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  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Children of the Gods (1)

    Colonel Jack O'Neill retired from the military a year ago. Prior to retirement, he led an expedition through the Stargate, an ancient portal which allows instantanous travel to other galaxies. He is called back to duty by General Hammond when a group of aliens emerge from the Stargate, kill the soldiers guarding it and kidnap a female guard. After seeing the aftermath of the alien attack and the strange bodies they left behind, O'Neill confesses that he defied the order to destroy Abydos, the world he visited via the Stargate. He reveals that Daniel Jackson, the scientist who was thought to have died on that mission, is alive and living on Abydos. It is also clear that these aliens are not from Abydos. O'Neill is reunited with his old comrades Kawalsky and Ferretti and joined by Capt. Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist. SG-1 returns through the Stargate to Abydos. They discover that Jackson has taken an Abydan wife, the beautiful Sha're, and that Skaara, the young Abydan boy O'Neill cherishes as a son, has grown into a fine young man. They also see Jackson's latest discovery: a giant cartouche covered in hieroglyphics that seems to be a map of many Stargates throughout the galaxy. As they marvel, however, the aliens led by the handsome but evil Apophis, are making use of a similar map. They emerge from the Stargate on Abydos, and after a brief battle, kidnap Sha're and Skaara. Ferretti, who was wounded in the fire fight with the aliens, has seen the hieroglyphic code that indicates the alien's destination. O'Neill and Jackson are determined to follow the aliens and to save their loved ones.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Children of the Gods (2)

    Led by Colonel Jack O'Neil, a group of soldiers track the aliens to the planet Chulak. There they discover that Sha're is now Apophis' queen; her body has been taken over by the hideous snake creatures, known as Goa'ulds, who rule this planet and collect life forms from around the galaxy to use as hosts. They know they can't save her, but can they save themselves and Skaara before they're killed by the Goa'uld guards and before General Hammond sends a nuclear weapon through the Stargate to destroy the planet?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - The Enemy Within

    As the Goa'uld send bombs to splatter against the Stargate's protective iris, the SG-1 team faces several problems close to home. Colonel O'Neill wants to add a new member to the team: Teal'c, the Jaffa who risked his own skin to save O'Neill and his team on the other side of the Stargate. But General Hammond won't approve the appointment and O'Neill must watch as military intelligence agent Colonel Kennedy treats Teal'c like a guinea pig. To make matters worse, Kawalsky, O'Neill's right-hand man, has been having terrible headaches caused by an immature Goa'uld that attached itself to his brain. What they don't realize is that this larvae is trying to take over Kawalsky's body in an attempt to go back through the Stargate. Eventually the goa'uld attempts to leave and the SGC catches on and prepares to operate on Kawalsky to remove the symbiote. With guidance from Teal'c, the doctors operate to remove the alien, but they don't get it in time - the symbiote transferred its consciousness entirely out of its body and into Kawalsky. Teal'c is being transferred by Kennedy for scientific experimentation but realizes that Kawalsky is trying to escape after setting the base auto-destruct. Teal'c intercepts him and they fight over the active Stargate - Teal'c thrust Kawalsky's head into the gate as they shut down the gate, removing the back of Kawalsky's skull. With Teal'c having proven his loyalty, Hammond has the leverage to override Kennedy and get him appointed to SG1.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Emancipation

    On the planet Simarka (P3X-593), the SG-1 team meets the Shavadai; a race of people similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth. These skilled horsemen and fierce warriors operate by a strict code, which includes second-class status for women. Dr. Samantha Carter, who takes a back seat to no man, is threatened by death on her first encounter with the Shavadai chief, Mughal, and is only spared because she saved the life of his son, Abu. Carter faces peril again when she is kidnapped by Abu, who hopes to trade her for the hand of Nya, the daughter of Mughal's powerful enemy, Turghan. The deal goes bad and Carter ends up the unwilling property of the warrior chief. She is determined to escape but torn by pity for the lovelorn Nya and Abu. Carter arranges Nya's escape from Turghan's tyranny and is rescued from his clutches by O'Neill and the SG-1 team. But, Carter's ordeal is not over yet; Turghan caught his daughter trying to elope and will stone her to death for her disloyalty unless Carter can defeat him in combat. In the circle of battle, Carter must prove she is the equal of any man -- or die trying.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - The Broca Divide

    O'Neill and the SG-1 team head through the Stargate to a planet known as P3X-797 and discover a world divided between a dark and light side, with a population similarly split between the Touched and the Untouched. The Untouched, who live on the bright side, are humans, a Bronze Age people who seem almost like the Minoan civilization of Earth. The Touched, who live on the dark side, are heavy-browed primitives with limited skills and the brutal instincts of animals. The findings would only be of academic interest, but when the SG-1 team return, all but Teal'c and Jackson begin a startling transformation: they develop the heavy brows and act with the animal brutality of the Touched. Worse, so do many others at Stargate's mountain headquarters, including General Hammond. As order breaks down and the project is jeopardized, Jackson and Teal'c head back through the Stargate in an attempt to discover the reason for this mysterious transformation.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - The First Commandment

    Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team are sent through the Stargate after SG-9 is declared missing in action. When SG-1 arrives on the planet, they learn that the primitive cave-dwelling inhabitants greeted SG-9 as gods because they carried guns and used powerful sunscreen which allowed them to survive the deadly UV rays. The problem is that SG-9 leader Capt. Jonas Hanson has taken advantage of this opportunity for power. Hanson now rules the planet without mercy, forcing the inhabitants to rebuild the giant Gou'ald temples and condemning disbelievers to death by radiation exposure. It's clear that Hanson must be stopped, but how do you stop a god? Dr. Samantha Carter, who was once romantically involved with Hanson, thinks she can reach him. O'Neill is prepared to fight his way into Hanson's compound to save Conner, one of the surviving SG-9 team members. But, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c may have the best solution; with the help of Jamala, one of the planet's inhabitants, they set out to show the people of the planet that Hanson's power comes from technology, not divinity.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Cold Lazarus

    On Planet P3X-562, the SG-1 team discovers a valley full of broken crystals. Alone, O'Neill finds a whole crystal with blue light emanating from it. Upon touching it, he is struck down and a duplicate O'Neill appears. The double returns home through the Stargate, with the unsuspecting team. Once back, the double seeks out O'Neill's estranged wife, Sara, and tries to find the couple's son, Charlie, who was killed years earlier. Meanwhile, a revived O'Neill returns through the gate, only to realize he's been replicated. Carter and Jackson have discovered that the crystals contain energy beings that can read minds, mimic people and communicate. The beings tell of their tragic encounter with the Goa'ulds and explain that they cannot survive in the Earth's intense electromagnetic field, which means that the O'Neill double is now highly unstable, putting Sara and others in great danger. The real O'Neill and the SG-1 team find Sara and the double in a hospital emergency room. The double explains that he never meant to hurt O'Neill. He was trying to heal him when he realized that the greatest pain O'Neill had was not physical, but emotional; grief from the loss of his son. In a final gesture, the double does just that, taking the form of Charlie and giving Sara and Jack something they never had: a chance to say good-bye to their son.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - The Nox

    Under government pressure to discover superior technologies, O'Neill and the team head to a planet Teal'c remembers, which has creatures called Fenri that possess the power of invisibility. They arrive to discover a Goa'uld hunting party, led by Apophis, is already there tracking the Fenri. O'Neill's attempt at an ambush goes horribly wrong and the members of the SG-1 team are killed. They are resurrected, along with Shak'l, a Jaffa who was also killed in the battle by the Nox. The Nox are a small, peaceful, fairy-like people who occupy the planet previously thought to be uninhabited. The Nox can make things invisible - it is they who shield the A'kasha (a flying insect-like creature) from the sight of the hunters - and bring back the dead. But can they stand up to the deadly technology of the Goa'uld once Shak'l reveals their secret and location to Apophis? O'Neill and the team offer to defend the Nox against Apophis, but the peaceful little people have their own solution, far beyond the understanding of either Goa'ulds or the people of Earth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Brief Candle

    O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to Argos, where they come across a young woman giving birth. After Daniel delivers the child, the team is invited to a festival, where they find a civilization of beautiful, happy people who celebrate while the sun shines and mysteriously drop to sleep the minute that it sets. More mysteriously, they seem to age very rapidly - a lifetime is 100 days - an effect that O'Neill unwittingly inherits when he is seduced by Kynthia, a stunning Argosian woman. As O'Neill's hair turns grey and life races past, the rest of the team return to base to try to discover a cure for whatever is making O'Neill and the Argosians grow old so fast. Dr. Samantha Carter discovers the culprit: nanocytes or microscopic robots that circulate in the blood stream, apparently placed there as part of a cruel experiment by Pelops, a Goa'uld whom the Argosians worship as a god. But, the team can't figure out how to turn them off, and unless they can, O'Neill will soon be dead.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Thor's Hammer

