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  • "Queer as Folk USA":


  • Queer as Folk: Episode 1 - Episode 101

    After a night out at the club Babylon with Michael, Emmett and Ted; Brian picks up a cute guy named Justin for a night of fun, but afterwards coldly rebuffs Justin's attempts to see him again. Michael also gets lucky taking home a hunk only to be happily interrupted for a trip to the hospital after Brian learns that Lindsay and Melanie have had a baby boy, Gus. Music: "Can You Feel It" by The Tamperer; "Let's Hear It for The Boy" by Katty B.; "Synasthesia" by Junkie XL; "Deeper Love" by Ruff Driverz; "Sandstorm" by Darude; "You Think You're a Man" by Full Frontal; "Proud" by Heather Small; "X-Hale Slowly" by Bootsy McQueen; "So Good" by The Aloof; "Heavy Scene" by Meg Lee Chin; "More Effeminate Than You" by Robin Black
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 2 - Episode 102

    Michael stays in the closet at work, which causes some problems with an interested co-worker while at the same time he struggles with feelings of jealousy over Brian's relationship with Justin. Music: "Freefall (Nettwerk Records)" by Tom Third; "Wanna Mmm" by The Lawyer; "Turn It Round" courtesy of MasterSource; "Louisiette" by Prairie Oyster; "Liar Song" by Michael Chase; "Think" by Karaoke; "Mambo Lupita" by Peer Music; "Dancin' (Like It's the Last Day of My Life)" by Mike Drury; "Minimal Peach" by Greek Buck; "Sleep" by The Dandy Warhols
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 3 - Episode 103

    Lindsay and Melanie have a bris for their new baby Gus, which Brian decides to miss until Michael convinces him otherwise. Brian decides to crash the party and put his parental foot down. Justin seeking to regain the attention of Brian decides to make himself noticed at Babylon. Meanwhile, Brian's involvement as the father of Gus causes some relationship strain between Lindsay and Melanie. Michael attempting to continue his straight act, runs into a co-worker in front of the gay bars. Also, Ted finally gets lucky with a guy who he's been denying the advances of all night, but ends up with devastating results. Music: "Ishai's Freylekh" by The Flying Bukgar Klezmer Band; "Walking In Wonderland" courtesy of MasterSource; "Up Yours" by Jeff Peacock; "Showtime" by Trigbag; "Superstar" by Novy vs. Eniac; "Banana" by Pod; "Go 48 (Bass Mix)" by DJ Matt C; "Take Me, Love Me (Squeeze Me Baby)" by Friburn "Dive in the Pool" by Barry Harris; "Bingo Bango" by Basement Jaxx; "Here's a Little Something" by Joe Quaranto; "The Only Way is Up" by The Kinky Boyz; "The Music (Razor n Guido Club Mix)" by Orang'e; "Let's Hear it For the Boy" by Katty B.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 4 - Episode 104

    Brian, Michael and Emmett swap stories of last night's sexcapades—and it's only after we've heard the details that we realize we're in the cafeteria of the hospital where Ted lies in a drug-induced coma, his survival in question. While Ted's friends confront the chill of this, Justin is hot from the memory of his triumph last night at Babylon (as seen in the pilot). At home, in the shower, he tries to scrub off the disco tattoo from his wrist while, unknown to him, his worried mom finds in his bedroom a sketchpad with drawings of naked boys in a locker room and a telltale name—BRIAN—written out hundreds of times. Back at the hospital, the friends leave their sleeping comrade to go to work. Brian seems heartless, insulting Ted's lack of drug knowledge and his foolishness for taking drugs at all with someone he didn't know. No one can see out how he can be so cold at a time like this—but that's Brian, or so they think. . . . And back to Justin, at school, half attentive to an earnest teacher's explication of The Great Gatsby as a parable of American yearning, super-attentive to the sight of Christian, the good-looking jock who sits in front of him. Christian gets into a punching contest with a boy next to him and is given clean-up duty as punishment. Justin, surprisingly crafty, comes in to (artfully) "help", and winds up giving the straight Christian a hand job. Melanie, meanwhile, comes to visit Brian at his office, not in her capacity as pain in the ass but—a surprise—as the comatose Ted's lawyer. Ted, it seems, has made a living will in which he has named Brian to be the one who decides whether to pull the plug if he should ever find himself in a situation—well, like the one he's in. Melanie warned Ted about Brian's turpitude and flakiness, but he named Brian anyway—and now Brian is left with a real problem: Will he accept what Ted asked of him? Why does a responsibility like this fall on him? Back to Jennifer, Justin's mother, who engineers a coveted trip to Niketown and uses the chance to bravely ask him if a) he's gay and b) who's Brian. Justin flips, unable to tell his mother the truth, and bolts from the car. Bravado on the dance floor is one thing.... At the same time, Michael gets some disturbing news from Ted's mother, to whom he's kindly brought food in the hospital. She's planning to go to his apartment and get some things for him to have around when (she's in denial) he wakes up. Denial or not, Michael hastily phones Emmett and tells him of a service they must perform for their friend. On his thirty-third birthday, a few months ago, his friends gave Ted thirty-three dildos. They have to collect them and all his porn before his mom gets there that evening. Brian takes action, too. He goes to Lindsay and Melanie's house to decline Ted's living will request. Melanie uses this as an opportunity to express her deep contempt for Brian. Brian, afterwards, is joined by Lindsay, who sees the pain he's in and hears his real question. All these machines and beeps attached to Ted tell us he's alive, somewhere inside there. But how do you know you're alive—really alive—when you're just walking around, in non-extraordinary circumstances, just living your life? As the two old friends try to figure this one out, Justin, on his made course, convinces Daphne to help him find Brian. The worst has happened—Mom knows!—and only Brian, who in Justin's eyes knows everything, will know how to help him and what to do. Daphne, hesitant but turned on by the adventure of it all, agrees to help. It's time now for the dildo hunt, at Ted's place. Michael and Emmett find the dildos, and the porn, and something else: many pictures of Michael, indicating Ted's secret feelings for him. As the two friends ponder what this might mean, the other two friends, Justin and Daphne, decide that the best way to find Brian is to find Debbie. The two teens wind up at her house and cause her to call her son Michael to come home and help figure this out. While all this goes on Brian goes to the hospital where, believing himself alone, he speaks to the comatose Ted about the burden Ted has imposed upon him. But he hasn't been totally alone, it turns out; a sexy male nurse has overheard it all and, as he and Brian fall into an intensive-care screwing session, Ted's eyes open and he's once more among the wakeful. Back at Debbie's house, a pissed-off Michael can't figure out how Brian's teenaged trick has wound up a squatter in his own mother's house. Debbie and Vic are both puzzled and amused by the budding little drama queen. Brian finally shows up, bringing news of Ted's recovery. Michael insists he go deal with Justin upstairs, and deal with him he does. It turns in to a furtive, hot little sexual encounter, which Michael first senses and then sees. Michael and Debbie wind up taking Justin home to his worried mother. The next day, Brian and Michael bring Ted home, Brian, in a moment alone with Ted, asks him why Ted chose him to be the plug-puller. "Because he's a heartless shit," Ted answers, never knowing the extent to which Brian has looked into his secret soul.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 5 - Episode 105

    Michael stays late at work restocking shelves with Tracy, a sweet co-worker with a crush on him. Encouraged by his friends to stop leading her on and come out to her, Michael tries to, but chickens out—and injures himself moving boxes. Michael visits a chiropractor and is later surprised when Dr. David asks him out to dinner, unaware that he was gay. The two have dinner, and despite their very different lifestyles begin to be charmed by one another—which is why Michael is dumbfounded when Dr. David does not want to have sex with him at the end of the evening. Michael, sexually frustrated, heads to Babylon in search of a quickie. Lindsay, tired of being the peacemaker between Brian and Melanie, makes Brian agree to come over for dinner in an attempt to unite the three parents of Gus. Meanwhile, Brian must get a very tough family-man client to sign with his advertising agency. The client refuses Brian's invitations of business dinners until he coincidentally spots Brian at Pistol. The client, having seen Brian in a gay bar, suggests to Brian that instead of a business dinner, the two of them go to a club, where Brian is promised he will land the account in exchange for sexual favors. Brian must decide how far he'll go, and what he'll do, to land the account. Jennifer, fed up with all her son's lies, takes Justin to a counselor, but the incident only emphasizes the widening chasm between them. That evening Justin lies to get permission to leave the house, but Jennifer (led by Daphne) finds him at a gay bar. Justin, frightened, bolts, and Jennifer has lost her son yet again. After seeking advice from Debbie, Jennifer attempts to reclaim her son by being his friend. Justin goes along with it too, and it looks like their relationship is mending until Justin goes off with a young male Art Student. Jennifer knows her relationship with her son will never be the same.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 6 - Episode 106

    Michael, still brooding over his failed date with the chiropractor, bemoans his fate to Brian while browsing at his favorite comic book store. Brian coaches him to try again. And so, Michael shows up at Dr. David's and asks for a second chance. The doctor is more than happy to oblige and Michael later finds himself under David's expert sexual care. Justin, out with Daphne on Liberty Ave., spots the lesbians and wrangles an invitation to the house. Brian shows up to visit Gus and finds Justin firmly entrenched. Lindsay is impressed by Justin's artwork and invites him to participate in an art show/fundraiser at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center. Ted, still recovering from his brush with death by overdose, has decided to leave the club scene forever. He coaxes Emmett into joining him for Date Bait, a computer monitored singles night at the Center. At Over 30 Night, Ted meets Roger, a sweet and slightly overweight chorus director. The two have a sweet, chaste date together, vowing to hold off sex for when they're both ready. When Michael introduces Dr. David to Brian, Brian makes a pass at him. This information seems to turn Michael on, leading to more romance with the doctor. Battle lines are soon drawn between Brian and David, each fighting to be more important in Michael's life. Everything comes together at the Community Center art show. Ted introduces Roger to his friends and after looking at the erotic pictures, the two decide "they're ready" for sex. Dr. David gets an earful from Melanie about the history of Michael's longing for Brian and the battle heats up. Jennifer sees a picture of Justin's depicting a naked Brian. She realizes that her son is involved with an older man and is horrified. Ted can't go through with sex with Roger. Even though he's everything Ted says he wants, he would rather continue to be rejected at Babylon by cute young things. Jennifer asks Debbie for information about Brian and confronts her son with questions. Debbie warns Brian that there may be trouble with Justin's father. Out at the clubs, Brian drugs Michael on the dance floor and ruins the evening for Dr. David. The war between them continues
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 7 - Episode 107

    Justin gets his nipple pierced – and Michael gets a boyfriend. Michael denies this, of course, stating that he and David are "just friends". But, as Emmett says, the three ways you know you have a boyfriend are: He sends you flowers, he invites you away for the weekend, and your mother invites him to dinner. Which is exactly where they're going tonight – to Debbie's house. As for Brian, he's none too thrilled that Dr. David is taking up Mikey's time, or that Michael keeps canceling plans with Brian. He's not to playing second fiddle. Meanwhile, Justin's mother has told his father, Craig, that not only is Justin gay, but he's been having a relationship with a 29-year-old man. Craig orders Justin to stop seeing this person, but Justin refuses. Furthermore, he feels betrayed by his mother who promised to keep all this to herself. Craig threatens to call the police and have Brian arrested. But Justin knows he won't really do anything. Craig doesn't want the world to know that his son is gay. Things are faring better for Michael. David asks him to go away to the country for the weekend. This means that Michael has to cancel his plans to go to "The Miss Pitts Pageant" with Brian (a drag contest Emmett is entering). Brian acts as if it makes no difference to him – hopes he has a good time. And so Michael, nervous at the prospect of having to spend an entire weekend with someone, embarks on his first trip to the country with David. Back in the city, Brian goes to the Miss Pitts Contest. He's in a foul mood because Mikey's screwed up his weekend. He leaves Babylon, gets into his car and is run off the road. Who was the asshole that nearly killed him? We see it's Justin's father. The next day Michael calls Brian from the country to tell him what a great time he's having, only to learn of Brian's near fatal accident. Of course, it wouldn't have happened had Michael been driving and they had been together, as planned. Guilt-ridden, Michael insists he and David go back – now! David is not a happy camper. In he meantime, Justin qets into a fight with Christian over his nipple ring and is sent to the Principal. When Justin's father learns of this, he decides it would be better if Justin were sent away to school. Melanie reluctantly gives in to her urges, seeking solace from her troubled relationship in the arms of another. When she guiltily confesses her infidelity to Lindsay, Lindsay asks Melanie to pack her things and go. Melanie has a touching good-bye with Gus, then quietly walks away from her home and her family.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 8 - Episode 108

