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  • Mularija: Slovenia (2007)


  • Skins: Episode 1 - Tony

    The first episode of Skins introduces viewers to a gang of friends through their leader, Tony. Tony makes plans for Sid to lose his virginity at Abigail's party. However, Sid ends up buying £300 of drugs, which they must somehow pay back. At the party, Sid gets chatting to Cassie, but she soon overdoses on sleeping pills. She recovers on the way to the hospital, but the gang manage to crash Abgail's dad's car into the harbour.
  • Skins: Episode 2 - Cassie

    Cassie has difficultly coming to terms with her eating disorder and tries to find out if Sid loves her. She leaves the clinic pretending to have recovered, but ends going back there when things don't go as planned.
  • Skins: Episode 3 - Jal

    Jal practises for the Young Musician of the Year competition in the midst of dealing with a difficult father and brothers at home. Sid's drug dealer catches up to him as Michelle learns that he is love with her.
  • Skins: Episode 4 - Chris

    Chris' mother abandons him and their home, leaving only £1000 to look after him. He soon blows the money on parties and drugs and gets evicted by a squatter. Meanwhile, Sid and Cassie go on a date as Chris looks to teacher Angie for help.
  • Skins: Episode 5 - Sid

    Sid's life begins to fall apart when he starts failing at school and gets nowhere with Michelle as she is with Tony. He even manages to upset Cassie enough for her to attempt suicide as Tony furthers his schemes.
  • Skins: Episode 6 - Maxxie and Anwar

    On the school trip to Russia, Tony tries to seduce Maxxie, but they are seen by Michelle. Meanwhile, Anwar gets a girl but falls out with Maxxie over religion and sexuality. Anwar gets in hot water with the girl's husband. He is saved by Maxxie but their friendship is slow to recover.
  • Skins: Episode 7 - Michelle

    Michelle dumps Tony when he won't admit seducing Maxxie. Realizing he has cheated before, she turns to Sid, but he is now in love with Cassie. Michelle soon meets Abigail's brother Josh and hook up. Tony manages to break them up, but Michelle won't take him back.
  • Skins: Episode 8 - Effy

    Tony's sister Effy is led into trouble by a vengeful Josh. Sid tells Tony that no-one likes him anymore and goes to meet up with Cassie. They kiss, but Sid decides he must help Tony find Effy. Finding her drugged, Tony is almost forced into sex with her by Josh, but he backs down. AT the hospital, Tony's parents blame him for what happened, but he and Sid make up.
  • Skins: Episode 9 - Series Finale

    As Cassie moves to Scotland unaware that Sid loves her, Anwar tries to make up with Maxxie. Tony attempts to get back with Michelle as Chris learns that Angie is married. Tony is hit by a bus while Michelle listens over the phone.
  • Skins: Episode 1 - Tony and Maxxie

    While Tony recovers from his accident, Maxxie leaves college to follow his dream of being a dancer. Auditions are held for the school musical production as Maxxie helps Tony relearn how to write his name.
  • Skins: Episode 2 - Sketch

    Sketch is a girl obsessed with Maxxie, despite him being gay. She ends up casing trouble for the gang and accusing a teacher of molesting her during auditions for Osama: The Musical. She drugs Michelle and takes her part in the play. She kisses Maxxie as part of the performance, but he remains uninterested in her. She ie left in front of the audience in tears.
  • Skins: Episode 3 - Sid

    Sid's life is falling apart; Tony, his best friend, may never be the same again and Cassie has left him for Scotland. Just when things couldn't get worse, his dad dies in the night leaving him all alone.
  • Skins: Episode 4 - Michelle

    Michelle takes Chris, Anwar, Maxxie, Jal, Sid and Scarlet, her new stepsister, camping for her birthday. Michelle sleeps with Sid after learning of his father's death. Tony doesn't go, but sends her a watch as a present. Anwar gets together with Sketch, upsetting Maxxie. Michelle and Sid become a couple, just as Cassie comes home.
  • Skins: Episode 5 - Chris

