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TV series
Crime, Drama, Thriller
43 min


Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.

Additional information

  • Zakon braće: Croatia (2006)
  • Beg iz zapora: Slovenia (2006)
  • Büyük Kaçış: Turkey (2005)


  • Prison Break: Episode 1 - Pilot

    As Lincoln Burrows awaits his fate on death row, his brother, a structural engineer convinced of Lincoln's innocence, gets himself incarcerated as well hoping to free his brother from the inside.
  • Prison Break: Episode 2 - Allen

    Michael seeks help of his fellow prison inhabitants to execute his escape plans.
  • Prison Break: Episode 3 - Cell Test

    When Michael reveals his escape plan to Sucre, Sucre chooses to be no part of it, and requests a cell transfer. Michael gets a new cellmate called Haywire.
  • Prison Break: Episode 4 - Cute Poison

    Veronica keeps uncovering new information regarding Lincoln's case and decides she wants to work on the case full-time. When no one wants to help her on the case, Nick Savrinn (an attorney) offers his assistance and the two of them visit Lincoln.
  • Prison Break: Episode 5 - English, Fitz or Percy

    Kellerman and Hale blackmail Warden Pope. Michael finds out he might get out earlier than anticipated. Veronica becomes uncertain of her allies.
  • Prison Break: Episode 6 - Riots, Drills and the Devil (1)

    Michael creates a lockdown by sabotaging the air conditioning in order to execute his breakout plan properly, and unintentionally causes a riot that gets Sara into huge trouble. Meanwhile, an ex-con is blackmailed into seeing to that Lincoln is killed.
  • Prison Break: Episode 7 - Riots, Drills and the Devil (2)

    While the riot intensifies, Abruzzi and Sucre join forces. Michael must decide whether or not to save the life of Dr. Tancredi.
  • Prison Break: Episode 8 - The Old Head

    Michael finds out a storeroom fundamental to his escape plans has been converted into a break room. Veronica and Nick are being threatened.
  • Prison Break: Episode 9 - Tweener

    Abruzzi's demotion in the prison hierachy puts the entire escape plan at risk. Michael finds himself in the uneviable position of trying to protect T-Bag's new "fish" and facing the threat of T-Bag exposing the plan to the guards. The inmates dig themselves into a hole.
  • Prison Break: Episode 10 - Sleight of Hand

    Michael is forced to give up Fibonacci’s location to Philly Falzone, and Kellerman and Hale get a little unwanted help to track down LJ who has gone missing. Veronica and Nick uncover evidence against the man Lincoln was convicted of murdering.
  • Prison Break: Episode 11 - And Then There Were 7

    The escapees and Dr. Tancredi are shocked when they learn the identity of Michael’s visitor, who brings with her a very important piece of the escape plan.
  • Prison Break: Episode 12 - Odd Man Out

    Michael sees proof his plan is working, so he begins to overcome the last obstacle. As the escape draws near, the group tries to reduce its number by one and targets T-Bag.
  • Prison Break: Episode 13 - End of the Tunnel

    With Lincoln’s execution scheduled for the following day, Veronica comes out of hiding to contact him and gains an ally. Kellerman makes the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the conspiracy. Michael looks for a way to get Lincoln out of solitary confinement in time for the escape that evening. The inmates risk everything as they attempt their escape.
  • Prison Break: Episode 14 - The Rat

    Michael and the other prisoners return to their cells without being detected. At the same time, Veronica and Nick request a judge to postpone Lincoln's execution. A C.O. becomes suspicious about a broken pipe. Sara requests her Dad (the Governor) to review Lincoln's case. Michael tries to put a stay in the execution by fiddling with the chair's wirings.
  • Prison Break: Episode 15 - By the Skin and the Teeth

    A face from Lincoln's past haunts him on the day of his execution while Veronica exhumes Steadman's body to prove his innocence. Michael takes guard duty and creates a new break-out plan. A man comes up with new evidence regarding the conspiracy.
  • Prison Break: Episode 16 - Brother's Keeper