    Justin's father attacks Brian outside Babylon; Michael gets a promotion at work; Justin movies in with Brian. Music: "Anything" by Chin; "Don't Tell Me" by Madonna; "For One More Day" by Tyler Yarema; "Turn It Round" by Marc Ferrari; "Hustle Espanol" by Full Intention; "Teardrops" by Carey Bell; "Certainly" by Luigi Sabatini; "Just The Beat" by Master Source; "Superhero" by Sky; "He's All I Want" by Angel Moon
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 9 - Episode 109

    A disastrous dinner party convinces Michael he and David have nothing in common. He tries to break up with David, who surprises Michael by asking him to move in with him. A trip to the emergency room reminds Melanie that she has no legal rights where Gus is concerned. Brian agrees to her and Lindsay's request that he relinquish his parental rights to Gus, much to Justin's dismay. After spending an unpleasant evening with his own alcoholic and abusive father, Brian changes his mind at the last minute. Emmett becomes addicted to cyber-sex. Music: "Good Love" by Patria; "Kissy Kissy" by Azure; "Heaven 99" by A Digital Blonde; "Down "Lonesome Bad Case Of Loving You" by Robert Palmer
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 10 - Episode 110

    Brian throws Justin out after the loft is burglarized because Justin forgot to set the alarm. David pressures Michael to move in with him. Justin steals Brian's credit card and runs away to New York City, but Brian and the guys follow him and retrieve him with no difficulty beyond a flat tire en route. Debbie is upset that Michael is still contemplating David's offer, while Emmett knows Michael is concerned that Brian won't approve. Debbie lets Justin move into Michael's old room. After consulting Ted about her financial situation, Melanie offers Lindsay the chance to take a year off from work to be a stay-at-home mom for Gus, but the two are still beginning to drift apart. David breaks up with Michael when he tells him he's not ready to move in. Music: "Crying at the Discotheque" by Alcazar; "Women In Blue" by Pepe Deluxe; "Boy From NYC" by Guys Singing; "Boy From NYC" by The Ad Libs; "Filthy Mind (Mount Rushmore Mix)" by Amanda Ghost; "Suffering" by Jay-Jay Johnson
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 11 - Episode 111

    Debbie is upset that Michael has ended things with David and takes her fury out on Brian, demanding that he give Michael a chance to grow up and have his own life. Brian throws Michael an elaborate surprise 30th birthday party, and then outs him to an unsuspecting Stacy. Michael is hurt and bewildered by Brian's actions, while everyone else is generally disgusted. Ted gets tested when he discovers that one of his encounters is HIV positive. He's negative, but Emmett (who got tested for moral support) is unable to get his results until Monday. Emmett spends the weekend convinced he's positive and makes a pact with God that he'll give up sex with men if the test results are negative. Debbie realizes that Brian's "betrayal" was the push she wanted him to give Michael, and for that she is grateful. Michael asks David if the offer to move in is still open. Emmett finally gets the good news that he is negative, and he tells Ted he plans to live up to his part of the agreement he made with God. Music: "Boys Keep Swinging" by David Bowie; "A Day In Copacabana" by Crico Castelli; "Sweet Thing" by Flex; "Back 'N Forth" by Supa Kings; "I Like" by Stonebridge; "King Of My Castle" by Wamdue Project; "Jump for Joi" by Joi Cardwell; "Silence" by Luna Chique; "Disco At The End of the World" by Fantastic Plastic Machine
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 12 - Episode 112

    Michael is still not speaking to Brian. Tracy is more upset that Michael has been lying to her than she is about his being gay, but they work things out. Michael and David enjoy their newfound domestic bliss, though not without a few bumps. A miserable Brian begins spending his free time with Ted, his son and their mothers. Ted is delighted because he's getting Brian's numerous rejects, but his constant presence is driving Melanie crazy. Determined to give up men forever, Emmett joins a "conversion therapy" group. Lindsay and Melanie continue to fight about Brian, finances and their future. Realizing how much Michael and Brian care about each other, Justin engineers sort-of a reconciliation between them. Music: "Funky Dancer" by Velvet; "Disconnected Child" by Tin Star; "Egyptian Magician" by Armand Van Helden; "Feel Like Singing" by Sandy B; "Mambo Jambo" by Mambo; "Samba" by House Of Gypsies
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 13 - Episode 113

    Brian gets involved briefly with Kip, a younger co-worker who's been with the company only a few months. Melanie flirts with one of the guests at a baby shower she and Lindsay are hosting for another lesbian couple. When Ted and Michael discover Emmett is throwing out his porn collection and toys, he tells them about the "See the Light" group he's joined. After another fight with Lindsay, Melanie ends up at a bar with Marianne, then back at her place. When Ted and Michael discover that Emmett's favorite porn star is in town, they offer him $1,000 to seduce Emmett and "save" him from the group they believe is brainwashing him. Brian refuses Kip's request that he recommend him for a promotion on the grounds that he doesn't have enough experience, then reminds him not to expect special favors just because they're both gay. Melanie confesses to Lindsay that she cheated on her and moves out. Emmett tells Michael and Ted that he resisted the temptation that was Zack O'Tool, and that he must distance himself from them if he wants to continue seeing the "true light." Ryder informs Brian that Kip is suing him and the company for sexual harassment. Music: "Careful" by Wild Strawberries; "Funky Noise" by Quincy Freak; "Watch Them Come" by Roy Davis Jr.; "Vibe" by The Step Kings; "Beautiful Way" by Beck; "La Guitaristic House Organisation" by Rinocerose; "Track 10" by Greek Buck; "Keep Reaching" by Halo
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 14 - Episode 114

    Ryder asks Brian to stay home until the harassment suit with Kip is resolved, leaving Brian feeling like he's considered guilty until proven innocent. At "See the Light" Emmett meets Heather, a similarly struggling lesbian. Melanie agrees to defend Brian in the harassment suit. David doesn't want Michael to get involved in Brian's problems. Ted and Melanie are stunned when they run into Emmett and Heather, who are on a date. Michael lies to David that he needs to stay with a sick Debbie in order to get out of dinner so he can go to Brian's and cheer him up, not realizing that David will check up on her to make sure she's alright. David then finds Michael and Brian at Woody's, where they are drunk and playing guitars as they relive high school memories. Justin seduces Kip, and then them tells him he's 17 and that his father will come after him with the police unless he does something for Justin. David and Michael argue about the lying and Brian's importance in Michael's life. Brian tells David that he'll lose Michael if he forbids him to see Brian, and David realizes he's right. Desperate for a success story to share with their group, Emmett and Heather have sex, though it's awkward and miserable and made possible only because they were both imaging their ideal same-sex fantasy partners. Melanie and Brian learn the harassment suit has been dropped but are given no explanation. Ted and Michael confront Emmett again, this time at the "See the Light" meeting. Ted's impassioned plea that God loves them just the way they are hit home with both Heather and Emmett. They show up at Babylon later, done with the group for good. Justin doesn't tell Brian he blackmailed Kip into dropping the suit.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 15 - Episode 115

    Lindsay reluctantly leaves Gus with Brian while she goes out of town for a conference. David's 12-year-old son Hank comes for a visit that David has planned down to the very minute. Jack tells Brian he has cancer and only has a few more months. Hank tells Michael he didn't want to visit, that he's only here because his mother made him. Debbie advises Brian to be honest with his father before he dies. Brian leaves Gus with Justin so he can go to the Leather Ball at Babylon, a move that will earn him angry castigations from both Melanie and Lindsay. Ted discovers that a former business school classmate is an award-winning "Leather Daddy" whose house includes a dungeon-themed playroom. Ted refuses Dale's proposal to be his "slave." Michael thinks Hank hates visiting his father because he's gay, but it's really because of David's itineraries and over-planning. The two end up bonding over a mutual love for comic books. Brian comes out to his father, and almost punches him when Jack says he's the one who should be dying. Finally fed up with being so predictable, Ted returns to Dale's and surrenders himself over to him. Jack seems to be in a better mood when he comes to see Brian again, but tells him not to tell his mother he's gay. Lindsay and Brian introduce Jack to his grandson. Music: "Radiocapte" by Rinocerose; "U-Turn me" by Byron Stingly; "Cultural Year Zero" by Recon; "Who Am I" by Massiv, "I Need Feel" by H2so4; "Green Tomatoes" by 45 Dip; "Kitten Moon" by Fluke; "How Soon is Now" by The Smiths
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 16 - Episode 116

    Michael is growing tired of David's paying for everything. It reaches a breaking point when he learns that David is not cashing the checks for his share of the monthly expenses. When his homeroom teacher ignores the bullying and name-calling that Chris and his friends are directing at Justin and another student they think is gay, he curses out the teacher and draws a suspension. Melanie goes to the house to try reconciling with Lindsay, only to find a strange Frenchman living there who won't even let her in to see Gus. Debbie counsels Justin on dealing with homophobia at school. David agrees they will only do things both he and Michael can afford, even if that means canceling the surprise trip to Paris he'd planned for them. Both Melanie and Brian want an explanation from Lindsay, who tells them that Guillaume is a friend and colleague who has moved in to help with expenses and to help take care of Gus. She announces that she and Guillaume are getting married, an arrangement that will keep him in the country and with her and Gus. Ted and Emmett convince Michael he's being selfish for letting his pride get in the way of letting David do the things that make him happy, like the trip to Paris. Mr. Dixon puts a stop to Daphne and Justin's first meeting of the gay-straight student alliance. Michael agrees to go to Paris. Justin is so incensed to see Chris and his friends on Liberty Street that he announces to everyone within earshot that Chris is a homophobe and bully, and then outs him over the handjob he gave him in the equipment room. Brian congratulates Justin on making a real enemy. Music: Theme From 'A Man and A Woman' by Francis Lai; "Devil's Brew" by Mo Koffman; "These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Geri Halliwell; "C'est Ma Chanson D'Amour" by Terry Day; "Treasure" by Rainbow Club; "Allo Depanneur" by Jean-Michel Bernard "By Your Side" by Malina; "Straight To Number 1" by Touch 'N Go; "I Parade Myself" by Gang of Four
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 17 - Episode 117

    Michael returns from Paris as if he's joined a higher income bracket with all the things David has bought him: new car, expensive clothes, and no time for Brian and the others. The harassment at school continues for Justin, but his request for a gay-straight student alliance is still denied. Lindsay continues ahead with her plan to marry Guillaume despite Brian's warning she's marrying the wrong person. Guillaume counters Brian's threat to call Immigration by reminding him that Lindsay could go to jail over their green-card marriage, then pushes Brian's buttons by suggesting that he might adopt Gus to make their arrangement look more convincing. Debbie and the others discover that Michael and David are hosting a black-tie political fundraiser for State Senator Diane Baxter, but Michael makes it clear they are not invited. Brian, Justin, Emmett, Ted, Debbie and Vic crash the party anyway, with Ted dressed as a biker, Emmett dressed as Jackie Kennedy and everyone else dressed for Babylon. They turn the conservative fundraiser into a party, Debbie and Diane bond, and everyone is having a great time. Except for Michael, who is horrified and embarrassed by his mother and friends for "ruining" the evening. He demands they leave, in turn making Debbie ashamed of him. Brian stops the wedding by agreeing to sign his parental rights to Gus over to Melanie, on the condition that she and Lindsay reconcile. They make up and Guillaume is sent packing. Justin and Daphne win with the help of Debbie, some protesters, and the media attention Diane brings. Debbie forgives Michael when he comes by the house and apologizes to everyone for his behavior at the party.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 18 - Episode 118

