jeremy Wendell extends a business offer to J.R. and Bobby. Donna and Cliff collaborate on the Washington lobbying effort. Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that she's determined to learn to handle J.R. The detective follows Mandy. Cliff tells Jamie that nothing works between them, J.R. tells jack not to come to Southfork again. J.R. resuces Mandy who fears for her life. Wes Parmalee questions Ray about his relations with the Southfork Ewings. J.R. and Bobby have a disagreement over field closings. Cliff wants Jack's 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Ray and Donna discuss some fundamental difference between them. Sue Ellen buys Valentines Lingerie. J.R. tries to come up with some solution to the very bad sitation in thje oil industry.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Once and Future King

    J.R thinks Cliff and Donna's lobbying effort is a waste of time, Bobby pub;icly supports Donna. Jenna tells Pam that she can't get over Bobby. Cliff offers Jack an incentive to sell his Ewing Oil shares to him in the future. J.R. has his first confronation with the detective who's been following Mandy. Ray spends time with Jenna and Charlie. Bobby asks Ray to help Jenna in her new house. Bobby meeta Wes Parmalee. Cliff and Jamie find their martial difference are widening. A woman named Mrs. Scottfield[Karen Carlson] asks Bobby a favor in connection with recent explosion and fire, and her husband's involvement in it. Miss Ellie has a feeling that she's met Wes Parmalee before. Sue Ellen wants Mandy to be the Valentine girl. Ray tries to stop Donna from leaving for Washington. Bobby's intended help for Mrs. Scottfield comes to late because tragedy strikes her husband. J.R threatens the detective. Miss Ellie discovers some shocking item in Wes Parmalee's room.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Enigma

    Miss Ellie has a confronation with Wes Parmalee and tells him to leave Southfork. J.R. confronts Sue Ellen about the detective. J.R. tells Mandy they will have to keep a "low profile" in front of other people. Mandy decides to take the Valentine girl assignment. Bobby and J.R. plan to expand Ewing Oil. Ray tries to learn the reason for Parmalee's mystreious department but M iss Ellie is uncooperative. Donna calls Ray from Washington and is surprise to hear Jenna on the phone. Miss Ellie relives memories of Jock. J.R decides to meet B.D. Calhoun. Wes Parmalee wants Ellie and Punk Anderson to believe that he is Jock.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Trompe L'Oeil

    Punk Anderson is confused about whether Wes. Parmalee could be Jock. J.R. meets C.D Calhoun[Hunter Von Leer] and explains his plan to him. Ellie tells Wes Parmalee's story to the family and begins to be confused herself. Bobby threatens Parmalee and J.R. tries to buy him off. J.R. has a fight with Mandy over her picture in a newpapers. Bobby tries to assure Ellie that Parmalee is a fraud. Clayton warns Parmalee. J.R. wants to find out who owns Valentine Lingerie. Jack's ex-wife April Stevens[Sheree J.Wilson] arrives, with some bad news for Jack's finances. Parmalee visit Ewing Oil and leaves J.R. and Bobby puzzled.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Territorial Imperative

    J.R. and Bobby investigate Wes Parmalee. J.R. is worried about the future of Ewing Oil if Parmalee's story holds up in court. Jack Ewing tells Jamie about April's unexpected arrival. Pam surprise Cliff by refusing to continue her finance backing for him. Sue Ellen's "Valentine Lingerie" business develops very well. Charlie causes morer problems for Jenna. Ray offers Jenna his frienship and support. J.R. meets April Stevens. Wes Paramlee succeeds in confusing Miss Ellie again. Cliff meets April Stevens . J.R. and B.D. Calhoun further discuss Calhoun's mission to the Middle East. Bobby wants to help Charlie but ends up being misunderstoods by Jenna. Donna asks Ray whether he's having an affair with Jenna. Sue Ellen visit Wes Paramlee.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - The Second Time Around

    Wes Parmalee talks to John Ross. Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that she visited Parmalee. Charlie and Jenna disagree about the future and Bobby's role in it. Jamie catches Cliff cheating on her. J.R. Mandy don't get along. Parmalee agrees to take medical tests. Jamie moves out on Cliff. J.R. wants to buy "Valentine Lingerie" but Valentine refuse to disclose who the owner is.Parmalee shocks Ellie by showing up at Bobby and Pam's wedding. Cliff comes to the wedding with April Stevens. Marital difference between Ray and Donna become bigger. Ray's startling announcement shocks Bobby and Pam just a few minutes before they get married.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Bells Are Ringing

    Ray's shocking announcement about Jenna's pregnancy with Bobby's baby temporily suspends the wedding and forces Miss Ellie to announce a "slight delay"' as Bobby and Pam discuss what to do next. Bobby and Pam eventually remarry, despite J.R.'s attempts to maneuver the situation in his favor. After the weddings, Miss Ellie feels sorry for Pam while J.R. feels sorry for Jenna. Pam and Bobby wonder how he will manage to stay away from Jenna's baby. Jenna refuses tp talk to Bobby. J.R. runs into Sue Ellie at Valentine's Lingerie. Jack has a fight with April and Cliff . J.R. learns about April's divorce settlement. The newlywed celebrate their marriage with Clayton and Miss Ellie. Jack turns down J.R.'s offer to buy his 10 percent of Ewing Oil. Sue Ellie tells Parmalee to stay from John Ross. Parmalee surpries Sue Ellie with knowledege of details from the life of the Ewings from years ago. Bobby asks Jenna about why she kept the baby a secret from him. B.D.Calhoun gets his down payment from J.R. on his Saudi Arabian mission. The banks give Ewing Oil a hard time because of Paramlee's chain. Miss Ellie keeps her promise to meet with Parmalee.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?

    Disagreement contine between Miss Ellie and Clayton over Wes Parmalee. Clayton feels he has to fight both Parmalee and Jock's ghost. A Hollywood producer named Bruce Harvey[Jonthan Goldsmith] expresses an interest in Mandy Winger. J.R. is concerned about Bobby's sitation, with Jenna's baby on the way. The C.I.A. warns J.R. against associating with B.D.Calhoun. Cliff invites April to the Oil Baron's Ball. Ray tells Donna that the fate of Jenna's baby should be entirely her choice. J.R. wants April to sell him 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Cliff wants his $500,000 back from Jack. Parmalee''s x-ray offer more surprise for J.R. and Bobby. Pam and Bobby meet April Stevens. Jenna and Ray stay from the Oil Baron's Ball. At the ball,Parmalee shocks the oil community. Parmalee agrees to take a lie-detector test. Clayton threatens to kill Parmalee.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Proof Positive

    Clayton moves out on Miss Ellie. Sue Ellen shows her "Valentine Lingerie" business to Pamela. J.R. confronts his mother about Clayton staying at a hotel. Jenna tells Charlie that she will not abort the baby.Jenna and Charlie get along fine again. Miss Ellie tells Ray that she's got to resolve the Parmalee problem. April plots to profit from ex-husband Jack. Mandy is offered a Hollywood contract. Ray invites Clayton to move into his house. The Environmental Protection Agency wants tio shut down Cliff's 340. Pam shocks Jenna with an offer concerming Jenna's baby. Parmalle takes a lie-detector test and J.R. and Bobby are shocked by the results. J.R. tells Mandy that she will never be his wife. Jamie thinks she's got the solution to Cliff's environmental problem. Parmalee theatens to sell Ewing Oil to Jeremy Wendell.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Something Old, Something New

    Bobby flies down to South American to find evidence to get rid of Parmalee. Sue Ellen reveals to Mandy that she's behind "Valentine Lingerie." Jenna tells Bobby that she want to cut all ties to him. J.R. tries to push Miss Ellie to declare Parmalee a fraud but she still thinks he may be Jopck. Bobby and Pam discuss her offer to Jenna regarding Jenna's baby. J.R. is impressed with Sue Ellen's business venture. Ellie is not thrilled about Bobby's trip to South America. J.R. and Bobby tell their mother that they will move out if she brings Parmalee to Southfork as her husband. Pam makes Cliff a business offer. J.R. wants to abort B.D Calhoun mission. Miss Ellie kisses Parmalee.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Bar-B-Cued

    Miss Ellie and J.R. have a fight over her dating Parmalee. In Washington,Donna meets U.S. Senator Andrew Dowling[Jim McMullan] J.R. wants Clkayton to side with him against Parmalee. Wendell plots to use Parmalee against the Ewings. Valentine and Sue Ellen disagree on business strategy. Jamie bills Cliff for the sloution to his environmental problem. Ellie admits she feels attracted to Parmalee. The news media report on the events in Saudi Arabia and J.R. thinks that B.D. Calhoun has been killed. J.R. uses Sly protect Ewing Oil against Parmalee. Donna and Senator Dowling discover they have quite a lot in common. J.R. uses April to find out about Parmalee. Clayton and Miss Ellie reconcile. Jack sells his share of Ewing Oil to Jamie for 1 dollar. Bobby returns from South America bringing the truth about Parmalee, and the mystery is resolved.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - The Fire Next Time

    The Parmalee mystery is resolved and things get back to normal at Ewing Oil but not between Clayton and Miss Ellie. Clayton goess on a manhunt to find Parmalee. April intends to prove fraudulent intent in Jack's sale of 10 percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. learns frightened news about B.D. Calhoun. Donna comes to a decision about her marriage. Wendell vows to put the Ewings out of business and asks Cliff to use Pam to achieve it Jenna and Donna discuss Ray. Christopher and John Ross don't get along. B.D.Calhoun threatens J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - So Shall Ye Reap

    J.R. wants to buy off B.D. Calhoun to prevent his revenge.Bobby and Pam discuss her being overpotection of Chistopher. Donna decides to leave Southfork. Jeremy Wendell wants April Stevens on his side. Bobby and Jenna discuss the baby. Clayton pursuses the issue of Parmalee's lie detector test. Calhoun terrorizes J.R. April get an apartment from J.R. Ray wants to know where Donna will live after the baby is born. Pam and Cliff have more disagreements over business. Ray wants to make sure he will be seeing his baby. Ellie gets impatient with Clayton over his obession with Parmalee. Calhoun makes contract an unsupecting Sue Ellen.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Tick, Tock