    In search of allies in their battle against the Goa'ulds, O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to the planet Cimmeria - - home to the legendary Norse gods. But, Cimmeria has long ago been declared off-limits to Goa'ulds and when the team emerges from the Stargate, Teal'c, who as a Jaffa carries an infant Goa'uld within him, is trapped in a mysterious beam of light. When O'Neill tries to save him, both men vanish, transported to a mysterious underground labyrinth. The labyrinth is home to Unas, a vicious creature that is the original Goa'uld host, but it is also Thor's Hammer, which is designed to kill Goa'ulds. As O'Neill and Teal'c fight for survival, Daniel Jackson and Dr. Samantha Carter try to rescue them, aided by Kendra, a former Goa'uld host who survived her own journey through the labyrinth years earlier. With Kendra's aid, Daniel and Sam eventually find the exit from the labyrinth. Teal's and Jack have made their way there as well, but the "Hammer," a beam of light that kills any Goa'uld symbiote within its host, bars their entrance - Jack can escape but Teal'c will lose his symbiote and die if he passes through. Teal'c throws himself and Unas into the beam - with the death of its symbiote the Unas dies and Jack pulls Teal'c out in the nick of time. Although weapons don't function within the labyrinth, Daniel uses Teal'c staff weapon to blast the Hammer apart from outside, destroying the mechanism. Kendra is leery of what the destruction of the Hammer portends, but the team departs after giving her a box they ask her to give to Thor should he ever return.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - The Torment of Tantalus

    Daniel is watching a film of experiments done on the Stargate in 1945 and sees that they actually manage to turn it on. A man wearing a diving suit goes through the gate. Daniel shares this information with Catherine Langford. She tells Daniel that the man who walked through in 1945 was Dr. Ernest Littlefield who she was supposed to marry. Her father told her that he died in an explosion. Daniel then shows her the adress the the planet that Ernest went to. Daniel returns to the SGC with Catherine. Captain Carter finds out that the planet was not on the Cartouche found on Abydos (Meaning the Goa'uld haven't been there, which also supports that the Goa'uld didn't build the stargate system after all.) Catherine comes with them to the planet. On the other side, they find an old castle on a cliff. SG-1 finds Dr. Littlefield in the castle. They find out that the reason Ernest hasn't tried to come back is because the DHD's central Part (The dome) was broken by a piece of rock that fell from the castle years ago. It doesn't work at all. While Carter and Teal'c try to fix it, Earnest shows them a room with 4 distinct alien languages (Which are the Asgard, The Furling, The Ancients and the Nox which we will later discover in the episode entitled "The Fifth Race".) There is a device that projects a holographic representation of the elements (146 of them). Daniel reads Dr. Littlefield's notes which helps him understand about the languages and the elements. Meanwhile, Captain Carter tries to link the DHD's power source directly to the Stargate. It works, or so they think. It causes the castle to shake, then the DHD falls through the floor, and they have to find a new way to get home. SG-1 wants to break open the device that shows the elements. Teal'c shoots it with his Staff weapon but the device is left intact. Jack thinks that they should try "The old Ben Franklin thing" to provide energy for the gate to work. SG-1 hooks up wires and metal parts from the M.A.L.P. to the roof to attract lightning from the storm. Dr. Littlefield has Teal'c put his helmet at the top the roof. A bolt of lightning hits it, which transfers to the Stargate, and Teal'c starts to dial Earth manually while Jack gets Daniel - Daniel wants to stay. The gate is open. Dr. Littlefield gets Daniel to come with them. Catherine and Earnest Return through the gate. O'Neill and Daniel are still on the planet. The wormhole is destabilizing, Jack and Daniel have only a few seconds left. They arrive on Earth at the last second. They try to dial back to the planet but the castle fell into the ocean which buried the gate.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Bloodlines

    When Teal'c joined the SG-1 team, he kept secret the family he left behind on Chulak for fear that it would make his new comrades doubt his loyalty. Now, however, his son Rya'c has reached the age at which he will receive his Gou'ald larva, and Teal'c is determined to stop the process that would make his boy a servant to the Gou'alds. After much debate and a promise to return with a Gou'ald larva for study, the team, disguised as monks, heads through the Stargate to Chulak, only to discover that Teal'c's family has been declared outcasts. With help from Teal'c's mentor, Bra-Tac, they battle Jaffa warriors and priests before finding Rya'c and his mother, Drey-Auc. The family reunion, however, is not as simple as Teal'c hoped; the boy needs the Gou'ald larva to survive. And the only one available is the one that is keeping Teal'c alive.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Fire and Water

    The SG-1 team returns from the planet Oannes in a panic - and without Daniel Jackson, who was last seen being consumed by a column of flames. But, as his comrades mourn him on Earth, Daniel is a captive of an amphibious-humanoid creature known as Nem who is seeking information about his partner, Omoroca, who lived on Earth 4,000 years earlier. Daniel struggles to recall his Babylonian history and agrees to have his brain read by Nem's advanced and possibly deadly technology. Daniel discovers common ground with Nem - both have lost their true loves to the murderous Goa'uld - and the key to his freedom. Back on Earth, the SG-1 team struggle with the strange feeling that Daniel isn't really dead. The team members use hypnosis to revisit the events leading up to Daniel's disappearance.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Hathor

    When Archeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid in Mexico find a sarcophagus covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they accidentally release Hathor. Hathor is a Goa'uld who has taken on the persona of a powerful Egyptian goddess, awoken from a sleep that has lasted a millennium. After dispensing with the scientists, Hathor makes her way to the Stargate mountain facility dressed as a homeless woman. Once inside, she uses her physical charms and a drug-like pink smoke to seduce the men and enlist them in her plan to take over the world - - using O'Neill as her first Jaffa. As the goddess cooks up thousands of Goa'uld larvae and prepares O'Neill to bear one, it falls to Carter and the handful of women at the base to fight back against the powerful seductress. Aided by Teal'c, who as a Jaffa is immune to her powers, they prepare to face Hathor in a battle for the future of the planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Singularity

    The SG-1 team travels through the Stargate to planet PX3-987, where another SG team has been making preparations to observe a black hole. But, when they get there, they discover that a strange disease has wiped out everyone on the planet. Everyone that is, except a little girl named Cassandra. As O'Neill and Teal'c remain on the planet to observe the black hole, Carter and Daniel return to Earth with the girl. Carter grows especially close to Cassandra and is shocked when she discovers that the chest pains Cassandra is experiencing are caused by a metallic device growing around the child's heart. Daniel and Carter are certain that the Goa'uld planted the device as part of a scheme to destroy the Earth's Stargate. As the time bomb ticks down, Carter is torn between her love for the little girl and her knowledge that the child is being used as a Trojan horse by the Gou'ald.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Cor-Ai

    When O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to Cartago (P3X-1279), Teal'c recognizes it immediately as Chartago, home to the Bysra and one of the Goa'uld's favorite places to harvest humans for assimilation. Teal'c had come here when he was First Prime to Apophis; his visit is remembered by one of the Bysra, Hanno, who accuses Teal'c of killing his father. Teal'c is put on trial - the Bysra call it Cor-ai - but the trial proceeds far differently than a trial back home would. Hanno acts as both judge and jury and when Teal'c admits he killed his father, he's found guilty and a death sentence is passed. While O'Neill and the rest of the team try to persuade Hanno that Teal'c has changed, and is now the enemy of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa seem resigned to his sentence of death.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Enigma

    O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on the planet Tollan to find a scene of chaos and death. A volcano is erupting, spewing choking ash and burning lava, and bodies litter the ground around the Stargate. The team gathers up a few survivors and returns through the gate to Earth. The Tollans, however, are not grateful for being rescued. Their leader, Omoc, dismisses human society as primitive, refuses to answer any questions about his planet's highly advanced technology, and demands to be relocated to a similarly advanced world. Narim, another Tollan, reveals the reason for Omoc's suspicion. Years earlier, Omoc's father shared the Tollan technology with a civilization like Earth's, setting off a war that destroyed the more primitive planet and destabilized Tollan. With military intelligence sniffing around and threatening to put the Tollans to work on weapons systems, Earth seems to be heading down the same path. Having saved the Tollans from death, the SG-1 team must risk court-martial to save them from slavery and to save Earth from self-destruction.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Solitudes

