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  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 1 - Pilot

    Newly-appointed head coach Eric Taylor has the chance of a lifetime as he leads the promising Dillon High School football team into their highly-anticipated season. In Dillon, Texas, winning the state football championship is the one thing on everyone's mind, and with this season's team, Coach Taylor might be able to make that happen.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 2 - Eyes Wide Open

    In the wake of star quarterback Jason Street's (Scott Porter) serious injury, the town of Dillon turns to prayer. Pressure mounts for Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and the team as second-string quarterback Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) is unwittingly thrust into the spotlight, while tensions build between Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) and "Smash" Williams (Gaius Charles). Fearing not only for his players, but also his job, Coach Taylor pulls the team together and works one-on-one with the nervous rookie quarterback. Lyla (Minka Kelly) faithfully stands by her man in the hospital, providing him with the courage he needs to recover. The team appears united as game day approaches -- pledging to win it for their fallen comrade.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 3 - Wind Sprints

    After a difficult loss to the underdog Milbank Rattlers, the town of Dillon has turned on Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler). School officials point fingers, parents argue, and team morale is at an all time low. As injured quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter) begins rehab, emotion and frustration culminate in a fight thrusting Lyla (Minka Kelly) into the arms of another. Meanwhile, seedy back room deals begin to recruit a new quarterback, Ray 'Voodoo' Tatum. Seeing the team falling apart before him, Coach Taylor knows that drastic measures must be taken to save not just his season, but his job as well.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 4 - Who's Your Daddy

    The Panthers are put against their biggest rival, the Tigers. Nothing short of a win is adequate if Coach Taylor is to save his job. Jason's new roommate helps him to understand all the potential he has for recovery. Matt hits the all time low.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 5 - Git 'Er Done

    The big game against the Tigers drawing closer, Coach Taylor must decide between Matt and the self-assured recruit Ray "Voodoo" Tatum for the starting quarterback. The feelings between Tim and Lyla grow stronger. Jason's newly-found motivation strives him to begin the rehab.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 6 - El Accidente

    The Dillon Panthers are frustrated facing the possibility of last week's key win over Arnett Mead being overturned due to Ray Tatum's recruitment. Police interrupt a sluggish practice with an arrest warrant for star defensive tackle Bobby Reyes after he viciously assaults another student outside of the sandwich shop. The Texas High School athletic administration summons Buddy Garrity and an uncomfortable Coach Taylor for further questioning before their final ruling. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity break injured Jason Street out of his rehab room, taking him on a surprise trip to the lake just like old times. When Coach Taylor and wife Tami butt heads about Bobby Reyes' punishment, Coach Taylor wonders if he can do his job without giving up everything he believes in and hurting those he holds close.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 7 - Homecoming

    It's homecoming in Dillon, Texas, as alumni reunite, and the team prepares for the undefeated Laribee Lions. Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) and Billy Riggins (Derek Phillips) mix it up as they plan the after game party to end all parties. On the field, Brian 'Smash' Williams (Gaius Charles) feels the pressure when he gets his one chance to impress a college recruiter. Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) quits drinking and focuses everything on the game while the 2000 State Champ quarterback, Lucas Mize (guest star Chad Brannon), returns to town a hero, but hides the true secrets about his life. At rehab, Jason Street's (Scott Porter) becomes more suspect of the relationship between Lyla (Minka Kelly) and Tim.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 8 - Crossing the Line

    While Tim Riggins and the team celebrate their victory, a frustrated Brian "Smash" Williams takes drastic measures to improve his performance on the field. Coach Taylor's daughter Julie considers going on a date with rookie quarterback Matt Saracen, meanwhile Saracen trains "Smash" at his new job at the Alamo Freeze. After dinner with Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, Riggins and his brother clash in a heated fight. Riggins and Lyla watch from the stands as Jason takes part in his first quad rugby game, one that will end with a vicious confrontation between him, the woman he loves, and his best friend in the world.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 9 - Full Hearts

