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  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - Harvest Of Friends

    The Ingalls settle on the banks of Plum Creek in Walnut Grove. To get the farm set up, Charles must take on several jobs at once. He promises one person that if he didn't get the job done in the specified time, the person could have his oxen. Charles gets injured one day when he is out on a picnic with his family. The person comes to pick up the oxen because he believes that Charles won't get the job done on time. Charles tries to get some bags of grain stacked, but he collapses soon after starting. Then Mary and Laura try to stack the bags. While they are working, the other men in Walnut Grove come to help stack the grain.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Country Girls

    Laura and Mary start school for the first time. That is where they meet Nellie Oleson, who frequently refers to them as "country girls". Since Laura hasn't been to school before, she tries especially hard with her schoolwork. The students have to write an essay to present in front of the class. Laura recites what she would have written on the paper if she could have, instead of what was actually written on it.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - 100 Mile Walk

    In the beginning, things look very good for the Ingalls until a bad hailstorm ruins their crops. Charles and some other farmers must leave to look for work. They end up working in a quarry. While Charles is away, Caroline is able to get the women of Walnut Grove to join together to harvest the remaining crops.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - Mr. Edwards' Homecoming

    While Charles is in Mankato, he runs into Mr. Edwards and invites him to come to Walnut Grove. Caroline tries to match Mr. Edwards up with Grace Snider, but instead she just ends up in the way since Mr. Edwards is able to charm Grace all by himself. Although there are a couple problems that must be overcome, things turn out for the best in the end.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - The Love Of Johnny Johnson

    Laura falls in love with a new student, Johnny Johnson. Johnny, who is a lot older than Laura, is interested in Mary instead. Although Mary is not interested in Johnny, Laura's actions cause tension between the sisters. When Charles finds this out, he is appalled that either of his girls is involved with Johnny.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - If I Should Wake Before I Die

    After her friend dies, Miss Amy, an old lady, convinces the Ingalls and Doc Baker to help her stage her own death. Amy thought this was the only way to get her family to come and see her.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - Town Party, Country Party

    Laura becomes good friends with a lonely schoolmate, Olga, who has one leg that is shorter than the other. Charles secretly helps Olga by building her an elevated shoe. When Olga's father finds out he is upset at Charles until he sees Olga running and playing with the other school children.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - The Lord is My Shepherd

    When Caroline gives birth to a baby boy, Laura is incredibly jealous and wishes he would die. When she gets what she wishes for, Laura is consumed by deep grief and decides to run away. She meets a mountain man, who vows to help her deal with her feelings.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - Ma's Holiday

    Charles and Caroline decide to go on a second honeymoon and leave Mr. Edwards in charge of the children. The honeymoon doesn't turn out very well because Caroline keeps worrying about the children. Back at home, Mr. Edwards has his hands full with Carrie.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - School Mom

    After Ms. Beadle sprains her ankle, Caroline becomes the substitute teacher. Caroline takes a special interest in helping an older student, Abel, learn to read. One day Mrs. Oleson shows up and causes Abel to quit school. Because of this Caroline quits, but returns after she convinces Abel to give school another chance.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - The Voice of Tinker Jones

    The town becomes divided when Mrs. Oleson offers to buy a bell for the church, but only if she can put up a plaque. The differences and arguing begin to affect the school children. A mute craftsman, Tinker Jones, steps in and with the help of the school children, is able to make a bell.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - The Raccoon

    Charles allows Laura to adopt a baby raccoon, Jasper. After being caged, the raccoon bites Laura and Jack and runs away. The family fears that Laura and Jack might have rabies until a healthy Jasper returns.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - The Award

    While studying for an optional history exam in the barn, Mary accidentally knocks over a reading lamp and starts a fire. Caroline punishes Mary by telling her she couldn't take the exam. Mary doesn't tell Ms. Beadle this until the day of the exam.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - Christmas At Plum Creek

    The Christmas holiday is approaching and the members of the Ingalls family go about their holiday shopping in secrecy. Laura is able to buy her mom a stove that she wanted after she sells her horse to Mr. Oleson.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Doctor's Lady

    Dr. Baker falls in love with Harriet's niece, Kate. Dr. Baker realizes that she is too young for him when he sees Kate running around with Mary and Laura.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - Family Quarrel

    After a major disagreement, Nels and Harriet go their separate ways. Everybody in town tries to get the two back together.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Circus Man

    A traveling circusman, O'Hara, comes to Walnut Grove and tries to get everyone to believe he has magic healing powders. However, he is really found out when Mrs. Oleson almost loses her life when she tries his healing powders instead of having an operation.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - Plague

    A typhus outbreak strikes Walnut Grove, and after awhile, it seems as though they are all displaying the same symptoms. The church doubles as a makeshift hospital, where Charles, Dr. Baker and Rev. Alden are quarantined with the sick. After awhile, Mr. Edwards gets sick and lets on he had purchased some cornmeal. Turns out the cornmeal is rat-infested (something viewers are in on all along). By the time Charles and Dr. Baker come upon the shed, hundreds of rats are combing through the storage shed. They get the salesman out of the office (he's also fallen ill) before burning the shed. In the end, there's several casualties, but Mr. Edwards survives.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - Child Of Pain

    When it is found out that a young boy, Graham, is being beaten by his alcoholic father, John, Caroline takes care of the boy while Charles stays with John to try to get him to stay sober.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - Money Crop

    A college-educated farmer named Joe moves to Walnut Grove with his pregnant wife. He tells the Walnut Grove-area farmers of a new hybrid of corn that would produce good crops, to which the farmers are very enthused. They decide to buy some of this new seed. While on the way back to Walnut Grove with the seed, Joe gets into an accident when his horses become spooked. The wagon tips over and Joe is trapped underneath. Concerns over Joe's tardiness gives way to suspicions that he took off with the money. But Charles keeps a cooler head and decides to retrace Joe's route. Eventually, crows flying over the area where the accident occured (some of the seed had spilled out, drawing the black birds) help Charles locate the accident and rescue a now-delirious Joe. While recovering at home, Joe learns of the nasty attitudes from the area farmers (they were beginning to verbally abuse his wife), and decides he's going to move. That is, until Charles shows him that the now-repentant farmers are planting the corn. Joe is touched and decides his family will stay.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - Survival

    The Ingalls have to seek shelter when a blizzard hits. There they meet an Indian who helps them out. A marshall, looking for the Indian, comes by and arrests him. Charles helps the Indian escape. Later the Indian comes by again and brings food to the Ingalls. The marshall sees the Indian and shoots him. When the marshall realizes what the Indian was doing, he regrets his previous behavior toward the Indian.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - To See The World

    Johnny Johnson leaves to "see the world" and Mr. Edwards goes along with him to keep him out of trouble. Johnny meets up with a girl who is able to trick him out of a lot of money. Mr. Edwards talks to this girl to try to have her convince Johnny to go back home.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 23 - Founder's Day

    Walnut Grove celebrates this great day with several different competitions. There are very competitive spirits between the Olesons and the Ingalls.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - The Richest Man In Walnut Grove

    After the mill closes, Charles is unable to pay off his debt at the mercantile. Charles must taken on several jobs at the same time. Mary gets a job to help the family, while Laura does the chores at home. When the bill finally gets paid, Nels tells Charles that he thinks Charles is the richest man in Walnut Grove, since he has a very loving family.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Four Eyes

    Mary is beginning to do worse in school because she has a hard time reading the blackboard. When Mary first gets her new glasses, she really likes them. The other school children begin to tease her. She purposely loses her glasses, until she realizes that her teacher, who wears glasses, has a boyfriend.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - Haunted House

    Laura goes into a haunted house when Nellie dares her to do it. She becomes a friend of the old man that lives there, Mr. Pike. She finds out that he is waiting for his wife to return. After Laura learns that Mrs. Pike died years ago, she helps Mr. Pike cope with the death of his wife.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - In The Big Inning

    It's time for baseball! After losing badly last year, Walnut Grove expects to win with their star pitcher, Mr. Mumford. People in Walnut Grove are so confident that they are going to win, they place bets on the game. However, Mr. Mumford's wife won't let her husband play because of the gambling. Caroline convinces Mr. Mumford's wife to let her husband play on the condition that any money made from the game goes to the church.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - The Campout