    Chris is expelled from college and seeks Jal's advice. Meanwhile, Tony is determined to get back who he was before. Chris and Jal get together, with Chris even getting a job, but he cheats on her with Angie. Jal later finds out she is pregnant.
  • Skins: Episode 6 - Tony

    Tony goes for a college interview where he meets a girl who helps him get over his sexual inadequacy and behavioural problems.
  • Skins: Episode 7 - Effy

    Sid and Michelle break up. Cassie starts sleeping around to forget Sid. In the midst of art coursework and the annoying Pandora, Effy must help them all sort things out.
  • Skins: Episode 8 - Jal

    During exam revision, Maxxie gets a new boyfriend as Jal tries to come to terms with her secret pregnancy. However, Chris also has a deadly secret…
  • Skins: Episode 9 - Cassie

    After suffering a Subarachnoid haemorrhage, Chris is looked after by Jal and the others. Cassie goes for her Philosophy exam, but ends up dancing with the headmistress. Michelle and Tony become friends as she goes to university in York and he to Cardiff. Jal tells Chris about the baby. Later, he has another haemorrhage, and dies in front of Cassie. She flees to New York and meets Adam, but he soon leaves her.
  • Skins: Episode 10 - Final Goodbyes

    Today is exam results day and Chris's funeral. The gang are barred from attending by Chris's dad, so Tony and Sid steal the coffin so they can have their own service. After giving it back, they watch the proper service from the hill. Afterwards they open their exam results. Maxxie invites Anwar to London. Tony and Michelle say goodbye and give Sid a plane ticket to New York so he can search for Cassie.
  • Skins: Episode 1 - Everyone

    As the one remaining link from Seasons 1 and 2, Effy starts her first day at Roundview College with a new gang. We are introduced to Cook, JJ, Freddie, Katie and Emily (the twins), Naomi and Pandora.
  • Skins: Episode 2 - Cook

    Cook prepares to celebrate his seventeenth birthday, although things take a turn for the worse when he encounters a gangster by the name of Johnny White.
  • Skins: Episode 3 - Thomas

    Thomas arrives from the Congo and finds himself homeless and penniless. He gets into trouble when he meets Johnny White. However, the gang find Thomas may be the answer to their problems when they realize he has one advantage over the sinister gangster. Chillies, anyone?
  • Skins: Episode 4 - Pandora

    Pandora throws a party which descends into chaos with the arrival of Katie's drunken friends. Pandora, completely unaware of the ingredients, indulges in some special brownies causing her to lose all inhibitions and jeapordize her friendship with Effy.
  • Skins: Episode 5 - Freddie

    Freddie has always been the black sheep of his family, and is growing more and more sick of this. But when Freddie's sister Karen signs up for a reality TV show, he is forced into acting like a perfect family for the cameras.
  • Skins: Episode 6 - Naomi

    Naomi thinks she has life figured out. However the arrival of student president elections causes much uproar in her life as she goes head to head with Cook. Soon, she finds all is not fair in love and war, as she begins to test the waters of her confused sexuality.
  • Skins: Episode 7 - J.J.

    JJ is close to breaking point. The rift forming between his friends is affecting him drastically, and he has deduced Effy as the cause. With everything becoming too much, and a difficult decision to be made, who will be a true friend when he needs one the most?
  • Skins: Episode 8 - Effy

    Effy's life is not what it used to be. Her status has quickly fallen and she is dismayed to discover Katie is the new Queen Bee. But when a party in the forest takes a dramatically dark turn, no one is safe as gun shots are heard.
  • Skins: Episode 9 - Katie And Emily

    What a difference a party makes. Since their disaster in the forest, the twin's lifes have descended into chaos. Katie is refusing to leave the house and must face her lack of control, while Emily is struggling with her feelings for Naomi. With the college ball approaching, a showdown is imminent.
  • Skins: Episode 10 - Finale

    When Freddie and JJ fall out over Cook, the confusion surrounding the gangs' love lives reaches a dramatic conclusion as the series' infamous love triangle is potentially brought to an end.
  • Skins: Episode 1 - Thomas