    From the Showtime Media Site: Brian discovers David at the baths; Justin finds out his parents are getting a divorce; Ted reconnects with Blake; a hunk from Babylon hits on Michael.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 19 - Episode 119

    From The Showtime Media Site: In the throes of a hot session Brian gets upsetting news; Daphne asks Justin to be her first time; Ted wants Blake, despite his crystal meth addiction.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 20 - Episode 120

    The annual contest, King of Babylon is up. The gang goes to Babylon, and Justin tells Brian we should go home to have sex. Brian responds, by if he can't find anyone, He'll be his back up. Justin gets fed up of Brian not wanting him. By this time, Brian has already found a guy, and is about to leave, when Justin name is called to be the next contestant. Justin turns the table, and does his stripper dance, that makes ever guy (including Brian's date) want him. Justin is crowned king, and Brian gets a bit jealous when Justin takes Brian's date and have a quick fuck downstairs. Vic goes to jail after an undercover cop starts to jerkoff next to him in a shopping mall bathroom; His bail is set high after, having an early incident back in the day when Debbie and Vic where teens and got caught with a joint. Vic then gets out of jail, after paying his bail.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 21 - Episode 121

    From the Showtime Media Site: Brian is chosen 'Ad person of the Year' and encouraged to take his talent to the Big Apple; Vic appears in court to plead his case; Blake gets a job; David's ex-wife's divorce takes him to Portland.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 22 - Full Circle

    Brian is trying to deal with his age. He is finally convinced to make an appearance at Justin's prom. They share an amazing dance together and are the center of the event. As Brian is about to leave and Justin is returning to the prom on cloud nine, Chris Hobbs takes a baseball bat to Justin's head as Brian watches. Michael is trying to decide if he should or shouldn't go to Portland. He has to leave his whole life behind and David is making all of the arrangements. Just as he is heading towards the plane, he receives a call from Brian about Justin.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 1 - Episode 201

    Brian's been up to his old tricks (and plenty of new ones) in the Babylon Backroom—he seems to have lost himself in an orgy of distraction since the attack on Justin. That's how it seems. Brian's actually maintained a secret vigil at Justin's hospital bedside, watching him recuperate from brain injury. Justin has persevered with the tedious exercises designed to bring strength and dexterity back to his right hand. When he's finally sent home to Jennifer's condo, he doesn't want to be smothered with affection, he wants to see Brian! He sneaks out with the aid of his trusty accomplice Daphne and heads to Liberty Avenue. In Justin's fragile mental state it's a risk, and when the boys at Woody's crowd around him, Justin freaks out. Michael comes to his aid, Justin turns around, and he finally comes face to face with Brian. Back at Brian's loft, Justin recounts the incident as it's been told to him; he has no recollection of it himself. Brian fills him in on the goriest details with difficulty. Justin sees that they've both suffered a trauma, and he understands why Brian never visited him. Lynette, Lindsay's sister, is getting married. Lindsay and Melanie are invited, provided they are "discreet"—enter beards Emmett and Ted. Lindsay's beard begins to itch, however, during her toast to the bride, and she closes with a rousing marriage proposal to her partner. It's the gesture that counts; Melanie isn't a big fan of "antiquated, meaningless, heterosexual rituals". While most of the wedding guests go home with their ears ringing, Emmett goes home with a cute usher! That makes four boys getting lucky in the apartment tonight: Michael's got a hunk for himself as well! Does this mean Michael and David have an "arrangement" for extra-curricular out-of-state activities? No. It means Michael and David have split – and Michael's friends are more than happy to welcome him back home.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 2 - Episode 202

    The boys are stuck. Ted's stuck in a career he no longer wants. Michael's stuck with the prospect of returning to his dead-end career at the Big Q. Emmett's decided he's stuck with an ass that needs surgical enhancement. Justin's stuck in the worst situation of all. Since the attack, he has nightmares about Chris Hobbs, and he recoils from physical contact. Jennifer is having trouble not only reaching, but even touching her son. Deb hints that Brian may be best suited to the job, but Jennifer refuses. When Justin throws a violent tantrum at home after Brian won't see him, Jennifer asks Brian to do whatever it takes to reach him. Seeking advice from a former trick (also a psychiatrist), Brian is told that Justin must relive the experience in order to process it and move on. But, Brian's best efforts to recreate the fateful prom night for Justin are ineffectual. Another day at the office means another day for Ted to surf It's his last day, after Mr. Wertshafter catches him. Even Mr. Wertshafter knows he's doing Ted a favour – ‘cause if you're not passionate about your work, "you're just jerking yourself off." Emmett needs money for his new buns, and Michael's willing to try anything before going back to the Q. Thus, the adventurous housemates spend a night as naked waiters. Emmett adores getting his ass pinched black and blue—Michael's just blue. It's not for him. So he takes his old job back at the Big Q—his new boss being his old nemesis who has it out for him. Lindsay's decided to be practical. She can't entertain notions of a wedding with Melanie when she wants to throw a memorable party for Gus' first birthday. Memorable indeed. When Gus innocently starts to play with his new bat, Justin's memory is finally triggered—Chris Hobbs swinging the bat, Brian calling to warn him—and he relives the experience in vivid detail.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 3 - Episode 203

    The Pittsburgh Gay and Lesbian Center chooses Brian as the recipient of its Hero Award for saving Justin's life. But when a gay newspaper brands Brian a promiscuous pedophile, the prospect of losing corporate sponsorships causes the awards committee cochairpersons to insist that neophyte board members Melanie and Lindsay convince Brian to refuse the award. Meanwhile, Emmett works as a maid for Blaine and Blair, who claim to have a monogamous 11-year relationship, but each of them seduces Emmett, leaving him feeling guilty. Later, Blaine and Blair reveal themselves as manipulative hypocrites, and an angry Emmett quits his job. After Michael complains to Brian that they never see each other anymore, they agree to attend a comic book convention together. But Brian meets a cop outside the hotel staging the convention and decides to have sex with him rather than meet Michael. Justin struggles to overcome his fear of being in public. And baby Gus takes his first steps.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 4 - Episode 204

    As Pittsburgh's Gay Pride Festival weekend approaches, Debbie laments that Michael will not march with her in the big parade. Michael agrees to march with Debbie's PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) group, but reconsiders when he learns that some homophobic coworkers will be watching the parade. Meanwhile, Lindsay feels threatened when Melanie's ex arrives on a motorcycle and persuades Melanie to dust off her own "hog" and take to the open road with her. With the death of Godiva, a drag queen who befriended him when he first came to the city, Emmett loses his desire to attend the parade. Ted discovers a great-looking younger man only had sex with him out of pity. At the parade, Brian tends to son Gus while Lindsay climbs on the back of Melanie's motorcycle in the Dykes on Bikes contingent. Justin marches with his mom, Jennifer, along with the PFLAG delegation, and Michael, in drag, joins Debbie there as well. Brian's successful marketing strategy for a homophobic client's failing beverage product targets the gay community.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 5 - Episode 205

    Still afflicted with tremors in his right hand as a result of his assault, Justin struggles in his art classes and soon drops out of college. Despite Brian's attempt to rekindle Justin's interest in drawing, a depressed, angry Justin turns to alcohol and sex to soothe his pain. Finally, Lindsay takes Justin to an art gallery where the paintings on exhibition have been created by a wheelchair-bound woman with limited use of her hands. Meanwhile, Emmett, Michael and Brian intervene to help Ted, whose addiction to pornography has left him housebound for days. Brian arranges a job interview at his advertising agency for Ted. The company hires Ted, but he quits almost immediately to start his own porno Web site. Michael also quits his job and sells a rare first-edition comic book to raise money to buy his own business—a comic book store.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 6 - Episode 206

    Ben Bruckner, a customer at Michael's comic book store, teaches a gay studies course at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University. Invited by Ben to give a lecture on homoeroticism in superhero comics, Michael doubts his own intellectual abilities and fails to appear. Later, Ben reassures Michael, who, speaking from his heart, charms the students. Attracted to each other, Ben and Michael kiss as a prelude to sex, but Ben stops to warn Michael that he is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Ted and Emmett enlist well-endowed porn star Zack O'Tool to appear live on Ted's failing, pornographic Web site, but he cancels at the last minute. Desperate, Ted persuades Emmett to perform in Zack's place, and, surprisingly, Emmett's appearance generates big revenue for Ted. Lindsay expresses disgust for pornography, but she becomes sexually aroused by Melanie's photos, taken during college, in an old men's magazine. Justin moves out of Brian's condo, but Brian asks him to return. The two negotiate certain ground rules for continuing their relationship.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 7 - Episode 207

    Debbie abandons her usual liberal rhetoric when she learns that Michael's new boyfriend, Ben, has HIV. She tells Michael to stop dating Ben, and her harsh attitude causes a rift between Debbie and Uncle Vic. Michael continues his relationship with Ben despite the pleas of his mother and friends. But when the moment arrives for Ben and Michael to consummate their relationship, Michael has a change of heart after seeing the multitude of prescription bottles in Ben's medicine cabinet. Meanwhile, Lindsay's parents, the Petersons, refuse to contribute financially to Lindsay and Melanie's wedding because it's "not real." Invited to brunch by Lindsay and Melanie, the Petersons cancel at the last minute. Brian transforms the depressing brunch into a swinging party by spiking the punch with the drug Ecstasy, and Lindsay finally decides she does not need her parents' acceptance of her lifestyle. Emmett and Ted quarrel about who is responsible for the success of Ted's porno Web site.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 8 - Episode 208

    After his break up with Ben, Michael decides to get back in the saddle, and start dating again. He places an ad with a dating service, but he's not providing enough spunk to sell himself. Brian, Ted, Lindsay, and Melanie give Michael a complete make over for his picture—open shirt and wet with an accent on the bulge. They write a description that'll make Michael the object of every man's desire. Jennifer comments to Justin how envious she is that he is about to have the most exciting time of his life, meeting new people – his own age. Brian agrees, but Justin believes he's already having the most exciting time of his life, with Brian. He goes to a college party with Daphne and doesn't seem to fit in. Frat boys trying to hit on girls, it's not his scene. Justin exchanges glances with a naïve freshman. They confirm the attraction by continuing to meet eyes. That's enough for Justin to pounce. He leads Eric into the nearest room with a lock on the door, where they have sex. It's the very first time for the kid. Justin comes off like an old pro. He resists the temptation to kiss, for as long as he can, but he can't control himself. He breaks one rule of his relationship with Brian – He kisses another guy. Ted has catapulted Emmett's career to super stardom. The fan mail is pouring in. Most of it is a bunch of crap but something catches Emmett's eye. A gold bracelet sent from a secret admirer. Who could it be? Emmett has always wanted to be swept off his feet so, his expectations are high. A limo arrives and takes Emmett to a mysterious mansion. He's overwhelmed with delight until he finds out that the gentleman caller, George Schickel, is old enough to be his grandfather. Emmett doesn't want anything to do with the old geezer, even if he is one of the wealthiest men in Pittsburgh. But, the old man's persistence finally pays off. Emmett agrees to spend some time with him. His charming demeanor and kind heart gives Emmett the ability to see past the age barrier and form a friendship. The impression of Michael's first date – a dream. They get right to business and start out the date by simply fucking. When that's over, they spend a little time getting to know each other. Beyond looks, his personality is worthless. Michael soon realizes that finding the perfect guy isn't going to be as easy as he thought. Michael takes some advice from his mother and goes to visit a matchmaker. Ida Pearlstein gives Michael some information on where and when he can find the man of his dreams. Michael is skeptical but goes along with it. When he shows up, he sees Ben. She was right. Ben is the man of his dreams. Too bad, it's just a coincidence. Ben is there with another man. Michael leaves alone. Justin gets a visit from Eric. In the same way that Brian might treat someone, Justin breaks the kid's heart by telling him he was just a fuck. Completely rejected, Eric leaves in tears. Justin meets up with Brian later at Babylon. They see a hot young one dancing. Brian suggests that they go for him. Justin grabs Brian, they begin to kiss and decide they need only each other tonight.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 9 - Episode 209