    Mrs. Oleson doesn't want the Ingalls children to beat her children on a leaf-gathering project. Thus, the Olesons go with the Ingalls on their camping trip. The Olesons manage to get into trouble out in the wild, which causes the campers to have a miserable time.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - The Spring Dance

    Laura and Grace Snider are both trying to have someone ask them to the spring dance. However, the people these two want to invite don't seem interested in going. In the end, the girls ask the guys to the dance.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - Remember Me (1)

    The Ingalls' neighbor, the widow Julia Sanderson, finds out that she will die soon. She asks Charles to find a good home for her three children. After Julia dies, Charles has a difficult time finding someone that will take all three of the children.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - Remember Me (2)

    Just when Charles decides he must separate the children, Mr. Edwards marries Grace. They decide to adopt the three children.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - Ebenezer Sprague

    Charles and Hansen build a bank in Walnut Grove. The banker is Mr. Sprague, a cold and heartless man. Laura becomes friends with Mr. Sprague without knowing who he really was. Mr. Sprague believes that Charles sent Laura to him to try to persuade Mr. Sprague to give a loan to Mr. Ingalls. After Mr. Sprague accuses Laura of this, Charles pays him a visit. In the end, a box of books was donated to the school by Mr. Sprague.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - At The End Of The Rainbow

    While fishing in a stream, Laura and a friend stumble upon "gold". They spend several weeks trying to pick up all of the gold. When they bring it to the bank, they learn that it is only fool's gold.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - The Gift

    The school children have saved up some money to buy the Reverend a birthday present. They give the money to Mary, who is in charge of buying the present. Laura convinces Mary to buy something that they could sell to people with the hope that they could buy Reverend Alden a better gift. The plan backfires when they are unable to sell anything. Mary and Laura explain to the Reverend what they did. On Sunday, Reverend Alden thanks the children for buying a wooden box that he could put his old Bible in.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - His Father's Son

    Mr. and Mrs. Edwards adopt John Sanderson. John is a lot more interested in books than farming or hunting. Mr. Edwards tries to make him different and buys him a gun for his birthday. John, not wanting to hurt Mr. Edwards' feelings, gives him a letter explaining why he didn't want to hunt. Mr. Edwards says nothing about what is written and John thinks it is because he is not loved. They go hunting and encounter a bear. Isaiah is hurt when John freezes up and is unable to shoot the bear. He goes and gets help for Mr. Edwards. Later, John finds out that Isaiah can't read and thus was unable to read his letter about his feelings on hunting.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - The Talking Machine

    This is one of the first episodes where Laura and Nellie are rivals for the affections of a classmate's heart. This time, the two polar opposites are after Jason, the new kid at school who is into inventions. Both of them have a crush on Jason, but Jason - who is into inventions and electricity - only has feelings for Laura (but certainly not Nellie). Feelings he's too shy to admit to anyone. One day, Laura comes over to visit Jason and view all of his inventions. Meanwhile, a spurned Nellie is hurt and upset over Jason failing to return her crush for him. Naturally, her shrill crying gives way to evil, vengeful thoughts. So, enlisting Willie's help, she decides to get even. Feigning friendship and pretending to bury the hatchet, Nellie invites Laura over after school ... specifically to talk about Jason. All those thoughts about him and why he's so great of a guy. Nellie swears secrecy, but of course, you can NEVER trust Nellie. Especially when Willie is using an Edison talking machine to secretly tape the supposedly confidential conversation. Laura thinks she's finally made friends with Nellie ... until the next day at school, when Nellie and Willie demonstrate the talking machine at school, playing the secretly taped conversation about Jason for all the class to hear. Thoroughly ridiculed, humiliated and embarassed, a tearful Laura runs from school. Miss Beadle scolds Nellie, who stifles a sinister, satisfied laugh. Charles sees Half-Pint crying and gets the truth out of her. Charles immediately pays a visit to Nels, who is also embarassed to learn what happened. He calls Nellie down and demands the truth out of his daughter. She tries to pin everything on Laura, but Nels isn't buying it and it isn't long before (over the objections of Mrs. Olesen) she must deal with her angry father. Laura, meanwhile, has the last laugh. Jason finally admits he shares the same feelings for Laura as she does for him. They kiss and we fade out.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Pride Of Walnut Grove

    Mary is excited when she has the chance to participate in a state-wide math competition. The problem is that Charles can't afford to have her go. The town council decides to pay all of these costs since Mary would be representing the entire town. Mary ends up finishing second in the competition. Mary feels that she let the town down until she returns home to a hero's welcome.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - A Matter Of Faith

    Charles and his girls go on a trip, while Caroline stays home. Just before they leave, she gets a scratch on her leg by a rusty nail. At first, everything seems OK. However, as time progresses, she gets weaker and weaker. She has to burn out the infection from the scratch on her own. She recovers thanks to Doc Baker's help.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - The Runaway Caboose

    Mary, Laura, and Mr. Edwards' adopted son, Carl, go along with Charles and Mr. Edwards to a train station. The three children wander into the caboose. The caboose then begins to move backwards. Charles is able to catch up to a train that was heading straight for the caboose just before tragedy would have struck.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Troublemaker

    When Miss Beadle can no longer handle the older students' bullying, she is fired. Her mean-spirited succecssor immediately clashes with Laura, and unfairly blames her for several incidents in the classroom.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - The Long Road Home

    Charles, Mr. Edwards, and two other men take a job that involves handling and transporting explosives. They must deal with many things along the road, including prejudice.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - For My Lady

    Charles takes a job refinishing woodwork for Thurman in exchange for a nice set of china to give to Caroline. Widow Thurman was a lovely, young lady. To keep his secret, Charles had to lie. After he tells the girls and Caroline different stories, everyone suspects that Charles is having an affair. Their suspicions are proven to be false when Charles finally gives Caroline the china.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - Centennial

    The Independence Day celebration in Walnut Grove is threatened when taxes are increased. A Russian immigrant shows the people why America is a great place. Even though the immigrant lost his land since he couldn't pay his taxes, he was happy to be in America. He considered it to be the best place to live in the world.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - Soldier's Return

    The son of Mrs. Whipple returns to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War. To forget his painful past, he takes morphine. His addiction to this eventually ends up killing him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - Going Home

    After a tornado ruins his crop, Charles decides to sell the land and return to the Big Woods of Wisconsin without consulting his family. In this episode Mary and John Junior, Mr. Edward's son, share their first kiss before she leaves. After the Ingalls begin thinking about the good times in Walnut Grove, they decide to stay in Walnut Grove and give things another try.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - The Collection

    Reverend Alden gets sick while collecting donations. Caleb Hodgekiss, an ex-convict, helps the Reverend by giving him a place to stay and volunteering to get the donations from Walnut Grove. Caleb poses as a friend of the Reverend so that he might get donations which he initially planned to keep for himself. Caleb decides to do the right thing when he sees how kind everybody is around there.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - I'll Ride The Wind

    Mary and John have fallen deeply in love and want to get married, but John has a problem. He must decide if he will accept a scholarship and go to college or stay with Mary. At first Mary doesn't want him to go until she and John both realize that he must take the scholarship to try to make his dreams of becoming a writer a reality.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - The Race

    Laura and her horse, Bunny, are picked to win at the horse race in town. Since Mrs. Oleson doesn't want Laura to win, she buys a great thoroughbred for Nellie. Mrs. Oleson even provides the winning trophy, a silver cup that belongs to the family. Although the race is close, Bunny wins. Laura decides to return the silver cup back to the Olesons.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - Bunny

    Nellie falls off of Bunny and pretends to be paralyzed. Mrs. Oleson blames Laura for this and wants to destroy Bunny. Laura tries to hide the horse from Harriet. One day, when Laura goes to help Nellie out, she discovers that Nellie is just fine. She pushes Nellie in a wheelchair down a hill into a small pond. When Nellie walks out of the pond, Mrs. Oleson realizes what Nellie has been doing. Mr. Oleson then gives Bunny back to Laura to punish Nellie.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - The Monster Of Walnut Grove

    Laura's imagination runs wild on Halloween when she thinks she sees Nels cut off Mrs Oleson's head. Laura tells Nellie and Willie what she saw. Since the Oleson kids know that their mother is really out of town, they decide to scare Laura a little bit more. Everything is straightened up when Mrs. Oleson comes back.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - Journey In The Spring (1)