    The gang are at one of Thomas’ club nights. Cook is in the midst of his summer of debauchery, Freddie is learning that love can take you to the edge of sanity and there is heady dancing from the girls. Tonight is no ordinary night, however, as there is an accident leaving Thomas feeling responsible. He is shocked into questioning his role with in society and feeling alienated from his peers, he turns closer to God and the African community - and in doing so, isolates everyone around him.
  • Skins: Episode 2 - Emily

    Emily and Naomi return home but called in for questioning by the police. Emily discovers that Naomi was dealing drugs sold some to Sophia and learns that she was pretending to be friends with them. Cook and Freddie try to keep away from Effy but neither can resist for long resulting in a fight. Emily finds a Naomi shrine in Sophia's locker.
  • Skins: Episode 3 - Cook

    After failing to reign in his jealousy of Freddie and Effy's reunion and hospitalising the kid he beat up in a room full of witnesses, Cook finds himself in prison. When released on bail, he is forced to live with his mother due to the terms of his electronic tag. His mum is a successful artist who owns a mansion, but it's no holiday for Cook; he and his mum clash again and again. With few people to talk to, Cook is helped by an unlikely ally and begins to question his actions.
  • Skins: Episode 4 - Katie

    While trying desperately to keep her family together, Katie receives some shocking medical news. Meanwhile, Emily is out of control and angry at everyone.
  • Skins: Episode 5 - Freddie

    Freddie and Effy use the Stonem house as a private place to drink, dance and fuck. Freddie is worried that he's failing his college work. Effy begins to act strangely, switching between depression and delusion and always drinking alcohol. After arguing with his dad and seeking advice from his grandfather, Freddie tries to fix things with Effy but on a day out, she once again becomes delusional and gets lost. Later Freddie finds Effy locked in the bathroom, unconcious with her wrists cut. He later burns Effy's newspaper cuttings and takes his frustration out on Cook. Cook becomes unusually compassionate and talks to Freddie about Effy, putting aside his own feelings for her.
  • Skins: Episode 6 - JJ

    JJ is in love. But he thinks that the lovely Lara Lloyd is out of his league and lacks the courage to ask her out. After finally plucking up the courage, JJ realises that he's got to do it all by himself. Almost by himself anyway. But it's JJ's friends and family who are really messing things up.
  • Skins: Episode 7 - Effy

    Effy has been in a psychiatric hospital recovering since she tried to take her own life. After lots of sessions with her counsellor John Foster, he tells her she is ready to go back home. Effy is worried she could slip back into her previous state, but John assures her that as long as she is disciplined she will be ok, and she will still visit him for sessions. Effy becomes clear headed, focussed and hopeful for the future, taking each day at a time. As all of her friends receive their A-level results, Effy seems to have moved on completely from the Effy Stonem she used to be. Freddie and Anthea become concerned; Effy’s stronger and more self-assured than she’s ever been, but something isn’t right.
  • Skins: Episode 8 - Everyone

    With their A-level results in for most of the gang, thoughts about the past and the future are on their minds. Thomas is running fast, Katie is doing her best to match make, JJ is baby sitting, Cookie’s up to his old tricks, Emily’s confused and Naomi’s had enough. Effy is released and pining for Freddie. But no-one knows where he is. And Pandora has news of her own, but is anybody around to listen? As most of our gang congregate at Naomi’s they’re all trying to get along and make sense of recent events to a backdrop of chaos and 80's music. Slowly the gang end up in the one place that makes sense. In their final moments they are reunited once more and anything could happen: make-ups, break-ups, punch-ups. But one thing’s for sure, it will be eventful, and for some, there's no going back.
  • Skins: Episode 1 - Franky

    It’s Franky’s (Dakota Blue Richards) first day at Roundview. She’s just moved to Bristol from Oxford and she’s determined not to be a loner any more. Think again; her alternative boyish style immediately singles her out. Mini (Freya Mavor) is quick to get in the first joke, backed up by bezzy mates Liv (Laya Lewis) and Grace (Jessica Sula). To make matters worse, Franky accidentally floors Mini in a muddy and vicious hockey game. Whoops. Franky tries to blend into the background, but is befriended by farmboy Alo (Will Merrick) and metal Rich (Alexander Arnold), who think Mini is a total witch, but y’know, a hot witch, the kind you’d like to shag. Mini warns her not to hang around with such dicks, and invites her to hang with them instead. Keep your enemies closer and all that… The girls go back to Franky’s: Mini digs for dirt and a few emotional weapons to stick in her arsenal and uncovers some painful memories Franky would much rather leave behind her in Oxford. And so it begins…
  • Skins: Episode 2 - Rich

