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  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 1 - The Guy I Like is Kinda a Sergeant

    As part of the Mithril organization, Sergeants Sousuke Sagara, Melissa Mao, and Kurz Weber receive a secret mission: to look after Kaname Chidori, a popular high school student in Tokyo with hidden military potential. With plenty of experience in the military world but very little experience in the civilian world, Sousuke is volunteered into joining Kaname's class as a student. As he persistently keeps an eye on Kaname on the first day of school, Sosuke quickly creates first impressions on all the students.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 2 - I Want to Protect You

    Sousuke is set on his mission to protect Kaname, and attacks anything vaguely resembling a threat to Kaname. This leads to funny situations and Sousuke has to explain Kaname why he is following her, blaming coincidence
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 3 - Lingerie Panic

    The episode starts with Tessa, in her submarine called the Tuatha De Danaan, and the Lieutenant Commander Kalinin talkin about the school trip that Sousuke has to go on. After Tessa gives her approval about the trip, Kalinin gives her some information about the whereabouts of a certain research center in Khanka where the KGB have been having most of the Whispered research done. They decide that in order to save the Whispered they have to blow the center up with cruise missiles. The plan begins right away, but Tessa drops the school trip papers and looks through them to see which one goes first and sees that Sousuke sent in a query on how to deal with his garbage duty. Tessa gets confused as to why anyone needs the "Seven Promises of Garbage Duty". Meanwhile, Sousuke is at school trying to learn how to deal with the garbage of the day. Kyoko says to use common sense but Sousuke thinks that garbage duty doesn't make any sense at all. Kaname decides to take this into her own hands and shows everyone how to do it correctly. After she's done with that Sousuke says that he was reassured by her demonstration and it looks as though Kaname and Sousuke are getting along very well after they're little chat the other day at the subway station. Sousuke goes back to the safe house and reads through the "Seven Promises for Garbage Duty" and Kurz makes dinner for the group. As they all sit down, Mao notices how sick Sousuke looks and orders him to stay home the next day while she and Kurz take care of watching Kaname. He agrees after much duration. The next day, Kurz goes out to meet Kaname and acts like a foreigner to do so. He eventually picks them up and goes to a local bar. Mao thinks he's the worst flirt in the world. Later that night, the cruise missiles destroy the research facility and Kalinin sends word to Mao, Kurz and Sousuke. Meanwhile, Gauron is speaking to the Russian that he didn't kill earlier. The Russian tells him that the facility has been destroyed and all of the Whispered research data has been destroyed along with it. But Gauron tells him that he has a DVD with the research data and tells the Russian agent to have fun in jail. It seems that Gauron didn't want to be allies with that particular Russian... In the safe house, Sousuke is sleeping under his bed (to remain hidden as any self-respecting elite mercenary would do) when he hears someone enter the safe house. Gun in his hand, he meets the person in the foyer and is shocked to see a drunk Kurz standing before him. Sousuke and Mao question Kurz on what he did with Kaname and Kyoko, and he says that he was only going to have one drink but Kyoko ended up giving him more and more. Mao can't believe that he went and picked up their mission objective. Kurz's reason for doing that is so he can become friends with Kyoko and Kaname in order to make it easier for him to keep an eye on Kaname. Sousuke reminds him that getting attached could jeapordize the mission. Suddenly Mao notices that someone is climbing the walls to Kaname's apartment. She tells Kurz to get on the roof and Sousuke to go after the guy, she's going to be in the M9. Sousuke repels down and stops the guy from entering the apartment. Kurz calls down to him and tells him to look in the guy's hand. Sousuke pulls out a pair of Kaname's underwear and asks the panty thief his reason for being there. The thief ends up being Shinji Kazama from school and he recognizes Sousuke, of course Sousuke tells him that he isn't who he thinks he is. Anyway, Shinji tells him that he was forced to steal Kaname's panties because some older kids stole his photo negatives and if he wanted them back he had to do this. Shinji asks if Sousuke is a panty thief too and Sousuke denies it, of course. Shinji tells Sousuke that the pictures he'd taken were of the Arm Slaves on the all of the bases he's been to. A conversation strikes up between the two and they are totally ignored by Kurz and Mao after they go back to the safe house. Meanwhile, Kaname gets out of the shower and hears the two talking on her balcony. She opens the glass doors and sees Sousuke with her underwear. Pissed beyond belief, she grabs a base ball bat and hits them with it. Later, Sousuke makes it back to the safe house in one piece (barely) and tells Mao and Kurz how Shinji fell four stories into some bushes and survived. They finally get the paper stating that the Tuatha De Danaan has destroyed the research center and they were no longer on duty to protect Kaname. They were given a week off in Tokyo and Sousuke was ordered to enjoy school life while he could and to go on the school trip, as the fee was already paid. The next day, the class gets on the plane headed to Okinawa and they take off.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 4 - Kidnap