    Flashbacks shed light on the past actions that led to the incarceration of Lincoln, Sucre, T-Bag and C-Note. Basis of Michael's ingenious break-out plan are revealed. Dr. Tancredi memorizes how the clash with her father took her to Fox River State Penitentiary.
  • Prison Break: Episode 17 - J-Cat

    Lincoln is worried about Michael's sanity while Michael has trouble remembering some parts of the prison schematics. Sucre has to conceal the hole in the guard's break room. Warden Pope transfers Michael to solitary after he declines his request.
  • Prison Break: Episode 18 - Bluff

    Transferred to the psych ward, Michael tries to clear Haywire's head and jog his memory of the missing piece of the blueprint tattoo; Bellick wants to auction off Michael's cell to the highest bidder; C-Note and T-Bag must team up in a high-stakes poker game, while Sucre's cousin Manche seems to hold all the cards.
  • Prison Break: Episode 19 - The Key

    The mystery man reveals himself to Lincoln as well as his connection to some bad company; when Michael realizes Sara holds the key to the escape plan, he takes their relationship to another level; Fox River turns into a mob scene when a familiar face returns; Tweener must choose sides; and Bellick may finally discover the "hole" truth on the.
  • Prison Break: Episode 20 - Tonight

    Westmoreland wants Michael to speed up the planned escape, and gets Bellick one step closer to unraveling it. Michael has to decide whether to involve Sara in the breakout plan. Tweener's devotion is put to a test. Veronica finds out that her ally unexpectedly has a connection to an inmate serving time at Fox River.
  • Prison Break: Episode 21 - Go

    Dr. Sarah questions if she should leave a light on and the door open for Michael, who must betray the Pope in order to carry out his escape plan. Veronica finds evidence that points her to Montana, but realizes that her closest ally may actually be her greatest enemy. Michael, Lincoln and the other inmates make a break for it, but after the alarm is sounded, find out who will make it over the wall, who will be left behind and who will leave the prison in a body bag.
  • Prison Break: Episode 22 - Flight

    With the escape in motion, Michael, Lincoln and the inmates take flight outside the prison walls, risking life and limb to evade capture. Warden Pope and Captain Bellick embark on a relentless pursuit to capture the escapees; the Vice President fears she will lose her command as well as her life; and Veronica tracks down the most significant piece of evidence to prove Lincoln's innocence.
  • Prison Break: Episode 1 - Manhunt

    As eight hours has passed since the escape, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi attempt to evade their seekers. Bellick is forced to relinquish the command of the search party to FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone whose ingenious approach makes Michael's life as a fugitive harder. As a result from her overdose, Dr. Tancredi is in critical condition. A short-handed T-Bag faces the ultimate challenge.
  • Prison Break: Episode 2 - Otis

    Mahone tries to lure the escapees by targeting an imprisoned LJ. Michael and Lincoln come up with a plan to free LJ from jail. Sucre, Abruzzi and C-Note have a plan of their own, but only to break free of their pursuers. Meanwhile, Bellick and Warden Pope feel the heat following their unsuccessful attempts to capture the escapees. Tweener infiltrates a bunch of college students on their way to spring break.
  • Prison Break: Episode 3 - Scan

    Michael and a wounded Lincoln try to outmaneuver Mahone, who is hot on their trail. Sara gets a surprise visit to her bedside. Following his suspension, Bellick recruits a resolute partner to aid in his quest to get the escapees behind the bars. Sucre and C-Note head out for their family reunions—regardless of being observed by the authorities.
  • Prison Break: Episode 4 - First Down

    Bellick, now teamed up with Michael, Lincoln and Nika, sets out to find the money stolen by Westmoreland during the 1971 skyjacking. Kellerman targets Sarah, who receives a long-awaited phone call. T-Bag gets a ride from an unsuspecting family. Abruzzi resumes the search for Fibonacci to settle the scores once and for all.
  • Prison Break: Episode 5 - Map 1213

    Michael and Lincoln are eager to locate the Double K ranch where Westmoreland hid his millions. Sucre goes to Las Vegas to prevent Maricruz from marrying his cousin Hector. C-Note gets on a train. Mahone is given an important package.
  • Prison Break: Episode 6 - Subdivision