    Smash continues to go the extreme to improve his performance. Rumors begin to spread about Tim and Lyla's relationship. Julie and Matt attempt to go out on a date but it is cursed from the beginning. The Panthers are in much anticipation for their upcoming game against the Gatling High.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 10 - It's Different for Girls

    The cheerleaders prepare for Championship Classic. Lyla is picked on when people find out about her and Riggins. Coach Taylor tries to keep Matt and Julie apart. Jason goes home after being released from rehab.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 11 - Nevermind

    The Panthers are preparing for another game they can't lose. Matt's father comes back from Iraq but his mother's condition is difficult to take in. Tami Taylor sees Tim Riggins regarding his grades. She believes he's not doing his homework by himself and asks Landry to tutor him for his next oral exam. If he doesn't pass, he won't play in the football team.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 12 - What To Do While You're Waiting

    The Panther's fate is hung up on the result of a game between two other teams and there is nothing they can do about it. Meanwhile, there is tension at the Street's house because of the lawsuit they introduced against Coach Taylor. Matt's father has a hard time adjusting back to real life.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 13 - Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

    The Panthers have only one more game to win in order to qualify for the play-offs. Smash's mother discovers something that could end his football dreams.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 14 - Upping the Ante

    The Panthers prepare for their first playoff game. Coach Taylor gets distracted as he has to come up with a solution to Smash's use of drugs. Tyra and Julie befriend while Riggins bonds with his alienated father. Buddy learns about Jason and Lyla's engagement.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 15 - Blinders

    The Panthers savor their crucial playoff-win-until race issues emerge and sorely test their bond after Mac makes racial statements. Tami frowns upon Julie's newfound friendship with Tyra. The girls play a powder-puff football game.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 16 - Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

    Due to racial comments from Coach Mac, the black players on the team refuse to play unless he is sacked. Julie is sucked deeper into the vortex as her friendship with Tyra develops. Matt tries to win Julie back.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 17 - I Think We Should Have Sex

    After Julie reveals to Matt that she wants to have sex with him, Matt feels the need to put together something special. Tim clashes with his father. The Panthers are into the next round of the playoffs and looking solid.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 18 - Extended Families

    Lyla makes a surprise visit to the quad rugby camp where Jason is playing at, but she doesn't find the comfort she came looking for. Buddy Garrity's affair with Tyra's mother comes out. Consequently, Buddy decides to move in with the Taylors. Smash becomes suspicious about Waverly when she goes for a midnight swim with him.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 19 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    With TMU trying to recruit Coach Taylor, Julie insists that she will not be moved away from Matt and Dillon. The quad rugby recruiters in Austin deliver some bad news to Jason. Riggins becomes friends with a single mother and her son.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 20 - Mud Bowl

    A chemical spill near Dillon High School forces Coach Taylor and the Panthers to seek another facility in which to play the crucial State Semi-Final game.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 21 - Best Laid Plans

    Coach Taylor buckles under the pressure from Texas Methodist University. The news of his decision is not taken lightly by his family. Riggins faces the impending consequences of his relationship. Landry wonders whether he should tell someone about Tyra's situation.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 22 - State

    The rumors about Coach Taylor leaving the team at the end of the season get a boost when an inside source decides to speak up. Meanwhile, the Panthers are preparing themselves for the state championship.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 1 - Last Days of Summer

    The Dillon Panthers have to work twice as hard as last year if they want to win another championship since so many things have changed. Can they adjust without Coach Taylor and can Coach Taylor adjust to being separated from his family? Matt and Landry fight to make their new lifestyles easier to handle.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 2 - Bad Ideas

    So many things have changed at Dillon High and the first day of school is the real test. Matt stands by as his world comes crashing down, while Landry still copes to make sense of his. All eyes seem to be focusing on Smash, while Tami tries to adjust to having a teenager and a newborn.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 3 - Are You Ready for Friday Night?