    The Stargate malfunctions while Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team are evacuating from a firefight on a hostile planet. As a result, Teal'C and Daniel Jackson make it back to Stargate Command, but O'Neill and Dr. Samantha Carter find themselves trapped near a Stargate in an icy crevasse on an unknown planet. O'Neill is badly hurt - broken leg, internal injuries - so it falls to Dr. Carter to try to dig the nearby gate out of the ice and find a way to make it work. Meanwhile, as technicians try to repair the home gate, Teal'c and Daniel are trying to figure out what went wrong and where their comrades might be. They could be on any one of a million planets and if someone doesn't figure out which one soon, Carter and O'Neill will face a frigid death.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Tin Man

    O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on P3X-989, only to be zapped by an electrical trap that renders them unconscious. When they awake, they find themselves in an underground lab with Harlan, a strange but apparently peaceful native of P3X-989 who claims to be 11,000 years old and who says he has not only fixed their injuries, but improved them. When they return to Earth, over Harlan's objections, the team members discover what he means. While they all feel like themselves, they are all now machines that have been implanted with the consciousness of the SG-1 team members. Worse, they will run out of power and die unless they return to P3X-989. Upon their return, they confront Harlan, who, as a robot himself is mystified by their demand that he put them back in their human bodies and sacrifice their immortality. Under pressure, he takes them to meet themselves in hopes of achieving a compromise between man and machine.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - There But For the Grace of God

    While investigating P3R-233, Daniel stumbles across a device that projects him into a parallel dimension. In this universe, Carter and O'Neill are engaged, and Teal'c is still First Prime of Apophis. Using the knowledge "our" Daniel has, the SGA launches a nuclear attack on Chulak (Jaffa home planet) through the Stargate. This results in a counter-attack as the Goa'uld send a horde of Pyramid Ships (Known as Ha'tak's) to destroy the parallel Earth, and Teal'c refuses to be swayed by those who wiped out his family. The parallel SGC (SGA) must somehow dial out of their Stargate and get Daniel back to the planet so he can return to "his" universe.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Politics (1)

    Having escaped marauding Goa'ulds in another Earth reality, Daniel Jackson warns that it is only a matter of time before they launch an attack in this one. But, the Stargate program faces a more immediate threat - - this from Senator Kinsey, powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the man who oversees Stargate's multi-billion dollar budget. Kinsey sees the program as a wasteful fat cat with dubious goals and he vows to shut it down. As he reviews the past missions with Hammond, O'Neill and the SG-1 team, he dismisses the danger presented by the Goa'uld, despite warnings from Teal'c of their power. Even Daniel's desperate warning of an imminent attack won't sway the Senator, who is determined to bury the gate and put the program out of business. (To Be Continued...)
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Within the Serpent's Grasp (2)

    The Stargate is being shut down by the U.S. government, despite Daniel's warning of an imminent Goa'uld attack on Earth. The SG-1 team, armed to the teeth, defy orders to make an unauthorized trip through the Stargate to what they believe to be the origin of the attack. They find themselves on a Goa'uld Pyramid Ship, full of Jaffa soldiers, traveling through space at many times the speed of light. They also find that they're trapped there; the Stargate will no longer connect back to Earth. As Carter and Daniel wire the ship with explosives, O'Neill and Teal'c discover that Skaara is aboard. Skaara was once the young Abydonian friend to O'Neill, but now is the host body to Klorel, son of Apophis. Is Skaara's human spirit still alive under that fierce exterior or has it been consumed by Klorel? The future of the SG-1 team and of Earth depend on the answer. (To Be Continued...)
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - The Serpent's Lair (3)

    With SG-1 trapped on Klorel's ship. It seems that Earth is doomed. As the episode begins we realise that a second Pyramid Ship has entered Earth's solar System. It is Apophis' ship. The team realise that the explosives they have planted on Klorel's ship won't be enough to destroy this and Apophis' ship together. However, SG-1 are freed by Master Bra'tac when he ignores an order from Apophis to kill SG-1. General Hammond, is ordered to fire on the orbiting ships. The missiles are fired but cause no damage, as their defense shields were up. Bra'tac's original plan no longer works: he intended to lead his men against Apophis in Klorel's name, hoping to incite the two Goa'uld into fighting with one another. But with SG-1's presence (and attack on Klorel), a new plan must be devised. The team captures Klorel's ship, and Bra'tac maneuvers it closer to Apophis' vessel. The group then uses the transport rings to move to Apophis' ship. Daniel is wounded as asks to be left behind while his friends jump through the gate. He will guard their passage through. After escaping Apophis' clutches, the team moves to the chamber in which the energy shield is generated. A couple of grenades disable the shield, and Bra'tac prepares to die in a heroic fashion. O'Neill has other plans. With help from Bra'tac they locate the ship's glider bay, and escape the vessel. Klorel's ship explodes in a glorious ball of fire, taking the crippled ship of Apophis with it. There are two brilliant flashes in the night sky, and Earth is saved. Apophis and Klorel leave through the transport rings, and are presumed dead. Daniel finds a sarcophagus, and uses the Stargate on board Klorel's ship to escape to Earth's alpha site (after which he dials home to Earth). And O'Neill, Carter, Teal'c and Bra'tac are picked up in orbit by the United States shuttle Endeavor.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - In the Line of Duty

    As SG-1 help the inhabitants of the planet Nassya flee through the stargate from a Goa'uld attack, Carter becomes possessed by a Goa'uld (unknowingly however). Once they get back to Earth Carter tries to act as normal as possible, however she begins to act strangely and goes to see Dr. Fraiser. Cassandra comes to see Sam and Cassandra senses that Sam has a Goa'uld inside of her. Meanwhile as assassin is amongst the refugees brought back from the planet Nassya. He has been dispatched by the Sysytem Lords to kill the Goa'uld symbiant which is inside Sam. Once it is revealed that Sam has a Goa'uld in her head, she is locked up behind bars. The Goa'uld them reveals itself to be Jolinar of Malkshur, and demands release. Jolinar reveals that she is a member of the Tok'ra, a band of rebel Goa'uld, who oppose the System Lords and seek power to do good. Teal'c has heard of these Tok'ra and is convinced. The assassin infiltrates SG Command and tortures Jolinar. Teal'c comes to rescue and kills the assassin. Meanwhile, Carter is fighting for her life in the infirmary. When she wakes, she tells O'Neill that the only reason she recovered was because Jolinar gave her life to save Sam's.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Prisoners

    After assisting a man that is a fleeing murderer, the team is sent through a Stargate to Hadante, a penal world where brute strength and raw power rule.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - The Gamekeeper

    SG-1 travel to P7J-989, where they discover a beautiful garden and a dome full of strange metallic chambers, each containing an unconscious person. As the team inspects the chambers, they are trapped and knocked unconscious.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Need

    Daniel becomes romantically connected with the Princess, enabling him to rescue SG-1 from the mines - but something is changing Daniel from the man they know...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Thor's Chariot

    O'Neill and the SG-1 team return to Cimmeria after learning that the Goa'uld have invaded the planet. The team feels responsible since, on their previous visit they destroyed "Thor's Hammer," the planet's main instrument of defense against the Goa'uld. The team makes some remarkable discoveries on the planet. Samantha Carter discovers that she has the power to use the Goa'uld ribbon device. It soon becomes clear that the SG-1 team need help to fight the massive enemy force led by the System Lord Heru-ur (The 'Son' of Ra and Hathor) (Heru-ur has begun construction of three Pyramid platforms, which would enable three Motherships to land on the planet) . Teal'c, O'Neill and Olaf head out to scout the Goa'uld encampment and soon find themselves face to face with the enemy. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson, Samantha and Gairwyn search for the Hall of Thor's Might, where they believe they might find weapons to defeat the Goa'uld. They find the hall, where they are presented with a series of tests by a hologram of Thor, the Asgard god who guards the planet. Can they pass the tests and find a way to defend the planet? And, can they do it before Heru-ur's army wipes out the rest of the Cimmerians and the rest of the SG-1 team?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Message in a Bottle

    While exploring a new planet, SG-1 find an orb that sends out electromagnetic signals. Thinking it's a time capsule of some sort, they return to Earth to begin their tests, however, the object begins to heat up amounst other things.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Family