    T-Bag is in the house of a woman named Jeannette, who serves him liquored lemonade. As they share stories, T-Bag starts working his charm on her only to be scorned when she asks him for help to get another man in her bed. It seems the gang, which includes Michael and Sucre, is pretending to be construction workers working on Jeanette's house. Why are they there for? Things go sour when Jeannette's daughter, Ann, appears. Michael and Lincoln go house-hunting in Utah to find Westmoreland's hidden money; T-Bag shows his particular brand of Southern hospitality; Haywire finally re-surfaces; Sucre finds a familiar face on the road; Mahone's interest in the legend of DB Cooper leads him closer to the escapees in the "Subdivision" episode of PRISON BREAK airing Monday, Sept. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (PB-206) (TV-14 D, L, V) Cast: Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows; Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield; Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre; Marshall Allman as LJ Burrows; Wade Williams as Captain Brad Bellick; Paul Adelstein as Special Agent Paul Kellerman; Robert Knepper as T-Bag; Rockmond Dunbar as C-Note and Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi with William Fichtner as Special Agent Alexander Mahone. Guest Cast: John Heard as Governor Frank Tancredi; Lane Garrison as Tweener; Silas Weir Mitchell as Haywire; Jason Davis as Wheeler; Reggie Lee as Bill Kim Diana Scarwid as Jeanette Owens.
  • Prison Break: Episode 7 - Buried

    Lincoln is determined to reunite with LJ, who is suspicious of his good fortune in Arizona; Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag's hunt for buried treasure finally pays off; Kellerman has a change of heart just as Sarah is targeted by The Company; and Mahone forces Tweener to make a deadly choice.
  • Prison Break: Episode 8 - Dead Fall

    Agent Mahone gets a new adversary in Richard Sullins, an Internal Affairs agent put on the convicts trail. Mahone is not pleased to see Sullins arrive, especially since he had to be pulled away from the manhunt to meet the IA agent. Sullins asks Mahone tons of questions about how a prisoner Mahone had handcuffed in his car got away.
  • Prison Break: Episode 9 - Unearthed

    Agent Mahone's ex-wife Pam (played by Callie Thorne) surfaces when Michael drops by her house to do a background check on Mahone. She still doesn't really know why she and Mahone parted ways years ago after his behavior changed dramatically and suddendly. We see flashes of Mahone doing a press conference about a dead escapee.
  • Prison Break: Episode 10 - Rendezvous

    As Michael reunites with Sara, Mahone and Kellerman strive to make sure they stay apart. On the road with LJ, Lincoln meets his father. Sucre runs away with Maricruz. T-Bag has a reunion of his own.
  • Prison Break: Episode 11 - Bolshoi Booze

    cAs Lincoln tries to reunite with Michael, he has to say goodbye to another loved one. Michael attempts to obtain a getaway plane. T-Bag gets revenge. Sara and Kellerman face-off.
  • Prison Break: Episode 12 - Disconnect

    With Mahone on Michael’s trail, he has to take time ‘for a sad farewell.’ C-Note takes a risk to go out into the public. Bellick has a stunning confession. ‘Michael and Lincoln make their final flight for the border.’
  • Prison Break: Episode 13 - The Killing Box

    Bellick is anything but happy about his sudden homecoming—to Fox River. Elsewhere, Michael and Lincoln might face a homecoming of their own. Mahone and Kellerman use everything they got to make certain that Michael and Lincoln do not get through their road trip alive. Sucre's getaway plane encounters some difficulties. T-Bag closes on Mrs. Hollander.
  • Prison Break: Episode 14 - John Doe

    Bellick gets a taste of the medicine he gave out when he was the Captain and Agent Mahone's ex-wife makes another appearance.
  • Prison Break: Episode 15 - The Message

    In Mexico, Sucre gets a car but gets in trouble by the police. Bellick has more trouble as the new inmate as prisoners who suffered with him want revenge.
  • Prison Break: Episode 16 - Chicago

    C-Note gets into a tricky situation when a robber holds up the train he is on and won't release the passengers until the police arrive and give him the correct amount of money.
  • Prison Break: Episode 17 - Bad Blood