    Rich - or metal Rich to give him his proper name - uses his taste in properly extreme music to keep the world, especially girls, at bay. But when bromantic buddy Alo finds Rich's perfect woman, he is forced harden the eff up and face his fears. To help him get there, he turns to Grace. Grace has to learn the ways of metal in order to impersonate a metal chick, but Rich doesn't make it easy, refusing to believe a lame-streamer could understand him. Will she crack his harden metal exterior?
  • Skins: Episode 3 - Mini

    Episode 3 and it’s the turn of Miss Mini McGuinness. Mini is the Queen Bee at Roundview, right? But she’s feeling under threat when Grace brings her new bf Franky to the charity fashion show meeting. What to do, hmmmm? She ends up sacking them both, she hasn’t time for 'friends' like Grace. Despite appearances, her relationship with Nick isn't the idyllic power partnership everyone might think it is. In short, Nick doesn't want to wait for sex. Mini struggles to keep control while Liv is typically reckless. How will Mini keep it all together? Will she manage to keep her spot at the top?
  • Skins: Episode 4 - Liv

    Mini knows how to get revenge. She befriends Franky, Rich, Alo et al. so she can totally isolate Liv who's is still having a scene with Nick. Throw a free house, a load of weed and an impromptu house party into the mix and it all gets a bit much for our Liv. She heads out and hooks up with a pretty mysterious stranger... where will she end up?
  • Skins: Episode 5 - Alo

    By now, we all know what makes Alo tick - partying and the idea of getting laid, right? So it's not all that surprising that he gets a little fed up with his boring life on Creevey Farm. He heads to the city to 'indulge' his passions. His parents (jeez, it's always the ruddy parents!), fed up with his behaviour, remove him from college in an attempt to force him to buckle down on the farm. But Alo rebels and hosts the party to end all parties. The idea is to show his parents that he knows best, but something happens that makes Alo reassess things... ooo, the mystery!
  • Skins: Episode 6 - Nick

  • Skins: Episode 7 - Grace

    You know our amazing Gracy by now - she's always believed in fairytales and happy endings. If only real life measured up to her Disney-spattered imagination. Miss Violet is forced to face reality when Rich meets her father, who instantly disapproves. He disapproves so much, in fact, that he threatens to send her back to Mayberry's College for Young Ladies - *horror*. Grace has to pass her drama exam to prove him wrong, but with her relationship in turmoil and the whole gang at odds in her production of Twelfth Night, it's not looking likely. Will she manage to force the gang to get their 'acts' together and give the production she needs?
  • Skins: Episode 8 - Everyone

    It's the last in the series, (*sob*) and the day of Rich and Grace's wedding (yep, I know, that was quick!). The gang are pulling together for the happy couple and putting their various differences and total messed-up situations aside for the day. But with lovely-but-shambolic Alo as best man, it's hardly a surprise that they run into trouble and become separated in the wilds of Somerset. Will they make it to the church on time? And will they still be friends by the end? We’ll probably do some laughing and crying whatever happens.
  • Skins: Episode 1 - Everyone

  • Skins: Episode 2 - Rich

  • Skins: Episode 3 - Alex

  • Skins: Episode 4 - Franky

  • Skins: Episode 5 - Mini

  • Skins: Episode 6 - Nick

  • Skins: Episode 7 - Alo

  • Skins: Episode 8 - Liv

  • Skins: Episode 9 - Mini and Franky

  • Skins: Episode 10 - Finale

  • Skins: Episode 1 - Fire (Part 1)

  • Skins: Episode 2 - Fire (Part 2)

  • Skins: Episode 3 - Pure (Part 1)

  • Skins: Episode 4 - Pure (Part 2)

  • Skins: Episode 5 - Rise: Part 1

  • Skins: Episode 6 - Rise: Part 2