    After Brian's sister angrily demands that Brian help care for their widowed, alcoholic mother, Brian reluctantly accompanies his mom to church—where he recognizes the minister, Reverend Tom, as a recent backroom sexual conquest. During an unscheduled visit to the loft, Brian's mother learns about her son's sexual orientation when Justin emerges from the bedroom. After Brian's mother warns her son that he will go to hell for his sinful behavior, Brian considers revealing the truth about Reverend Tom. Michael tries to rekindle his relationship with Ben, who remains reluctant to risk being hurt again. Michael works hard to win Ben over, including basketball and karaoke, two things at which he truly sucks, and the two finally consummate their relationship. Emmett gives an exhausted, overworked Ted some Viagra for Ted's date with a hot, young blond, Thor. Thor cancels at the last minute, but Ted has already ingested the performance-enhancing drug, which leaves him with a troublesome erection for several days... until an unexpected moment with Thor in the backroom of Babylon.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 10 - Episode 210

    Michael is distraught over the comic book death of his hero (Captain Astro) and sets out on a holy quest (petition) to bring him back to life. Debbie is shocked to discover the body of a boy Justin's age in a dumpster behind the diner. She is even more shocked however when she sees how little regard the others are all paying the situation. Michael soon begins to realise how shallow they are all being and begins to mourn the death of the nameless boy. Emmet wants George to come out and meet his friends, and see Babylon after he learns that George had only been into a gay bar once thirty years ago in San Francisco. He convinces him to join him, and the two have a lovely time. When Emmet wants George to come the next night however he confides he is tired. The two decide to go to the opera (Emmet's first) and the first in years for George. After coming out he put himself into voluntary exile and refused to go, even though it was one of his favourite things to do. During intermission George's ex-wife shows up and the two exchange words before Emmet, fed up with her insinuations puts her in her place. Melanie is not amused with Lindsay's extravagant ideas for their wedding, not wanting to be a wet blanket she must balance her feelings for Lindsay and the wedding, with her feelings of responsibility to the bottom line. Lindsay's mother calls her and explains that she will not allow her late grandmother's dress to be worn by a lesbian, saying that her grandmother never would have allowed it. Lindsay, furious with this, enters her parents house when they are out and tries to steal the dress for herself. Rather than locating the dress however she finds a small satchel of letters from a woman Lindsay had never heard about. As she and Melanie begin to read them they realise that her grandmother was gay, and during the war had an affair with another woman. Justin is now starting to develop a fascination with the murder, saying he and Brian are being too irresponsible, and that it could have just as easily have been them killed. Brian engages Justin in a very disturbing bit of role playing when he begins to choke him momentarily to illustrate a point. Later, at the bar Justin catches up with Brian as he's leaving with another trick, of whom he doesn't even know the name of. Justin expresses his concern, but Brian, in his typical manner blows him off.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 11 - Episode 211

    -- Special thanks to the person who submitted this -- It's days before Lindsay and Melanie's wedding. At a pre-wedding celebration, their friend Leda offers them a tarot reading from Marilyn. Marilyn warns them that they cannot get married on their wedding day because astrological reasons will cause certain disasters to occur. Unwilling to listen to Marilyn, Lindsay and Melanie continue with their wedding plans. However, everything goes wrong: wedding cake is delayed, Lindsay's wedding dress is ruined by the drycleaners, the wedding rings are missing, and the hall that they rented has shut down for salmonella poisoning. Lindsay also has a few panic attacks, and later concludes that these disasters were happening because the world was trying to tell them that they should not get married because they are gay. Brian, who won at free trip to the white party in Miami, decided he would rather skip the wedding and go get laid. But when things go wrong for the two brides, he gathers up everyone to plan a wedding in 21 hours: Michael & Ted are in charge of flowers, Debbie in charge of making Lindsay's wedding dress, Vic is making the cake with Justin's help, and Emmett is in charge of finding a hall to have the wedding. Michael & Ted decide to buy a wedding gift for the brides together, but Ted eventually leaves the decision in Michael's hands when he is called back to work. Michael ends up buying an African statue off a street vendor for 500 dollars. Ted becomes very upset by this decision, and has a huge fight with Michael. In the end, they make up realizing that their friendship is worth so much more. Justin is invited to the white party by Brian, but later turns it down after a few words of wisdom from Debbie. Justin realizes he will regret never seeing the wedding of his family if he does go with Brian. Vic is about to lose his financial benefits, and is forced to get a job. Michael starts to think like Ben that this may be the work of astrological alignment. Debbie offers him a job at the Liberty Diner as a chef, which turns out to be another disaster. Vic quits the diner leaving Debbie behind to deal with an angry and hungry crowd. Emmett has finally saved enough money from working on Ted's website to afford cosmetic surgery on a new butt. Emmett also is having a hard time finding a hall that would book a wedding last minute, but George offers his ball room to use. Emmett accepts only if George does not pay for everything. Emmett then decides to give up his savings to pay for the decorating the hall. On the day of the wedding, Brian shows up at Lindsay & Melanie's home to drag them out of bed and drive them to George's home where Emmett and the gang all greet and surprise them. While the two brides are getting ready, Brian interrupts to surprise them with exact replicas of their lost wedding rings. After his thoughtful gesture, Brian offers them his two tickets to Miami for their honeymoon in addition to baby-sitting Gus. Lindsay is touched, but declines the tickets saying that she wants Brian to go and be happy. Brian leaves for Miami feeling loved and grateful, but is unwilling to show it as usual. The wedding is a success. All, but Brian is there to witness the union of Lindsay & Melanie. Vic's cake (it's butter hazelnut) turns out to be delicious. The brides then throw their bouquet to the room full of guests, but we never know who caught it. The scene then fades out to the White Party in Miami where a drag queen in a wedding dress throws a bouquet of flowers to the crowd of dancing men. Brian ends up catching the bouquet.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 12 - Episode 212

    Despite his protestations to the contrary, Michael has trouble dealing with the news that Ben and Brian once slept together. Brian asks if Michael is jealous because Brian had sex with Ben or because Ben had sex with Brian—something that Michael has never done. Michael rebuffs Brian's attempt to rectify that oversight. Later, Michael confesses to Ben that he has unresolved feelings for Brian. Police inaction spurs Debbie to launch her own search for the identity of the young man she recently found dead in the diner dumpster. Debbie eventually learns the name and address of the deceased and presents her findings to Detective Horvath, the homophobic cop handling the case. Later, Horvath surprises Debbie when he appears at her house to share further details of the dead man's tragic life. Ted's delight at receiving an invitation to a get-together at the house of Garth Racine, "the doyen of Pittsburgh gay culture," turns to disappointment when social climber Ted learns that Garth wants an introduction to Rex, one of the cuties working for Ted's porno Web site.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 13 - Episode 213

    Justin's mother sadly informs him that his father has decided not to pay for his school anymore. Brian offers to pay for Justin's school, but he refuses to take any more help from Brian saying he already owes him his life. Justin applies for a job dancing at Babylon. He finds that the tips are not quite as good as he was hoping for. The owner of Babylon tells him he might be able to work his way up in six months to dancing on the bar, or Justin could move right up by performing certain favours for him. Justin decides to put out in order to get the job. Brian is upset when Justin returns home, he knows. Ted is trying to throw a benefit for Angels Over Pittsburgh a charity that cooks meals for people with AIDS. The drag queen Devina Devor they want to run the benefit refuses initially to sign on, but after Vic realises he went to school with him. Soon after Michael learns that Debbie dated him in High School. Michael begins to suspect something after he recognises Danny Devor (the drag queen). Tempers flair when Michael realises he looks exactly like Danny. Gus is rejected from an upscale pre-school. Melanie believes its because they're discriminating against her and Lindsay for being lesbians. Brian agrees to pose as Lindsay's husband in order to try again. The rouse seems to go well, until Lindsay gets a call telling her that the last spot in the school was given to a student with same sex parents, pretty much throwing her theory out the window. Deb goes to see Danny who expresses a great deal of upset at learning he has a son and never knew. Michael meets his real father, for the first time. Danny initially denies he is his father, and then changes his story to suggest that his father is anything he believes he is. Michael returns home and Deb and him share a tender moment of reconciliation as Michael announces his father was John Michael Novotony, KIA in Vietnam, just as he had always been told.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 14 - Episode 214

    Justin's new job at Babylon is starting to take its toll. His dancing all night to pay for school is forcing him to sleep in and miss it. Brian once again asks him to accept a gift, or at the very least a loan of the money he needs to pay for school, but Justin once again refuses. George wants to show Emmet the world. The pair pack up and jet off for a year long world tour. While on the plane. While enjoying all that First Class has to offer Emmet tells George of the mile high club and within moments they are locked in each others arms and inside a tiny airplane lavatory. While having sex George has a heart attack, and dies. A shocked Emmet spends the remainder of the flight sitting with George's body. The Detective who had been working on the case of the body Debbie had discovered a few episodes back shows up at the diner to order lunch, and to ask her out on a date. She initially refuses, but is talked into it by Vic who informs her the martyr act is starting to get old. As she and him are leaving Michael shows up, and is not pleased to see his mom dating. After waiting around till midnight for her to return home the two exchange harsh words followed by a well earned slap for Michael. He rushes out, furious and proceeds to the bar where he finds Ted and Brian already drunk. While driving them home he doesn't realise how fast he is going. His disdain for cops doesn't help matters when he begins lipping off to the investigating officer. Ted, Brian and Michael all share a cozy night in a holding cell. The next morning the detective lets them go, and promises Michael that the arrest won't be on his permanent record. The two come to an understanding and Michael returns to the diner to apologise to his mother. Justin meanwhile, while working a private party for the owner of Babylon gets high very quickly after taking a hit off a joint. Justin, initially quite worried as to what was happening quickly begins to lighten up and partake in the flowing cocain and booze. One of the partiers goes too far however when they try to put Justin in ‘The Sling' (use your imagination) Justin struggles to get free and accidentally (but rather deservedly) punches his boss in the nose. As Justin runs out of the party, he is fired. When Justin returns home he discovers Brian still hasn't returned. Believing him to have been out with a trick he's initially quite put out, but Brian simply tells him nothing happened. Justin asks Brian if he can still borrow the money to pay for school, and Brian agrees. The two then hop into bed and make with the major naked olympics.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 15 - Episode 215

    While high on E, Justin and Michael begin playing around and draw an idea for a gay super hero. The next day Justin and Brian are hung over but Michael is jazzed about the new character Justin created. The pair decide to begin work on the new character but quickly develop a major case of writer's block. They soon draw inspiration however from watching Brian on his treadmill. Soon after they are locked in alone together till 4am working on the new comic. When Justin finally returns home Brian begins to put the moves on him. Unfortunately for him, Justin quickly falls asleep. Ted receives good news from the Academy of Pornographic Arts converting her attic to a studio. Melanie, as always is very concerned with how much it will cost. Melanie's exgirlfriend Leda offers to the renovations for them but Lindsay quickly turns her down saying she wants to do it on her own. The renovations however quickly turn into a disaster and Lindsay caves and asks her to do the work for them. Her only concession, she needs a place to stay. Emmet is apauled at George's funeral. The words being spoken at the celebration of his funeral had nothing to do with his life. He rises to say a few words but is quickly grabbed by security and thrown out. Meanwhile, back at Brian's place, the new dynamic duo are locked in a creative session. Pittsburgh's biggest man-whore is far from thrilled to see his loft converted to ground zero from the creative comic book bomb. He heads off to Babylon hoping to meet up with Justin and Michael later. While at the bar he picks up two hard bodies in an attempt to make Justin jealous but when he returns he finds Michael and Justin curled up (while fully clothed) on his bed together. In a rage Brian rips down, and rips up the artwork the pair had done. He completes the angry act by pissing on one of the pictures. The next day they confront him at the diner, he responds in silence. His silence is followed by a going over by Deb. Ted tries in vain to get Emmet to go to the award ceremonies but he cannot bring himself to do it. Emmet then wins the Crystal dick award and Ted goes up to accept the award, but as he begins the acceptance speech Emmet shows up reads the goodbye speech he wrote for the funeral. Brian reprints the comic artwork off of Justin's computer. After reading it he finds himself rather impressed by the story, and the artwork. When Michael and Justin arrive at the loft he apologises for being so immature, and then promises to help the pair sell their comic once its done.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 16 - Episode 216