    Michael and Sara realize that Warden Pope is the key to recovering information that will bring down The Company; Mahone corners another escapee; C-Note fears for his daughters life; Sucre learns the dangers of hitchhiking en route to reuniting with Maricruz; and T-Bag walks down memory lane when he takes the Hollander family to his childhood home.
  • Prison Break: Episode 18 - Wash

    T-Bag digs deep and finds his 'nice-side' with the help of a psychiatrist. Michael, Lincoln, and Sarah get their hands on evidence needed to bring down The Company, while Kellerman is close to finding the President.
  • Prison Break: Episode 19 - Sweet Caroline

    An unlikely alliance forms between Bellick and Sucre while Michael is determined to face the president. T-Bag gets into some trouble when he loses his luggage and C-Note faces major consequences after some of his actions.
  • Prison Break: Episode 20 - Panama

    Sara sacrifices herself for the safety of Michael so the brothers can get on with their final plan to attain freedom, but their plan gets 'shipwrecked'. Meanwhile, Bellick blackmails Sucre to partner up as T-Bag's streak of murder continues to the south of the border.
  • Prison Break: Episode 21 - Fin Del Camino

    The day has finally come for Sara's trial while critical information that will exonerate her is being debunked. Meanwhile, Michael is determined to get his hands on the 5 million and to stop T-Bag's reign of terror. Bellick is also money hungry and will do whatever it takes to hunt down T-Bag. Kellerman decides his fate while Lincoln and Mahone square off.
  • Prison Break: Episode 22 - Sona

    Michael tries to save his brother and himself from the unstoppable Mahone. Kellerman's testimony at Sarah's trial proves different from what was expected, could this be the end for Sarah? Sucre puts everything on the line to save his Maricruz. Just like old times, T-Bag and Bellick are at it again but this time there will be a winner.
  • Prison Break: Episode 1 - Orientacíon

    Michael, Mahone, Bellick and T-Bag are all in Sona. Lincoln tries to find out what Sona is and tries to find Michael.
  • Prison Break: Episode 2 - Fire/Water

    Michael races to find a hidden Whistler before Mahone; searching for clues outside the prison, Lincoln runs into an old friend and makes a new one; T-Bag slithers his way into Lechero's graces as the prisoners threaten a revolt due to the lack of agua (water).
  • Prison Break: Episode 3 - Call Waiting

    Determined to speak with Sara, Michael enlists T-Bag's help to get to the only phone in Sona: Lechero's; Lincoln attempts a daring rescue; Whistler comes clean to Michael, just as Mahone is tempted to fall back on a dirty habit; and Bellick makes an enemy while attempting to get back on his feet.
  • Prison Break: Episode 4 - Good Fences

    After taking delivery of a package from The Company, Lincoln realizes that they are deadly serious. Michael's new break out plan relies on electricity. Haywire is back from the dead, haunting disoriented Mahone. Bellick and T-Bag get special attention from Lechero.
  • Prison Break: Episode 5 - Interference

    A new inmate named Tyge is brought to Sona. After he seemingly recognizes Whistler, Michael's doubts arise. T-Bag enters a new area of commerce. Lincoln goes to the seaside with Sofia. Sucre takes over the side-business of his predecessor.
  • Prison Break: Episode 6 - Photo Finish

    Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees a proof that Sarah is still alive. Whistler is accused of murdering an inmate and it is up to Michael to prove his innocence and save his life. Lincoln and Sofia help in monitoring the morning guards. Mahone may have another way to get out of Sona.
  • Prison Break: Episode 7 - Vamonos

    Everything goes wrong for Michael as he tries to create a diversion. Lincoln tries to outsmart Susan who has his son. Sucre offers his assistance to Lincoln.
  • Prison Break: Episode 8 - Bang and Burn

    Susan jeopardizes Michael's life as she puts her own escape plan into motion. Whistler's past catches up to his girlfriend. The Company goes after Lincoln and Sucre. Justice prevails for Mahone. Lechero sheds light into an empty tunnel.
  • Prison Break: Episode 9 - Boxed In

