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  • Jericho: Finland (2007)
  • Jericho - Der Anschlag: Germany (2007)
  • Jericho: Slovenia (2008)


  • Jericho: Episode 1 - Pilot

    After a nuclear disaster caused by several terrorist attacks wipes out most of North America, residents of a small Kansas town have to come to terms with a very different reality.
  • Jericho: Episode 2 - Fallout

    The fallout from the nuclear blast in Denver will hit Jericho in an hour and Jake has to get the residents inside. The official shelter is not adequate and Jake must find another shelter to protect them.
  • Jericho: Episode 3 - Four Horsemen

    After seeing a broadcast via satellite from Asia, Jake gathers a group of people together for information gathering. After finding out that there is information out there, Jake suggests having four search parties to go out to get a better understanding what is going on outside of Jericho. The search parties set off in four different directions.
  • Jericho: Episode 4 - The Walls of Jericho

    When Jake and Heather locate a stranger on the side of the road who is sick and disfigured from radiation poisoning, they must decide whether to help him and risk contamination or do nothing and allow him to die. After they decide to help the stranger and take him to the hospital, Jake and Hawkins sit vigil in the hopes that he will be able to give them information about what's going on outside of Jericho. Meanwhile, when the generator at the hospital is low on gas and supplies in town begin to dwindle, the police must ask disgruntled and panicked townspeople to siphon gas from their cars.
  • Jericho: Episode 5 - Federal Response

    The people of Jericho receive a pre-recorded phone call from Homeland Security telling them that help is on the way. The townspeople start to think that life might be returning to normal when the power and phones return. Their hope is dashed, however, after the power surges and electrical lines go down, causing fires to break out all over town. While, Jake and Hawkins work together to fight the fires, they discover that neither one of them is who they claim to be. Meanwhile, still desperate for information, the townspeople vigilantly watch the satellite television in Mary's bar with the hope that another signal will come through.
  • Jericho: Episode 6 - 9:02

    Missiles of unknown origin arc through the skies over Jericho; and an electromagnetic pulse disables all electrical equipment, including automobiles. Meanwhile, the feud that led Jake to leave town is rekindled.
  • Jericho: Episode 7 - Long Live the Mayor

    While the town prepares to celebrate Halloween, Gray Anderson returns after traveling outside of town and reports back on the horrific things he saw while he was away.
  • Jericho: Episode 8 - Rogue River

    Jake and his brother head out of Jericho to a nearby town to try and acquire some medicine for their father. While the brothers are at the hospital they encounter a combative group of individuals who call themselves Ravenwood. The brothers find that they’re trapped and must find a way back to Jericho.
  • Jericho: Episode 9 - Crossroads

    The residents of Jericho receive a visit from a group of questionable outsiders and they realize that they need to form a plan to keep the outsiders out. Emily has a dream about her wedding morning to Roger. She wakes up and realizes that he is probably dead.
  • Jericho: Episode 10 - Red Flag

    Supplies are dropped by air into Jericho and the Green's and Hawkins think that they know where they came from. Jonah Prowse returns to Jericho causing even more trouble.
  • Jericho: Episode 11 - Vox Populi

    Some of the residents of Jericho are concerned that Gray's actions may actually make Gray the new mayor. In other news, Mitchell claims that Jonah is the killer under much speculation.
  • Jericho: Episode 12 - The Day Before

    The lives of Jake and Hawkins are explored during this flashback episode. This episode ends at 36 hours before the bombs went off. Sarah is introduced and is associated to Hawkins. Jake had been living in San Diego.
  • Jericho: Episode 13 - Black Jack

    Jake, his dad, Heather and Dale visit Black Jack to try and find the parts needed to fix the windmill. Sarah goes home with Hawkins against the rest of his family's wishes.
  • Jericho: Episode 14 - Heart of Winter

    While on a hunting trip outside of Jericho, Jake, Stanley and Mimi find themselves in a dangerous situation when they run into some strangers. Meanwhile, Hawkins realizes that his family is in danger because of him. Emily and Roger work on their relationship.
  • Jericho: Episode 15 - Semper Fidelis

    After a company of Marines show up, the town of Jericho has hopes that life will finally start to return to normal.
  • Jericho: Episode 16 - Winter's End

    After April collapses and goes into early labor, Jake makes Kenchy face his problems so that they can save April.
  • Jericho: Episode 17 - One Man's Terrorist

    Roger loses it after Gray kicks the refugees out of Jericho.
  • Jericho: Episode 18 - A.K.A.

    Jake finds that Hawkins has not been honest with the residents of Jericho about his past and holds him at gunpoint for answers.
  • Jericho: Episode 19 - Casus Belli

    Jake believes something more is wrong after Eric doesn’t return from New Bern. Jake and Hawkins go to New Bern and discover that Jericho is in danger.
  • Jericho: Episode 20 - One If By Land

    The hostility mounts between the citizens of Jericho and New Bern. A handful of residents of New Bern are shot and injured after getting caught trying to steal from the Jericho salt mine.
  • Jericho: Episode 21 - Coalition of the Willing

    The residents of Jericho and New Bern fight over precious resources. Gray has to make a tough decision after the streets of Jericho are bombed.
  • Jericho: Episode 22 - Why We Fight

    Johnston leads a heavily outnumbered army of citizens from Jericho into battle against New Bern, where one of Jericho's own will be lost during this fight for survival.
  • Jericho: Episode 1 - Reconstruction

    Following the battle of New Bern, Jericho begins the rebuilding process, while the Cheyenne government shows a particular interest in the town. While the dispute between Jericho and New Bern is being sorted out by the Cheyenne government, Hawkins has an old friend come to Jericho.
  • Jericho: Episode 2 - Condor

    Jericho gets ready for a very important visitor from the new Cheyenne government. Hawkins and Chavez work to find the new leaderships secrets.
  • Jericho: Episode 3 - Jennings & Rall

    The deadly Hudson River virus hits the area and a vaccine is being withheld from the citizens by a government official. Jake and the Rangers find a way to protect Jericho.
  • Jericho: Episode 4 - Oversight

    Hawkins receives a call on from someone who knows who he is, where he is and lets Hawkins know exactly when he'll be caught. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes.
  • Jericho: Episode 5 - Termination for Cause

    Jake and the Rangers take on Goetz and Ravenwood while a Jericho Ranger makes a choice that will alter his life. An old friend comes to warn Heather that her loyalties to Major Beck have placed her in serious danger.
  • Jericho: Episode 6 - Sedition

    Beck uses extraordinary measures to show Jake and the town of Jericho that he is in control of the town. Hawkins learns who the mastermind behind the September attacks is.
  • Jericho: Episode 7 - Patriots and Tyrants

    Jake and Hawkins have one chance to expose the conspiracy behind the September attacks and the Cheyenne cover up to the independent Texas administration. However, getting there proves to be the most difficult part of their plan.
  • Jericho: Episode 8 - Patriots and Tyrants (Alternate Ending)

    Jake and Hawkins have one chance to expose the conspiracy behind the September attacks and the Cheyenne cover up to the independent Texas administration. However, getting there proves to be the most difficult part of their plan. Alternative ending to the episode that was officially aired.