    Ben and Justin share the same birthday. Ben says he would prefer to spend a quiet evening alone with Michael, but Michael plans an elaborate surprise party, which Debbie reluctantly attends. When Ben arrives, he angrily orders Michael to get everyone out of his apartment. Later, Ben apologizes for his tantrum, explaining that he had just received bad news about his health. Meanwhile, Justin unconvincingly parrots Brian's sentiment that only achievement is worthy of celebration, not the accidents of birth. With Brian ignoring Justin's birthday, Melanie and Lindsay take Justin to a violin recital. At a post-concert reception, he meets the dashing, young violinist, Ethan (recurring guest star FABRIZIO FILIPPO - "Action"), who gives him a special CD as a birthday present. Justin returns home to find Brian waiting with a gift--a handsome hustler. At school the next day, Justin has a chance encounter with Ethan, who describes the romantic celebration he would have arranged if Justin were his boyfriend. Ted takes the still-mourning Emmett to a gay church that features the singing of Broadway show tunes instead of hymns. Ted meets Luke, an elementary school teacher, and they are attracted to each other. Ted lies about what he does for a living, but later tells Luke the truth. Luke claims not to care, but Ted's guided tour of the porn-site studio proves too much for Luke, and he breaks up with Ted.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 17 - Episode 217

    The new owner of Vanguard Advertising, Brian's place of employment, terminates the staff, but offers Brian one week to demonstrate why he should not be dismissed as well. Brian shifts into high gear to land a new client, but he must renege on a promise to take Justin to Vermont for a romantic weekend. Brian convinces the new client to sign a two-year contract contingent on Brian managing the account. When Brian tries to find Justin to share his good news, Brian learns that Justin has gone to Vermont. Emmett inherits $10 million from George and proceeds to buy lavish gifts for all his friends. He decides to honor George by establishing a home for gay and lesbian youth. Unfortunately, members of the Schickel family file a lawsuit to invalidate George's bequest to Emmett, and Emmett's bank account is frozen. Melanie and Lindsay's attempts to stave off the dreaded Lesbian Bed Death (diminished sexual activity in long-term relationships) fail. Melanie discovers Leda giving Lindsay a late-night massage and assumes the worst. Without talking to Lindsay, Melanie confronts Leda and tells her to leave. Later, Melanie and Lindsay ask Leda to stay, and a ménage à trois with Leda proves the perfect cure for Melanie and Lindsay's sexual dysfunction.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 18 - Episode 218

    Ben collapses while delivering a lecture at the university and is hospitalized. Keeping vigil at Ben's bedside, Michael tries to remain strong, but he phones Brian in a moment of self-doubt, and Brian quickly appears to reassure him. Uncle Vic tells Debbie the news about Ben, and she is hurt and angry that Michael did not tell her himself. She goes to the hospital, but Michael is not in Ben's room. As she turns to leave, a groggy Ben invites her to stay. They chat until he falls asleep, and Michael returns to see Debbie holding Ben's hand. Justin has a romantic picnic with Ethan on the floor of Ethan's apartment. Justin tries to re-create the idyllic scene with Brian, but Brian wants to go to Babylon instead. Rather than accompany Brian to the bar, Justin returns to Ethan's place, where the two make love. Representing Emmett against the Schickel family, Melanie threatens to release George's videotaped farewell to Emmett to the press. A Schickel attorney counters with an offer of $1 million, contingent on Emmett signing an affidavit affirming that he had no relationship with George. Against Melanie's advice, Emmett refuses to sign the document and tears up the check.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 19 - Episode 219

    An evening of bowling for Debbie, Carl Horvath, other cops and their women leads to a challenge: cops versus queers in a bowling match. The cops win by one pin, and Debbie and the gay team go to Woody's to celebrate their near victory. Horvath surprises everyone when he arrives to congratulate the losers for their heroic effort. Responding to Horvath's prior complaints that Debbie rebuffs his attempts to become more intimate with her, Debbie deep kisses Horvath in front of everyone, including a disgusted Michael. After seeing Justin kissing Ethan on the street, Michael feels he must inform Brian. Despite Ben's admonition not to interfere in Brian and Justin's relationship, Michael tells Brian, who appears unconcerned. Ted realizes that pornography no longer stimulates him now that it has become his business. Emmett suggests that perhaps Ted needs a relationship focused more on love and tenderness than sex. Expecting another ménage à trois, Leda comes to Melanie and Lindsay's bedroom. Not wanting to repeat the experience, Melanie and Lindsay are relieved when Gus' crying saves them from an awkward situation. Later, Melanie and Lindsay explain that there is no room in their relationship for a third person, and, with the attic studio completed, Leda leaves on her motorcycle.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 20 - Episode 220

    While Ethan plays his violin on the street, Brian passes by, dropping $100 into the struggling artist's open instrument case. They strike up a conversation, and Ethan follows Brian to the diner to learn more about moneymaking alternatives to fiddling on street corners. Justin walks in just as Brian presents his business card. Only then does Ethan realize with whom he's been chatting. Ethan quickly escapes from the awkward situation. Brian spends a lot of money to publicize the release of Michael and Justin's comic book, arranging interviews with leading gay journalists, purchasing advertising in gay-oriented periodicals and organizing a lavish party at Babylon. On the day of the party, Justin arrives at Michael's comic book store for the first of many interviews. Justin and Michael argue, and Michael reveals that it is he who told Brian about Ethan. Furious, Justin flees the store just as the journalists arrive. At the party, Justin and Michael do not speak to each other, but Brian urges Justin to resolve the problem for the sake of the comic book venture. Ethan appears at Babylon, and, to the amazement of all, he and Justin kiss lustily. Justin takes a last look at Brian before leaving with Ethan. Ben wants to go to Tibet to study with Buddhist monks for six months, but only if Michael approves. A conversation with Debbie changes Ben's mind, and Ben decides to stay in Pittsburgh. Over dinner, Emmett confronts Ted about the latter's strange behavior recently. Ted confesses that he's in love with Emmett, who is too flabbergasted to respond. The following morning, Emmett stops by Ted's apartment to tell Ted that his feelings are not mutual. But later, at the Babylon party, Emmett and Ted kiss passionately.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 1 - Episode 301

    After Justin leaves Babylon with Ethan everyone is stunned to see that Justin is with someone else other than Brian. Michael springs it on them that Justin and Brian are broken up and Justin is seeing Ethan now. Then the club shuts down and everyone goes home together including Ted and Emmett. The next dat at the diner Melanie and Lindsay ask Ted and Emmett the gory details of their sexcapades last night and they lie and say it was a blast. The truth is both Ted and Emmett aren't ready to have sex yet but they keep this from the others. Justin wakes up happily in Ethan's arms and then goes to work at the Diner. Ethan is worried that Justin might still have feelings for Brian but Justin reassures Ethan that they're finished. When Justin goes to Brian's l;oft to get his things he has memories of all the sex he and Brian had together but then he moves on. When he goes to the Diner Michael confronts him and tells him that he's a traitor for cheating on Brian and to leave Pittsburg and never return. Meanwhile Brian runs into Lindsay at the park depressed. She tries to convince Brian that he loves Justin and it's not to late to get him back, but Brian denies his true feelings for Justin. To get over Justin he tries to have sex at every gay bar in town but they won't have sex with Brian because his breakup with Justin ruined his reputation as a "sex god". Ben tries to move into his old apartment but the tenant refuses to give it to him so he moves in with Michael. Debbie finds out why Justin is ignoring them and is upset with Michael for not minding his buisness. Lindsay and Melanie give out invitations to their 8th wedding anniversary party. There Brian and Justin run into each other face-to-face. Brian tries to get him back but Justin is commited to Ethan. Then Brian runs into Michael and he tells Brian that he thinks Justin is a stupid-lying prick for doing what he did to Brian. Michael then continues to call Justin bad names and Brian suprising punches Michael out. Lindsay and Melanie then kick Brian out of the party and he goes back to gay clubs. Later on that night he gives Michael a steak to put over his eye. Then he's so desperate for sex that he calls a gay prostitute to have sex with him who looks similar to Justin with his blond hair and similar clothes.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 2 - Episode 302

    Without Brian, Justin has no way of paying his college tuition and faces dropping out of school. Justin's mother recommends he ask his father for the money, but his dad refuses. After imploring a financial aid officer to defer tuition until after he graduates, Justin learns that it has already been paid. Ethan thinks Justin's dad changed his mind, but Justin knows the truth. He stops by the loft to thank Brian, who again urges him to work with Michael on the comic book. Meanwhile, Brian interrupts a quiet evening at home for Ben and Michael, who end up accompanying him to Babylon. Brian's continuing need for Michael's companionship since Justin left puts a strain on Michael's relationship with Ben, who suggests that he find his own apartment. Ted and Emmett's first sexual experience proves extremely satisfying for both. But Emmett's sexual rendezvous with a flight attendant, with whom he had made a date prior to becoming involved with Ted, severely tests Ted and Emmett's newfound romance. Meanwhile, Melanie and Lindsay argue about having a second child. Lindsay does not want to be pregnant again and tells Melanie to bear the child herself, if she wants it so desperately. Melanie confides her fears about motherhood to Debbie, who offers reassurance.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 3 - Episode 303

    Brian tells Lindsay that he will help with the Gay and Lesbian Center's "Carnivale" fund-raiser—for 20 percent of the take. After the center's board members learn that Brian has lined up corporate sponsors to match the proceeds up to $100,000, they agree to his price. For $500, Brian hires Justin to create a poster, and Ethan expresses concern about Brian's motive to Justin. Brian's "Carnivale," an exotic, erotic assortment of outrageous sideshow performances and games, scandalizes Melanie and Lindsay, as well as the rest of the board, but is a huge financial success. Brian buys a Corvette with his earnings. Meanwhile, Debbie joins the boys' gym, much to Michael's consternation, and starts to diet in order to make herself desirable to her beau, Detective Carl Horvath. She confides to Ted and Emmett that, being out of practice, she fears she will disappoint him in bed. To guarantee Horvath's satisfaction, Ted and Emmett proceed to teach her how to perform oral sex. Debbie succeeds so well that Horvath makes an offhand comment about how much practice she must have had in the past to be so accomplished, making Debbie feel like a whore. She angrily tells him to leave. Ted and Emmett try to repair the damage by telling Horvath the truth. He is so touched that Debbie has made such an effort to please him that he goes to Debbie to apologize—but not before getting some pointers on pleasing a woman from two lesbian cops. Her endometriosis cured with a simple outpatient procedure, Melanie can now bear a child. She and Lindsay ask Brian to donate sperm again so that Gus and their second child will be related by blood. After first refusing, Brian later relents, but Melanie changes her mind about having Brian father her child. Ben's ex-lover Paul, who infected him with HIV, dies in an AIDS hospice. A panicked Ben becomes obsessed with his gym workouts, finally turning to steroids to pack on muscle as a hedge against the potential wasting effects of the disease.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 4 - Episode 304