    Charles' father, Lansford Ingalls, doesn't want to live after his wife dies. Charles brings his father to Walnut Grove to help him out. When Laura's horse gets hurt, she blames her grandpa.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - Journey In The Spring (2)

    Lansford leaves because he feels really bad. Once Laura realizes that her grandpa wasn't to blame for the accident, she looks for Lansford and convinces him to come back home.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - Fred

    Laura is tricked into taking a "one of a kind" billy goat home with her. After Fred eats some of the Ingalls' crops, Laura is forced to get rid of the billy goat. Every person that Laura wanted to give the billy goat to resulted in a funny time. Laura finally decides to set him free in the wild. This episode is guaranteed to make you laugh!
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The Bully Boys

    Rev. Alden's pleas to "turn the other cheek" is put to the test when a family of ruffians move to Walnut Grove and cause trouble.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - The Hunters

    Pa decides to take Laura hunting with him. When Charles and Laura are getting settled down for the night, Laura trips over her dad's gun and sets it off. Charles is badly wounded. Laura runs to get help, but the only person she can find is a blind person, Sam. Since Sam just recently became blind, he knew his way around somewhat. After getting lost a few times, Sam and Laura finally find Mr. Edwards' home. Mr. Edwards gets a doctor, who saves Mr. Ingalls. Thanks to Laura, Sam learned that just because he was blind didn't mean he had to stay at home and do nothing.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - Blizzard

    The day before Christmas vacation started, Miss Beadle lets the children out early when she notices that a snowstorm is beginning. The children aren't able to make it home before the storm starts. The men of Walnut Grove search for the children while Doc Baker takes care of the frostbitten children that show up at the school.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - Quarantine

    Mr. Edwards and Doc Baker help a nearby town with an epidemic case of mountain fever. When Mr. Edwards returns, a quarantine is placed on Walnut Grove. Alicia, Mr. Edward's adopted daughter comes down with the disease. Mr. Edwards tries to help his daughter. Laura, not knowing about the disease, goes to visit Alicia and Mr. Edwards. Laura ends up taking care of the both of them while they recover.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Little Girl Lost

    Carrie – having tagged along on Laura and Mary's classroom assignment – falls down a mine shaft, providing an alcoholic ex-miner a chance at redemption.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - Little Women

    The school children are allowed to put on plays in groups. Laura and Mary work with Ginny Clark, a student who has no father. Ginny wants her mother to date, but her mother, Della, doesn't believe she looks good enough. Ginny sells her long beautiful hair so she can buy her mother a new dress. Della at first accuses Ginny of stealing money until she sees that her daughter has cut her hair.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Injun Kid

    Joseph Stokes is the son of a Sioux Indian who moves to Walnut Grove with his widowed mother. They stay with his grandpa, Jeremy. Jeremy doesn't like Joseph because he is embarrassed that his daughter married an Indian. At school, Joseph is being bullied. Jeremy finally accepts Joseph when he sees his grandson face the bullies
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - To Live With Fear (1)

    Mary has an accident with a horse in the barn. When Mary starts to get worse, the Ingalls take her to a specialist. There they learn that Mary needs an immediate operation.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - To Live With Fear (2)

    Caroline stays with Mary who suddenly needs another operation. Charles leave and take on a high risk job to pay for the operation for Mary and Mr. Edwards goes with him. They take a job as a couple of Powder Monkeys making a tunnel for the railroad. But safety is far at the back of Charles' mind as he takes risks, refusing to stop even when a funeral of a Chinese worker takes place. This rush inevitably causes a cave-in where Charles and Harris are buried.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - The Wisdom Of Solomon

    Solomon Henry, an eleven year old black boy, runs away from his family because he's tired of everybody treating him different. He goes to live with the Ingalls. The Ingalls learn many important things and Laura learns an important lesson : Don't take things for granted. The Ingalls convince Solomon to be proud of his heritage. Solomon goes back to his family in the end.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - The Music Box

    Laura befriends a new girl, Anna, who stutters and has a hard time making friends. A jealous Nellie starts an elite club and although she invites Laura, she leaves Anna out. While at the Olesens, Laura steals one of Nellie's music boxes. While taking it home, Laura drops and damages the box. Laura hides it, but Nellie soon catches her with it and threatens to tell. Laura admits the theft, but instead of forgiving her, Nellie uses the situation to her own advantage -- by pretending to be friends. One of the conditions, however, is that Laura must be mean to Anna (or else Nellie will go forward with information about the theft of her music box). Laura's new attitude causes friction between her and Mary, who has also befriended Anna. Later, Laura suffers from nightmares because of her guilt (with the Olesens cast as her tormenters), and Willie doesn't make things any easier when he taunts her with the music box's melody. After Charles finds out about Laura being mean to Anna, Charles makes Laura quit Nellie's club unless Anna can join, too. Nellie agrees to let Anna join, but only to pull a cruelly sadistic initiation stunt for her own amusement (she forces Anna to read a tongue twister without stuttering). A humiliated Anna runs out, and Laura soon follows her. After Laura and Anna make up, she admits her theft and explains her attitude. An embarassed Mr. Olesen goes easy on Laura, although the same can't be said for Nellie.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - The Election

    There's an election for school president, with Mary and Nellie competing against Elmer Dobkins, an overweight and seemingly slow-witted lad who is often teased by his classmates (except the Ingalls' children, of course). Mary, however, sees that Elmer is actually quite qualified for the job and drops out of the race. Nellie uses the opportunity to play some pretty mean tricks at Elmer's expense, nearly leading Miss Beadle to call an end to the whole idea of school president. In the end, the class ends up apologizing to Elmer and the election continues. And who wins? Why Elmer, thanks to an unlikely tie-breaking vote from ... Nellie's own brother, Willie (who quite frankly states he's fed up with his sister)!
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - Gold Country

    After having their crops destroyed, the Ingalls leave Walnut Grove to try their luck at striking it rich. After being at the gold mines for a while, the Ingalls realize that greed has been poisoning their minds. They leave to go home instead of looking for more gold.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - Castoffs

    When Laura's dog, Jack, dies, her Pa gives her a new dog, Bandit, after the dog follows him home. Although the dog seems very friendly to Laura, Laura doesn't want it. When Laura later visits Aunt Kezia, a lonely women, she realizes that she really loves Bandit.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Times Of Change

    After going to Chicago for the first time, Charles and Mary are very disappointed in what life in the city is really like.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - My Ellen

    A mother is in deep denial over her daughter's death in a tragic drowning. To comfort herself, she kidnaps Laura, hoping she will take her late daughter's place.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - The Handyman

    Charles must take a delivery to Mankato immediately and is unable to finish the addition to his house. Caroline hires a handsome man, Chris, to finish the house. Mary suspects that her Ma and Chris are falling in love. When Chris hears what Mary suspects, he leaves town. Mrs. Ingalls explains to Mary what was actually going on. They go after Chris; Mary convinces him to stay on for a little while.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - The Wolves

    Charles and Caroline go away and leave Mary in charge. Laura and Andy find some baby wolves and set up a pen for them in the barn. When they were outing feeding the animals, the barn is surrounded by several wild dogs. They try very hard to get into the barn. When Laura's dog, who had been bitten by a wild dog, shows up at the Garveys, Mr. Garvey rides out to the Ingalls' home. Andy's father and a few other men are able to shoot the dogs.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - The Creeper of Walnut Grove

    Things are being stolen in Walnut Grove. Laura and Andy try to figure out who's the crook. They end up getting a lot of people mad at them, including Mr. Ingalls, especially after his hair turns green.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - To Run And Hide

    When Doc Baker is unable to save a patient of his, he believes that he is unhappy being a doctor. He finds a new doctor for the town. Doc Baker stays on when he realizes that the new doctor really doesn't care about his patients.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - The Aftermath

    Jesse James and his brother, Frank, hide out in Walnut Grove. When the people of Walnut Grove find out who the people really are, the outlaws begin to take hostages. The outlaws realize they made a big mistake in who they had taken as hostages. Eventually they release the hostages.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The High Cost Of Being Right