    B.D. Calhoun plots revenge against J.R. Ray considers a court fight to get custody of his child. Jenna's pregnancy puts more strain on Pam and Bobby. Ray and Clayton go back to their horse business. Senator Dowling asks Donna to come back to Washington. Cliff does business with Wendell and unknowingly alienates April in the process. Charlie likes having Ray around her Mother. John Ross and Christopher have more fights. April wants to locate Jamie. Miss Ellie is not very happy over Clayton's involvement in the business with Ray. Sue Ellie misses Mandy Winger as Valentine girl. Calhoun penetrates Southfork and puts J.R. in deadly danger.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Night Visitor

    J.R. keeps the Calhoun affair a secret from Bobby. Jenna tells Miss Ellie she wants to cut all ties to the Ewings. Ray is determinded to get custody of the baby. J.R. asks Harry McSween for help with Calhoun. Ray's lawyers warns him against any "relationships" with other woman during the custody battle. Bobby senses J.R. is keeping a secret something from him. April seduces J.R. Ray meets Sentor Dowling. J.R. gets a gun training. B.D. Calhoun tricks Sue Ellen.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Cat and Mouse

    RAY doesn't like Senator Dowling hanging around Donna. The family things that Sue Ellen started drinking again. Jenna tells Charlie that she's too attached to Ray. J.R. gets mysterious photographs of Sue Ellen. Cliff gets information on Ewing business out of Pam. J.R. tells Bobby about Calhpun. Dowling questions Donna about her and Ray. Wedell pressures Cliff for information on Ewing business. Sue Ellen fears she may have been raped. Sue Ellen questions J.R. about B.D. Bobby asks Pam to take extra safety precautions. Jenna admits to herself that she misses Ray. J.R. and Bobby burst into Calhoun's hotel room.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - High Noon For Calhoun

    J.R and Bobby tell their wives about B.D Calhoun. Sue Ellen,Pam, and the kids take safety in California. Wendell tells April he knows where Jack Ewing is. B.D. kidnaps John Ross and blacksmails J.R. Bobby,J.R. and Ray manage to trick Calhoun but J.R. gets wounded and John Ross almost gets killed in the showndown with B.D.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Olio

    J.R. recovers in the hospital after the shooting in L.A. and gets a visitor from the CIA who brings good news. Pamela blames J.R. for the whole Calhoun affair but Sue Ellen comes to his defense. Pam's trip to California upsets Cliff's business. J.R. and Sue Ellen get a little closer. Bobby confronts about B.D Calhoun. J.R. decides to take a break from Ewing Oil. John Ross admires his daddy for courges in the L.A. shooting. Jeremy Wendell wants to the Calhoun affair against the Ewings. Donna feels frustrated in her lobbying effortS. Senator Dowling asks Donna questions about Ray and their marriages. J.R. uses April to feed infornation to Wendell. April feels lonely. Pam accuses Bobby of stealing a company from Cliff. April gets a phone call form her mother. Charlie accuses Ray of breaking his word. Sue Ellen recives tragic news from California about Jamie.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - A Death in the Family

    Pam breaks the news of Jamie's death to Cliff. J.R. pressures April 10ercent of Ewing Oil. J.R. plots to frame Cliff fro Jamie's death. Bobby doesn't share J.R.'S concern over Cliff's claim to the 10 percent. Donna tells Senator Dowling to leave her alone. Bobby refuses to give in to an extortionist who claims he has infornation on Jack's whereabouts. Ray asks Jenna to move in with him. Marilee sees through Cliff's devious plan and rebuffS him. Cliff tries to raise $6 million to pay Wendell back. Donna and Dowling make up. Mrs. Scottfield learns of a chance to get back at the Ewings for her husband's suicide.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Revenge of the Nerd

    Sue Ellen shows Pam the new Valentine Girl. Ray is determined to fight for custody of his child. Donna confides in Miss Ellie before the divorce hearing. Ray's lawyer outlines his trategy in the divorce case. Cliff and April have a fight. Cliff tells J.R. and Bobby that he's about to become the owner of 10 oprecent of Ewing Oil. J.R. accuses Pam of plotting with Cliff against Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie is fed up with the familt conficts. Pam ask Cliff to sell her 10 percent. Ray and Donna get offficially divorced. Ray drinks to forget his troubles. Bobby and Cliff have a fight about the effect of Cliff's tactics on Pam.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - The Ten Percent Solution

    Jernemy Wendell wants Cliff to sell his 10 percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. plots to framr Cliff for Jamie's death. Bobby doesn't share J.R.'S concern over Cliff's claim to the 10 percent. Donna tells Senator Dowling to leave her alone. Bobby refuses to give in to an extorionist who claims he has information on Jack's whereabouts. Ray asks Jenna to move in with him. Marilee sees through Cliff's devious plan and rebuffs him. Cliff tries to raise $6 million to pay Wendell back. Donna and Dowling makre up. Mrs. Scottfield learns of a chance to get back at the Ewings for her husband's suicide.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - Some Good, Some Bad

    Cliff is questioned by the police as a murder suspect. J.R. tries to get a court injunction against Cliff. Jenna maves in with Ray which makes Charlie very happy. Cliff blames J.R. for his arrest. Wendell tells Pam about Cliff putting up part of Barnes/Wentworth as collateral. Jack reappears aand Bobby tries to convince him to fight against Cliff for the 10 percent of Ewing Oil. J.R. is angry at Bobby for letting Jack go without getting his address. Bobby has a terrible fight with Ray when he finds Jenna and Charlie in Ray's house. Mrs. Scottfield watffiieelldd wants her brother to get data on B.D. Calhoun and J.R. so she can give them to the Justic Department. Cliff ios cleared of all murder charges. Pam walks out on Cliff for jeopardizing their mother's company. Pam gets mad when she learns about Jenna living with Ray. Oscwald Valentine meets April and offers her a modeling job. Jack decides to stick with J.R. and Bobby to fight Cliff.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - War and Peace

    Pam tells Cliff that he's obsessed with revenge against the Ewings. Valentine wants Mandy back in the lingerie business. Jenna and Miss Ellie discuss Jenna's moving in with Ray. Nancy Scottfield talks to a newpaper editor about the Calhoun affair. Jenna's pregancy and living with Ray put more strain on Pam and Bobby's marriage. Nancy Scottfield talks her brother into cooperating in order to get back at the Ewings. Sue Ellen asks J.R. about how he'd feel if Mandy Winger were to return. Bobby and Ray try to make up. Sue Ellen tells Bruce Harvey that she wants Mandy back in Dallas. Donna gives birth to baby girl. The court battle for the 10 percent of Ewing Oil ends in surprising victories for April and Cliff. Nancy Scottfield vows revenge on the Ewings.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Ruthless People

    J.R. and April outmannnneuver Jeremy Wendell about 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Ray visit his baby daughter Margaret at the hospital. Valentine insists on getting Mandy Winger back. Wendell plots to take advantage of a news story implicating Ewing Oil in terrorism. Ray reaches an understanding with Senator Dowling concerrning Marrrrgaret's upbringing. The CIA theatens Nancy Scottfield and her brother with federal prision. Pam accuses Bobby of proteting J.R. on the Calhoun affair. Miss Ellie tells J.R. and Bobby that she won't protect them anymore on Ewing Oil business. Bobby tells Pam he'd fed up with J.R.'s schemes and that he's getting out oif Ewing Oil. Mandy returns to Dallas. Wendell makes a promise to Nancy Scottfield to bury Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

    Bobby,Ray, and Miss Ellie sell their Ewing Oil holdings to J.R. Pam returns her 25 percent of Barnes/Wentworth to Cliff. April enjoys her new wealth and buys a restaurant. Ray shows pictures of Margaret to Jenna and Charlie. Wendell gives the Justic Department data on Ewing Oil and B.D. Calhoun. Sue Ellen uses Mandy Winger to test J.R.'S fidelity. Cliff makes a scene at Ewing Oil. Phyllis breaks down upon hearing the news that Ewing Oil is being dissolved. Just as Miss Ellie gets her hopes up for the family's furture, she gets terrible news from Washington. Clayton has a violent confrontation with J.R. and is knocked unconscious.
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Two-Fifty

    Clayton is taken to the hospital. April vows to get back at everybody in Dallas who used her. J.R. tries to have the Justic Department's investttigetion stopped. April wants to team up with Cliff. Ray confronts J.R. about B.D. Calhoun. Sue Ellen thinks that J.R. is cheating on her with Mandy. Clayton hides a medical problem from Miss Ellie. Pam tries to convience Cliff to get rid of his 5 percent of Ewing Oil. Mandy vows to stay on in Dallas. J.R. and Bobby go to Washington to try and save Ewing Oil from the investigation. Jenna goes into labor in Bobby's arms. Wendell asks Nancy Scottfield and her brother to testify against Eing Oil. Mandy tells J.R. that she still loves him. Jenna gives birth to a baby boy. A federal court injuction shuts down Ewing Oil pending the outcome of the Justic Department's investigation.
  • Dallas: Episode 29 - Fall of the House of Ewing

    Jenna names her baby Lucas, after her father. Ray visits Jenna at the hospital and they discuss the future. J.R. has to explain himself in front os Sue Ellen after she sees a picture in the newspaper of him and Mandy Winger. Mandy tells a shocked Bruce Harvey that she's after J.R. Doctors tell Pam that she can have a baby. Mrs. Scottfield reveals her scheme to a stunned Bobby. J.R. almost gets trapped by the Justic Department but manages to get out at the last minute. Christopher learns he was adopted. J.R. and Bobbysstrike a deal with the Justic Department. Miss Ellie learns of Clayton's heart problem. Sue Ellen confronts Mandy over J.R. Jeremy Wendell reveals his plot to J.R. Pam and Bobby's dream's and plans are shattered as tragedy strikes Pam when her car crashes into a tanker and explodes.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - After the Fall: Ewing Rise

    Pam is taken to the hospital with third-degree burns and serious injuries from the car crash. J.R. embarks on building a new company-- J.R.E. Industies. Doctors tell Bobby that Pam will most propably live. Cliff feels guilty about letting Digger down regarding J.R. and Ewing Oil. Jenna nutures her new babay boy. J.R. and Sue Ellen get close. April offers Cliff her help in coping after the loss of Ewing Oil. April meets Wilson Cryer,Jeremy Wendell's executive assistant. Bobby must face Christpher and explain about Pam. J.R. consoles Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - After the Fall: Digger Redux