    The Panamanian Army arranges Michael to get a taste of solitary. T-Bag reserves a spot in the escape. Bellick's life turns into an uphill battle. Susan traps Sucre.
  • Prison Break: Episode 10 - Dirt Nap

    Lechero's demotion devastates Michael's breakout plan as Sammy takes reigns at Sona. T-Bag forces Bellick to fight in a fight where the odds are stacked heavily against him. Lincoln and Sucre have some surprise fireworks set for Susan.
  • Prison Break: Episode 11 - Under and Out

    Michael's escape may be in jeopardy because of heavy rain. T-Bag and Lechero join forces, while Bellick hopes to do the same with Mahone.
  • Prison Break: Episode 12 - Hell or High Water

    Michael, Whistler, and Mahone make their break from Sona. But Mahone seems like the odd man out along the way.
  • Prison Break: Episode 13 - The Art of the Deal

    Michael and Lincoln are left with no choice but to hand Whistler over in exchange to save LJ and Sofia. A familiar face enters Sona while another inmate leaves.
  • Prison Break: Episode 1 - Scylla

    Michael has trailed Gretchen/Susan, Whistler and Mahone to L.A. Chaos reigns in SONA while T-Bag, Bellick and Sucre go missing. Lincoln and L.J. continue to stay with Sofia.
  • Prison Break: Episode 2 - Breaking and Entering

    Michael, Lincoln and the others get a new team member, Roland, and work to copy the data card. Wyatt continues his quest to find the brothers. T-Bag makes his way north.
  • Prison Break: Episode 3 - Shut Down

    Michael attempts to track the cardholder and avoid going back to prison. Wyatt finds new information regarding Sara's whereabouts. T-Bag uses a new identity to make a new life for himself.
  • Prison Break: Episode 4 - Eagles and Angels

    Michael and the others track another cardholder to a consulate. T-Bag arrives in LA and runs into Michael and Lincoln. Wyatt also makes it to LA, in an effort to locate Sara. Bruce's body is discovered.
  • Prison Break: Episode 5 - Safe and Sound

    Self locates another card, hidden in a safe within a secure federal building. Mahone continues his quest for revenge. T-Bag's new life may be in jeopardy.
  • Prison Break: Episode 6 - Blow Out

    The entire operation may be in jeopardy when Mahone gets into trouble with the law. Gretchen's sister receives a surprise visitor. The Company may be onto Self. T-Bag continues to raise suspicions at Gate.
  • Prison Break: Episode 7 - Five The Hard Way

    Lincoln, Sara, Sucre and Roland travel to Las Vegas in order to retrieve the next card. Gretchen recruits T-Bag. Wyatt tracks down Self.
  • Prison Break: Episode 8 - The Price

    Lincoln works to retrieve the final card, which is being held by the General. Michael and Self are forced to work with Gretchen. Meanwhile, Roland continues to be berated for losing the transcribing device in Las Vegas.
  • Prison Break: Episode 9 - Greatness Achieved

    Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and Bellick tunnel into the Company's headquarters. Gretchen meets with the General. Michael's condition continues to deteriorate. The police question T-Bag regarding Andy's disappearance. Wyatt propositions Sara while Mahone awaits his shot at his son's killer.
  • Prison Break: Episode 10 - The Legend

    Sara is left with no choice but to take Michael to the hospital as his condtion rapidly worsens. Sucre and Lincoln are faced with unknown territory as they are left in charge of the operation. Agent Self makes a surprising ally.
  • Prison Break: Episode 11 - Quiet Riot

    Michael risks his life by breaking into the Company headquarters along with the others. Gretchen tries to get the last card with a meeting with the general. Trishanne's days may be numbered.
  • Prison Break: Episode 12 - Selfless

    Sara takes a hostage in a bid to secure Scylla. Michael and Lincoln finally meet the General while one of their members switches allegiance.
  • Prison Break: Episode 13 - Deal Or No Deal

    The General works to regain Scylla. T-Bag gets a new partner. Michael and Lincoln have an important meeting.
  • Prison Break: Episode 14 - Just Business