    While reluctantly taking care of his obnoxious nephew John as a favor to his sister, Brian finds the boy stealing money from his wallet. Not only is John unrepentant, he berates Brian with a barrage of antigay slurs. Brian takes John to the bathroom, sticks the boy's head in the toilet and flushes. Infuriated, John vows revenge. He accuses Brian of molesting him, and the police take Brian to the station for questioning. Justin tracks down John at an arcade and notices that he's wearing Brian's trademark seashell bracelet. Detective Horvath, Debbie, and Justin go to see Brian's sister to confront her son about the bracelet. John finally admits the truth, and the charges against Brian are dropped. Justin returns the bracelet to Brian and tenderly ties it around Brian's wrist. Melanie and Lindsay ask Michael to be the father of their second child, and he agrees. But when they ask him to sign a document whereby he surrenders all parental rights, Michael refuses. Later, Melanie tears up the document, and Michael, Melanie, and Lindsay begin planning for the baby's conception together. Meanwhile, obsessively neat Ted asks messy Emmett to move in with him, and disaster results. They decide to look for a house so that they will have plenty of space to be themselves. And Ben boosts his workouts ... and his steroid use.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 5 - Episode 305

    Debbie tries hard to sign up new gay voters on Liberty Avenue to defeat antigay Police Chief Stockwell, who's running for mayor. Brian wins the chief's campaign as an advertising account, telling the candidate that he needs to find an issue to make the second-place contender "pop" in the minds of the voters. Stockwell agrees to introduce Brian to some of his rich and powerful friends if the chief triumphs. After some teenage Babylon patrons die from bad drugs, Stockwell tells Brian he's found his issue. Ethan loses the Heifetz competition, but a talent agent offers to represent him—if he leaves Justin and his gay identity behind. Ethan refuses at first, but Brian tells him that there's nothing noble about being poor and suggests Ethan find a way to make the situation work. Ted and Emmett cannot agree on a house to purchase. Ted likes a new, modern house, while Emmett falls in love with a charming older house that needs many repairs. They argue back and forth until a frustrated Emmett tells Ted to make the decision. Ted surprises Emmett by buying the fixer-upper. After suffering much anxiety and guilt over his failure to produce sperm to father Melanie and Lindsay's second child, Michael finally succeeds. Meanwhile, steroids are making Ben extremely short-tempered, and Michael finally catches him injecting steroids.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 6 - Episode 306

    Michael sees Ben injecting steroids again and finally confronts him. Citing his HIV-positive status, Ben defends his drug use, telling Michael that, as an HIV-negative man, he simply cannot understand the constant anxiety about remaining healthy. Brian witnesses Ben purchasing drugs at the gym and tells him that he's harming not only himself but also his relationship with Michael. Ben slams Brian against a row of lockers, leaving Brian with a nasty gash. In choosing the décor for their new house, Ted and Emmett weigh the pros and cons of remaining true to their gay selves versus fitting in with their straight suburban neighbors. Ted and Emmett attend a "welcome to the neighborhood" dinner hosted by the couple next door, but during the event, Ted is arrested for employing an underage person at his pornographic Web site. Ted's arrest is part of Police Chief Jim Stockwell's crackdown on gay businesses that pander to prurient interests. The chief, a candidate for mayor, vows to clean up Liberty Avenue and make it family-friendly. Brian creates a sexy television commercial for Stockwell's mayoral campaign, boosting the chief's rating in the polls. Justin brings Daphne to the apartment he shares with Ethan, who is being interviewed there by a journalist. Ethan introduces Justin as his cousin and Daphne as Justin's girlfriend. After an awkward moment, Justin and Daphne leave. Daphne tells Justin that, despite his problems with Brian, he never denied his relationship with Justin. When Ethan substitutes for an ill soloist with the Harrisburg Symphony, Justin secretly attends the concert. After the performance, Justin is about to surprise Ethan with his presence when he spies Ethan talking to and leaving with a pretty young man.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 7 - Episode 307

    With Melanie at his side, Ted faces court on charges of employing a minor in his adult web site business. The bail is set at 100.000 $. Ethan recaps his previous night's success with Justin who is jealous of Ethan's admirer(s). Debbie pisses-in on Vic's new poz boyfriend Rodney. Thanks to Ted's demise, chief Stockwell is scoring points with his voters and Brian is to help him "purify" Liberty Avenue. Michael is vividly contemplating the whole "I'm sick, you are not – thus, you don't understand" situation with Ben which only escalates with Ben's steroid-induced rage and the upcoming memorial service for his ex. Ted is out on bail but is sure to stand a though trial. Desperate, he decides to ask Brian to pull some of his Stockwellian strings bur fails to enlist his support. Michael and Brian try to work on the 2nd edition of rage. Emmet shows up at Brian's office and begs Brian to help Ted. Vic invites Rodney over for dinner, introducing him to Debbie and Michael. Rodney shares his view on poz-neg relationships. Brian and Stockwell share a game of racquetball and later, in the steam room, Brian persuades him not to pursue the Schmidt trial. Justin and Ethan share a romantic moment only to be interrupted by a visit from Ethan's new admirer. Fed up with Ben's behavior, Michael confronts him in an interesting manner. Ethan admits his unfaithfulness to Justin and after a short "Relationships 101" discussion Justin takes off Ethan's ring and leaves him. Melanie informs Ted that the prosecution decided to go easy on him so he will have to shut down his web site in exchange for his freedom. After a night spent on the couch, Ben tells Michael that he will stop using steroids and invites him to the memorial service. Melanie gets pregnant. Ted and Emmet have to give up the house due to Ted's court fees. While cruising Babylon's backroom, Brian sees Justin betting busy with a guy and they share glances. Curtains.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 8 - Episode 308

    Police Chief Stockwell's cleanup of Liberty Avenue forces young street hustlers to find a new hangout, and they congregate in Ben and Michael's neighborhood. When the rowdy teens keep Ben and Michael awake at night, Ben asks them to disperse. One of them offers to have unsafe sex with Ben for a price. The next morning, Ben and Michael find the same boy asleep in their hallway and take him to breakfast at the diner. Later, the teenager is beaten up in front of Ben and Michael's apartment building, and Ben brings the youth inside to stay overnight, much to Michael's dismay. When the kid leaves the next day, Ben gives him $100, but wants to do more to help him. Justin becomes Daphne's roommate. Daphne attributes Justin's depression to his recent breakup with Ethan and is surprised when Justin tells her he made a horrible mistake leaving Brian. At Daphne's suggestion, Justin schemes to get back into Brian's life by showing up wherever Brian is. Justin applies for an internship at Vanguard, the advertising agency where Brian works. Reluctant at first, Brian finally approves Justin's internship, but later fires him when he interferes during a presentation to a client. Justin asks for a second chance, and he and Brian make love in Brian's office. Lindsay takes a job at an art gallery and hires Emmett as a party planner for the opening of an exhibition of Impressionist paintings. The event is a success, but mother-to-be Melanie and the unemployed Ted, previously the successful careerists in their respective relationships, experience a strange role reversal as they watch their mates triumph in their new occupations.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 9 - Episode 309

    At Woody's bar, Debbie emcees a charity strip contest during which one of the contestants goes too far and exposes himself to the crowd. A plainclothes policeman in the audience orders the patrons to leave, and the bar is closed. Debbie organizes a protest and publicly condemns Stockwell as a homophobe, putting her beau, Detective Horvath, in an awkward situation. Stockwell maintains that illegal activity at Woody's caused its closing and mentions Brian as proof that he is not a homophobe. Michael arranges a job interview for Ted with Tracy, now the manager of the Q Mart. Overqualified for the position of assistant bookkeeper, Ted is stunned and angry when the regional manager hires another "more qualified" applicant. Later, bartending for party planner boyfriend Emmett, Ted experiences further humiliation after overhearing Garth Racine refer to him as "nobody." Out shopping for wine for a get-together with all their friends at his and Emmett's apartment, Ted returns extremely drunk and ruins the evening when he inadvertently shoves Emmett in the kitchen. Melanie wants to work on the appeal of a woman who lost child custody rights to her abusive, drunken spouse due to her lesbianism. Knowing a career-making, landmark decision will be rendered in the case, Melanie tries to renege on an earlier promise to Lindsay to lighten her workload in preparation for motherhood.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 10 - Episode 310

    Stockwell's crackdown on Liberty Avenue's sex-related businesses continues with the closing of all bathhouses and the back room at Babylon. Justin responds by defacing Stockwell campaign posters, painting a Hitler moustache on the mayoral candidate's face and adding the slogan "Heil to the Chief." As Justin prepares his own poster with Stockwell sporting a clown nose and labeled "Laughing Stock," Brian tells him to stop, but Justin refuses. Later Brian capitulates and helps Justin paste the posters up on Liberty Avenue. Ben receives a call from Allegheny General Hospital regarding Hunter, the teenage hustler whom Ben previously tried to help and who has named Ben as his legal guardian on the hospital's admissions form. Hunter had been admitted for a kidney infection, but tests reveal that he also has HIV. Having ordered Ben to avoid further involvement with the youth, Michael softens his hard-line stance with the revelation of Hunter's HIV status. Exhausted from work, Melanie collapses and is taken to the hospital by Michael, who has been keeping a watchful eye on her wherever she goes. Although Melanie is fine, the incident scares her into making her pregnancy her highest priority. And Ted takes a dangerous detour on his way to a weekend getaway at a country inn and instead rents a room at the sleazy Paradise Motel, where he snorts cocaine and participates in an orgy.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 11 - Episode 311

    While the gang becomes continually frustrated with Stockwell's enforcements of anti-drug and public sex laws on Liberty Avenue, Ben and Micheal are becoming more concerned than ever with the behavior of Hunter, the hussler who, thanks to his HIV positive status, Ben now feels partially responsible for. Meanwhile, Emmett's attempts to cheer Ted up have been failing rather miserably...especially one night when Ted doesn't come home.....
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 12 - Episode 312

    Michael tries to adapt to the fact they have a third living with them and he and Ben are arguing wether or not they should give him a key to the apartment. Meanwhile Emmet is worried sick about Ted. Mel and Lindsay visit him and tell him that every penny of Gus' account have re-appeared, not knowing that Emmet replaced the money. He tells Mel and Lindsay that Ted disappeared two days ago. While reading RAGE in Michael's store, Hunter's tells him that a hero like Rage would never exist. That very moment Brian walks in telling he is throwing a party. Ted comes home and Emmet confronts him with the fact that he abandoned him for a white party and that he stole money from a baby. Ted sais he changed and it's all in the past, but Emmet does not believe and trust him. Hunter tells Debbie that he knew dumpster-boy and saw him leave with a cop on the night he got killed. Debbie tells this to the police but they say the case is closed by Stockwell. Ted goes to Mel and Lindsay to tell them the truth about what happened. They say that saying sorry is one thing and meaning it is another. Emmet jumps in and he and Mel get into a fight, resulting in Emmet and Ted leaving. Michael and Ben walk into Hunter doing a trick in their appartement with his new key. Hunter runs out and Brian picks him up later in the streets. He takes Hunter to the café where the killer goes to, so they can get evidence. Michael tracks down hunter the next day and gives him back the key to the appartement, telling him that they are the ones who give him a roof over his head untill he has better plans. Emmet and Ted are having sex and Ted pulls out drugs. Emmet realises Mel was right about Ted being a drug-addict, but tries the drugs with Ted. Brain and Justin work together to get the killer's DNA, when Hunter walks into them. Brian tells hunter to leave because they are trying to get the killer's DNA. Hunter goes away but walks into the killer, offering himself and going with him.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 13 - Episode 313

    While Justin and Brian try to figure out a better way to get hard evidence from dumpster-boy's killer, Hunter presents them with a condom filled with sperm. Emmet and Ted drift further apart when Ted wants to keep using drugs when having sex. Brian brings the hard evidence to the police, but Horvach tells it's still not enough. Justin gets word he has to apologize to the board for his actions during his internship. Brian tells him he should apologize, but Justin doesn't really want to. After a big fight about Hunter going after the killer, he overhears Ben saying to Michael that he wants to give up trying to help him, since he obviously doesn't listen. The next day, hunter changes his behaviour and makes an appointment with a new school.They then find out Hunter's birthday was only a week ago and throw him a surprise party. During that party Emmet walks in, upset, telling Michael that Ted kicked him out. Mel and Lindsay offer him to stay with them.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 14 - Episode 314