    The (tragically brief) return of the fantastic Morgan Brittany as the psychotically evil Katherine Wentworth. "Sleep on, little sister, sleep on..."
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - The Son Also Rises

    Christopher runs away from Southfork to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Pam makes very slow progress in her medical condition. Charlie has problems with kids at school because of Jenna living with Ray. Clayton is fed up with Ellie telling him to rest and relax. He doesn't want to be treated like an innvalid. J.R. meets Wilson Cryder. Charlie pressures Ray to marry Jenna. Bobby confronts Katherine Wentworth at the hospital. Christopher feels left out because he's adopted. J.R. meets Casey Denault[Andrew Stevens]. Dandy shows up at Cliff''s office.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Gone with the Wind

    Bobby has a doctor fly in from L.A. to help Pam. Ray asks Jenna to let Bobby sue Lucas. Sue Ellen is surprise by Nicholas Pearce's no- nonsense approach. Cliff throws Dandy out of his offices. J.R. and Casey Denualt put on an act in front of Marilee Stone and Jordan Lee. Nicholas Pearce urges Sue Ellen to expand Valentine's Lingerie. April meets Nicholas Pearce. J. R uses Casey to reclaim his business power. Miss Ellie and Clayton keep arging over his health. Doctoes warn Cliff and Bobby before taking bandages off Pam's face. Jenna and Ray wonder how to handle the new sitation of Bobby coming to see Lucas. Pam disappears from the hospital.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - The Lady Vanishes

    Bobby tries to determie why and how Pam disappeared from the hospital. Cliff is upset with Bobby for noot having turned Katherine to the police. Nicholas Pearce has big planr for Valentine's Lingerie. J.R. is happy with Casey's Denault's services. Bobby and Cliff suspect Katherine in Pam's disappearing and they hired a detective. Serna Ward reappears in Dallas and asks J.R. to hire her friend. Pam leaves a farwell letter for Bobby and Christopher.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Tough Love

    Bobby gets despressed over Pam's disappearance's. J.R. and Rayunite to help Bobby. Wilson Cryder tries to intimate J.R. April consoles Cliff. Bobby explains to Chistopher about Pam's leaving. Jenna offers Bobby her friendship. J.R. uses Serena to find out information on Wilson Cryder. The Ewings learn to live with what Pam asked for in her last letter. Dandy tells Cliff he found oil. Nicholas Pearce tries to get Sue Ellen and April to work together.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Last Tango in Dallas

    Bobby meets Lisa Alden[Amy Stock]. Jenna and Ray get romantically involved. Nicholas Pearce wants April's business. Dandy takes Cliff into looking for oil. Pam leaves Bobby her power of attroney for her Wentworth Industries stock. Bobby goes on a date with Lisa. Ray comes to the Oil Barons Ball with Jenna. J.R. meets Nicholas Pearce. Ray proposes to Jenna. Clayton's heart condition causes more problems.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Mummy's Revenge

    Clayton's heart problem leads to an operation. J.R. seeks information on Kimberly Cryder. Charlie is upset that her mother is not ready to marry Ray. Clayton'''s operation is a complete success. Sue Ellen wonders what Nicholas Pearce is up to. Casey ir tired with providing "services"to Marilee Stone. April seeks Bobby's advice on how to spend her money. Sue Ellen is worried over Nicholas Pearce's strange behavior. Ray aske Jenna to be honest about the real reason behind dragging her feet about marriage. Jenna consults Miss Ellie about Ray's proposal. Bobby and Christopher spend time with Lisa. Pam files fro divorce from Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Hustling

    Bobby explains divorce to Christopher and gets a surprise reaction from him. J.R. meets Kimberly Cryder[Leeigh Taylor-Young]. Sue Ellen has her first fight with Nicholas Pearce. Miss Ellie comes to Visit Lucas. Jenna is worried that Ray will get back with Donna. Bobby decides not to fight the divorce and asks the family to regard Pam "a closed subject"Marilee Stone tries to hit on Bobby. Ray appears to be free after Donna announces her marriage to Senator Dowling. Christopher grows fond of Lisa. Cliff feels he should listen to Dandy out of loyalty to Digger. Jenna accepts Ray's proposal. April investigates Nicholas Pearce's past. J.R. plays games with Wilson Cryder and becomes interested in his wife.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Bedtime Stories

    Ray and Jenna announce thrie marriage to the Ewings. April asks Nicholas Pearce about his past. J.R. has a confrontation with Pearce about Sue Ellen . Bobby tells Lisa to stop seening him and Christopher. Bobby has an unexpected encounter with an old friend Tammy[Irena Ferris]. Things get back to normal between Sue Ellen and Pearce. Lisa follows Bobby and Christopher. Bobby is not interested in joining forces with J.R. to fight Weststar. Lisa turns out to be Jeff Faraday's sister. Cliff learns that Dandy is in jail. J.R. gets a tempting ofdfer from Kimberly Cryder.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Lovers and Other Liars

    J.R. wants April to buy Weststar Stock. Phyllis opens Bobby's eyes on his new, non-functioning business. Dandy makes the oil workers go back to wprk at gunpoint. Bobby spends time with April. Lisa brings Christopher to Southfork where Bobby angrily confronts her. Sue Ellen sees J.R. and Kimberly kissing. Ray wants to make sure he's got Bobby's blessing for his marriage with Jenna. Dandy dtrikes a little oil. Sue Ellen uses Pearce to get back at J.R. J.R. learns that Weststar's biggest shareholder is Kimberly's father.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Brothers and Sons

    Cliff strikes natural gas. Sue Ellen explains to Nicholas Pearce that J.R. betrayed her. J.R tests Casey's "business aggressiveness." Ray wants Bobby to be his best man at the wedding. April comes across an obstacle in her investigations of Pearce. Ray and Jenna get married. Pearce angrily confronts April. Kimberly Cryder meets Sue Ellen. Dandy pulls a gun on Cliff at the Ewing barbecue. Kimberly and J.R. put on an act in front of Sue Ellen. Lisa Alden sues Bobby for custody of Christopher.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

    Bobby tries to explain to Christopher about legal custody as Lisa purses her lawsuit. Nicholas Pearce apologizes to April. Christopher gets rebeillious with Bobby over Lucas. April is upset upset over not being at the barbecue. Sue Ellen vows revenge on J.R. Cliff tells Miss Ellie about Dandy and wants to make peace. Bobby wants to pay Lisa off. Ray and Jenna find Charlie home with her boyfriend Randy[Brad Pitt]. J.R. wants to meet Dr.Styles. Clayton feels bored. Lisa threatens Bobby with releasing damaging information in court. Lisa works with J.R. against Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Daddy's Little Darlin'

    Bobby warns Sue Ellen before the trail on Christopher's custodyBobby meets Nicholas Pearce. Cliff encounters problems in his natural gas venture. Bobby fears that the truth about how he got Christopher may come out at the trial. Bobby relives the deal with Jeff Farraday. April tells Bobby he's not over Pam yet. Sue Ellen tells J.R. she finds Pearce attractive. Clayton is interested in a painting at a gallery. Cliff tries to buy Lisa off. Christopher gets obsessed about being adopted and about Lucas. Pearce gets nervous when Sue Ellen asks him about huis family. April and Bobby make up and she kisses him. J.R. meets Dr.Styles[John Anderson] and is surprised by his plan.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - It's Me Again

    Lisa apologizes to Cliff. J.R. demanda an "act of faith" from Kimberly before he leaves Sue Ellen. Lisa socializes with Cliff, asks him information about business,and relays it on to J.R. Bobby decides to stop visiting Lucas for Christopher's sake. Pearce withdraws fron Sue Ellen's account. J.R. makes a promise to John Ross to get Ewing Oil back. April learns that Pearce may be connected to the mob. J.R. uses the information from Lisa against Cliff. Ray throws Randy out and aliemates Charlie. Clayton meets Ellis[Annabile Schofield], the girl form the painting. Wilson Cryder wants to buy Barnes/Wentworth out.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Marriage on the Rocks

    Kimberly gets servious about divorcing Wilson and she puts pressure on J.R. to live up to his part of the deal. Ray wants to be a good father to Charlie. Sue Ellen tells Pearce that she needs him as a friend. Bobby confronts Lisa again . J.R. wants to join forces with Cliff to fight Weststar. Ray discusses Randy,sex,and AIDS with Charlie. Clayton continues to meet with Laurel Ellis. J.R. and Sue Ellen discuss divorce. April tells Sue Ellen that she's been dating Bobby. Cliff refuse to support Lisa in her fight for Christopher. Miss Ellie meets Kimberly Cryder. J.R. succeeds in maneuvering Pearce into Sue Ellen's arms.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - Anniversary Waltz

    Nicholas Pearce demands honesty from Sue Ellen. Miss Ellie doesn't suspect that Clayton has been meeting with another woman. Dave Culver tells Bobby that bringing back the Ewing name doesn't have to be a dead tissue. Oswald Valentine reappears in Sue Ellen's office and is rebuffed by her. J.R. overhears a conversation between Cliff and Lisa. Laurel Ellis asks Clayton about him and Ellie. Bobby and Christopher reconile. Laurel admits that Clayton may be in love with her. Cliff tells Bobby that he likes Lisa. Charlie has a very serious fight with Jenna. Kimberly pressures J.R. to keep hie promise. Clayton forgets about the third anniversy of his marriage to Ellie. April's detective gets scared of the Pearce/Lombardi mob connection. Bobby suspect Lisa works with J.R. which leads to another violent confrontation between the two brothers.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Brotherly Love

    The Ewings get scared of Bobby's temper as he violently deals with J.R. in the pool. Sue Ellen suspects that J.R. may want to get rid of her to win control of Weststar. Casey gets interested in Sly Lovergren. Bobby vows to get Ewing Oil back. J.R. wants to get rid of Lisa Alden. Cliff gets hooked up to the gas pipeline. Sue Ellen gets more involved with Nicholas Pearce. Laurel's friend David Shulton[Charles Grant] asks Clayton about his intentions toward Laurel. Bobby is happy because he thinks Lisa is gone. April is further troubled by the revelation about Pearce. Kimberly giver J.R. an ultimatum. Clayton feels guilty and gets Ellie a gift. Charlie begins to dislike Ray. Cliff is down because people don't show up for his celebration party. J.R. blackmails April to make her buy more Weststar stock.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - The Best Laid Plans