    Teal'c's mentor Bra'tac arrives unexpectedly through the Stargate with shocking news: the Goa'uld Apophis survived the destruction of his ship and has now kidnapped Teal'c's son, Rya'c. O'Neill and the rest of the SG-1 team agree to join Teal'c as he returns to Chulak to rescue Rya'c, but when they arrive they find much has changed. Because Teal'c didn't return from Earth, his wife, Drey'auc, assumed he was dead and married his old friend, Fro'tak. To make matters worse, Rya'c has been brainwashed by Apophis which causes him to denounce his father as a traitor and foil the team's attempts to rescue him. Fro'tak becomes jealous after seeing Teal'c and Drey'auc rekindling their marital flame. The team is almost captured and Fro' tak attempts to betray them to Apophis, forcing O'Neill to take drastic action. But, Teal'c sees a glimmer of hope when Rya'c slips a hidden message into his denunciation of his father. Teal'c wants to rescue him and take him back to Earth and although O'Neill agrees, he suspects Rya'c - or his controller, Apophis - may be setting an elaborate and deadly trap.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Secrets

    Jackson and Teal'c travel back to Abydos to fulfill a promise he made to Sha're's father Kasuf. When they arrive, Daniel learns that his wife, whom he hasn't seen since she was taken by the Goa'uld, is nine months pregnant. The father is Apophis, who plans to use the baby as his new host.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Bane

    While exploring planet BP6-3Q1, Teal'c is stung by a strange insect which causes him to become ill and almost die.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - The Tok'ra (1)

    Through a dream, Captain Carter sees herself as Jolinar of Malkshur, running through a maze of blue walls and brightly coloured people. She stops at a DHD to dail an address. This, so she claims, is the Tok'ra base. So, SG-1 goes off the contact the Tok'ra, however, Captain Carter's father, Jacob, has cancer and it is getting whorse.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - The Tok'ra (2)

    The Tok'ra turns down a request for an alliance against the Goa'uld because Earth don't offer enough rewards to justify the security breech. Selmak, a Tok'ra whose host is dying requests a human host. Carter suggests her father, Jacob Carter who is dying of cancer.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Spirits

    SG-11 has not returned from its mission to Planet PXY 887, where they recently discovered an element, Trinium. After O'Neill becomes injured, Carter leads SG-1 through the Stargate to investigate and to negotiate a mining treaty with the inhabitants.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Touchstone

    SG-1's mission is to return to PX7-941, or Madrona as the inhabitants call it, to study the effects of, and technology behind the "Touchstone" device. However, SG-1 is accused of stealing this artifact by the Madronans. They claim "Touchstone" has been taken by a group of people dressed in SGC uniforms who came and went through the Stargate leaving the inhabitants without any protection from the planets deteriorating cilmate. As SG-1 trys to locate the device they uncover a sinister government agenda.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - The Fifth Race

    SG-1 travel to an ancient room that houses alien inscriptions in an attempt to decode alien languages discovered by a probe. When O'Neill peers through a viewer in the ancient room, he is caught momentarily in its grasp and shortly after alien words begin appearing in his speech.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - A Matter of Time

    SG-10, led by Major Henry Boyd, is on P3W-451, a planet in a binary star system, when one of the stars collapses and forms a black hole. It's gravity causes time dilation which slows the team to a virtual standstill, and although they dial home, the wormhole times out before they can enter it. When the SGC creates a wormhole from their end and sends through a probe, the return signal is strongly red-shifted. They realize that there is nothing that they can do to help SG-10, but are unable to disengage the wormhole because it is getting energy from the black hole. The time dilation and gravitational effects reach through the outgoing wormhole and extend to entire facility, isolating the SGC in time, and threatening to absorb the entire planet. A team including Colonel Cromwell, with whom Jack has had some history, is sent in to the SGC to find out why it is out of contact with the outside world.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Holiday

    When the SG-1 team stumble upon the chamber of former Goa'uld enemy Ma'chello, they fall victim to his powerful body-swapping invention. Ma'chello takes on Daniel's body and the young archeologist finds himself trapped in the body of an old and dying man.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Serpent's Song

    Pursued by Goa'uld, Apophis, throws himself on the mercy of SG-1. Despite his past evil, SG-1 grant him sanctuary. Apophis, who shows signs of having been tortured, is slowly dying and reveals that he is being pursued by an ancient and powerful Goa'uld named Sokar, the original god of death.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - One False Step

    During a routine reconnaissance mission, the UAV plane crashes into a cactus-like plant. Sent to recover the plane, shortly after arriving the SG-1 team discovers the inhabitants begin falling ill and before long a plague of illness sweeps the race.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Show and Tell

    A young boy gains entry to the SGC and tells the SG-1 team he has come with his mother, a member of the invisible Reetou race. The boy announces that the Goa'uld destroyed his planet Reetalia and now Reetou rebels intend to kill all human beings to prevent possible future hosts.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - 1969

    SG-1 departs on a mission only to find themselves in the missile silo where SGC Command was built upon, 30 years ago. Due to solar flare emissions warping the Stargate wormhole, they've travelled back in time. Captured by the U.S. military and unable to tell them anything without altering their own history, they must escape with the help of their commander, General Hammond (now only a Lieutenant, and 30 years younger), and somehow gain access to a Stargate and reverse the procedure so they can return to their own time.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Out of Mind (1)

    Awakening from cryogenic suspension, O'Neill finds himself in a futuristic version of the SGC. Doctors hook O'Neill to a device which turns his memories into holographs then question him for information about races able to defeat the Goa'uld.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Into the Fire (2)

    General Hammond leads a daring rescue attempt with the help of Teal'c to retrieve SG-1. Meanwhile, on board the Goa'uld ship, one of the members of the team gets a present from Hathor... is it too late to save Colonel O'Neill?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Seth

    The Tok'ra believe that the ancient Goa'uld System Lord, Seth is hiding on earth and passing as a religious leader. SG-1 and the Tok'ra Selmak must find him without falling victim to his brianwashing powers.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Fair Game

    During an awards ceremony where Carter is awarded a promotion to Major, O'Neill is transported to a space ship orbiting Earth. Here he meets a non-humanoid alien who calls himself Thor. Thor tells O'Neill that the Goa'uld are upset with Earth about the death of Hathor and are now considering retaliation. The Asgard wish to include Earth in the protected planets treaty, which will save them from an attack. The negotiations are to take place at the SGC.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Legacy

    Daniel starts to going crazy after SG-1 visits a planet where SG-1 found nine dead Goa'uld. The doctors believe he is suffering from the effects of traveling through the gate.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Learning Curve

    In the pursuit of knowledge, Jack O'Neill, Teal'c, and Daniel Jackson travel to the planet Orban as part of an exchange program. Daniel and Teal'c remain on the planet -- Daniel to study an ancient mosaic pattern on the floor of their Stargate room that he hopes will explain the origin of the Orbanian people, and Teal'c to prepare the Orbanians, should they ever encounter the Goa'uld, by sharing his knowledge with them. O'Neill travels back to Earth with a young Orbanian girl, Merrin, and her chaperone, Kalan, to present the SGC with a valuable Naquadah reactor. All are surprised when it is the young Merrin who volunteers to stay at the SGC and teach Samantha Carter how to build such a complicated technical device. As Carter and O'Neill spend more time with Merrin, they become aware that she is not a typical eleven-year-old. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but has no understanding of fun or play. O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 uncover the truth behind Merrin's intelligence, and how it will effect her and the other children of Orban. He defies orders and sets out to change Merrin's fate by taking her off base, to show her the value of what her childhood could be like and what she has been missing.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Point of View

    The alternate reality versions (from "There But For the Grace of God") use the quantum mirror from that episode to arrive at a secured building in the top secret Area 51 in "our" universe. In their reality Jack was married to Dr. Carter before his death at the hands of the Goa'uld, Teal'c is still in the service of Apophis, Kawalsky is still alive, and Carter is a civilian Doctor. Dr. Carter begins to suffer from temporal distortion caused by travel through the quantum mirror. "Our" Carter determines that her alternate will die unless she is returned to her alternate reality - unfortunately that's also a death sentence since the Goa'uld have swarmed that universe's SGC. SG-1 must use their present day resources and knowledge to return with their new acquaintances and overthrow the Goa'uld.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Dead Man's Switch

    The team are captured by a bounty hunter who plans to use them to capture a Goa'uld, but not all is at it seems.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Demons

    SG-1 arrives at a medieval village and frees Mary, a young woman who has been left outside tied to a stake. Simon, friar of the village and Mary's friend, explains that Mary is a sacrifice for the demon that plagues their village. The Canon chose her when he mistook her illness for an evil possession. When the demon arrives and finds no sacrifice, he promises to destroy the village the next day unless five humans are left for sacrifice. SG-1 recognizes this "demon" and plot to destroy it, but the Canon pronounces SG-1 evil and condemns them to be sacrificed. SG-1 must convince Simon to go against everything he believes in order to save themselves and rid the village of their demon forever.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Rules of Engagement