    Matt and Smash have a hard time listening to their coach as they prepare for their first game of the new season. Coach Taylor heads back to Dillon to check on his family and finds out just what is happening to the Panthers since he's left.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 4 - Backfire

    Street strongly desires experimental surgery to help him recover as Tim and Jason head to Mexico. Coach Taylor accepts an offer that changes his life. A development in a police search deeply affects the lives of Tyra and Landry. Lyla is too busy helping a newcomer to Dillon, to see that Riggins is worried about Street.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 5 - Let's Get It On

    Coach Taylor understands that life is falling apart in Dillon without him, so he goes back to being the head coach for the Panthers. He first realizes that he needs to fix the problems between Smash and Matt. Riggins asks Lyla to help him in stopping Street for undergoing the experimental surgery.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 6 - How Did I Get Here

    Landry's dad is put into a tough position when he has to choose whether to be a cop or a father once Landry confesses to what he did. Shelley, Tami's free spirited "green" sister comes to help out, but instead makes Tami rethink her choices and questions Dillon. And if Riggins wants back on the team, he first needs to prove it to Coach Taylor.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 7 - Pantherama!

    The day Smash has waited for has finally arrived...the first day he can talk to recruiters. Coach Taylor eyes a new potential asset for the Panthers. Lyla and Tyra are asked by Tami to run the annual Pantherama. Matt wants his cake and he wants to eat it too when he is fond over his grandma's caretaker and his new girlfriend. Julie is jealous about the situation and turns to her writing teacher for someone to talk to.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 8 - Seeing Other People

    Matt decides he wants an open relationship because he likes his grandma's caretaker and his current girlfriend. Things explode at the Taylor house when Eric goes off on Tami for relationship with someone at work, after Tami goes off on one of Julie's teachers. Landry contemplates turning himself in after he goes in place of Tyra to meet her attacker's brother. Smash's first recruitment trip leaves him thinking twice about college.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 9 - The Confession

    Landry finally comes clean about his role in the murder of the man who assulted Tyra. Herc decides that it's a good idea to find Street a date on an online dating service. There is termoil between Julie and Tami as they prepare for baby Gracie's christening.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 10 - There Goes the Neighborhood

    Not only do Coach Taylor have to adjust to their rivals Laribee High School sharing their lockers, football fields, and weight room with them after a tornado strikes, but he also has to adjust, along with Tami and Julie, to Tim Riggins living with them. After being cleared of murder, Landry and Tyra now must work on their relationship.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 11 - Jumping the Gun

    Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins are at odds when it comes to Julie, and Tim needs some advice on the situation. The Panthers' biggest game of the season is coming up against Laribee High School and all the attention seems to be focused on what Coach Taylor will do to prepare for it. Smash is running into obstacles when everyone wants a verbal commitment to their college programs, except the one he wants.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 12 - Who Do You Think You Are?

    Carlotta goes back to Guatemala, leaving Matt all alone and sad and Part of Santiago's past returns. Noel and Smash find out that their parents don't agree with their relationship. A Christian radio station hires Lyla as their new on air personality while Coach Taylor and Tami hunt for a new day care for Gracie.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 13 - Humble Pie

    Tim needs to give the money back to his ex-roomate that he stole. Jason gets a job at a car salesman and instead of being criminally charged, Smash needs to make a public apology for what happened at the movie theater. Tami gets a job as the girls' volleyball coach.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 14 - Leave No One Behind

    Matt Saracen has given up all hope on anything going right. Julie becomes jealous when she sees how close Tyra and Tami are becoming. Someone might be moving on on Landry and Tyra's relationship and during his three game suspension, Smash asked Coach Taylor for some advice.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 15 - May the Best Man Win

    Jealousy starts to rear it's ugly head when Tami stays in Dillon longer than expected after running into her wealthy old high school boyfriend. While attempting to score scholarship despite his past, Smash might take up an offer from something out of the ordinary. Tim gets his own Christian radio show to impress Lyla. Some big news may change Jason's life forever.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 1 - I Knew You When