    Laurel Ellis urges Clyton to do something more with his life. Pearce explains hie vision of the Weststar takeover to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen wants to team up with Bobby to work against J.R. April feels uncomfortable working with J.R. J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen see him in bed with Kimberly. Sue Ellen explains to Pearce her strategy about divorce. Laurel's old boyfriend comes from England Charlie complains to Bobby about Ray. April wants to cut her ties to J.R. Miss Ellei sees Laurel kissing Clayton. Ray throws Bobby out of his house. Jenna's problems with Charlie contine.Lisa Alden continues to follow Bobby and Christopher. Sue Ellen moves back to her room at Southfrork and leaves J.R. disappointed that she doesn't want divorce.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Farlow's Follies

    Charlie apologizes to Ray. Cliff meets Nicholas Pearce Ellen and Pearce question Cliff about whether he works with J.R. Bobby goes to Washington to try get the Ewing Oil name back. Miss Ellie gets drunk after seeing Clayton with Lauer Ellis again. David Shulton borrows money from Clayton. Ray and Jenna give Charlie and Randy another chance. April tells Bobby that she slept with J.R. and that he's blackmailing her over it. Ray apologizes to Bobby fro throwing him out of the house. April's apartment gets broken into. Sly dates Casey Denault. Lisa Alden pursues her lawsuit. J.R. tells Dr.Styles that Sue Ellen won't give him the divorce.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Malice in Dallas

    Bobby confronts J.R. again about Lisa Alden. April learns that her detective got murdered. Miss Ellie confides in Marvis Anderson about Clayton's affair with Laurel. J.R. makes a promise to Kimberly to be with her regardless of the outcome of the fight for Weststar.David Shulon encourges Laurel to use Clayton and his money. Ray and Jenna get worried over Charlie's poor grades in school. April tells Pearce that she's been investigating him. Miss Ellie goes away to St.Croix. Shulton borrows more money from Clayton. Pearce visit his parents in Indiana. Kimberly talks to Casey behind J.R.'s back. Bobby and Sue Ellen testify at the custody trial but Lisa decides to drop the case.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Crime Story

    Lisa comes to Southfork to say goodbye to Christopher. J.R. wants Casey to keep meeting with Kimberly. Miss Ellie goes to Atlanta to visit Lucy. Jenna firbids Charlie to go out with Randy. Bobby's new friend in Washington Kay LlOYD[Karen Kopins] is impressed with his PR skills. Laurel's old boyfriend Brett Lomax[Mark Lindsay Champman] wants her to go back to England with him. Nicholas Pearce gets April scared with his mob connections. David Shulton tries to blackmail Clayton. Kimberly asks Sue Ellen when she will divorce J.R. Bobby tells April that they're not right for each other. Pearce tells Sue Ellen he will have to dissappear . Ray and Jenna catch Charlie trying to sneak out of the house at night.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - To Have and to Hold

    April gets visitors in her apartment and she is forced to reveal Pearce's real identify to them. Sue Ellen doesn't understand why Pearce won't meet with her. J.R. is rebuffed by Ray when he approaches him about buying Weststar STOCK. Pearce is intergated and beaten up. Jenna and Ray decide to send Charlie to a school in Switzerland and Jenna goes with her to see her settle down. Miss Ellie returns from her vacation. Sly tells Casey Denault that she belives in him. Pearce is told that his parents are dead but his "companions" remain skeptical. Kay Lloyd comes to Dallas an d spends time with Bobby. Ellie confronts Clayton about Laurel and tells him to leave Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - Dead Reckoning

    April is released Miss Ellie tells the family that Cayton will not be living at Southfork. Charlie resents being forced to leave,and Jenna has her doubts about it as well. Clayton tries to explain to Ellie about his"innocent friendship" with Laurel. Shulton tells Miss Ellie that Cayton has slept with Laurel. Ray meets a woman named Connie Hall[Michelle Scarabelle] and makes her in distress. Pearce tells April to stay out of his life. Bobby asks Clayton about why he had to leave Southfork. Pearce is happy that he managed to make it look like his parents are dead. Cliff meets Casey Denault. An angry Clayton beats Shulton up. Cliff becomes addicted to tranquilizers. Clayton is arrested for the murder of Sulton.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Never Say Never

    Bobby,Miss Ellie and Harv Smithfield unite to help Clayton out of hid trouble. Casey wants to do business with Cliff. Connie gets turned down by Ray. Sue Ellie tells April that she and Pearce has been close. J.R. lashes out at Miss Ellie for letting Clayton back into the house. Clayton apaologizes to the Ewing for his arrest and the embrassment. Laurel tries to explain to Ellie her "friendship" with Clayton. J.R. uses Harry McSween to pick Laurel up to talk to her. Sue Ellen tires to find out from Nicholas about his "family mystery." Kimberly introduces Cliff to her father. J.R. rebuffs Kimberly's offer and vows to take Weststar away from her father.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Last of the Good Guys

    Connie Hall tries to tell Ray that his marriage is over. J.R. continues to tease Clayton about Laurel and tha homicle charge. Bobby spends more time with Kay in Washington. Casey tries to convince Cliff that they have a lot in common business-wise. j.r. offers Laurel a hideaway from media attention. Bobby strikes a deal with a Washington senator to get the Ewing Oil name back. Sue Ellen teams up with Kimberly to prevent J.R. from taking over Weststar. J.R. and Laurel declare a truce. J.R. wanto to work side by side with Bobby. J.R. uncovers the evidence to Clear Clayton's name in the homicide case, and he blackmails Laurel. The Ewings and Clayton are very grateful to J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - Top Gun

    kimberly lashes out at J.R. for her father's death. Cliff gets more addicated to pills. The Justice Department tells Bobby he will never get Ewing Oil name back. Sue Ellen tells Kimberly that it was J.R.'s drive to get Weststar which killed Dr.Styes. Casey Denault meets April Stevens. J.R. gets ready to take over Weststar. Bobby gets frustrated in Washington over the problems in getting the Ewing Oil name back. Nicholas tells his "family secret" to Sue Ellen. Laurel tells Clayton about J.R.'S blackmail.Connie refuses to be dumped by Ray. Clayton tells Ellie about some new rules he sets for lifde at Southfork. April tells Casey she doesn't want Cliff to get hurt.Sue Ellen and Jernmy Wedell offer a few surpries for J.R. at the meeting of Weststar shareholders.
  • Dallas: Episode 28 - Pillow Talk

    Ray gets wounded by a psychotic Connie. Sly is upset by the way J.R. fired Casey. Cliff vows revenge on J.R. using Jeremy Wendell. Jenna returns from Paris. Nicjolas Pearce supports Sue Ellen in her fight for John Ross. J.R. wins a temporary advantage over Sue Ellen and her court order to get John Ross. April throws a surprise party for Cliff. Bobby gets a conditional right to use the Ewing Oil ame again. Kay doesn't want to leave Washington to come to Dallas. J.R. moves out of Southfork after finding out about Clayton's co-ownership of the ranch. Ray tells Jenna about his affair with Connie. ;ucy returns to Southfrok from Atlanta. April and Cliff sign a partnership with Casey. Lucy complains to Miss Ellie about her marriages to Mitch. J.R. tells John Ross he wants to but another ranch. J.R. has a surprise for Jeremy Wendell concerning his recently acquired gas field.
  • Dallas: Episode 29 - Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again

    J.R. lashes out at Sue Ellen for defeating him along with Kimberly. Jeanna calls Ray from Paris. Sue Ellen leaves Sothfork. Ellie wants Clayton to co-own Soutfork. Connie Hall makes herself look like Jenna and imposes herself on Ray. J.R. tells Casey his service is no longer needed. J.R. places John Ross in a hideaway school to protect him against "kidnappers." Sue Ellen tries to find a legal way to find a legal way to get John Ross. Bobby and Kay wonder how to keep their long-distance romance going. April refuses to become Casey's business partner. CLIFF wants to sell his gas field to Jernmy Wendell. Connie takes revenge on Ray.
  • Dallas: Episode 30 - The Fat Lady Singeth

    Clayton asks J.R. to turn John Ross over to Sue Ellen. Sue Ellen and Pearce search for John Ross. After Ray's affair with Connie, he and Jenna wonder how it will affect their marriage. Casey meets Lucy and they date. Jenna confides in Miss Ellie about her marital problem. J.R. gets the Ewing Oil property back from Jeremy Wendell but Bobby rebuffs his offer to work together again. Jenna decides to give Ray another chance. Jordan Lee telle Cliff that he saw Pam. Ray and Jenna leave Dallas. Pearce gets killed in a confrontation with J.R. Sue Ellen fires three shots at J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Carousel

    Sue Ellen thinks she killed J.R. At the hospital, J.R. tries to make himself look like he's dying. Cliff and April make a trip to look for Pam. Bobby refuse to help Sue Ellen find John Ross. Jeremy Wendell and Bobby exchange warnings and threats. Sue Ellen and J.R. drop their criminal charges against one another.Lucy hands John Ross right to Sue Ellen's arms as an angry J.R. watches from the hospital window.Sue Ellen hires a divorce attroney. Cliff is left bitterly disappointed after his meeting with Pam[Margaret Michaels]. Bobby agrees to take J.R. back into Ewing Oil on certain conditions. Clayton meets Carter Mckay [George Kennedy] who wants to buy Ray's house. Cliff lies to Bobby about having seen Pam.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - No Greater Love

    Clayton wants to sell his refineries to Bobby. John Ross question his mother about why she shot J.R. J.R. fires Harry McSween. J.R. moves back to Southfork to gain an advantage in his fight for permamment custody over John Ross. Tammy Miller reappears in Bobby's life. Sue Ellen buys a new house and moves in with John Ross. Miss Ellie anc Clayton socialize with Carter Mckay.Cliff decides to get out of the oil business. John Ross gets toughed up by kids at school because of his mother shooting J.R. Mitch comes to Southfork and asks Lucy to come back home.April tells Bobby that Cliff lied about seeing Pam. A drunk Bobby appears at Tammy's place. Mitch's job puts strain on his marriage to Lucy. Sue Ellen decides to let John Ross live at Southfork but she vows to eventually even the score with J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - The Call of the Wild