    After Mr. Garvey's barn burns to the ground with the crops inside, his wife, Alice, takes a job at the post office. Mr. Garvey opposes this believing that a man should be able to support his family. He is ready to get a divorce until he realizes what his stubborn pride was doing to his family.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - The Fighter

    People in Walnut Grove are betting on a big boxing match in town. Mr. Ingalls does not know that he will be fighting an extremely sick person. That's why Charles is surprised in the ring when he is able to defeat his opponent so quickly. After his opponent collapses, he is brought to Doc Baker. Doc Baker is able to save him but warns him that he needs to stop fighting.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - Meet Me At The Fair

    A series of blackouts involving the Ingalls' and Olesens' trip to the fair.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - Here Come The Brides

    Adam Simms and his son Luke move into town. Adam falls in love with Miss Beadle, while Luke and Nellie Oleson fall for each other. After Miss Beadle talks to Nellie about love and marriage, Nellie and Luke decide to get married. Mr. and Mrs. Oleson arrive to end the marriage of Luke and Nellie. Adam and Miss Beadle get married in the church that night instead.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Freedom Flight

    An Indian boy comes to Walnut Grove trying to get help for his sick father. The people of Walnut Grove become very hostile toward the Indians. Thanks to Mr. Ingalls' help the Indians are able to escape.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Rivals

    Charles must try to save his business from a competitor. Laura, who is love with Jimmy Hill, must compete with somebody else for him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Whisper Country

    Mary eagerly accepts a teaching job in a backwoods community, only to face the sternest test of her career and life when she meets the community's leader: an elderly woman who is totally against education but has concealed a shameful secret.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - I Remember, I Remember

    Mr. Ingalls is severely delayed when a wheel breaks on his wagon in the pouring rain. This is the day of Charles and Caroline's wedding anniversary. Everything had been all prepared and set up for that day. When Charles doesn't show up in time, Caroline tells the children how hard it was to get Charles to notice her and how many heartbreaks she had before she finally knew that Charles loved her.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Please Be My Friend

    When Laura is playing along a creek, she finds a bottle with a note in it. The note read, "Be my friend." Laura convinces Pa to help her look for the person who sent the note. They end up finding a baby. Charles then searches for the parents of the child. The baby belongs to teen parents. The reason the mother left the baby for the Ingalls to find was because her dad was opposed to her being with the guy she conceived the child with. The young parents take the baby and try things again.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - The Inheritance

    Mrs. Olesen may finally get to drive those "homely" Ingalls from Walnut Grove for good when the family gets an inheritance from a wealthy relative. Against their better judgement, Charles spends the money on farm equipment and other things before finding out he used worthless Confederate funds to make the purchases.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - The Stranger

    Nels' brother sends his 12-year-old son to Walnut Grove after repeated conflicts at home and school. When Mrs. Olesen interferes in her husband's plans to rehabilitate his nephew, Nels asks Charles to step in and teach the boy some values.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - A Most Precious Gift

    Charles and Caroline are going to have another baby. Caroline constantly refers to the baby as he. Caroline delivers the baby sooner than expected causing Charles to be the doctor. The baby ends up being a girl, Grace.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (1)

    Mary falls in love with Seth. When Mary's eyesight starts to get worse, Charles takes her to a specialist. He is devastated when the specialist tells him that Mary will lose her sight. Charles is unable to tell Mary for a while that she is going blind. When Mary does go blind, the whole family suffers.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - I'll Be Waving As You Drive Away (2)

    Charles and Caroline sign Mary up for the blind school in Iowa. At first, Mary is very reluctant to learn anything at the school. However, after being with her teacher, Adam Kendall, for a while, she turns her outlook on life around. Mary is such a great student that Adam asks her to help her teach at the blind school with him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - As Long As We're Together (1)

    Poor economic conditions cause the Ingalls to move closer to Mary. Mary is now teaching at the blind school. The Ingalls move to be closer to Mary, where she helps teach the younger blind students. Laura catches an orphan, Albert, stealing from their hotel. Charles becomes friends with Albert and invites him to Mary's birthday party.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - As Long As We're Together (2)

    Charles even sells his fiddle to buy Mary a gift. At the party, Mary gives Pa his fiddle back. Laura gives Mary a card. Mary is so proud of Laura writing the letter in braille. Almost everyone is in tears, including Mrs. Oleson, when Mary announces that she has nothing to wish for, since she has everything that she could possibly want.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - The Winoka Warriors

    A blind student feels he is useless. He is reluctant to do anything at the blind school. The student gains self-confidence when he is talked into being the center for the Winoka football team. He is able to throw Albert across the goal line during the game to score the tying touchdown for the Winoka Warriors, keeping the Warriors from losing.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - The Man Inside

    Amelia, a new girl that Laura meets in school, is ashamed of her very overweight father. Her father works at the blind school where Mary works. All the blind students like him a lot. They claim that they can see his love. One day, Laura and some other students from school, start making fun of the overweight person, not knowing that they were making fun of Amelia's father. Amelia's father pretends to leave town since his girl is so ashamed of him. He hides out at the blind school. When he is involved in an accident, Amelia reveals to her dad how much she loves him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - There's No Place Like Home (1)

    Toby Noe wins a lottery of $5,000 and becomes a man of means. He buys the children a cartload of fireworks, for an annual celebration. Standish dupes Toby into losing all his money using cards and drink at the saloon. Everything comes to a head as the fireworks go off in the saloon. The Ingalls, Olesons, and Garveys get tired of the bustling city life during all this (Nels getting drunk and wins a whole pile of money), and they decide quickly to return to Walnut Grove. The Ingalls take Albert along with them.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - There's No Place Like Home (2)

    As the Ingalls, Garveys and Olesons return to Walnut Grove they discover a town that is badly in need of repair. With a lot of hard work, from everyone around them, they're able to get the town back to its old self, helping a number of people who feel they are living in a dead town, like Lars Hanson.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - Fagin

    Laura feels ignored and left out when Charles spends all of his time with Albert and the calf given to Albert. Albert runs away after overhearing Charles and Caroline talking about Laura not feeling that she is part of the family anymore. Laura takes Albert's calf to the fair and wins first place. She dedicates the award to Albert. Albert, who is secretly hiding and watching the show, comes out when he hears Laura's heartfelt words.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - Harriet's Happenings

    Mrs. Olesen's cousin starts a newspaper in Walnut Grove, and she uses the flegling small-town publication as her forum for gossip. It isn't long before the newspaper creates havoc and embarassment for the townspeople, leading Charles to take matters into his own hands.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The Wedding

    Adam finally asks Mary to marry him. She begins having second thoughts when her parents starting talking about being grandchildren and how hard it was to keep track of Mary when she was little. Mary begins to wonder if she could take care of a child. A blind child gets caught in a dust storm and is found by Mary and Adam. After this, Mary realizes that she has nothing to worry about. They get married by Reverend Alden.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - Men Will Be Boys

    Jonathan and Charles allow their boys to prove their manhood by allowing them to take a trip to Sleepy Eye by themselves. Jonathan and Charles secretly follow the boys. The boys end up making the trip with no problems at all. However, the fathers get into some embarrassing situations following their boys.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - The Cheaters

    Andy Garvey's mother is embarrassed by her son's performance at school. She hires Nellie Oleson to tutor him. Nellie reveals to Andy how she gets such good grades. Nellie makes Andy keep the secret of Nellie cheating. Andy eventually admits what he has been doing and his mother makes sure that Nellie isn't able to cheat on the next test.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - Blind Journey (1)

    When the blind school closes up, the people of Walnut Grove decide to make the old Reverend's house a blind school. Charles leads the students to their new school. Mrs. Oleson comes along on the trip because she believes that a prominent person will be with them. + This story is in part about racism. It begins with Joe Kagan's membership to the church in Walnut Grove, something Mrs. Oleson is very much against as he is black. Elsewhere, the blind school is forced to close. Charles and Joe Kagan lead the group of blind students through the woods to their new school in Walnut Grove, but not before Harriet has joined them, willing and eager because she hears they will be joined by more blind students and their teacher, who isn't blind, Hester-Sue Terhune. Harriet says the name Terhune is very prominent and it must be a sophisticated woman with a great upbringing. She buys a new dress and even wears a fancy wig. Harriet walks as she refuses to sit next to Joe Kagan on one of the wagons.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Blind Journey (2)