    Upon exiting the Stargate, SG-1 finds itself in the midst of battle. A group of SG soldiers battle a Jaffa army. Believing the soldiers to be the missing-in-action SG-11 team, O'Neill and the others provide assistance. Much to their surprise, the mystery SG team turns their weapons on SG-1! SG-1 wakes up in the soldier's training camp with headaches and no weapons. The camp's leader, Captain Rogers, assumes them to be from a rival camp until he recognizes Teal'c as Jaffa. Rogers presumes that SG-1 has been sent by the camp's long-gone Jaffa leaders to test their battle readiness. The Captain explains that the soldiers' standing orders are to practice battle using non-lethal Earth weapons until the return of Apophis. O'Neill tells them Apophis is dead. The soldiers don't believe him and resume their war games. As O'Neill and the others try to figure out what to do, the games take a disastrous turn when SG-1's confiscated weapons accidentally make it out onto the battlefield.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Forever in a Day

    In the middle of a battlefield Daniel and Amonet meet in a tent. Amonet uses her hand device on Daniel, and he passes out. When he awakes Amonet (and Sha're) are dead, their bodys stored in the mortuary. Daniel is really depressed and resigns from the Stargate Project, but when wakes up next morning Sha're is right beside him. All signs in life tell Daniel that Sha're is dead, he even went to her funeral. Yet he keeps seeing her everywhere, in his bathroom, at the SGC, even at her own funeral. Is there something keeping her back from finding piece?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Past and Present

    SG-1 travels to a planet whose inhabitants seem to be suffering from mass retrograde amnesia. They have no memory of their lives before the unknown event they call the "Vorlix", and report that their elders and children are missing. The planet faces complete devastation unless the people's memories can be restored. The inhabitants introduce Ke'ra, a brilliant and personable young woman who has come to be the leader of her people. She and Daniel Jackson develop a mutual attraction. Ke'ra returns to Earth with SG-1 in hopes that her existing research on the Vorlix may help them find a cure. But as the investigation progresses, SG-1 begins to suspect that Ke'ra may not be who or what she appears.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Jolinar's Memories (1)

    The Tok'ra come to Earth and tell Sam that her dad has been captured and is being held prisoner by Sokar on a planet Earth people would describe as hell. The team decides to go rescue him and takes a cargo ship to the planet because there is no stargate there. Due to the thick atmosphere Jack Daniel Sam and Martouf take decent pods down to the surface while Teal'c stays in the ship to keep it in orbit around the planet. The team must locate Jacob and find a way to escape the planet. Since Jolinar has escaped from there before it is possible, if only Sam could remember how...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - The Devil You Know (2)

    The Tok'ra find out Sokar is going to take his ship in orbit around Netu, and come up with a plan to kill him: since they don't have any weapon capable of penetrating Sokar's shields, they are going to launch some kind of nuclear device into the core of Netu. There it will build up critical mass, and the planet will explode, along with Sokar and his ship. The device gets launched, but Jack, Daniel, Sam, her dad, and Martouf are still on the planet. They now have 12 minutes to get off of the planet, but first they have to deal with an old enemy...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Foothold

    It's been a cold, wet mission for SG-1, looking for Amonet's Harcesis child on the planet told to Daniel by Sha're ("Forever In a Day"). They are ordered straight to the infirmiry by General Hammond, where they are conspicuously given injections that render them unconscious.Teal'c awakens later -- the injection was not strong enough to put him out, thanks to his Goa'uld larva symbiote. He overhears General Hammond speaking with Dr. Fraiser, with two aliens standing with them. They are discussing invasion plans, and state that Teal'c and Carter could not be used by the aliens because of the symbiote within Teal'c, and the fact that Carter's body chemistry had been changed by having once been joined with a Goa'uld ("In the Line of Duty"). Teal'c realizes that the SGC has been invaded by aliens who can mimic the SGC personnel in appearance, sound -- even memories.He moves to escape, freeing Carter in the process. Carter escapes the facility and contacts Colonel Maybourne at the NID, warning him of a foothold situation at the SGC and arranging a meeting in Washington, D.C. Teal'c buys her escape by resisting the aliens, and is recaptured by the aliens.Maybourne is contacted by General Hammond, who tells him that Major Carter was exposed to a chemical accident and is suffering from hallucinations and delusion. He finds this more plausible than Carter's alien-infiltration theory, and turns her over to aliens posing as Jackson and O'Neill. The four of them board a plane to return to Colorado, where the plane's engines interfere with the alien cloaking technology. Carter grabs Maybourne's sidearm and shoots the alien posing as Colonel O'Neill, exposing him and the truth to Maybourne. Also on the plane is an alien posing as Major Davis, who is also shot by Carter.After the aliens are dead, the real O'Neill and Davis awaken back in the SGC. They escape and subdue the alien Dr. Fraiser, and meet up with Carter, who has returned to the SGC. Carter goes to her lab to find a sound at the same frequency as the plane engine, in order to disrupt the alien technology. She succeeds, broadcasting the sound through the base intercom system. The aliens are revealed to SG-1 and to Maybourne's forces, who are invading the base.Realizing their plan has failed, the aliens dial up the Stargate and move to escape. Carter and O'Neill reach the control room and shut down the Stargate before they can all get through. The alien leader then activates a device on his chest, and gives a farewell speech in an unintelligible language before he explodes, taking the rest of the aliens in the gate room with him. The other aliens on the base are soon found to be dead as well.With the threat neutralized, the team theorizes that the aliens attacked SG-6 on an off-world mission, and returned to Earth impersonating them. As for the aliens who escaped through the Stargate: if they are still alive, they have acquired a frightening amount of knowledge about Earth and the SGC facility.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Pretense

    An unknown user atempts to come through the gate. As usual the iris is closed, but it seems to be wobbly. Suddenly a cat walks through the iris. Sam recognises the cat to be Shrodinger, the cat she gave to the Tollan Narim. Moments later Narim walks through the iris as well. He tells SG-1 that Klor'el/Ska'ara has crashed in a death glider. Klor'el was temporarily not in control, and Ska'ara requested to have his body back. Jack and Daniel have been chosen as R'cons, a type of lawyer to represent Skaara in a Triad, some kind of trial in which needs to be decided who the body belongs to. Meanwhile Sam and Teal'c find out that the Goa'uld that accompanied Klor'el's lawyer do strange things in their free time...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Urgo

    SG-1 travels to a paradisical-appearing planet...only to step immediately back out of the Stargate with no memory of their trip. They soon find themselves engaging in odd behavior, and find out that a computer chip has been planted in their minds during their memory blackout. The program in the chip, Urgo, can manifest as a friendly looking, curious entity that only they can see because it interacts directly with their perceptions. Urgo can influence their actions, and doesn't want to be shut down or sent back to his creator. The team have to contact Urgo's creator, Togar, and convince him to remove the chips or shut down Urgo.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - A Hundred Days

    During an expedition to a civilized planet, the stargate of that world is hit by a meteor, trapping O'Neil on that world without any apparent hope of rescue. While he slowly gives up his old life and joins in with the relatively primitive civilization of this world, the SG team tries to find a way to reactivate the buried but still-intact stargate and rescue him. The only means to do so is to send Teal'c through on a suicidal one-way mission to tunnel out of the stargate before his air runs out.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Shades of Grey

    When the Tolan refuse to share technology, even after SG-1 saved the planet from a gou'ald attack, Jack gets mad and steals a device from them. Jack does not see how that was wrong, and can choose between courtmartial or early retirement. He prefers the retirement, and gets contacted by Colonel Maybourne. Maybourne tells Jack that there is an offworld base that has a few teams that retrieve alien technology the hard way when the SG teams fail to do so the diplomatic way. Jack requests to be sent to Eudora (from the episode A Hundred Days) to retire. From there he then dials Maybourne's off world base to become a team leader there.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - New Ground

    Team discovers that a planet on which 2 locals just discovered the stargate that had been burried for thousands of years. When the team goes through the gate, they meet one of the discoverers, Nyan, an archeologist that was looking for ancient villages. Nyan tells them that the planet is devided into 2 religions: the ones that believe that all life began on their planet, and the ones that believe that the first humans had been brought to the planet using a "gateway". Those 2 parties have been at war for decades. Unfortunately the stargate seems to be in territory posessed by the ones that do not believe in the stargate. Meanwhile the second scientist has warned the authorotys and the army comes after the team. Only Teal'c can escape, and he is severely injured. The others get questionned by the army, who thinks they are enemy spies, and don't believe a word of what they say when they explain they came through the stargate. Now it's up to Teal'c to rescue the rest of SG-1, but while trying to escape he has been shot by a native weapon and seems to have lost his eyesight...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Maternal Instinct