    Queer as Folk's Third Season Finale starts with only a few more days untill a new mayor is selected and Brian realizes that he must do something to stop Stockwell. A thing Justin also sets in motion by saying there should be a real rage, who could change everyone's mind about Stockwell. In the meantime Melanie almost passes her first trimester, which makes her nervous because her mother miscarried in her 11th week and Emmet gets a visit from Ted. Michael and Ben get a visit from Hunter's mother. When they tell Hunter he tries to run away again, but is stopped by Ben. He then tells them the truth and why his mother wants him back. When Hunter's mom comes to get her son and they refuse to give him up she goes to the authorities, which results in Michael and Hunter running away from the police. Also, Ted gets a serious wake-up call when he sees himself getting fucked by several men on TV, without recalling any of it, and submits himself into a drug clinic.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 1 - Episode 401

    This heartwarming season opener picks up more or less where the previous season left off. Having lost his job, and a pile of money keeping Stockwell away from the mayoral position, Brian finds himself falling on hard times financially, though he refuses to admit it. Though he is offered his old job back, Brian passes because of a contractural obligation that would force him not to work for a competitor. When Brian tries to start his own agency (lovingly named "Kinnetic" by Justin,) all his clients turn him down, forcing him to accept donations from a fund raising put together by his friends. Ted, still not able to put his life back together, leaves rehab, despite being "clean". A visit from Em provokes nothing but further fights between the two, partially revolving around Ted's now-rather-close-relationship to Blake. The audience is left unsure if they will ever reconcile. When Micheal and Hunter finally return from their road trip, Ben and Micheal struggle to win custody of Hunter from Hunter's mother by having Melanie plead their case in court. At first the judge awards custody to Hunter's mother, stating that she's cleaned up her act and that a child should remain with their natural birth parents, but her attitude changes from pleasing to bitchy the second her son gives her a huge smacking kiss on the lips- right before telling her he's positive. She pushes him away and calls him a faggot, right in front of the judge, who then immediatly awards custody to Micheal and Ben.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 2 - Episode 402

    Brian struggles to obtain a new list of clientelle, but discovers he can win back one of the accounts his old firm has by re-inventing their ad campaign. Justin struggles to deal with the gay-bashing of his friend, and decides to join the group of gay rebels, "The Pink Posse", in order to protect the citizens of libery avenue from gay bashing. Ted leaves rehab, but doesn't manage to leave Blake behind, when Blake willingly hands over his phone number, urging Ted to "call anytime". Blake comes over to help Ted throw out his "triggers"- things that might cause Ted to have painful memories or things that might tempt him to use again. Blake offers to crash at Ted's place for the night to make sure Ted will be okay, and he sleeps on the couch, leaving the lingering tension between them at a standstill. Emmett and Michael join the "fairies", a strange sort of gay wilderness retreat. Emmett struggles at first, finding himself unable to "believe in the fairy magic" until he talks things over with an elderly fairy man- who he finds out later died two years ago. When he and Michael return, Emmett dances joyfully at Babylon, apparently on the road to mending his broken heart.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 3 - Episode 403

    Now out of rehab, Ted and Blake discuss what Ted will do with his life now. When Ted confesses that he'd always dreamed of being an opera singer, Blake offers encourgement, motivating Ted to get a job as a singing waiter at an Italian restaurant. Michael, in an attempt to reconnect with Ted and show his support, gets the gang together for a surprise visit to the restaurant. Upset with the fact that everyone has been offering support for Ted and not him, Emmett refuses to go. As he's about to sing, Ted spots the gang at the restaurant and freezes. He becomes angry and upset that they came to see him unannounced and uninvited. Jennifer shows Brian a few upscale spaces for his new company, Kinnetik, but Brian wants a space that reflects his abstract way of thinking. When she shows him a former bathhouse space, Brian agrees that's it's perfect for Kinnetik's new headquarters. Vic and Rodney aren't finding much time to be alone, due in part to Debbie. They decide to get a place together and Vic tells a supportive and happy Debbie that he's going to move out. Cody initiates Justin into the Pink Posse. As they patrol Liberty Avenue, two obnoxious men in shout insults and obscenities at a gay couple from their car. When the car stops for a red light, a brawl begins as the Posse descends on the car, and the posse does not back down. Brian grows concerned with the Posse's motives when he discovers a bruise on Justin's back. He warns Justin about his involvement with Cody and the Pink Posse, and the trouble that lies ahead.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 4 - Episode 404

    Brian achieves success, as the headquarters for Kinnetik are finally set up and ready to go. However, Brian runs into a dilemma when he recieves news that the funds for a client's ad in Heat Magazine have yet to obtained; Brian worries about getting the payment in by the deadline and enlists the last minute help of Ted, who solves this problem with ease and total efficiency. Thinking he could use this kind of help at the agency, Brian offers Ted a position; Ted, just beginning his new life, feels he is not ready and declines. Also,in an effort to "beef up" the Pink Posse and get the Posse prepared to take on "trouble before it starts", Cody pursuades Justin and the rest of the Pink Posse to train in a boxing ring. Justin, however, has his doubts as does the rest of the Posse, who walk out in an effort to keep themselves out of trouble and from getting themselves hurt; Cody decides to take Justin to hear a preacher speak about the sins of homosexuality at a nearby church, to help subside his doubts about the Pink Posse's supposed motivation. They later leave Liberty Avenue in search of gay-bashers and homophobes in the straight neighborhoods, and, in an effort to stir up the trouble he is looking for, Cody kisses Justin outside a straight dance club, leading to harsh words and a fight where Cody ends up putting a gun to a man's head to make him apologize for calling them "faggots". Meanwhile, Melanie feels confident that she will win her current case and get Jeanette and Anna custody of their son. Melanie believes she can overturn the previous verdict, especially since the judge who's hearing the case has a reputation of being gay friendly. This judge however, is replaced with a more conservative one, and another attorney, because of this, offers to take over the case, stating he is more equipped to handle it. Melanie is furious at the suggestion that a straight male replace her, and has no intention of surrendering the case.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 5 - Episode 405

    Cody decides to take Justin to a firing range; while they are there, Justin tells Cody the story of Chris Hobbs and the incident surrounding Brian, himself and the assault. Cody shocks and surprises him by bringing him to the construction site where Chris Hobbs works so that Justin has the chance to confront him about what he did. Justin, however, feels unprepared, and backs down. Convinced that Justin has to confrot Chris Hobbs for what he put him through, they go to his house, where Justin demands an apology. Seeing no reason to apologize and holding no remorse, Chris refuses, until Cody hands Justin a gun, which he uses to force Chris Hobbs to his knees to make him apologize; he does, yet Cody tells Justin that it is not enough and urges him to do more than simply make him apologize. Justin says that an apology is all he needed and, realizing Cody has gone too far, hands him the gun, and leaves. Melanie, meanwhile ,is shocked and offended when her clients agree to let her partner, Larry Jacobs, try their case. They feel they have to keep their son's best interests in mind, and if they have a better chance of winning the custody case with Larry, they must select him as their attorney. Brian and Lindsay attempt to help Melanie understand the women's perspective, and try to console her. Melanie, however, feels overwhelmed with betrayal; it takes hearing words of widsom from Ted to make her understand that she must learn to accept the things she cannot change, and eventually offers her support to Larry and to Jeannette and Anna. Ted eventually makes the decision to accept Brian's offer of a job at Kinnetik. As part of his program, he makes his first task to write a letter of amends to Brian and the gang, and begins delivering letters to everyone but Emmet. He is at a loss for words, and does not think the letter would make any difference. Emmett, however, goes for a change of pace and moves into a place of his owm; a completely furnished apartment where he can have all the privacy and fun he wants. While Emmet adjusts to making this move, Debbie is going through adjustments of her own, with an empty house ever since Vic and Rodney made the decision to live together. In an effort to perk up her spirits, she decides to surprise them and takes them housewarming presents, only to discover a party going on that she received no invitation to. Ben finally gives Michael a copy of his manuscript for him to read and critique. Michael finds it boring and becomes unsettled trying to find a way to break the news; he decides to take the easy way out, and simply tells him that he loved it. Ben however, thanks in part to Hunter, ends up finding out Michael's true opinion.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 6 - Episode 406

    Michael and Justin receive a letter from a famous action film director by the name of Brett Keller, who is interested in turning "Rage" into a live-action feature film! Michael and Hunter are thrilled, but Ben is less than enthusiastic, stating that he's not interested in Brett Keller's "world of mindless entertainment". Justin and Michael, however, decide they'll consider Keller's offer, but Justin has second thoughts when Ben tells him that once Keller owns the rights to "Rage", he could do whatever he pleases,including making Rage a straight character. When Brian and Justin each think that a new guy they spot in Babylon is checking them out, they make a bet to see which one he's interested in. If Justin wins, Brian will take him on a trip to Ibiza. And if Brian wins, Justin will go back to school. Within a few days, Brian is winning the bet but receives shocking news when the guy, a doctor, tells Brian he has a lump on his testicle. Lindsay discovers that artist Sam Auerbach is in town mounting a large-scale mural in Penn Plaza. Although the chances are unlikely, she decides to try to get him to do a show of his work at the gallery in conjunction with the mural's unveiling. When she goes Penn Plaza to talk to him directly, she's surprised to find he's very rude, perverted, and crass, causing her much anger and disappointment. Melanie suggests that if she wants something from him she'll have to play his game. Ted attempts to give Emmett his letter of amends but Emmett won't accept it. Hurt, Ted tells Blake about Emmett's refusal of the letter. Blake reassures Ted he did all he could by offering Emmett his truth. Ted becomes discouraged and throws Emmett's letter in the trash. Blake retrieves the letter and is able to convince Emmett to accept it. Debbie, still stewing over not getting an invitation to Vic's party, ignores him at the diner. Michael suggests that she should lighten up on him, so she goes to his place to apologize. Vic apologizes too, but the apology soon turns into a heated debate and Vic asks her to leave. She does and insists she's never coming back. It later becomes an argument she'll live to regret.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 7 - Episode 407

    Brian is diagnosed with testicular cancer. The prognosis, however, is good; once the afflicted testicle is removed he'll have a 99% chance of survival. Brian is also warned that if he opts not to have surgery, the cancer will spread. Brian decides to keep the news to himself and begins to push everybody away-including Justin. Knowing Ted needs to focus on himself right now, Blake decides not to continue a physical relationship with him. Feeling dejected, Ted visits Babylon where his old crystal buddies tempt him. He discreetly purchases a vial from Dr. C, but rushes out of the club when he spots Emmett and Justin at the bar. Michael and Ben catch Hunter smoking a joint. Later, he gets into a fight with a fellow student at school. They begin to understand Hunter's self-destructive behavior after he indicates that Vic's death has confirmed his own mortality. Ben helps him understand that HIV is not a death sentence-he's going to be around for a long time. It's the day of Vic's funeral, and much to everyone's surprise Debbie is handling her emotions well. She later discovers a letter Vic wrote to her when he first became ill. It was right before Christmas, and Vic made her promise that even if he were gone, they'd still have the best holiday ever. In an attempt to make up for the awful things she said to Vic before he died, she throws a Christmas party in his honor. But her plan for forgiveness is shattered when she accidentally breaks the angel that topped their tree.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 8 - Episode 408