    When Mrs. Oleson meets Hester-Sue Terhune she is very disappointed to discover she is black. Hester-Sue has bought black children to join the rest of the blind school and they all continue the journey onwards to Walnut Grove. In the end it takes the words of a little blind black boy to teach her that prejudice is wrong, and Harriet comes to a crossroads in her life, whilst Adam will have to face his deepest fear as he comes to a crossing of his own.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Godsister

    In this episode starring twins Lindsey and Sidney Greenbush, Charles and Jonathan take job on a telephone crew that is working in southern Minnesota, which requires them to be away from home for several weeks. Carrie, heartsick for her Pa and craving attention, only manages to get into everybody else's way, so the lonesome tyke creates an imaginary friend, Alyssa, to ease the pain.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - The Craftsman

    Albert becomes an apprentice of an old Jew, Isaac. The people in school call Albert a Jew-lover and beat him up. Albert learns a sense of pride from Isaac. Albert and Isaac become the best of friends.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - Blind Man's Bluff

    After a boy is in an accident, he pretends to be blind to keep his parents from getting divorced. Laura discovers that the boy isn't blind, but doesn't tell his parents because the boy pleads with her not to. The boy is involved in another accident and has a concussion. The concussion causes him to not remember his pretending to be blind.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Dance With Me

    Toby Noe turns up again after the Ingalls, Garveys and Olesons decided to leave the town Standish owned (episode 93, There's No Place Like Home (1)). He makes an immediate impact, stirring things up, especially with Amanda. Laura and Albert do some matchmaking for the upcoming dance.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - The Sound Of Children

    Mary is expecting a child. Mary is able to get Adam closer to his father because of the expectancy of a child. His father even suggests that Mary and Adam come live with him. After Mary has a miscarriage, Mary and Adam really find out that Adam's father only wanted to be with Adam because of the baby. They decide to remain in Walnut Grove.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - The Lake Kezia Monster

    Mrs. Olesen forecloses on the lakefront property of Kezia, and she, Nellie and Willie cause no end of grief for the elderly recluse. Laura, Andy and Albert hatch a "get even" plan by claiming a monster lives in the lake.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - Barn Burner

    It all starts when a local farmer, who is hateful and bigoted, refuses to set a fair price for wheat, since black farmers would be entitled to the same price. The whole thing escalates when the farmer assaults Andy and is later accused of setting fire to the Garvey's barn.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - Enchanted Cottage

    Mary starts to be able to distinguish light from dark and the Ingalls believe she is regaining her sight. Mary is taken to the specialist only to discover that a brain impulse was causing her to see light when she felt the heat from the sun coming through a window. While Mary is away, Albert and Laura fix up Mr. Edwards' old home. However, the only colors of paint that the mercantile has is pink and purple. Mary returns and talks to Laura in the old Edwards' cabin. Laura tells Mary that her and Albert were building a club house. Mary tells Laura she is glad she can't see the room after Laura tells her what colors they used.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - Someone Please Love Me

    Charles stays with a family while looking for some horses to buy. The children of the family asks Mr. Ingalls if he could possibly do something to keep their parents from splitting up. Thanks to Charles talking to the husband and the wife, they decide to stay together and work things out.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 23 - Mortal Mission

    Two men need money to survive the winter so they sell meat they know is infected with anthrax. Several people in Walnut Grove get sick, so Charles and Mr. Garvey travel to Springfield to pick up medical supplies. On the way back, a man holds them up and takes the wagon. Charles and Jonathan follow him to his house. The crazed man's wife finally convinces her husband to let them go. Charles and Jonathan make it back. Several people die in this show but all of the main actors are OK. There is a brief period in this episode where Laura actually goes blind due to being infected with anthrax.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 24 - The Odyssey

    Albert and Laura leave home to run away with their friend, Dhillon. Dhillon, who is dying from leukemia, wants to achieve his life long dream of seeing the Pacific Ocean. Mr. Ingalls catches up with the children, but when he finds out what is going on, he helps them get to the ocean.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - Back To School (1)

    The school's new teacher is Ms. Wilder. Laura falls in love with Ms. Wilder's brother Almanzo. Laura is crushed when Nellie invites Almanzo over for dinner. Laura gets even with Nellie by volunteering to cook dinner for them. Laura adds some hot spices to the chicken and since Nellie had said that she had cooked the meal, Almanzo stays away from Nellie.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Back To School (2)

    When Laura and Nellie get in a fight about the graduation test, Almanzo separates them and takes Laura home with him. When Charles finds out that Almanzo took Laura home with him, Charles goes to Almanzo's place and punches Almanzo because he fears his daughter was being taken advantage of. Laura yells at the fighting pair and tells them that she is no longer a child.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - The Family Tree

    Each student must trace their family tree for a school assignment. Albert is unsure how he can do the assignment. The Ingalls decide to legally adopt Albert, but run into problems when Mr. Quinn, Albert's father shows up. He wants Albert until he sees him. Albert pretends to be blind with the hope that his father wouldn't want him. The blindness does the trick. Albert is legally adopted by the Ingalls.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - The Third Miracle

    Adam wins a prestigous award. Laura and Albert give the Christmas money they had made from collecting honey, to Adam and Mary to go on a trip to receive the award. After the stagecoach is involved in a very serious accident, Mary must save the life of a woman and her unborn child, as well as Adam who is trapped by the legs under the stagecoach. But they have taken a different road away from their original route. Then there is a fire.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - Annabelle

    A circus comes to Walnut Grove. Everybody is helping set up, except Nels Oleson. His long, lost sister is in the circus. Only Mrs. Oleson believes her husband's story about his sister. Nels is nominated to be the announcer at the circus. When he announces his sister, he says, "My sister, Annabelle." These words lead to Nels and Annabella becoming very close siblings.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - The Preacher Takes A Wife

    Mrs. Craig is in love with Reverend Alden. Although Mrs. Oleson tries to stop Reverend Alden from marrying Mrs. Craig, the wedding goes on as planned.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - The Halloween Dream

    Albert's imagination starts to get the better of him when he dreams that he and Laura are taken by Indians.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - The Little House Years (1)

    At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family share stories of their favorite memories. Contains flashbacks of LHOTP's greatest episodes.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The Little House Years (2)

    At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family share stories of their favorite memories. Contains flashbacks of LHOTP's greatest episodes.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - The Little House Years (3)

    At Thanksgiving, the Ingalls family share stories of their favorite memories. Contains flashbacks of LHOTP's greatest episodes. At the end of the episode, Laura comments she hopes to write a book about her special memories.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - The Return of Mr Edwards

    After an accident where a tree falls on him, Mr. Edwards is injured and can't walk properly and feels like he is only half a man. Charles and Laura visit him, where Mr. Edwards seems to come out of his dark mood at seeing Laura. Charles, Mr. Edwards and Laura go on a hunting trip, where Mr. Edwards has deadly intent on his mind. Charles then resorts to a serious tactic to help his friend.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - The King Is Dead

    Jonathan is tricked into believing that he is a good wrestler. Jimmy Hart tricks Jonathan into believing this just to make money off of Jonathan. The local region is betting heavily including many residents of Walnut Grove who stand to lose a lot of money. Mrs. Oleson is betting heavily too, with the church funds, which she is treasurer for. Milo has to prove to Jonathan that he has been set up. In the end, Jonathan has Milo (the wrestler he beat in round one), take his place in the wrestling ring.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - The Faith Healer

    A man claiming to be a faith healer establishes a congregation in Walnut Grove, taking parishoners from Rev. Alden's church. But things grow deadly serious when a teen-age boy dies from a ruptured appendix after being "healed," and it's up to Charles to expose the phony.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - Author, Author

    Caroline's mother dies while traveling on a train heading for Walnut Grove. Caroline's father takes to the sod house for a while. Albert is the one that convinces him to go fishing with him. Caroline's father tells great stories of the children growing up in the Big Woods. Mr. Ingalls convinces Caroline's father to write down the stories. The Ingalls work hard to save up enough money to get the book published. Caroline's father leaves knowing that he is a published author.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Crossed Connections

    The telephone comes to Walnut Grove, giving switchboard operator Mrs. Olesen another means to engage in her favorite pasttime – gathering rumors and spreading them as gossip. One of those bits of gossip threatens to destroy the Garveys' marriage, thanks to the uncaring Mrs. Olesen.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - The Angry Heart

    Todd was a boy who got beaten up by his drunk father. Now Todd is 17 and is visiting his grandparents in Walnut Grove. Todd quickly gets into trouble. Charles puts Todd in jail when his watch is stolen. Todd is forced to work on Mr. Ingalls' farm. This causes Todd to learn to become a nicer person.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - The Werewolf Of Walnut Grove

    Walnut Grove has a school bully, Bart. Albert and Laura want to teach the bully a lesson. Albert dresses up as a werewolf, but the bully doesn't buy it when Carrie comes out and tells Albert and Laura that she'll tell Ma that all of the glue was used by them. Laura and Albert come up with another plan. But in the end, it takes the joint efforts of the school children to get the bully to be nice.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56?

    Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls travel to a farmers convention. They want to meet up with some of their old friends. Charles tries to convince the small farmers to stand up to the larger farms. Caroline is ready to go home when she finds out that several of her friends are unhappy with the way their lives have turned out. The Ingalls are more than happy to go back home.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - Darkness Is My Friend

    Some escaped convicts take refuge at the blind school during a stormy night. Laura and Mary are held captives there. One of the convicts tells Laura to go get a doctor. Laura goes and gets her Pa. Pretending to be the doctor, Charles is able to disarm the convicts.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - Silent Promises

    A deaf boy learns how to communicate with people when Laura teaches him sign language. The boy falls in love with Laura and not wanting to hurt his feelings, Laura pretends to love him. Eventually, she reveals to the deaf boy that she really loves someone else.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - May We Make Them Proud

    Albert's careless disposal of smoking materials in the basement of the School for the Blind causes a fire that kills Alice and his nephew, Adam Jr. Albert, Mary and Jonathan all have trouble dealing with the events and the resulting grief.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - Wilder And Wilder

    Almanzo's brother, Perley comes to town. Perley injures one of Almanzo's horses. Mr. Ingalls is proud of Almanzo when Charles sees him trying to nurse his horse back to normal. Throughout the show, Almanzo becomes more interested in Laura.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 23 - Second Spring

    Nels finally gets fed up with his wife and starts his own mobile merchant business. At a boarding house in another town, he meets a lovely young woman ... and nearly gives into temptation when he almost has an affair with her.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 24 - Sweet Sixteen

    Laura gets the opportunity to be a temporary teacher for a nearby town. Almanzo drives her to the school. Laura realizes in this episode that Almanzo also has feelings for her. Their romance steps up another degree in this episode.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 25 - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (1)

    Almanzo asks for Laura's hand in marriage. Mr. Ingalls tells Almanzo to wait until Laura was eighteen. Not wanting to wait, Almanzo forces Laura to choose him or respect her father. Laura respects her father's wishes. Almanzo leaves town and causes Laura a lot of heartache. Harriet hires Percival Dalton to help her in the restaurant. Nellie and Percival fall in love and eventually Percival asks Nellie to marry him. Adam's father dies, which means that a new blind school wouldn't be built in Walnut Grove.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 26 - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not (2)

    Laura helps Adam and Mary set up a new blind school in Sleepy Eye to try to get her mind off of Almanzo. That doesn't work because Almanzo is also in Sleepy Eye. When Almanzo gets very sick, Laura rushes to help him. She finds out that he had been secretly helping to pay the rent for the blind school. Almanzo pulls through thanks to Laura being by his side. Mr. Ingalls decides to allow Almanzo to marry Laura in one year, instead of two.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - Laura Ingalls Wilder (1)

    Almanzo purchases some land and hires Harv, a friend of his, to help him in the field. Almanzo soon learns that he was tricked into buying the land. He is unable to get any justice. This causes Almanzo to call off the wedding until he gets back on his feet. Laura gets a teaching position, but Almanzo doesn't want her to work. Laura decides to take the position anyway.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Laura Ingalls Wilder (2)

    Eliza Jane falls in love with Harv, but is afraid to tell him how she feels. Eliza Jane is devastated when she finds out Harv has somebody else in his life. Since Eliza Jane doesn't want to see Almanzo and Laura break up, she decides to leave and tells Almanzo to chase after Laura to tell her that she could teach in Walnut Grove. Laura and Almanzo then get married at the blind school.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - A New Beginning

    The Garveys move to Sleepy Eye to run a business. After being robbed several times, Jonathan decides to become a deputy sheriff to clean up the town of crime. When Jonathan catches a teen gang leader, Andy gets beaten up.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - Fight Team Fight!

    A former football star moves back to Walnut Grove. He agrees to become coach of the football team. His goal is to win at all costs. This kind of thinking puts Albert in great danger. Towards the end of the show the football coach starts to realize that winning isn't everything.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - The Silent Cry

    Houston, an old man, takes care of two runaway orphans. The orphans were running away because the orphanage wants to separate them. Houston talks to the adopting parents and convinces them to take both of the kids.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - Portrait Of Love

    A blind person has a talent for painting. Her work is so good, it soon gets publicized. The person's biological mother comes and tries to make up for what happened in the past. Only after the blind person learns that her mother abandoned her so that she could have a better life did she agree to see her mother.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - Divorce, Walnut Grove Style

    A friend of Laura begins liking Almanzo. Laura begins suspecting the worse. She goes so far as leaving him when she suspects he is having an affair. Laura later learns that Almanzo can love no one but her.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - Dearest Albert, I'll Miss You

    Albert begins writing more frequently to a pen pal of his. He tries to impress the girl he is writing to. The girl also does the same thing. Albert falls in love with her and goes to see her one time. This girl is very reluctant. Albert thinks that she doesn't like him until he sees her in a wheelchair. Both of them promise to continue writing to each other, but this time they would only tell the truth in their writings.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The In-Laws

    Almanzo and Mr. Ingalls expand their business by delivery goods to Sleepy Eye. Both of them believe they know the quickest way to get there. They even place a bet...Whoever got to Sleepy Eye first before 1 o'clock had to cook the other family dinner. Both of them experience problems almost right from the start. Both of them end up making it there after the designated time. The husbands are forced to cook their wives dinner, but that doesn't go so well either.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - To See The Light (1)

    Adam makes a decision when his sight returns, after an accident at Jonathan's freight warehouse. Mary feels that Adam may be slipping away from her.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - To See The Light (2)

    Adam goes for his test and hopes to get a scholarship. But far away from home, he is robbed and beaten and after racing to continue his test (2nd part), he catches a fever.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - Oleson Versus Oleson

    A town referendum comes up on giving fair property rights to married women. Mrs. Olesen is strongly in favor of the issue, and rallies all of the town's women (including Caroline and Laura) to her cause. Nels, Charles and Almonzo favor the referendum in principle but won't go on record as being in favor of it; each has their own reasons. Percy is apparently the only man in town to favor the issue – and it's only to keep Nellie happy. For once, Mrs. Olesen uses her shrewd stubborn demeanor for good. She gets all of the men's wives to leave them (temporarily, of course) until the husbands see the errors in their thinking. The issue doesn't come to vote, but the men gain an appreciation for their better halves and see the need for equal property rights.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Come, Let Us Reason Together

    Percival's parents decide to pay a visit. Mrs. Oleson and Mr. Percival don't hit it off so well. Mrs. Oleson is strongly against Mr. Percival's idea of raising Nellie's child as a Jew. An agreement is finally reached between the two. A girl would be Christian and a boy would be Jewish. Nellie ends up having twins, a boy and a girl.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Nephews

    Almanzo's brother, Royal, leaves his two kids with the Wilders while he and his wife are on vacation. Laura and Almanzo have their hands full taking care of these boys.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Make A Joyful Noise

    Joe Hagen moves to Sleepy Eye to help at the blind school. He begins to fall in love with Hester Sue. However, she is planning to marry someone that has a more promising future. One day Hester Sue hears Joe comforting one of the blind students. Hearing this makes her decide not to marry the other person.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - Goodbye, Mrs Wilder

    Mrs. Oleson wants Laura to add several courses to her school curriculum, including art appreciation and French. Since Laura believes that the kids don't need to know these subjects, she quits. Mrs. Oleson is the person who takes over as teacher. The school board finally tells Mrs. Oleson that a rural farming community does not need to teach these subjects. After this, Laura gets her old job back.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Sylvia (1)