    SG-1 descovers Kheb, the planet where Amonet sent the Harsisis child. They go there and discover a temple, Daniel talks with the monk that is in it. But Apophis attacks Kheb, but his forces are destroyed by Oma Desala, who is mother nature, she takes the baby with her to a new planet, leaving Kheb.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Crystal Skull

    Whilst visiting a new world, the team discover a huge pyramid, empty but for a central platform above a vast abyss, accessible by a single walkway. Upon the platform is a skull fashioned from pink crystal, that Daniel cannot resist looking into - at which point he dissapears. Unable to locate Dr Jackson, SG-1 return to Earth hoping to find a way to retrieve their lost friend. The only clue appears to be a similar skull found on Earth by Dr Jackson's grandfather many years before...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Nemesis (1)

    The episode opens with Daniel Jackson confined to the infirmary recovering from an appendectomy. The rest of team is told to take a vacation. O'Neill wants to go fishing and Carter wants to stay on base to work on a project. As O'Neill is leaving he is suddenly transported to Thor's ship where he encounters many mechanical spiders. When he finds Thor he is informed these are replicators, an even greater enemy to the Asgard than the Goa'uld. He tells O'Neill that they (Asgard) need his help to defeat them. (To be continued)
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Small Victories (2)

    While Carter helps the Asgard fight the replicators galaxies away, Teal'c, Daniel, and O'Neill must contain them on Earth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - The Other Side

    The SGC is contacted by Alar, a representative of the planet Euronda. His people, who claim direct descent from Earth, are under attack and in need of help. General Hammond sends SG-1 on a humanitarian mission to deliver food and medical supplies. SG-1 arrives to find a civilization devastated by war - and a leader desperate to make a deal. In exchange for the heavy water they need to sustain their defensive fields, Alar is prepared to offer advanced Eurondan technology. O'Neill quickly agrees to the trade. Daniel, however, is suspicious that the Eurondans have not been completely honest about their agenda and sets out to discover the truth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Upgrades

    Anise/Freya, a new Tok'ra representative to Earth, approaches the SGC for help in testing some mysterious armband devices discovered amongst the ruins of a distant planet. Anise believes the devices could prove a powerful weapon in their war against the Goa'uld. However, since symbiotes seem to render the devices ineffective, she requires human test subjects to prove her theory. O'Neill, Carter, and Daniel volunteer. They are outfitted with armbands and within a short time, begin to demonstrate incredible strength and speed. But Dr. Fraiser grows concerned when medical tests suggest that the devices could be endangering their lives. General Hammond orders the armbands removed - only SG-1 is shocked to discover the devices will not come off. Anise sees an opportunity and suggests that SG-1, now outfitted with the armbands, be sent to destroy a new ship being built by Apophis. The General flatly refuses and orders SG-1 to remain on base. Their judgment clouded by the alien devices, the team defies the order and sets off on what could well be a suicide mission.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Crossroads

    SG-1 responds to an incoming wormhole with Bra'tac's signal. Instead of Bra'tac, they find Shan'auc who tells them that she has come on behalf of Bra'tac. Teal'c goes to Shan'auc and it is immediately evident to all that the two share chemistry and history. Shan'auc claims to have discovered a way to communicate with her symbiote, and it, in turn, has shared memories with her. These memories, she believes, could be the means to defeat the Goa'uld. She claims that through their communications, she has convinced her symbiote that the Goa'uld are evil. The symbiote is prepared to tell all it knows to the Tok'ra. Teal'c remains skeptical of Shan'auc's claim, until he, himself, shares a memory with his symbiote. The Tok'ra agree that Sha'auc's symbiote is of great value and find a willing Tok'ra host for it.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Divide and Conquer

    During a meeting with the Tok'ra high council, Major Graham of the SGC goes berserk, firing uncontrollably upon the Tok'ra before taking his own life. The SGC is stunned to discover that Graham is a Zatarc, the victim of Goa'uld mind control technology. According to Anise, its victims are subconsciously programmed to kill, their recollection of the procedure covered by false memories. Anyone who has come into contact with the Goa'uld could well be a Zatarc - and wholly unaware of the fact. Through the use of an experimental testing device designed by the Tok'ra, Anise sets out to determine who, at the SGC, has been programmed. The test proves successful in uncovering a second Zatarc - Lieutenant Astor, a former teammate of Graham's, who also goes berserk, shooting up the SGC before turning the gun on herself. But subsequent testing uncovers false memories in two more members of the SGC: Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Window of Opportunity

    SG-1 arrives on P4X-639, an abandoned, desolate world with a blazing hot sun overhead and ancient ruins surrounding the Stargate. They meet Malakai, an alien archaeologist who has been studying the world for many months, first encountered when SG-15 was here two weeks previous. As Carter sets up equipment to monitor the sun's unique coronal mass emitions, Jackson examines the alien text carved into the stone walls.Before Jackson knows what's hit him, Malakai pulls a weapon and shoots him. He activates an alien machine -- a stone altar just a few yards in front of the Stagate -- which causes a beam to shoot out and hit the Stargate. Jack and Teal'c try to stop him, while Carter rushes to Daniel's side. There is a blinding flash of light, and all is gone. O'Neill finds himself sitting in the SGC commissary, eating a bowl of Fruit Loops.It doesn't take Jack long to figure out that he's been thrown back in time, roughly 10 hours. He and Teal'c are both experiencing the same day over again. They are checked out by Dr. Frasier and given a clean bill of health. After they predict the unscheduled arrival of SG-12, General Hammond and the others are convinced they are not delusional. The afternoon mission to P4X-639 is cancelled.But the move does little good. When a wormhole is established with Earth's Stargate, SG-1 witnesses the energy beam hit the gate. Seconds later, Jack is back in the commissary with Carter and Jackson, eating his cereal.Again, Jack and Teal'c must convince Hammond, Jackson and Carter that they are all stuck in a time loop -- though only Jack and Teal'c are aware of it.This time around, though, O'Neill convinces the general that simply scrubbing the mission will not break the loop. They've already tried that. SG-1 goes to the planet and again meets Malakai, who claims to have never met them before. But it isn't long before he gives himself away; Malakai is caught in the same loop, but remembers previous loops. Indeed, this was his goal. With an infinite amount of time at his disposal, he intends to figure out how to properly work the alien time device in order to revisit his past.SG-1 fails to stop him, and the loop starts all over. Carter comes up with a new plan: if Earth's Stargate is already connected to another planet when the alien time device is activated, it won't be able to get through. The loop will be broken, or at least Earth will be left out of it.The gate is dialed, but the plan does not work. For an unexplainable reason, the seventh chevron fails to engage -- no wormhole can be established. The beam hits the Earth gate again, and everything starts over -- again.In the next loop, Teal'c and Jack approach Daniel. They believe that if he can translate the inscriptions on the altar device, Daniel can turn off the machine. Since there is no way for Daniel to accomplish such a feat in less than a day, he enlists Jack and Teal'c to help him translate the markings.The alien language, is in fact, a derivative of the language of the Ancients -- the advanced race who built the Stargate network. SG-1 has encountered it twice before ("The Torment of Tantalus", "The Fifth Race"), and Jackson knows that it is linguistically similar to Latin.Loop after loop after loop, Jack and Teal'c study Latin and help Daniel to translate the inscriptions on the altar and the walls surrounding it -- making a little progress each time.Jack becomes increasingly frustrated with repeating the same 10 hours over and over again: the same Fruit Loops, the same conversations, the same task of convincing Hammond, Carter and Jackson that they are all stuck in a time loop. He and Teal'c decide to take a break before they go crazy -- especially when Daniel points out that they can do anything they want without fear of consequences.Jack tries his hand at pottery. Teal'c -- who has entered each new loop getting hit in the face with a door -- slams it on the airman who continually hits him. And the both of them hit golf balls through the Stargate, despite General Hammond's livid protests.Finally, before going back to studying, Jack finishes a loop by handing the general his resignation and kissing Carter passionately.Back in Daniel's office, their translation work is done. The walls on P4X-639 contain an ancient history of the people who lived there: a colony of the Ancients. Many centuries ago, the colony was struck with some sort of cataclysm (perhaps a disease, perhaps something else). They invented the time device to try and alter their history, but could never get it to work. They spent loop after loop trying to perfect it, but it did not work. Finally, the people gave up, turned off the machine and let the inevitable come.SG-1 returns to the planet to try and reason with Malakai -- who in the many loops since has erected a force shield around the altar device. They discover that he is trying to go back many years into the past, before his wife died. He cannot save her (she died of a congenital heart defect), but he does wish to be with her once more.Daniel tells Malakai about their discovery: the people who built the machine couldn't ever get it to work. They gave up. Carter tells him about her theory: the device is simultaneously accessing 14 Stargates, causing time to loop for billions of people. And Jack, who understands Malakai's pain all-too-personally (having lost his own son), convinces him that he does not want to watch his wife die again. Malakai lets her go, and deactivates the machine.Back on Earth, the Tok'ra contact the SGC with the news that they've been trying to contact them for than three months. The team may never be sure how much longer than that they were caught in the loop. And although it was a nightmare to relive the same 10 hours hundreds of times, O'Neill and Teal'c had one heck of an opportunity to do the things they never could have done before.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Watergate