    Tami gets frustrated when she sees the school's lacking money when it comes to education but not the football team. Tyra is advised that because of her poor freshman grades, she shouldn't try to get into a good college. Smash wishes he was as sure as everyone else about his comeback after his shattered knee.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 2 - Tami Knows Best

    Tami becomes angry by Tyra's actions. In an effort to help his grandma, Matt stumbles upon his estranged mother. Coach Taylor tries his best to encourage Smash as he tries to make the college tryouts.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 3 - How The Other Half Lives

    Eric begins to wonder about his job, while Tami makes nice with Katie McCoy. Julie and Matt connect again. Riggins and Billy work on a money making scheme, which worries Lyla.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 4 - Hello, Goodbye

    Coach Taylor and Smash say goodbye. Tyra begins dating Cash while Julie comforts Matt during hard family times.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 5 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn

    Cash exposes a new side of himself in front of Tyra, McCoy is getting even more of the limelight which puts Matt even further on edge, and takes it out on himself and those around him. Elsewhere, Jason is unhappy with Erin's actions.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 6 - It Ain't Easy Being J.D. McCoy

    Coach is furious with Tim and the team for a freshman hazing. J.D. wins the respect of the town and team. A late night swim at the lake turns into more for Julie and Matt. Tyra is shocked when a woman shows up claiming Cash owes her child support.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 7 - Keeping Up Appearances

    Eric and Tami try to calm Jamarca's angry parents; Billy helps Tim pursue a scholarship; and Jason, Herc and the Riggins brothers receive good news.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 8 - New York, New York

    Tim is worried when Jason talks about leaving Dillon. Money troubles cause a riff between Tami and Eric. Tyra leans on Cash when things get tough, while Julie talks to her dad about Matt's idea.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 9 - Game of the Week

    As if the stress of the playoffs wasn't enough, now the Panthers are playing a televised game, after being chosen as the high school game of the week. Tyra finds herself in a dangerous situation, after Cash shows his true self. A college coach wants to meet with Riggins, but he has to decide if he wants to go or not.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 10 - The Giving Tree

    Buddy opens up to Lyla about their money troubles, after he has a brief run in with the law. Coach Taylor catches Julie and Matt sleeping together. J.D.'s father worries about him losing focus after meeting a new girl. Tyra gets a little tutoring help from Landry for her SAT's.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 11 - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

    Tyra goes to Landry for help; the team is endangered by a new development; Matt's grandmother has an accident; Tim sees changes in Lyla; and J.D. and Joe clash.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 12 - Underdogs

    Landry helps Tyra write her college essay. Matt is dealing with the various reactions his grandma will have once he tells her about his plans for college. Lyla leaves Tim's house. Eric and Tami come to a decision about the McCoys. The Panthers get ready to face one of the toughest teams.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 13 - Tomorrow Blues

    In the third season finale, Eric and his contract are up for discussion. Lyla and Tim talk about their future together. Mindy and Billy's wedding day has finally come. Tyra waits for some hopefully happy news about her waiting list status.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 1 - East of Dillon

    Coach has difficulty trying to unite his new team, the East Dillon Lions;. Matt lives as a townie for the first time and Tim finds his calling after a college lecture.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 2 - After the Fall

    One of the star player ends up on the Lions' list. Coach attempts to build team spirit. Meanwhile Matt goes to visit an artist and Tim finds somewhere to live.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 3 - In the Skin of a Lion

    Vince and Luke have a hard time getting along which could create a problem for the team. Tim tries to get the team to improve their game.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 4 - A Sort of Homecoming

    Landry and Vince have feelings for Jess. Matt and Tim go on a hunting trip. Julie goes to a gay bar with Devon. The Coach does some research on East Dillon.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 5 - The Son

    The Taylors and other familiar faces rally around Matt as he deals with the untimely death of his father.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 6 - Stay