    J.R., Bobby,Christopher,and John Ross go on a hunting trip to Haleyville on the Arkansas/Lousisana border. J.R. and BObby reminisce about old times but Lucy resents that they ignore her father Gary. Sue Ellen wantsa to see Cliff to get back at J.R. Casey strikes oil and shares his joy with April. In Haleyville J.R. meets a waitress name Cally Harper[Cathy Podewel].Cliff wants to sell Barness/ Wentworth to Jordan Lee. Cliff and April have a fight. J.R. promise Cally a new life. Casey tells Sly Lovegren that shell's always be just a secetary. Lucy tells Casey that she's not ready for a new relationship. Cally questions J.R. about his marriage. J.R. wants to take Cally to Southfork. J.R. is scared when Cally's brothers find him in bed with her.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Out of the Frying Pan

    Cally's brothers want revenge on J.R. but the sheriff intervenes ans saves his life. Cliff sells Barness/ Wentworth to Jeremy Wendell. Claytonpressures Bobby to purchase his refineries. Casey Denault is execited about his success. Sue Ellen tells John Ross about the divorce. Back in Haleyville, J.R is in jail awaiting trial for rape. J.R. promises Cally to marry her if she gets him out of jail. Miss Ellie disapproves of Cliff's deal with Wendell.Bobby wants to start fresh with April but she rebuffs him. Casey proposes to Lucy. Miss Ellie wanta Bobby to take Cliff into Ewing Oil.Cally lets J.R. out of jail but the sheriff catches up with them. J.R. is found guilty and is sent to prison for 10 years.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Road Work

    Bobby tries to talk Cliff into going back into the oil business by becoming a partner in Ewing Oil. Clayton finds out that Mckay has dammed up a river. Jeremy Wendell courts Sue Ellie. In prison,J.R. does hard labor and tries to bribe officals. Lucy continues to date Casey Danault. Clayton has his first confrontation with Carter Mckay and his ranch hands.Bobby meets a pool hustler named Tracey Lwaton[Beth Toussaint]. Cliff agress to join Ewing Oil. J.R. thinks he's got a break from prison but he falls into a trap.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing

    Cally's brothers get J.R. out of prison and then want to kill him but Cally saves his life. Ray comes from Europe to visit Southfork. Clayton tries to find a legal way to make Mckay relase the water flow but Miss Ellie decides to blow up the dam.Wendell tells Sue Ellen that he knows about J.R.'s conditional acceptance into Ewing Oil. Wendell wants to team up with Sue Ellen against J.R. Lucy tells Casey she's not ready to get intimate. J.R. works the farm in Haleyville. Cally tells her brothers that shell's turn them in to police for murder if they kill J.R. Mckay comes to Southfork with the sheriff but Miss Ellie denies having blown up the dam. Tension escalates between Mckay and Southfork as Mckay hires a force of mercenaries. Cliff offically becomes a parnter i Ewing Oil. Bobby dates Tracey Lawton but she's afraid of a commitment. Cally saves J.R.'s life again and they get married. The Ewing wonder about Mckay's intentions. Sue Ellen gets divorced from J.R.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Showdown at the Ewing Corral

    In Haleyville, J.R. promise his new wife Cally to take her to Southfork if she get in touch with the Ewings. The oil community shows disbelief at the news that J.R. is out of oil deals and Cliff Barnes is part of Ewing Oil. J.R. runs away fro Haleyville. Bobby gets romantically involved with Tracey Lawton. Miss Ellie angrily confronts Mckay about the rangs war. After returning to Dallas, J.R. is shocked to find Cliff at Ewing Oil. Mckay plots to have Ewing ranch hands abandon Sothfork. Miss Ellie vows to stay at Southfork despite the esalating range war with Mckay.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Deception

    Sue Ellen has a fight with Miss Ellie whae she comes to Sothfork to pick up John Ross and learns that he's been taken off the ranch for safety reasons.Wendell pressures Sue Ellen to take revenga on J.R. J.R. gets hired guns to protect Sothfork. J.R. asks Harv Smithfield about the rights of an escape fugitive form out of state if he gets caught. Sue Ellen question Cliff about why he won't have a family. Tracey tells Bobby about her tragic past. Bobby learns Mckay is Tracey's father. Lucy becomes a major shareholder in Denault Inc. J.R. hires a private eye to learn about Mckay. Wendell is after the oil on Southfork's section 40 and uses Mckay to achieve his goal.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Counter Attack

    J.R. has nightmares about in Haleyville and he seeks psychological help. April tests Casey to see if he's got money. Cliff meets Tammy Miller and takes her to lunch. Christopher gets hurt in the range war with Mckay,and Bobby lashes out at J.R. for bringing the boys back to the raanch. Mckay questions his daughter Tracey about her and Bobby. Sue Ellen fears she lost John Ross to J.R. Wendell and Sue Ellen has a major fight. Mckay says good-bye to his companion Rose[Jeri Gaile]. Bobby goes on a secret counterattack mission into Mckay's ranch under cover of the night. J.R.,Clayton,and Ray ambush a few of Mckay's hired guns. Mckay kills his man Fred Hughes[Gerrit Graham] to save Bobby's life. Casey talks to Lucy about marriage but she suspect he's broke. Mckay tells Bobby his version of the family story. Mckay confornts Wendell and vows to get Section 40 his way. As the Ewings beging to celbrate the end of the ranch war,Miss Ellie tells Mckay that she decide to sell Section 40 to him.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - The Sting

    After Miss Ellie's decision to sell Section 40 to Mckay. Wendell decides to sell most of his Weststar stock to make the purchase.Mckay pressures Wendell to have his son Tommy released from prison. Ray leaves Southfork and goes back to Europe. Bobby tells Tracey that problems with her dad are separate from their relationship. The sheriff from Haleyville shows up at Ewing Oil and warns J.R. Sue Ellen tells Wedell off when he proposes to her. April and Lucy uncover Casey's con game. Mckay gets a phone call from Tommy. J.R. wants to be oil partners with April. Tammy questions Cliff about Jamie.Mckay makes up with Tracey as they anticipate Tommy's return. Kimberly Cryder tells Mckay that she's got controlling interest in Weststar. Cally shows up at Southfork and announces she's J.R.'s wife.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - The Two Mrs. Ewings

    Miss Ellie takes cally around the house. John Ross questions his father about who Cally is. Cally tells J.R. she'll either be his wife or she won't let him touch her. J.R. thinks Bobby is getting too close to Mckay and Tracey. J.R. wants an annulment of his marriage to Cally but Harv Smithfield gives him no hope. Cliff dates Tammy Miller. Marilee Stone is surprised that Clff is part of Ewing Oil. Lucy gives Cally a "new image" but it turns out a diaster. John Ross resents Cally. J.R. plots to use April to thwart Bobby and Cliff's deal in Louisiana. Bruce Harvey reappears and wants Sue Ellen to make more movies. Sue Ellen flies to the West Coast and gets ready to buy a film studio. In Miami, Mckay and Tracey visit Tommy at the hospital. Lucy is down because Mitch is divorcing her and she's got no date for the Oil Barons'Ball, Sue Ellen meets Tracey Lawton and they talk about Bobby. J.R. disapproves of Bobby dating Tracey. Sue Ellen meets Cally and punches J.R. in the face. J.R. is outraged when Carter Mckay is announced chairman of the board of direct of Weststar.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - The Switch

    April complaints to J.R. that he didn't tell her about Cally. Cliff tries to turn his dates with Tammy into a relationship. Cally vows to stay at Sothfork and make her marriage to J.R. work. Mckay tells Bobby he's good for Tracey. Cally asks J.R.whether he slept with April. Christopher makes friends with Cally. Sue Ellen gives a little "advice" on how to handle J.R. Mckay wants Tracey to work for Weststar. J.R. hires a cop to find out about Mckay. Cally tells J.R. he'll have to marry her again at Southfork. Tammy breaks up with Cliff. Tension rises between Cally and John Ross. Bobby tells Christopher that Pam will never come back. J.R. learns that Nicholas Pearce's father is looking into his son's death.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - He-e-ere's Papa!

    Cally insitist on a second honeymoon at Southfork. J.R. questions Sue Ellen about Nicjolas Pearee's mob connections. Cliff tells Bobby that he brike up with Tammy Miller. Bobby wants Christopher to be friends with Tracey. Sue Ellen buys a movie studio. Joseph Lombard's[Joseph Lombardi's] men snatch J.R. on the streets and Lombardi's interrogates him. J.R. tries to blame Sue Ellen for his death. jOHN Ross continutes to resent Cally. Sue Ellen tells John Ross thaat sge will never return to J.R. Tracey and Cally socialize. Cliff goes to Washington on business. Tracey starts her job at Weststar. Mckay wants to be friends with Sue Ellen. Bobby questions April about her and J.R. Sue Ellen saves J.R.'S life by telling Joseph Lombardi's that his son's death was an accident.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Comings and Goings

    Sue Ellen tell J.R. she changed her mind about revenge."Sue Ellen meets Don Lockwood[Ian McShane]and gradually reveals the plot of her movie. Sue Ellen wants tp use Lucy's help in her movie. J.R. toredoes Bobby and Cliff's business deal. A drunk Cliff appear at April's place. Cally and John Ross don't get along. Lucy tells Don LOCKWOOD her memories of how J.R. harassed her mother Valene. Tommy Mckay[J.Eddie Peck] returns and moves in with his father and Tracey. John Ross has an accident in the pool and is saved by Cally. Cally gets impatient with John Ross' attitude. Sue Ellen plans to make J.R. the laughing stock of Dallas with her movieabout their marriages.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Country Girl