    SG-1 is about to go on a mission to find a planet for the Enkarans when the 7th chevron doesn't lock, the problem turns out to be an energy spike caused by the second gate being active at the same time as the SGC was dialing out. The second gate is detected in Siberia, Russia where the Russians obviously found the second gate, which crashed in the Pacific Ocean in Nemesis. Because the USAF hasn't swept the whole Pacific Ocean, the Russians had found it. SG-1 heads to Russia by plane where they have to jump out of a plane because it's too frozen down there. En route they are met by a Russian doctor named Dr. Markov who will take them to the Russian Stargate Center, which was an old power station. When they arrive they find that the stargate is stuck on and drawing energy from the contacted planet (Like the black hole incident which she knew about) The Russians would use precise timing to prevent the SGC from knowing about it, the gate is dialed to a planet completely underwater (The 8th planet they planned to go to), They had the real Earth DHD which was confiscated by the Germans in WW2 from Giza. The last sub brought back a sample of the water but as it returned to Earth it experienced difficulty getting through, but the doctor thought it was something designed to keep water from entering the gate. The water had amazing properties, it generates heat just a few degrees above room temperature. In the gate room they find scientists and some personnel dead, they had shot the scientists. The Russians already sent a drone through and it may be the reason the gate is still on - it is and they couldn't just wait for it to run out of power because it was nuclear powered which would last for an estimated 10 Years (it's nuclear powered because they thought of leaving them there for further research) so Carter, Daniel and Dr. Markov go through to get the drone and de-activate it. After they succeed in de-activating the drone the gate shuts off. O'Neill and Teal'c take a look around and find Colonel Maybourne frozen in a freezer - they put him on a table and a few moments later he wakes up and starts walking forward and barfed out some watery substance. The water enters Teal'c who then dials to the planet and coughs out the substance. Meanwhile, in the sub, the engines burn out because of some resistance. It turns out that Col. Maybourne is the reason the Russians learned to use the gate so quickly. He explains that the dead personnel are because the water got inside them - the water in Maybourne took him in the freezer to keep him (and the water) alive. Markov fixes the engines but they still can't move because the pressure in the water is rising all of a sudden - the glass cracks and then the whole window cracks but the water doesn't rush in, it just stays outside. Daniel touches it but then it sucks him in and then the Doctor and Carter. On Earth the gate activates and Sam, Daniel and the doctor are returned to the base in Russia and the water at the base returns to its homeworld.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - The First Ones

    While conducting an archeological dig on planet P3X-888, Daniel Jackson makes a remarkable discovery: a primordial Goa'uld symbiote, an ancient, predatory version of SG-1's parasitical enemies. Before he can bring back his sample however, his team is attacked by an Unas. One team member is killed and Daniel is dragged off into the wilderness by the giant primitive creature. Learning of Daniel's disappearance, O'Neill leads a rescue mission to the planet. Upon his arrival, he discovers that SG-11 has been almost wiped out - only Hawkins survived - and the planet's water supply is teeming with Goa'uld symbiotes. While O'Neill and Teal'c struggle with the possibility that one of their men may have been inhabited by a Goa'uld, Daniel is dragged further into the wilderness by his captor. Gradually, he begins to understand a few words of the creature's language. The Unas, a juvenile whose name seems to be Chaka, saves Daniel's life when he's attacked by a symbiote.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Scorched Earth

    Thanks to SG-1, a civilization known as the Enkarans have been transplanted from a Goa'uld slave planet to a safer, more hospitable world. But soon after they settle in, problems arise. One of their villages is attacked by a mysterious ship. The Enkarans seem to be facing a threat even more formidable than the Goa'uld. But when SG-1 investigates, they discover that the mystery ship has no hostile intent. It is merely terraforming the planet in order to make it habitable for the Gadmeer, a long-dormant alien species. Lotan, a bio-mechanical liaison created by the ship, explains that once the terraforming procedure has begun, it cannot be halted. To do so would mean extinction for the Gadmeer. On the other hand, a completion of the terraforming process would mean certain death for the Enkarans. SG-1 must find a solution to this ethical dilemma, or face the extinction of an entire race.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Beneath the Surface

    SG-1 awakens in a mysterious underground complex with no memory of their previous lives. In fact, they seem to possess a whole new set of memories. No longer O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c, they are Jona, Therra, Carlin and Tor, laborers doomed to a dreary existence, working the mines beneath an ice-covered planet. Back at the SGC, meanwhile, General Hammond is faced with the possibility that SG-1 perished on the planet's icy surface, a possibility he refuses to accept. As the General tries to unravel the team's mysterious disappearance, the members of SG-1 grasp at fleeting memories of their former lives, memories which are not just the keys to their freedom, but to their very survival.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Point of No Return

    The SGC is contacted by a rambling individual who claims full knowledge of a host of government conspiracies, from the Kennedy cover-up to CIA-sanctioned microwave harassment of Libertarian candidates. He sounds like a crackpot, someone hardly worthy of their attention, that is until he mentions the Stargate. O'Neill meets with the mystery caller, Martin Lloyd who insists he is an alien and in possession of a space ship (who's location slips his mind at the moment). O'Neill is ready to dismiss Martin as a harmless nutjob and head back to Cheyenne Mountain, however, a series of strange occurrences begin to suggest that maybe, just maybe, there could be some truth to his story.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Tangent

    A test of the X-301, an experimental aircraft adapted from two Goa'uld death gliders, goes awry sending O'Neill and Teal'c hurtling out of Earth's orbit. As the X-301 streaks through space at a million miles an hour, the SGC struggles to find a way to retrieve it. But after an attempt to alter the aircraft's course fails, things look grim. Daniel Jackson seeks the help of off-world allies. He learns that the Tok'ra have a ship capable of reaching O'Neill and Teal'c, but it is on a covert mission in Goa'uld-controlled territory. With time ticking down and the lives of their comrades hanging in the balance, Carter and Daniel must locate the Tok'ra ship, intercept the X-301, and pull off a daring rescue.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - The Curse

    When Daniel Jackson's old archeology professor, Dr. Jordan, dies in a mysterious lab explosion, Daniel pays a return visit to his old academic stomping grounds. But as he reacquaints himself with his former colleagues, he begins to suspect that Dr. Jordan's death may not have been an accident. He discovers that one of the items the professor was studying, an ancient Egyptian jar, contains a perfectly preserved Goa'uld symbiote. Apparently, a crack in the vessel compromised the sedative solution within, killing the creature. But further investigation reveals a second jar may have existed. With a Goa'uld apparently stalking the campus and the local community abuzz with talk of an ancient curse, Daniel must unravel the mystery before it's too late.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - The Serpent's Venom

    While visiting Chulak to gather support for a Jaffa rebellion, Teal'c is captured by the Goa'uld. The rest of SG-1, unaware of his fate, are dispatched to thwart a burgeoning alliance between Apophis and Heru-ur. But when they arrive at the neutral location chosen for the meeting - an ancient minefield floating in space - they discover that Heru-ur has brought along a gift to seal the deal: a battered but defiant Teal'c. SG-1 is torn. Do they try to rescue Teal'c? Or, as Jacob Carter argues, does the success of their mission outweigh the life of their friend?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Chain Reaction

    When General Hammond announces he is stepping down as head of the SGC, O'Neill suspects that there is more to his decision than he is letting on. And, as it turns out, O'Neill is right as he discovers that the NID was behind the change of command. Fed up with the general's inability to acquire alien technology through whatever means necessary, it pressured him into resigning. When Hammond's replacement breaks up SG-1 and assigns Carter the task of building a planet-killing Naquadah bomb, O'Neill takes matters into his own hands. He decides to take on the NID, but his success will rest in the hands of a most unlikely ally: Colonel Maybourne.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - 2010