    Gretchen and Self wind up with Scylla (and a buyer). Michael battles with the Company for Scylla. Mahone asks some familiar faces for help. T-Bag continues to hold a couple of innocents hostage.
  • Prison Break: Episode 15 - Going Under

    Michael recieves medical attention. Charles Westmoreland helps uncover the real secrets of Scylla. Lincoln and Sucre do everything in their power to retrieve Scylla before it's gone forever.
  • Prison Break: Episode 16 - The Sunshine State

    Lincoln and his team travel to Miami looking for Scylla. Michael learns some shocking secrets about his past while Sara searches for him.
  • Prison Break: Episode 17 - The Mother Lode

    Lincoln and his men (Self, T-Bag, Mahone) are trying to find Scylla. They try to find a clue for the key from the fake buyer who killed Gretchen. They find a Church and an Estate that matches with key. When Lincoln and Mahone investigate the Estate, Lincoln finds a picture of him with his mother. Mahone finds out that, picture was edited and some clue about meeting place. Lincoln takes the meeting and finds his mother. Christina wants 2 days from Lincoln for eliminating Krantz. By the way Company's men finds Michael and Sara, they run away with truck and escape again. At last Lincoln goes to meeting place again and beginning of the end starts.
  • Prison Break: Episode 18 - VS.

    Realizing Linc isn't going to stay out for days as she asked 'to give the Company a maternal head', Christina orders her own son sniper-shot, but the team saves him. They follow her to the Indian embassy, where she offers the Skylla virus data. Michael and Sara have escaped and agree to collaborate with Mahone. The general and Vincent Sandinsky, the man that Michael discovers is hunting him, rival with Christina.
  • Prison Break: Episode 19 - S.O.B.

    Michael warns Linc that scientist Vincent Sandinsky is somehow in league with their mother Christina. The general takes torturous charge, and traitor Vincent, Company expert. Michael and Sara fail to reason with captive Christina, who says Lincoln is adopted. Bagwell wants Company tenure, his 'exam' being an execution. Christina escapes. Everyone heads for the Miami global energy technology congress. Malone smells a set-up.
  • Prison Break: Episode 20 - Cowboys and Indians

    Michael and Lincoln are trapped in the Panda Bay Hotel and seek a means of escape. Self tries to help them while General Krantz sends a man to capture the brothers. Meanwhile Christina sells Scylla to the grieving president of India for ¾ of billion dollars; then she decides to contact the China government to sell Scylla also for them. However, Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Self steal Scylla from Christina and her henchman in a bank, while she is checking the deposit but In the runaway, Lincoln is captured by Christina's men. T-Bag abducts Sara and General Krantz calls Michael to demand Scylla in one hour; immediately after, Michael receives a phone call from Christina and the bitch shoots Lincoln's lung to force Michael to return Scylla to her. Michael has to choose which beloved he should save.
  • Prison Break: Episode 21 - Rate of Exchange

    Familiar faces turn up as Michael tries to take down the Company.
  • Prison Break: Episode 22 - Killing Your Number

    According to Michael's plan, Malone hands a fake Scylla to Christina. It's booby-trapped but ends up in the hands of FBI Agent, Chris Franco. Bagwell meets Sucre and C-note, but is caught while they hope that an offer of help is real. The General catches the brothers and raises the stakes with more kidnapped relatives. Michael manages to escape with Scylla. The gang must decide whether to believe an offer from Paul Kellerman, and hand it to UN representatives in exchange for full pardons.
  • Prison Break: Episode 23 - The Old Ball and Chain (The Final Break: Part 1)

  • Prison Break: Episode 24 - Free (The Final Break: Part 2)

  • Prison Break: Episode 1 - Ogygia

  • Prison Break: Episode 2 - Kaniel Outis

  • Prison Break: Episode 3 - The Liar

  • Prison Break: Episode 4 - The Prisoner's Dilemma

  • Prison Break: Episode 5 - Contingency

  • Prison Break: Episode 6 - Phaeacia

  • Prison Break: Episode 7 - Wine Dark Sea

  • Prison Break: Episode 8 - Progeny

  • Prison Break: Episode 9 - Behind the Eyes