    Miss Ellie and Clayton returns from Europe and are greeted at the airport by J.R., Bobby, and Lucy. Sue Ellen shows Don LOCKWOOD her diaries and she reminisssces about her sister Kristin. April warns Cliff against continutes to work at Ewing Oil. Cally complains to Miss Ellie about being mistreated by J.R. Miss Ellie takes Cally to a meeting of the Daughters of the Alamo. April tells J.R. that she doesn't want to double-cross Cliff abd Bobby. Cally is happy because she reaches a "truce" with John Ross. Tommy McKay is interested in Cally but he gets a " cold shower" when he learns that she's married. John Ross tells J.R. that Cally saved his life. Tommy courts April. Miss Ellie pressures J.R. to either re-marry Cally or divorce her. Bobby senses something strange about Tommy Mckay. Don Lockwood fears he knows too much about Sue Ellen to stay objective in his job. Cally tells J.R. she's pregnant. J.R. decides to marry Cally at Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Wedding Bell Blues

    It's wedding day for J.R. and Cally as a tornado announced in the Southfork area. Sue Ellen takes Don Lockwood on a "field trip" to Southfork. Carter Mckay wants Tommy to work at Weststar. Bobby is glad that J.R. kept his promise to Cally. Cliff opens a piece of mail for J.R. and a fight erupts between J.R.,Cliff and Bobby. J.R. meets Don Lockwood. J.R. warns Sue Ellen to stay away from Cally. Lucy warns Tracey against being involed with Bobby. Tommy makes a pass at April and then goes into a rage when she turns him down. CLIFF asks Don Lockwood about him and Sue Ellen. Cally tells J.R. that she and Sue Ellen plotted to trick him into the marriage.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - The Way We Were

    Cally wants to make sure that J.R. is not mad at her for tricking him into marriage. Bobby confronts J.R. about his faliure to consult one another about business deals. J.R. tells Cally that he may use her "deviousness" in his future plans. Sue Ellen gets impatient with Don Lockwoodfor constantly turning her down. Sue Ellen is pressures by Bruce Harvey to start casting sessions for her movie. Cally wants Bobby and J.R. to get alone but she encounters Bobby's resistance. Tommy Mckay has has cocaine smuggled in from South America and manages to fool both Carter and Tracey. Cliff questions April about her and Tommy. Tracey wants Carter and Tommy to get along. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen a little about his life. J.R. manages to make Bobby look in front of the family like he doesn't want agreement with him. Tommy tells J.R. that his dad is responsible for his mother's death. Sue Ellen reminisces about Holly Harwood and the car in which Mickey Trotter got injured. Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood get intimate.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - The Serpent's Tooth

    Sue Ellen and Don Lockwood contine their romane. Cally wants to learn about the oil business from J.R. Tommy Mckay gets squeezed for more cash for his drug deals and he sells infornation on Carter's oil deals to J.R. Tracey's family problems put a strain on her relationship with Bobby. Don Lockwood pays a visit in J.R.'s office. Chistopher feels left out because Cally spends time with John Ross. Jordon Lee retires from the business. Bobby and Cliff take April out on her birthday. Don Lockwood and Sue Ellen have a major fight and he almost quits. April questions Bobby about his relationship with Tracey. J.R. plots to use the information he got form Tommy to get back into Ewing Oil all the way.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Three Hundred

    J.R. asks Sly Lovengren to secretly provied him some Ewing Oil information. Tommy Mckay tries to get the missing $100,000 form his father and then form April. April decides to give Tommy a second chance and he takes her out on a date which ends up violently for her. Sue Ellen takes a look at the recreation of Southfork made for the movie.Sue Ellen takes wonders if she's ready to "relive her life" while making the movie. J.R. and Bobby get struck in an elevator and reminisce about old times. J.R. manages to push a few emotional buttons in Bobby who decides to take him back as a full partner in Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - April Showers

    Cliff is furious to learn that J.R. is back in Ewing Oil all the way but he changes his mind when Bobby tells him about the European plan. Tracey and Bobby break up after April complains to Tracey about Tommy's behavior. J.R. tells Ratagan[John Hoge] to find out about Gustav Helstrom[Christopher Neame]. Sue Ellen demands honestly form Don Lockwood. Cally decides to learn to "talk proper"Tommy Mckay is on the run from South America drug dealers. Tommy sells more information to J.R. Tommy beats April up and then is beaten up by Bobby. April tells Bobby she cares fro him. J.R. recuits Cally to help him meet Gustav. Carter Mckay threaters Bobby when he learns about what he did to his son.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - And Away We Go!

    Tommy Mckay recovers from the beaten he got form Bobby. Jordan Lee sells his company to Carter Mckay. Sue Ellen takes a look at actors who will play J.R. in her movie. Tommy leaves town. Bobby visit April at the hospital. Bobby meets Gustv Helstrom. Cally is very understands about J.R.'s work style. Carter Mckay blames Bobby for what happenings to his son. Lucy helps Sue Ellen in the casting sessions. J.R. blackmails Gustv to get information on the European deal. Afton Copper[Audrey Landers] reappears in Dallas and Cliff looks her up. Tracey Lawton leaves Dallas to look for Tommy and she says good-buy to Bobby. Cliff decides to stay in Dallas because of Afton but J.R., Bobby,and Cally leaves for Europe.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Yellow Brick Road

    Bobby joins J.R. and Cally on their honeymoon as they travel to Sazburg,Austria. J.R. and Bobby plan Ewing Oil strategy to beat Carter Mckay. J.R., Bobby, and Cally "accidentally"meet Chick and Bunny Harvard[David Healy,Kathryn Leigh Scott] who turn out to be working for Mckay. Bobby is surprised by April Steven who comes to Salburg to talk to him.CARTER Mckay tells the Ewing brothers he wants to make peace. Back in Dallas, Clayton suffers memory loss after an injury. Afton likes "the new Cliff." Cliff meets Afton's daughter Pamela Rebecca Cooper[Jenna Pangburn]. Sue Ellen learns that casting and the script for her movies are finished and shooting is about to begin. In Austria, J.R. and Bobby meet Rolf Brundin[Gunnar Hellstrom] who tells them he wants to buy Ewing Oil.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - The Sound of Money

    Bobby and J.R. refuse to sell Ewing Oil to Brundin and they suspect that Carter Mckay is behind the scheme. Brundi and they Mckay plan new strategy after the Ewings' refusal. Bobby and J.R. wonder if Chick and Bunny Harvard could be spies for Mckay. J.R. is too physically exhausted to keep up with Cally. Back in Dallas, Clayton's memory problems continue and he wants to go to the Southern Cross ranch. Cliff tries to give Afton an engagement ring. Sue Ellen is concerned about how Miss Ellie will react when she learns about J.R. affair with Kristin. Don Lockwood tells Sue Ellen that she reminds him of his late wife. Afton tells Cliff to stay away from Pamela Rebecca. In Vienna, J.R. unexpectedly runs into Vanessa Beaumont[Gayle Hunnicutt].
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - The Great Texas Waltz

    In Vienna, J.R. spends time with Vanessa Beaumont, the only woman to break hie heart, but he refuses to make love to her. Carter Mckay asks April Stevens to talk Bobby out of the Brundi deal. April goes to bed with Bobby. Back in Dallas, Cliff hires dective Dave Wallace[Ron Canada] to find out whether Pamela Rebecca is his daughter. Sue Ellen spends time with John Ross and Don Lockwood but John Ross is incredibly rude to Don. Sue Ellen tells Don she needs him in her life. Miss Ellie finds Clayton at the grave of his first wife Amy. In Vienna, J.R. Bobby strike a deal with Bardin but they get a strange warnng from Vanessa who tells them that they must go to Moscow.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - Mission to Moscow

    In Vienna, Cally questions J.R. about Vanessa and she warns him that she'll never share him with another woman. J.R. and Bobby go to Moscow where thet are told thar Brundi and his cartel are frontmen for OPEC.Back in Dallas, Lucy, Christopher, Sue Ellen,and Miss Ellie try to help Clayton cope with his memory problem. Clff admires Afton's singing and he wants to make a commitment to her. Sue Ellen finds it painfull to relive her life while making her movie. Cliff things that he is Pamela Rebecca's father. Cliff learns that Afton left Dallas. Don Lockwood gets an offer for a movie overseas. In Vienna, Cally meets vanessa who says good-bye to J.R. Bobby,J.R, Cally, and April leave Europe for Dallas.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Reel Life

    After their return to Dallas, Apriland Bobby try to keep their Euopean romance going. Cliff goes to Baton Rough, Louisiana and gets duped by Afton's former husband Harrison Van Buren,111[Andrew Prime]. Sue Ellen agrees to move to England with Don Lockwood but John Ross stays in Dallas. Weststar employees give Carter Mckay a big welcome upon his return from Vienna. April gets scary, crank calls and Bobby decides to take her to Southfork. Bobby suspects that Tommy Mckay is making trouble again and he confronts Carter about it. Sue Ellen tells Cally that she'll have to fight for her identify in her marriages. Miss Ellie gets a birthday card addressed to Jock with a mysterious key inside. Sue Ellen gives J.R. a taste of what her ultimate revenge on him could be like-- a movie that will make J.R. "the laughing stock of Texas."
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - Phantom of the Oil Rig

    Tension between Ewing Oil and Weststar rises in the aftermath of the European deal. April vows not to let the crank phone calls get to her. Tommy Mckay returns to Dallas and shows up in Bobby's office with an apology. Miss Ellie and Clayton contine to try to resolve the mystery of the key for Jock. Bobby accuses Cliff of neglecting Ewing Oil business.Cliff goes to Charleston, South Carolina to search for Van Buren. April's sister Michelle Stevens [Kimberly Foster] appears and meets Bobby. Tommy plots a bomb attack.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - The Leopard's Spots

    In Charleston, South Carolina Afton and Van Buren put on an act in front of Cliff regarding who Pamela Rebecca's father is. Michelle tells Bobby that she won't chase after him as long as April is his woman. Miss Ellie and Clayton go to New England to trr to resolve the mystery of the key. Cally meets Alex Barton [Micheal Wilding],a gallery owner. J.R. and Marilee Stone discuss the buying out of her company. Carter Mckay wants everybody to believe that Tommy has really changed. J.R. meets Michelle Stevens.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - Cry Me a River of Oil

    J.R. meets AL Halliday[Lance LeGault] who offers to sell him a tanker with an accident record. Cally learns about J.R.'s past romance with April and she confronts both of them about it. Michelle shows up for dinner with Cliff instead of April. Miss Ellie and Clayton ask Jordon Lee about early oil days in Texas and he tells them about a town called Pride where Jock Ewing had his first strike. Rolk Brundin falls victim of Tommy Mckay's deadly vengeance. April's past romance with J.R. puts a strain on her friendship with Cally aand she deecides to move out of Southfork and go back to her place.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Ka-Booooom!