    Coach tries to look for a new approach to take down their toughest opponent. Tim and Lyla are reunited until she has to go back to college. Julie and Matt go to a concert.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 7 - In the Bag

    Julie struggles with her loneliness while Vince gets promoted to a leadership position on the Lions. Matt's family responsibilities begin to take their toll and Tami shares an awkward moment with a co-worker.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 8 - Toilet Bowl

    Tami and Julie travel to the East coast for some college tours while Coach Taylor deals with the Lions' upcoming game "The Toilet Bowl" against the other worst team in the league.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 9 - The Lights of Carrol Park

    After witnessing a crime in a local hangout Coach Taylor teams up with Buddy to turn the lights back on at Carrol Park. Julie begins a new hobby while Becky reveals some startling news to Tim and Luke. Landry and Jess explore their relationship.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 10 - I Can't

    Becky continues to struggle with her situation, and at Tim's suggestion seeks help from Tami. Vince makes some tough decisions in the wake of a family crisis and Julie contemplates life outside of Dillon.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 11 - Injury List

    The team can't focus on their next game. Tami gets involved in a controversy. Vince wants to end his deal with Kennard. Julie gets an unexpected phone call from Matt.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 12 - Laboring

    Eric faces drama about the upcoming Lions and Panthers game; Tami attempts to pacify her critics; the Riggins brothers adjust to new family developments.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 13 - Thanksgiving

    The Taylors host Thanksgiving dinner; A visitor surprises Julie and Landry; Tim is faced with a tough decision.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 1 - Expectations

    Coach tempers high expectations for East Dillon's impending season; Vince and Luke work to recruit a new player for the Lions' squad; Dillon bids farewell to two alumni as they prepare to leave for college.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 2 - On the Outside Looking In

    Eric realizes that the Lions' performance in the first game of the season hasn't satisfied everyone; Vince receives unexpected benefits from his status as a football player; and Luke's aggression on the field has repercussions.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 3 - The Right Hand of the Father

    Someone from Vince's past resurfaces. Julie connects with a faculty member. Eric tries to instill discipline in the team. Buddy is troubled after learning something about his son.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 4 - Keep Looking

    Coach is forced to play mediator as tensions erupt in the locker room. Luke gets recruited. Buddy deals with the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. Tami deals with a troubled student. The Lions welcome a new player.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 5 - Kingdom

    Coach discusses recruitment regulations. The Lions take a road trip. East Dillon's four stars make a pact. Julie's relationship becomes more complicated.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 6 - Swerve

    A popular magazine hails Coach as the "Kingmaker." Vince's past catches up to him. Luke reacts to the truth. A suspicious accident delays Julie's return to college.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 7 - Perfect Record

    Rivalry week stirs up controversy. Vince is caught in the middle between Coach and Ornette. Billy takes Luke under his wing.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 8 - Fracture

    Coach fears he's beginning to lose his grip on the team. Tami worries that one of her students is being neglected. Vince alienates his teammates. Becky enters a beauty pageant.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 9 - Gut Check

    Coach threatens to suspend Vince. Luke faces pressure. Billy learns some surprising news from Mindy. Becky starts a surprising new job.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 10 - Don't Go

    An elite college football program attempts to lure Coach away from East Dillon. Vince vows to earn his spot back. Friends and family speak at Tim's parole hearing. East Dillon holds a Fall Sports Banquet.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 11 - The March

    Coach Taylor feels threatened as East Dillon faces serious budget cuts; Tami is flown to Pennsylvania for the opportunity of a lifetime; The Lions begin their quest for state; Vince becomes the man of the house again.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 12 - Texas Whatever

    Coach Taylor is offered a deal he can’t refuse; Tim assesses his future plans when an old flame returns to Dillon; The fate of East Dillon’s football program is decided.
  • Friday Night Lights: Episode 13 - Always

    The series concludes the Taylors having big decisions to make. East Dillon plays for the Texas State Championship.