    A schoolyard escapade involving Albert brands 15-year-old girl Sylvia a tease. The two fall in love, but Albert is unaware of a number of circumstances which have thrown Sylvia's life into a frightening tailspin - getting raped by an unknown assailant and the girl's domineering father.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - Sylvia (2)

    A pregnant Sylvia finds Albert is the only one she can turn to for solace, since her father blames her for her situation. Albert and Sylvia decide they want to elope so she doesn't have to move with her father, over both their parents' objections.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - Blind Justice

    Adam and Mary move back to Walnut Grove so that Adam can start a law practice there. Adam's first case involves a person who has been swindling people in Walnut Grove. Adam believes the person is innocent until he finds out the truth. Adam convinces the jury to have pity on this man who was just trying to help out his family before he dies.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - I Do, Again

    Caroline is crushed when she learns she is no longer able to carry a baby, and fabricates a pregnancy to deal with the pain.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - The Lost Ones (1)

    Charles and Albert travel with the Cooper family while on a delivery. A serious accident occurs while the Coopers are going down a steep hill. The Cooper parents are killed. Charles tries to find Cassandra and James a new home. When he can't find anyone to take them both in, he feels he has to send them to an orphanage. After thinking about this idea some more, Charles decides to take care of the kids himself for a short period.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - The Lost Ones (2)

    Reverend Alden eventually finds someone to take in the kids. However, this family just wants them to work. When Cassandra and James run away, their adoptive father doesn't even go to look for them. When Charles finds the kids, he tells them that he will adopt them if they could stand the house being more crowded. They happily agree to stay with the Ingalls.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - The Reincarnation of Nellie (1)

    Percival and Nellie go to New York so that Percival can run the family business now that his father has died. Mrs. Oleson gets very depressed because of Nellie leaving. The Olesons decide to adopt a girl to take the place of Nellie. While they are in Sleepy Eye, they find a girl that looks almost exactly like Nellie when she was young.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - The Reincarnation of Nellie (2)

    Nancy turns out to be worse than Nellie ever was. She even locks another girl in the ice house. The students devise a plan to teach Nancy a lesson. They trick her into being the star in a dunking tank. Also during this episode, Adam and Mary move to New York so that they can earn a living and Hester Sue comes to Walnut Grove to work at the restaurant.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - Growin' Pains

    James is trying to be more like Albert. He even wants to shave like Albert has to. While James is shaving, he breaks Albert's razor. James steals a razor from the mercantile hoping Albert wouldn't notice the difference. When the truth is found out about the razor, James runs away. Albert takes off after him. When Albert finds James, it takes a lot of convincing before James decides to come back home with him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - Dark Sage

    Dr. Baker posts an ad for another doctor, to relieve his workload (and Mrs. Oleson's constant pestering). He hires Dr. Caleb Ledoux, but doesn't count on him being black. The Ingalls are among the very few to accept Dr. Ledoux, as others are outright hateful and racist. Even Dr. Baker struggles with his prejudice and, to show his spite, gives the young doctor minor cases. In the end, Dr. Ledoux is the only doctor available to call on a pregnant woman who is having labor complications. The woman's husband won't allow the doctor in the house (because he's black), and can only get to her when Charles knocks the man aside. Ledoux performs a successful surgery and delivers a son to the couple. A stunned and shaken Dr. Baker witnesses the surgery and concedes that only Caleb's and his superior training could have saved the woman's life. Dr. Ledoux later angrily tells his wife he plans to leave Walnut Grove. But only Dr. Baker's emotional speech at church convinces the good doctor to stay.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - A Wiser Heart

    Laura goes to visit Eliza Jane because of a literature seminar that is going on in town. Laura has to find a part-time job to pay for meals and other stuff. She ends up hating the job. There is a person who Laura met on the train who begins to like Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane in turn begins to like the professor teaching the seminar and the professor likes Laura. The professor tells Laura that her writing is bad when Laura tells him she is happily married. The man on the train eventually defends Laura's writing. It only takes one punch by the man to get the professor to take off and leave.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - Gambini The Great

    In an episode about hero worship, Charles and Nels share deep concerns over an aging circus performer's influence on the children of Walnut Grove. Particularly since some of them - Albert and Willie in particular - have tried some of the daredevil's more dangerous stunts, with mixed results.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - The Legend of Black Jake

    Nels is kidnapped by two crooks. The crooks try to get Mrs. Oleson to pay ransom for her husband, but she refuses to. This makes Mr. Oleson upset and causes him to help the crooks. The kidnappers aren't very lucky. After kidnapping several different people, the crooks decide that they need to try another line of work. They leave without hurting any of the kidnapped people.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - Chicago

    Charles travels to Chicago to comfort a deeply grieving Mr. Edwards, whose son John Jr. had died in a tragic accident. But that grief soon gives way to rage when it becomes apparent John Jr.'s death was no accident. Charles and Mr. Edwards enlist the aid of the editor of the newspaper where John Jr. worked to uncover the truth.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - For The Love of Nancy

    An overweight boy comes to school at Walnut Grove. The schoolkids pick on him because he is so heavy. Nancy persuades the boy to bully the other school children. The jokes of the school children get so bad that the obese boy decides to quit school. The school children then decide that enough is enough. They go over and apologize to him.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - Wave of the Future

    Mrs. Oleson changes the restaurant into a franchise restaurant, She has a hard time living up to the agreement of the franchise. Charles and Nels get together and decide to open up a restaurant of their own, right across the street. The new restaurant forces Mrs. Oleson's restaurant out of business. The town is now back to normal, or at least as normal as it can be.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - A Christmas They Never Forgot

    Mary, Adam, Hester Sue, the Wilders, and the Ingalls are all together for Christmas. The snow begins falling and soon they are snowed in by a blizzard. To pass time, several of them tell stories. Laura talks about the Christmas in Kansas when Mr. Edwards came.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - No Beast So Fierce

    James makes friends with Gideon Hale, a young boy who stutters. However, the budding friendship is damaged when Gideon overhears James making fun of him. A wolf that follows James and Charles on a delivery trip may hold the key for bringing Gideon out of his shell.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Stone Soup

    Laura finds that balancing her teaching duties at school and managing Almonzo's orchard, while he and Charles are gone on a delivery trip to Arizona, too much to handle. Her heart-to-heart talk with a maturing Willie may hold the key to both their futures.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Legacy

    Charles beings making tables so that he could pass on a legacy. While he is at this, Albert begins taking care of the farm. Charles gets very upset when someone steals his design and starts producing the tables in large quantities. Charles soon realizes that memories of his family is a lot more important.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Uncle Jed

    An elderly relative of James and Cassandra tries to get custody away from Charles. He ends up being unsuccessful in the lawsuit, which means that Charles kept custody of the children.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - Second Chance

    Hester Sue's ex-husband, Sam, comes to town. He tells Hester Sue that he was no longer a drinker and a gambler. Hester Sue believes he has changed and soon decides to marry him. Hester Sue learns the truth about Sam when his wife and kids come and warn Hester Sue that Sam is still a drinker and gambler.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (1)

    The Wilders' budding marriage is put to its first major test when Almonzo, soon after recovering from an illness, is felled by a stroke.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow (2)

    Almonzo, bitter at his apparent life-crippling illness, nearly gives up on life, despite the birth of little Rose. His attitude nearly drives Laura to consider leaving her husband. A tornado that destroys the farmstead may hold the key to both of their futures.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - A Promise To Keep

    Mr. Edwards' alcoholism, fueled by John Jr.'s violent death, ruins his marriage, and he travels back to Walnut Grove to see solace with his old friends. However, those long-standing friendships are put to the test when an accident, caused by a drunken Mr. Edwards, nearly costs Albert his life.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - A Faraway Cry

    A longtime friend of Caroline writes to her and asks for help. Her friend is pregnant and lives at a gold prospector's camp where there is an outbreak of influenza. Caroline finds out that her friend's husband doesn't like her wife. In fact, he wants his wife's baby to die. Caroline's friend dies during childbirth, but the child survives. In another tent, a mother's child dies while be born. Caroline decides to give the baby to the other mother since she knows that the baby will be taken care of properly.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - He Was Only Twelve (1)