    Cally feels she's not good enough for J.R. and she shares her concern with Miss Ellie. April wants to put an end to her partnership with J.R. Michelle overhears a converrsation between April and Bobby which concerns Cliff,and she tells Cliff about it. Cliff feels mistreated at Ewing Oil. Carter Mckay's friend Rose Daniels returns but she is scared away by Tommy who acts to "protect" his father. John Ross goes to England to visit his mother. Miss Ellie and Clayton tell Bobby that they like April. Cally senses that Alex Barton'''s interest goes beyound just her paintings. Carter Mckay gets a warning about Tommy's psycholoogical problems in his role as "father protector" Tommy plants a bomb in Bobby's briefcase and April and Bobby narrowly escape death.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Sunrise, Sunset

    A storm in the Gulf spells trouble for J.R.s tanker. Cliff dates Michelle which provokes a cool reaction from April. Michelle resents April's attitude. April asks Cliff wheather he sleeps with her sister. Alex gets Cally a studio for her painting and he wants her to drop "Ewing" from her name. J.R. is forced to make a move on Marilee's company but he manages to avoid it at the last minute. Tommy Mckay gets accidentally killed in a confrontation with his father. Tracey shows up for the funeral but she finds Carter turned ccolkdhearted. Tracey blames April foe her brother's tragedy. April proposes to Bobby. Vanessa Beaumont's son James shows up at J.R.'S office.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Pride and Prejudice

    J.R. and Beaumont have a pretty rough first conversation but then they begin to get along fine as James is introdduced into Dallas' social life., and makes quite an impression in the process. James dates Kendall, the receptionist at Ewing Oil, and ask her about the company. Bobby is concerned as Christopher goes out on his first date. Carter Mckay makes a business deal with April. Alex questions Cally about her European honeymoon and he tries to exploit Vanessa's presence in Austria to his advantage. Cally asks Alex about his personal life. April pressures Bobby on marriage. Miss Ellie and Clayton keep traveling in search of the object that would fit the mysterrious key. Vanessa surpries J.R. and Cally by showing up at Southfork to "collect her son".
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - Fathers and Other Strangers

    Vanessa says that she came looking for James, and J.R. and Cally make her feel welcome. James dates Sly Lovegren but she plays hard to get. Bobby and April have another fight with Cliff and Michelle. J.R. and Vanessa reminisce about old times. Miss Ellie and Clayton meet Sarah Ewing and her Jewish family whom Jock saved during World War ll. Bobby takes James around the refineries. Tension between J.R. and Cliff rises and J.R. wants to buy Cliff out. Sarah Ewing gives Ellie a letter from Jock to his son, written 45 years ago. Mckay is told that his tanker is in serious trouble. At the Oil Barons, everybody at the table is completely stunned, most of all J.R.,as James makes his shocking revelation.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - Black Tide

    Vanessa reassures J.R. that James is really his son. James' appearence puts a strain on Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Cally accuses Vanessa of plotting to take J.R. away from her. A tanker collision involving Ewing Oil and Weststar puts the two companies on opposite sides again, as a black tide of oil is heading toward the Texas coast. Tension rises between J.R. and Bobby when Bobby finds out about the Ewing tanker. Cliff leaves Ewing Oil, takes Mckay's side, and forms a committee to investigate the tanker disaster. Michelle threaatens J.R. because in her view, he didn't keep his word after she got Cliff out of Ewing Oil.. Vanessa unsuccessfully tries to talk James into going to Europe with her. Vanessa leaves for Europe and James moves into Southfork.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Daddy Dearest

    Lucy tells James what she thinks of J.R. John Ross returns from England to find an older brother. John Ross fears that Jamess' presence will change everything. Bobby tries to do everything in his power to keep Cliff off the committee investigating the tanker disaster. April throws Michelle out.Michelle moves in with Cliff. In the aftermath of the tanker disaster, Ewing Oil gets hate mail and Mckay files a law suit. James gets Cliff's old office at Ewing Oil. J.R. Tells James that his marriage vows to Cally are sacred to him. Bobby tells April it's time to think about marriage. Cally confides in Alex regarding the new family situation at Southfork. James meets Michelle and they hit it off immediately. Cliff plans to get the governor's seat. Just as J.R. is about to quit Ewing Oil because of the tanker crisis, he gets a terrific morale booster in a surprise letter from Jock.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Hell's Fury

    Cater Mckay plans to hurt Ewing Oil using the tanker disaster. Cliff and Mckay collaborate against the Ewing. Bobby talks to the captain of the Ewing tanker. Christopher feels left out because James and John Ross socialize a lot. Kay Lloyd reappears in Bobby's office with an ominous warning from Washington. Cally thinks that J.R. has been sleeping with Michelle. Bobby and Christopher have a "father and sons talk" about John Ross' situation and the increasing conflicts between the two boys. Michelle plots to break up Cally and J.R.'s marriage. Michelle sleeps with James. Cally pays Alex a late-night visit with words of revenge against J.R. on her lips.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - Cally on a Hot Tin Roof

    Kay Lloyd's appearance creates tension between Bobby and April senses a chemistry between the two. Cally angrily conforts J.R. about him and Michelle. J.R tries to get to Diana Farrington[Leslie Bevis]of the investigate committee .Bobby is worried about the Justice Department putting Ewing Oil on their "hit list" again. J.R. blackmails Alex Barton and drives him out of Texas. James learns about Cally's faithfulness to him and wants to undo the damage he did, but he finds her unconscious and he feels guilty.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Sex, Lies and Videotape

    J.R. confronts Lucy about why she gave sleeping pills to Cally. J.R. and Cally make up after the incidents with Alex and Michelle. Diana Farrington accuses Cliff of waging a personal vendetta against the Ewings but Cliff vows to mail the guilty party. Bobby is forced to sell a Ewing Oil field to pay for the cleanup effort. Carter Mckay finds Rose Daniels in Follett, Texas and brings her back to Dallas. KAY Floyd asks Bobby about whether he'll marry April. J.R. tells Cally that she'll never see Alex again. James discovers that J.R. cheats on Cally and tells him that he's a lousy husband, even through J.R. tries to explain to him that it's just "for business". Mckay uses Rose to videotape Cliff and her in bed, and then he blackmails Cliff with the tape. Lucy pressures Cally not to give up her artwork. Kay flies back to Washington. April is ecatactic when Bobby tells her it's time to get married.
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - Tale of Two Cities

    Cally puts on an art show at a gallery brought by Lucy. Bobby and J.R argue about Bobby's decision to rehire the tanker captain. James gets disillusioned about the way the oil business is done. Bobby and April plan their wedding. James gets Michelle an appartment. Michelle finds out about the videotape and tells Bobby who confronts Rose Mckay about it, James gets caught in the middle, trying to protect Cally and J.R., and when he tries to tell the truth to Michelle, she throws him out. A coast Guard officer's secret statement to Cliff sheds a new light on the Weststar-Ewing tanker collision.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Judgment Day

    Cliff has a battle of conscience at Digger's grave before the committee's final decision on the tanker collision. The captain of the Ewing tanker commits suicide. Michelle tells J.R that she wants to retire from the spy business, and she tells Cliff that she's been spying on him. Rose tells her husband Carter Mckay that he makes her feel lika a whore. Bobby rebuffs Mckay's offer to buy Ewing Oil. Bobby appeals to Cliff's conscience on the tanker collision. Mckay burns the videotape of Rose and Cliff in bed. J.R. tells Bobby that he takes full responsibility for Ewing Oil's seemingly inevitable fall. The committee reaches a final decision:The tanker collision was an accident.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Unchain My Heart

    Cliff gives a television interview following the committee's decision on the tanker collision. Bobby gives April an engagement ring but then they break up over three Ewing Oil fields which April bought behind Bobby's back and then unknowingly sold to Weststar. Cliff meets public relations expert Stephanie Rogers[Leslie-Anne Down]. J.R.,Cally and John Ross travel to Pride,Texas to help Miss Ellie put the town back on the oil map. Clayton remains sketical about the new Pride venture. James and Michelle make up. Bobby warms James against doing business out of Ewing Oil offices without his knowledge. Bobby thinks he saw Pamela.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - I Dream of Jeannie

    A mesmerized Bobby chases after the phantom woman that could be his beloved ex-wife Pam.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - After Midnight

    Bobby's obession with Pam look-alike Jeanne O'Brien[Margaret Michaels] continues, and he risks losing April over it. Michelle plans a business venture but Eugene Inagaki[Richard Narita]makes problems, so she asks Carter Mckay for a favor. April wants to leave Dallas and starts fresh somewhere else. James meets Duke Carlisle [Claude Earl Jones] and his impossing daughter Melinda[Shawn Modrell]. J.R. strikes oil in Pride with the help of Blackie Callaham[Denver Pyle]. Jeanne has a seductive hold on a confused Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - The Crucible

    The Ewings are concerned about why Bobby is not seeing April anymore. Mckay finds a way to force Inagaki to cooperate. April and Michelle are having second thoughts about the singles' club. Lucy and Cally have a conforntation with April and Michelle at the bar. J.R. knocks James out of the deal with Duke Carlisile. J.R. is rebuffed by Stephanie Rogers when he tries to talk into doing business with Ewing Oil. Tension rises bewteen J.R. and Cally as she gets tired of waiting home for him. Bobby tells Cliff about his obession with the Pam look-alike. Miss Ellie and Clayton witness a mysterious death during the reading of the will of Atticus Ward[John Larch]. Bobby leaves Jeanne and he finally "says good-bye" to Pam.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Dear Hearts and Gentle People

