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TV series
Comedy, Drama
42 min


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  • Čudežni dotik: Slovenia (2011)


  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 1 - Pie-lette

    Ned works in a pie store and seems to lead a perfectly normal life. This, however, is far from the truth.Through his touch, Ned wake people from the dead. He decides to use this ability of his to solve crimes. But this proves complicated when he gives life back to his childhood crush, and decides to let her keep living.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 2 - Dummy

    We'll see a presentation of Ned's power: it's both a gift and a curse, and it's illustrated with flashbacks to Ned's childhood which include dissecting frogs in school. Ned, Emerson and Chuck later visit the morgue to inspect the body of a victim of a car accident. It's a 45 year-old man who specialized in automobile safety. The police are offering a reward to anyone who can find the killer, and Emerson wants answers in order to get the reward.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 3 - The Fun in Funeral

    A mysterious death at the Schatz Funeral Home sends Ned back to Couers d' Couers again. Chuck holds true to the threat she made in the pilot by baking anti-depressants into her aunt's food--in the form of Ned's pies. Olive delivers one to them and stumbles onto Chuck's secret.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 4 - Pigeon

    Emerson, Ned and Chuck are hired to prove that a pilot was murdered rather then commited suicide, but soon become involved in a case of stolen jewelry and an escaped prisoner.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 5 - Girth

    In this Halloween episode, Emerson and Olive track down "the ghost" who's been killing the jockeys at the old race arena where Olive used to race as a former jockey herself. With help from Ned and Chuck, they try to solve the big mystery.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 6 - Bitches

    Ned, Chuck, Emerson and Olive tackle a murder mystery involving a man and his dog who were seemingly murdered by his wife.
  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 7 - Smell of Success

  • Pushing Daisies: Episode 8 - Bitter Sweets