    James joins Charles, Albert and Mr. Edwards as they travel to Sleepy Eye for a delivery. James – who has saved some money – and Albert visit a general store, but after looking over the merchandise, James wants to deposit his money into a savings account. The two unknowingly walk into a bank robbery; one of the outlaws shoots James, and they flee. James lapses into a coma, and the doctor tells Charles that he will likely die. An embittered Charles convinces Mr. Edwards to help him track down the criminals and bring them to justice. Albert later tags along, even though he's told to stay at the hotel. Charles and company eventually catch up with the bank robbers, and in a trance-like state, Charles nearly breaks the neck of one of the outlaws.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 22 - He Was Only Twelve (2)

    When Charles refuses to admit that James will likely never recover from his gunshot wound, he leaves Walnut Grove with his adopted son. He builds an altar in the woods and hopes that God will bring a miracle.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 1 - Times Are Changing (1)

    The Ingalls are forced to sell their house to the Carters and leave Walnut Grove to find a more promising life. Mrs. Carter begins printing a newspaper for Walnut Grove. Etta Plum becomes the teacher in Walnut Grove when Laura decides she wants to spend more time with Rose. Almanzo's brother, Royal, comes to Walnut Grove with his daughter, Jenny.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 2 - Times Are Changing (2)

    Royal has a very bad heart and asks Laura and Almanzo to take care of his daughter since he was going to die soon. Jenny is devastated by her father's death. After talking to Reverend Alden about heaven, she tries to commit suicide by drowning so that she could be with her father again. Jeb Carter is able to save Jenny although he can't swim. Laura convinces Jenny that she should do what would make her parents proud.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 3 - Welcome To Olesonville

    Harriet finds a bearer bond from Walnut Grove. She uses this to try to get people to follow her suggestions. She tells the town council that if she doesn't get her way, she will cash in the bond which would force the town to pay Mrs. Oleson over $10,000. First she decides to change the name of the town to Olesonville. Then she believes the city should have a mayor, namely, Nels. Before things get too far out of hand, an old resident appears and has the first in the series of the bond. This means that Mrs. Oleson really has no power over the city.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 4 - Rage

    Mr. Stark finds out that he and his family will be evicted from their property after going very deep into debt. The fact that his wife was asking for more credit from the Oleson's and his daughter, Elizabeth was seeing the Page boy, causes the man's mind to snap. He goes home and shoots his wife and daughter, but they end up fully recovering. Several of the men in Walnut Grove begin looking for Mr. Stark. When Almanzo is away looking for the man, the crazy man comes into the Wilder's house believing that Laura and Jenny are his wife and daughter. When the search party goes over to the Wilders, the crazed man steps outside and is killed.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 5 - Little Lou

    A tiny circus performer, Lou, decides to look for work in Walnut Grove after his wife dies while giving birth to his baby girl. A prejudice Mrs. Oleson uses her power to make sure that the dwarf doesn't find work. She even threatens Mr. Anderson that she would close her account at the bank if he hired Lou. To keep the infant alive, the dwarf must steal food. Mrs. Oleson decides to press charges when she finds out who stole the food. When Nancy falls in a well, Lou risks his life to save the girl. That's when Mrs. Oleson decides that being small has its advantages and decides to drop all charges.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 6 - The Wild Boy (1)

    A traveling side-show comes to Walnut Grove. The main attraction is a wild boy. The wild boy escapes and becomes friends with the Wilders. The boy turns out to be Matthew Roger and the reason he acts wild is become he is given morphine.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 7 - The Wild Boy (2)

    Mr. Edwards keeps Matthew at his place, but Nancy Oleson tells on him. A judge comes and rules that Matthew be placed in an institution. Then Mr. Edwards makes a statement that everyone is crazy sometime. He convinces the judge to allow the boy to stay with Mr. Edwards.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 8 - The Return Of Nellie

    Nellie returns to Walnut Grove and discovers that Nancy is a lot worse than she ever was. When Nancy isn't the center of attention, she runs away. Nels and Nellie search until they find her. Just when they think Nancy has learned a valuable lesson, she proves that she really hasn't.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 9 - The Empire Builders

    The people of Walnut Grove are at first excited when the railroad wants to build through the town. This excitement doesn't last long. The railroad tells several people that they must leave their houses. The people make a stand at the Carter's place. This delay in building convinces the railroad to find a different route.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 10 - Love

    Laura's childhood friend, Jane Canfield, comes back to Walnut Grove. Although she is blind, she falls in love with Mr. Edwards, a person who was old enough to be her father. Jane then undergoes an operation which allows her to see again. After a lot of soul searching, Mr. Edwards tells Jane that she should go out and find herself a better life. At the end of the show, we see Mr. Edwards in the distance watching Jane leave on the stagecoach.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 11 - Alden's Dilemma

    A reverend that is passing through Walnut Grove arouses the suspicions of Reverend Alden and Mr. Edwards. Reverend Alden believes that he will lose his congregation to the other reverend. Mr. Edwards notices that this reverend spends a lot of time with Mrs. Carter and Laura, which causes him to suspect the worse. It turns out that the reverend was here to present Reverend Alden with a present, a new house.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 12 - Marvin's Garden

    Jenny looses a necklace in a pond and almost drowns trying to get it. After the incident, she has partial brain damage and has to retrain herself to talk and walk. Jenny's friend, a retired doctor, helps Jenny to force herself to get better. Thanks to him, Jenny makes a complete recovery.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 13 - Sins Of The Fathers

    When Mrs. Carter's mother dies, Sarah Carter's father comes to town. He tries to get the Carters to come with home back to New York. He wants the Carters to have a better life. The Carters tell him that home sweet home is in Walnut Grove. After a while, Sarah's father begins to understand while the Carters feel this way.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 14 - The Older Brothers

    The Older Brothers is a gang that used to have a notorious reputation. First they hold up Mr. Edwards but end up losing the money. Then they try to get ransom money for Mr. Edwards but that doesn't go very well. When they realize that their is a reward out for their capture, they turn themselves in for the money. They end up never getting that either.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 15 - Once Upon A Time

    Laura writes a book for a book writing contest. Her book is chosen. She travels to Minneapolis to work out a deal with the publisher. However, when the publisher wants her to change some parts in her book, she withdraws from the contest and goes back home.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 16 - Home Again

    When Albert continually breaks the law, Charles takes him out of the big city and back to Walnut Grove. Albert doesn't change in Walnut Grove because he is addicted to morphine. Charles finally forces Albert to stop using morphine. He stays with Albert while he goes through withdrawal. Thanks to Charles, Albert is no longer addicted to morphine. We find out at the end of the show that Albert will become Dr. Albert Ingalls.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 17 - A Child With No Name

    Laura gives birth to a baby boy. The baby is fine and healthy for a while. Then for no apparent reason the baby dies. To ease her mind of the death, she blames Doc Baker for what happened to her baby. Doc's reputation declines so much that he must leave town to find work. Just before Doc Baker leaves, Rose comes down with small pox. Doc must stay quarantined with the Wilders for two weeks. Watching the Doc save Rose's life causes Laura to rethink her attitude about Doc Baker. Laura and the rest of the town convince him to stay on.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 18 - The Last Summer

    Jason Carter starts working for an old lady. Jason becomes great friends of the lady. However, Jason's mom believes the lady is being too nice. Jason is forbidden to work for the old lady until Sarah finds out that the lady will soon die.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 19 - For The Love Of Blanche

    Mr. Edwards and the residents of Walnut Grove make friends with an orangutan. But the friendship and the fun-loving primate's life may be short-lived when Nancy and Mrs. Olesen cause trouble.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 20 - May I Have This Dance?

    No longer a mama's boy, Willie announces his engagement and plans to marry his sweetheart. All this upsets his mother greatly, who makes several attempts to get her way.
  • Little House on the Prairie: Episode 21 - Hello and Goodbye

    Mr. Montague stays at the Wilder boarding house while he is at Walnut Grove researching for a book that he is writing. Matthew Roger has a hard decision to make when his biological father shows up. Matthew decides to leave Mr. Edwards and go with his father. Mr. Edwards moves into the boarding house so he wouldn't be lonely anymore.