    Brian returns from the hospital but leads everyone to believe he'd been in Ibiza. Justin discovers the truth when he overhears a message for Brian from the hospital's oncology department. He asks Michael if he knows anything about it, but Michael is just as shocked as Justin. Knowing that if Brian wanted anyone to know he would've told them, they decide to keep Brian's secret to themselves. Michael, however, later admits to Brian that he knows about his testicular cancer and that Justin is the one who told him. Michael and Justin meet with Brett Keller, a Hollywood producer who wants to make Rage into a feature film. Michael and Justin are pleased to learn that Brett has no intention of compromising Rage's sexuality. Later at Babylon, Ben meets Brett, who he tells he's not a fan of the "mindless entertainment" Brett produces. Michael is furious at Ben for insulting Brett. When Ben tells Michael he thinks Brett is a sell-out, Michael accuses him of being jealous. In another attempt to make peace over Vic's death, Debbie decides to purchase an elaborate headstone for his grave. She chooses a $27,000 statue of the angel Gabriel blowing his trumpet. Tired and overworked, the reality of Vic's death finally hits her after a friend of Vic's tells her what a good sister she was. Emmett convinces Horvath to talk to her, as everyone else's attempts to console her have been unsuccessful. She admits to Horvath that she was cruel to Vic right before he died. Horvath helps her understand that Vic knows she's sorry. Auerbach decides to allow Lindsay to assemble a show of his sketches for the gallery. As they become better acquainted, he convinces Lindsay to show him her work. She admits that she thinks her work is uninspired. He challenges her to find her inspiration as he removes his clothes and poses for her.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 9 - Episode 409

    Justin is furious with Michael for breaking their agreement and telling Brian that they know he's sick. Brian has thrown Justin out and doesn't want to see him again; Justin is at first fine with this decision, but when Justin finds out that it's because Brian doesn't want him to see him sick, Justin goes to the loft to take care of him. Justin plans to stand by Brian and their commitment. Michael receives two checks for ten thousand dollars each for he and Justin; Brett Keller has officially optioned to make Rage a feature film. At the same time, a rejection letter arrives for Ben from a publisher who seemed interested in his latest book. In an attempt to lift his spirits, Michael buys Ben a new computer but Ben refuses Michael's consolation prize. Emmett caters pro football player Drew Boyd's engagement party. When the macho athlete calls Emmett a flamer behind his back, Emmett confronts him. The following day, however, when Emmett arrives to pick up his check, he finds hunky Drew alone. The attraction between the two is undeniable, and they find themselves in the beginnings of a very steamy affair. Brian is suffering from the side effects of his radiation treatment. Unable to deny his situation to Ted, who finds him sick and exhausted in his office, Brian asks him to cover for him at a presentation to a potential new client. Ted nervously pitches the sexy, playful campaign, yet finds himself sinking fast. However, when the flirtatious young exec from the company suggestively asks Ted to point him to the men's room, Ted follows him in and effortlessly "nails" the account. Sam Auerbach enters the gallery as Lindsay is unwrapping pieces for his show. When Sam spots the painting she's done of him she becomes flustered but he thinks it's great. She tells him he was the inspiration
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 10 - Episode 410

    Brian and Justin are wrapped up in the heat of their passion when Brian has a flashback of his surgery. Needless to say, it changes the mood and Brian's passion is easily cooled. Brian finds his frustration and confusion growing after the incident, especially when his mother, Joan, pays him a visit after Debbie tells her about his illness. Her visit with Brian escalates into a heated argument, but his fury somehow gets Brian back into the groove he was looking to find. Michael and Ben plan an evening with Hunter at the mall, but when a former student of Ben's by the name of Anthony, who is also an aspiring writer and admirer of bens work, invites him to attend a lecture by a respected author, Ben cancels the plans with his family. Anthony attempts to get intimate with Ben, but Ben lets him know he has the wrong idea. Anthony explains he's always admired Ben and wanted to be like him. That's why he wants Ben to give him "the gift" - to make him HIV positive. At Kinnetik, Brian and Ted hear that Brown Athletics is committing a large sum of money for a sports figure to model their new underwear line. Ted commits to finding them one and begins his research immediately. When Emmett finds Ted flipping through a sports magazine at the diner, he nonchalantly suggests that Ted pitch the idea to football pro Drew Boyd, an idea that gets Ted easily excited, however he finds disappointment in the fact that the athlete is "straight". Behind closed doors, Emmett talks to Drew and ultimately convinces him to be the new Brown Athletics underwear model. Conflicted over her feelings for Sam Auerbach, Lindsay tries to resolve her feelings by ignoring him, in spite of the fact that he's still in her thoughts as she and Melanie make love. In another effort to avoid him, she decides not to attend the opening of the show. Melanie tries to convince her to go but she relents, finally arriving at the gallery as the last guests are leaving. She's surprised to find Sam still there. Alone in the gallery, he pulls her close and passionately kisses her.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 11 - Episode 411

    The Center has hired top fund-raiser, Jeffrey Pendergrass, to help them raise money for the 2004 Liberty Ride. The proceeds will benefit Liberty House Hospice, which is currently in danger of shutting down. After seeing money being spent frivolously at the lavish kick-off party, Brian grows skeptical of Pendergass' motives. Realizing Pendergass seems to be the only one benefiting from the proceeds, Brian does some investigative work. When Brian reveals to Pendergass that he's discovered his questionable history with other fund-raising organizations, the top fund-raiser leaves town-claiming the money raised thus far in Pittsburgh will cover his expenses--barely, leaving nothing for the hospice. Hunter has repeatedly missed his curfew leading Michael and Ben to wonder if he's hustling again. When they confront him, he tells them he's been studying with a friend. They continue to press him, and he finally admits the truth that he's been seeing someone. Michael and Ben are thrilled and tell him that they want to meet this person. Emmett and Drew have been meeting regularly at a motel for steamy encounters. Drew insists no one can ever find out about their relationship, butut the rules are broken when Emmett unintentionally runs into Drew at an Iron Men's game. Assuming it's the end of the affair, Emmett is crushed and in his misery, he tells Ted about the affair and admits he was falling in love with him. After their one night together, Auerbach wants to see Lindsay again. She tries to avoid him but is finally forced to explain that what happened was a mistake. Later, he comes to the house on his way to the airport and asks her to go with him. Lindsay declines claiming that even if a tiny part of her wanted something else, she'd still choose to stay with Melanie and their children. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Melanie witnesses the touching goodbye and realizes that something more than a friendship developed between them.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 12 - Episode 412

    Brian's oncologist gives him a clean bill of health but insists that he take it easy. However, in an attempt to repair the devastation of the fund-raiser Jeffrey Pendergrass left in his wake, Brian decides to obtain Remson Pharmaceuticals' sponsorship (in the amount of $100,000) to participate in the Liberty Ride. Against his concerned friends' wishes, Brian starts to train for the Ride but quickly becomes exhausted and has trouble keeping up with the others in his spin class. Emmett makes an attempt to forget Drew, which is no simple task now that images of him as the Brown Athletics underwear model are plastered all over town. It seems to be just as hard for Drew to forget Emmett, as his game has been off and he has trouble sleeping (among other things), and keeping Emmett off of his mind. He finds Emmett at Debbie's and tells him he misses him. Later at the motel, Emmett asks Drew when he plans on telling Sierra about them; Drew doesn't think anyone has to know. Emmett finds he is in the position where he may be asked to live a lie to keep their relationship in tact. Things are quickly heating up between Hunter and his new girlfriend, Callie, especially in the fact that their relationship has become sexual. During a moment of heat, Callie asks Hunter whether or not he has a condom. Hunter makes the decision to reveal to Callie that he's HIV positive and finds her sympathetic to his situation. However, Callie's parents are outraged when they discover the news in Callie's journal, and they angrily confront Michael and Ben, believing they should have told them. Michael and Ben stand by Hunte, as they believe he acted responsibly. Callie's parents forbid her to see Hunter ever again. Melanie, still angry over Lindsay's affair with Sam Auerbach can't find a way to forgive her. She tries to be civilized at home in hope of maintaining a sense of order, but when Lindsay misreads Melanie's attempt at communication as forgiveness, Melanie does her best to set her straight. Melanie lets Lindsay know that she feels like she will never be enough for her. When the tension between them causes Melanie to double over in pain, she's immediately rushed to the hospital
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 13 - Episode 413

    Michael, Ben, Hunter, Ted, and Justin are preparing for the Liberty Ride. Justin is surprised to find Brian has been secretly training in order to go with them. Justin supports him and is very proud and excited that they'll be riding together. However, Justin is ultimately the one who will have to bow out when Brett Keller requests that he fly to Hollywood to help him pitch Rage to the execs of the studio. While in spin class, Ted overhears a couple of guys excitedly talking about how last year's Ride included plenty of "sex and drugs". Worried he won't be able to stay sober without the support of the 12-step meetings he's become dependent on, Ted decides he won't be going on the Ride. When Emmett hears of this, he quickly decides to join the Ride to support Ted. Melanie, bed-ridden and still angry & disappointed with Lindsay, has become comfortable ordering her around. Lindsay, on the other hand, feels as though she's been being treated like hired help. When she confides her situation to Brian, he suggests that if her and Melanie's relationship is over, she should leave. Lindsay later tells Melanie they can't continue their relationship in this way—with Melanie unable to forgive her no matter how hard Lindsay tries-and that it might be best for them, and for the children, if they don't stay together. Melanie agrees. Horvath asks Michael for his permission to ask Debbie's hand in marriage. With Michael's blessing, he tries to find the right moment to pop the question, but Debbie's too busy preparing for the Liberty Ride. He finally proposes just as she boards the bus to Toronto. The gang is off to Toronto, where the bicycle ride to Pittsburgh will begin. While a glowing Debbie is busy flaunting her ring, Ben decides to propose to Michael, since, after all, they're going to the province of Ontario in Canada, where gay marriage is legal. Having never considered marriage as a reality in his life, Michael is unable to give Ben a quick answer. In Los Angeles, Justin and Brett pitch the Rage movie to studio head Marty Fenderman. Marty balks at the content, and says if they're going to go with a gay theme they're going to have to cut the gay sex. Justin politely explains that they won't compromise Rage's sexuality. They prefer to remain true to their vision.
  • Queer as Folk: Episode 14 - Episode 414

    The Liberty Ride continues on to the US border. Michael and Ben have filled out a joint immigration form—just as all married couples do—however, US immigration won't recognize their Canadian marriage. Michael and Ben had expected this but attempted to cross the border as a married couple to prove a point. Debbie, on the other hand,is outraged. When Horvath asks Debbie about their wedding plans, she explains that she loves him, but she won't get married in a country where her son can't. Ted's 12-step birthday falls during the Ride, and he's begun to feel the anxiety he'd expected after being away from his support system in Pittsburgh. Emmett finds a local meeting that they can attend, while still being able to rejoin the ride. However, Ted's anxiety is only fueled when they get lost in the woods. Emmett calms him by setting up an impromptu meeting—Emmett will be his audience. Reluctantly, Ted speaks. He thanks his good friends for standing by him. Back in Pittsburgh, Lindsay and Melanie discuss where Lindsay will go after the baby is born. The conversation is civilized, but cool - until Melanie's water breaks; her attitude towards Lindsay promptly shifts when she's in labor at the hospital, and she asks Lindsay to stay with her. Michael and Ben arrive in Pittsburgh and receive the news that his daughter, Jennifer (Jenny) Rebecca has been born. Later, Melanie asks Lindsay if she still plans to move out. It's painful for her, but Lindsay explains that it's what they agreed to. During the Liberty Ride, as another cyclist distracts Brian, he loses control of his bike and goes tumbling off the side of the road. Even with a broken collarbone and orders from the doctor to go home, he still plans on finishing the ride. As he struggles through with great difficulty, he explains to Michael that the ride symbolizes his personal challenge. If he finishes, he can beat anything; including cancer. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Justin and Brett Keller receive word that Rage has gotten the green light from the studio. Brett offers Justin a job as assistant art director on the film, which means he'd need to be in Hollywood for the next 6-8 months. Justin accepts the offer. When Justin gets back to Pittsburgh, he is excited to see that he is back in time to see Brian finish the ride. Later, Brian tells Justin that he's had a lot of time to think about what he'd do differently if he survived cancer; he wants Justin to move in with him. The Liberty Ride was a tremendous success. The riders and supporters have gathered at the Liberty House Hospice where they present the hospice with a check for $732,000, saving it from closing. In Vic's honor, the hospice is renamed the Vic Grassi House.