    The airplane with Sousuke, Kaname and 400 of their classmates is hijacked and brought to a secluded location. Kaname is taken away from the plane, but what will Sousuke do to rescue her?
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 5 - The Whispered One

    Sousuke comes to Kaname's rescue, and the rest of the rescue team arrive on the scene, as well, but can they hold off the army and save the students? Can Sousuke get Kaname to safety?
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 6 - Boy Meets Girl

    As the rescue team has left, Sousuke, Kaname and Kurz try to figure out a way to get back to safety.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 7 - Still Alive

    Sagara and Kaname barely escapes from the enemy. Now on the run they try to find a way out. Deep in the forest Sagara isn't able to move much more with his injuries, so Kaname decides to stop and rest for a bit. After Sagara was able to stop the bleeding, Kaname realizes how dangerous and mysterious Sagara really is. To make matters worst they find a unexpected person along the way It's Kurtz, who looks badly beaten by Gaul. As three try to make to the shoreline they find themselves in a tight pinch; the forest ended and all there is now is plain fields. Not Knowing what to do Sagara had only one idea left and that is to have himself and Kurtz distracts the enemy's force while Kaname make a run to safety, but Kaname refuses to leave. Then Sagara aims his gun at Kaname and tells her it's better to die than to have them do experiments on you. What will Kaname do will she follow Sagara's plan or take the chance of risking her life to stay with Sagara?
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 8 - Part Time Steady

    Chidori rejects a two-timing jerk's (Shirai) confession but whose actions cause his girlfriend, Mizuki, to seek revenge on Chidori. When slander is written on the class's board, Chidori and friends rushes to the boys' toilet, knowing that Sagara probably got Shirai in a stranglehold. When Shirai ditches Mizuki, she demands that Sagara acts as her boyfriend instead as she had promised to show off her boyfriend in front of her Jr High friends. However, they find him suspious as he doesn't fit Mizuki's previous description at all. The scam fell apart when the real Shirai turns up with his new girlfriend in tow. When Mizuki still insists that Sagara is the real deal, the friends requested Sagara to kiss Mizuki so as to test the couple. Sagara promptly compiles. Both Mizuki and Chidori are angered and Mizuki runs off crying after pushing Sagara into the river. Turns out Mizuki's friends genuinely cares for her and chases after her. When Chidori helps Sagara out from the river, their closeness made Chidori anticipates a kiss from Sagara but instead, he's wringing his clothes on the side. Embarassed, she storms off, leaving a baffled Sagara behind.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 9 - Dangerous Safehouse

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 10 - Run Running Ran

    Chidori did not quite believe that Tessa is Sagara's superior as Tessa is having fun acting blur. Meanwhile, Kalinin is being interrogated by Takuma's 'sister' and learns the history of A21. When Sagara discovers a sensor on Takuma, the group moves to the school to wait for back-up. In the room, Tessa manages to build a rapport with Takuma. The girls are captured by A21 while visiting the washroom and the group forces Sagara to make a choice over who to release first. Considering that Chidori is more athletic even though the second person will be in more danger, Sagara asks for the clumsy Tessa to be released first. When it's Chidori's turn, she grapples with Takuma half way through. A shoot-out occurs and both girls are captured while a mini-torpedo hits the spot which Sagara is hiding in.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 11 - Behemoth Wakes

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 12 - One Night Stand

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 13 - Cat and Kittens' R R

    Soske Sagura helps Mrs. Testarossa how to pilot an AS after Melissa challenged Mrs. Testerossa to a battle after Mrs. Testerossa called Melissa a bar girl. Who will win?
  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 14 - Narushima Burning?

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 15 - Wind Rising in the Homeland 1

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 16 - Wind Rising in the Homeland 2

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 17 - Wind Rising in the Homeland 3

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 18 - Ocean Party

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 19 - Engage 6 7

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 20 - Venom's Fire

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 21 - Deep Trap

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 22 - Jack in the Box

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 23 - Giant's Field

  • Full Metal Panic!: Episode 24 - Into the Blue