    J.R. and Cally's marriage is in trouble as they keep fighting and he moves to a hotel. Mckay accomplishes his mission with Inagaki and he makes Michelle happy but April leaves Dallas to visit her mother Amy[K.Callan] in Ohio. Events continue to unfold in the wake of the mysterious death during the reading of Atticus Ward's will, as "Rabbit" Hutch[Eddie Firestone]gets arrested and then gets bailed out by Ellie and Clayton who later finds him dead. Cliff gets appointed chair of the Oil Regulatory Commission and J.R. realizes that he understimated Stephanie Rogers. Bobby goes to Ohio and tries to make things right again bewteen him and April. Serena Ward reappears and makes J.R. good again.
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Paradise Lost

    J.R. devises an ingenious plan to rid Cally from his life.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - Will Power

    J.R. is forced to resort to desperate measures when Cally vows to make their marriage work.
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - The Smiling Cobra

    Cally and James pull closer together in an effort to fend off J.R.'s evil ways.
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Jessica Redux

    Evil J.R. is at work as he looks to destroy his wife;tear down Cliff Barness' career; manipulate his son's future; and protect his mother Ellie.
  • Dallas: Episode 24 - Family Plot

    Cally and James are driven to vow revenge against the man they both vehemently hate--J.R. Ewing.
  • Dallas: Episode 25 - The Southfork Wedding Jinx

    Another high- spirited and unpredictable South fork wedding plays hosts to April and Bobby.
  • Dallas: Episode 26 - Three, Three, Three (1)

    J.R. after having secretly committed himself to an insane asylum in an effort to coerce Jessica into signing over to him her shares of Weststar stock, discovers the path to her is littered with bizarre and dangerous patients.
  • Dallas: Episode 27 - Three, Three, Three (2)

    J.R. feels its to get out of the asylum, but James has other plans. James destroys the release papers and J.R. is trapped at the institution.
  • Dallas: Episode 1 - April in Paris

    Bobby and April's honeymoon encounters an unexpected twist with the introduction of Susan Lucci's characters,Sheila Foley. James takes over operations at Ewing Oil while J.R. mulls his fate and tries to devise a way out of the insane asylum.
  • Dallas: Episode 2 - Charade

    With April still in harms way, Bobby is forced to acquiesce to the kidnapper's demands.Yet unrealeased from the asylum, J.R. faces off with a dangeous foe. James loses more than his shirt in a high stakes poker game.
  • Dallas: Episode 3 - One Last Kiss

    Bobby makea a daring attempt to rescue April. J.R. finally gets out of the asylum and bids farewell to both Cally and Sly.
  • Dallas: Episode 4 - Terminus

    J.R. gets back to business as usual. James resurfaces and continues to oppose his father. Bobby and April's honeymoon ends in tragedy.
  • Dallas: Episode 5 - Tunnel of Love

    News of April's death reaches Dallas; Bobby returns home and vows to track down Sheila Foley. J.R. joins forces with Rose Mckay. Liz Adams dumps Cliff, pursues Johnny Dancer for the feds.
  • Dallas: Episode 6 - Heart and Soul

    James is stonewalled attempting to take down J.R. Bobby tries to cope while Michelle swears revenge, blaming him for April's death. j.r is soaring with delight as Vanessa Beaumont returns to his life. Johnny Dancer butts heads with Cliff, Liz Adams and Carter Mckay: Dancer turns up dead in his hotel room.
  • Dallas: Episode 7 - The Fabulous Ewing Boys

    J.R. and Vanessa try to navigate through the ruins of James Cally. Dallas police investigate Johnny Dancer's murder, Cliff is the main suspect although Caretr Mckay may know otherwise. Bobby voes to sell Ewing Oil after he and Michelle finish hunting for Sheila Foley in Odessa.
  • Dallas: Episode 8 - The Odessa File

    Bobby and Michelle search for Sheila Foley in Odessa, Cliff lends his assistance and they come up with some promising leads. Vanessa accepts J.R. proposal. J.R. attempts to block the sale of Ewing Oil to no avail: LeeAnn De Vega breezes into town and sweeps it out from under him.
  • Dallas: Episode 9 - Sail On

    James reacts negatively to the news of his mother's engagement. Lee Ann De La Vega and Michelle Stevens are in cahoots against J.R. Mckay gets desperate in hia efforts to recover an incriminating tape, winds up being arrested for Johnny Dancer's.
  • Dallas: Episode 10 - Lock, Stock and Jock

    J.R. confronts James for fathering Cally's child. Cliff and Liz get engaged. LeeAnn De La Vega dissolves Ewing Oil , strikes up a partnership with J.R. LeeAnn's motives against J.R. are revealed. Bobby returns from Paris and resumes his search for Sheila Foley.
  • Dallas: Episode 11 - "S" is for Seduction

    Liz helps Bobby ascertain Sheila Foley's real identify, Hillary Taylor.LeeAnn and Michelle step up their effort to disrupt J.R.'S engagement to Vanessa. Mckay is convicted of murder! Cliff drops a bombshell, admits that he killed Johnny Dancer in self defense.
  • Dallas: Episode 12 - Designing Women

    LeeAnn's scheme to sabotage J.R. and Vanessa works, Vanessa heads to Vienna. Mckay is realeased from prisom and vows to pay back J.R. ,James and Michelle reunite. With revenge in hand, LeeAnn exits for South America and relinquishes ownership of Ewing Oil to Michelle Stevens!
  • Dallas: Episode 13 - 90265

    Michelle takes control of the former Ewing Oil and promptly gives J.R. the boot. J.R. despairs over the breakup of the family. James and Michelle get hitched, for better or for worse? Bobby heads to Malibu in search of Hillary Taylor's daughter, Jory.
  • Dallas: Episode 14 - Smooth Operator

    J.R. rekindles some of the old South Fork traditions. Bobby positions himself to capture Hilary Taylor. James and Michelle clash in tjhe midst of their scheme. Pulling strings again, J.R. orchestrates a new plan on action.
  • Dallas: Episode 15 - Win Some, Lose Some

    J.R. purchases an oil company from Liz Adams and extracts revenge on LeeAnn De La Vega. James learns the oil business form the master himself. Cliff is appointed Energy Czar, spilts with Liz in the process.Michelle's attempts to seduce J.R. prove unsuccessful, yet. Joel is kidnapped; Bobby must choose between saving her or brining Hillary Taylor to justice.
  • Dallas: Episode 16 - Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons

    Bobby returns home to South Fork. Mckay learns who really killed Johnny Dancer, plots revenge in realiation of his own downfall. Cliff teams up with Michelle in order to go after J.R. once more. The Ewing boys go on a cattle drive; Bobby announces his retirement from the oil business. A skeleton from James' closet in the shape of ex love Deborah Lyn and his son Jimmy.
  • Dallas: Episode 17 - When the Wind Blows

    Mckay lowers the boom on Cliff, forces him to resign the Energy Czar position. J.R. delays Debra Lynn from seeing James, wants nothing to interfere with his avenue back in to Ewing Oil.Finally catching on to J.R.'s machinanations, Debra Lynn burts in at South Fork and proclaims to oust Michelle!
  • Dallas: Episode 18 - Those Darned Ewings

    The tangled web of James and Debra Lynn begins to unravel,much to Michelle's dismay. Jory Taylor appears at South Fork and spends her time with Bobby. The future of the Ewings at Ewing Oil is in question! J.R. learns that he is indeed the father of Cally's child and makes plans to track her down.
  • Dallas: Episode 19 - Farewell, My Lovely

    James and J.R. clash. Clyton comes back to the states to settle some business with the boys. John Ross and Chistopher and plot to leave Dallas for Europe. J.R locates Cally but decides to leave her to live in peace. Hillary Taylor comes looking for Jory!
  • Dallas: Episode 20 - Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out

    James splits with Michelle in order to be with Debra Lynn and their son, JIMMY. John Ross heads to Europe with Clayton, leaves J.R. on his own. Cliff finds a way to snake himself back into Ewing Oil. Hillary Taylor makes peace with Jory, faces Bobby, and Michelle goes to South Fork with a gun to shoot J.R. but finds Hilary.As she realizes its the woman who killed her sister April, she aims the gun, pulls the trigger and Hilary is DEAD.
  • Dallas: Episode 21 - The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire

    Michelle arrested for Hillary Taylor's murder,Cliff and J.R.jockey to take control of Ewing Oil. Jory heads back to Malilbu after her mother's funeral.Carter Mckay and Dusty Farlow give J.R. a little payback. With South Fork feeling lonely and forever changed, J.R. drinks himself to obliviion and contemplates life...
  • Dallas: Episode 22 - Conundrum (1)

    Here we have it -- the conclusion of the "Dallas" TV series (although, thankfully, TV movies would follow). In this two-part episode, J.R. is on the brink of despair, holding a gun to his own head, when he's visited by an other-worldly type named Adam. He takes a mystical journey in the "It's a Wonderful Life" slant and finds out what the lives of those around him would have been like had there never been a J.R. Ewing. With a wonderful sense of humor, the writers give us a world where Gary Ewing is a successful lawyer, Cliff Barnes is vice-president of the United States (!), Cally Harper is a battered wife, Bobby Ewing is a wandering loser, Sue Ellen Shepard is a thriving actress, and the other Ewing son is named Jason -- and is a weasley little user and jerk. Finally, the two-parter -- and the series -- ends with a gunshot. Did J.R. do it? How can he, when we have reunion movies to do? Long live the king!!!!!! And, BRBTV notes, long live the brilliance of the amazing Larry Hagman!
  • Dallas: Episode 23 - Conundrum (2)

    In this two-part episode, J.R. is on the brink of despair, holding a gun to his own head, when he's visited by an other-worldly type named Adam. He takes a mystical journey in the "It's a Wonderful Life" slant and finds out what the lives of those around him would have been like had there never been a J.R. Ewing. With a wonderful sense of humor, the writers give us a world where Gary Ewing is a successful lawyer, Cliff Barnes is vice-president of the United States (!), Cally Harper is a battered wife, Bobby Ewing is a wandering loser, Sue Ellen Shepard is a thriving actress, and the other Ewing son is named Jason -- and is a weasley little user and jerk. Finally, the two-parter -- and the series -- ends with a gunshot. Did J.R. do it? How can he, when we have reunion movies to do? Long live the king!!!!!! And, BRBTV notes, long live the brilliance of the amazing Larry Hagman!