    Nine years in the future, the Gou'ald have been defeated thanks to an alien alliance with an advanced race. Transportation technology and off-world Stargate travel is now commonplace. However, Carter finds out that most of the human race has secretly been rendered sterile by Earth's new would-be allies. She and the other SG-1 team members must rig the Stargate for time travel (first done in the episode "1969") and send a message back to their counterparts in 2001 to prevent contact with the alien race.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Absolute Power

    Daniel recovers his son, the Hueresis. He has the memories of all the Gou'ald, which SG Command wants to obtain so that they can defeat their enemies. Daniel is given all the knowledge, but soon begins to use it in a tyrannical fashion as he usurps authority to build a ring of killer satellites capable of repelling the Gou'ald around Earth. Soon, only Jack can get close enough to stop him before Daniel completely takes over the world in the name of peace.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - The Light

    A member of another SG team, returning from an alien planet, commits suicide. The rest of his team begins to go into comas, and Daniel, who also visited the planet, attempts suicide. When SG-1 goes to the planet, they discover a hypnotic light show that not only induces memory blackouts, but alters their physiology so that they cannot leave the planet without becoming terminally depressed and ultimately dying of system shutdown. Trapped on the planet, they meet a young boy, Loran, who is apparently immune to the effects of the light system but who lost his parents. The team must figure a way to overcome the addiction or remain rapped on the planet forever.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Prodigy

    During a visit to the Air Force Academy, Carter makes the acquaintance of Jennifer Hailey, a promising young cadet with a rebellious streak. Carter sees great potential in her, but Jennifer seems determined to sabotage her future with the Air Force. She is fiercely independent, opinionated, and resentful of Carter to whom she is constantly being compared. On the other hand, Hailey is brilliant and Carter eventually decides to show her what she can look forward to if she stays the course - by bringing her through the Stargate. The two of them visit an offworld research base where O'Neill and Teal'c are on security detail, "babysitting" a group of ungrateful scientists. But the seemingly routine mission takes a deadly turn when they are attacked by alien life forms composed of pure energy. Trapped and cut off from the Stargate, SG-1 must make a desperate gamble to reach freedom before it's too late.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Entity

    The SGC is infected by an alien probe that downloads itself into the base computers, accessing sensitive data on the SGC and its personnel. It is detected and apparently deleted from the mainframe. Unbeknownst to all however, the entity has managed to download itself into the MALP room where it continues to thrive, building itself a new body in order to contain the immense data it has obtained. SG-1 eventually discovers the entity. O'Neill wants to destroy it, but Sam and Daniel feel they should attempt to communicate with it first. Sam tries - only to be overcome by a blast of energy. She is rushed to safety while O'Neill shuts down the entity, presumably killing it for good this time. However, the rest of SG-1 soon learns that it is far from dead. In fact, it now exists in a new vessel - one capable of storing endless bytes of data. The entity has taken over Carter's body. With the base under siege and the alien entity poised to overwhelm them all, O'Neill and company are confronted with a dire prospect: in order to save the SGC, they may well have to sacrifice one of their own.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Double Jeopardy

    SG-1 returns to a planet they helped free from Goa'uld enslavement. Once, with the assistance of SG-1, the people of this world were able to rebel against the forces of Heru'ur and win their freedom. Now, they face a vengeful Cronos determined to make them pay for their insolence. SG-1 is prepared to lead them once again, but it turns out their former allies are not so eager to answer the call to arms. After all, they were promised that if they buried their gate, they would be safe. Instead, the Goa'uld returned in ships - and the planet's inhabitants paid a terrible price. O'Neill and his team must win their confidence before they can win the battle against Cronos. Fortunately, they have help in the form of their robot duplicates, eager to assist them on this doubly-difficult mission.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Exodus (1)

    The SGC are loaning their Goa'uld Mothership to their good friends and allies, the Tok'ra, so they will be able to move to a planet that is not on the Goa'uld data system. However, Tanith is caught out and tells Apophis where the Tok'ra are.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Enemies (2)

    SG1 and Jacob Carter are trapped in another galaxy with Apophis, while Teal'c is brainwashed as a loyal soldier of Apophis with no memory of his defection.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Threshold (3)

    Bra'tac must perform a Jaffa ritual bringing Teal'c to the brink of death to restore his true self.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Ascension

    Carter finds romance from an alien who secretly followed her back from his planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - The Fifth Man

    Teal'c, Carter and Daniel return to the SGC, but are faced with difficult questions from General Hammond when they report a mysterious fifth member of SG-1 is trapped on the planet with Jack.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Red Sky

    After a particularly rough ride through the Stargate, SG-1 arrives on a planet with a Norweigan-like society. As they meet the villagers, the sky and the sun suddenly change to an orange-red color, rendering the whole planet in an orange glow. The villagers immediately think it's Ragnarok, the End of Dawn, while Samantha discovers that the wormhole they came through must have gone directly through the sun. Some heavy elements must have triggered a reaction inside the sun, so that its light pattern changed, and the planet's plant life will be destroyed. While the locals start praying to Freyr, an Asgard posing as a god, SG-1 tries contacting the Asgard in a more effective way. When the Asgard decline to intervene, the team needs to try and reverse the reaction in the sun on their own.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Rite of Passage

    Cassandra developes telekinetic powers, the outburst of which starts to kill her. Dr. Fraiser uncovers a dark secret on her home planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Beast of Burden

    When Daniel's friend Chaka is abducted by slave traders, SG-1 go through the stargate to rescue him. However when the opportunity to free him comes, Chaka refuses to leave, and Daniel discovers Chaka has become the leader of the other Unas slaves. Once SG-1 escapes, with the help of the Unas, Chaka and his new followers stay behind to gain their freedom.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - The Tomb

    The team investigates a ziggurat, some kind of burial pyramid, on a desert planet (P2X-338), when they find proof that a Russian expedition has already been there, probably in search of an artifact called the Eye of Tiamut. After contacting the Russian government, a rescue mission is set up with SG-1 and a Russian team also consisting of 4 members. Primary objective is to find the missing Russian team, and bringing them to safety. After Daniel deciphers the entrance mechanism, the teams go in, and split up. SG1 finds a skeleton wearing a Russian uniform, and showing little teeth marks all over the skeleton. Some strange creature must have eaten him. Meanwhile the Russian team discovers a Goa'uld sarcophagus, but when investigating against Colonel O'Neil's orders, they set off a trap that seals the entrance of the 4000 year old building, killing one of the Russian soldiers. Daniel starts translating the text on the walls, while the others start looking for an exit, for possible other members of the Russian crew, and for the creature that killed the Russian soldier.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Between Two Fires

    At the funeral of Omoc of the Tollan (from "Enigma"), High Chancellor Travell approaches the team and opens discussion about trading high technology. The Tollan Curia want resources in return for ion cannons. Meanwhile, Narim warns Sam that the Tollan have some ulterior motive, and Omoc may have been murdered to insure his silence. Jack and Teal'c track the shipment and discover it will be used to make bombs that utilize the Tollan's phase-shift technology to phase through Earth's Stargate iris. Daniel and Sam are captured, and discover that a mysterious unnamed System Lord has developed pyramid ship shielding immune to the Tollan's ion cannons. The Lord's representative, the believed-to-be-deceased Tanith, forces the Tollan to test a bomb and destroy Earth, since if the Gou'ald do so it will break the treaty with the Asgard. With the aid of Narim, Jack and Teal'c destroy the bombs, and the Gou'ald go to war with the Tollan.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - 2001

    On a agarian planet, SG-1 meets the Ashen Confederacy (from the episode "2010"). The Ashen are more then willing to trade high-tech. However, process of elimination determines that the Ashen homeworld may be the coordinates that the 2010-future O'Neill sent back on a note to the "present" with instructions to avoid. The President, an the ever-lovable Senator Kinsey, are eager for the treaty to go forward. Meanwhile, Daniel and Teal'c determine that some great calamity befell the population of the agriculture world, reducing them from millions to thousands and eliminating their industrial base. Kinsey keeps O'Neill from interfering, but Carter and the U.S. diplomat manage to trick the Ashen into revealing that they plan to subject Earth's population to a long-term sterilization procedure.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Desperate Measures

    Carter is kidnapped by mysterious men, and taken to a medical facility. The SG team try to find her, and O'Neill contacts Harry Maybourne to try to find her. Maybourne claims the NID, and Col. Symmonds, are behind the abduction, but Symmonds claims Maybourne is responsible. It turns out Maybourne helped a rich, dying businessman, Adrian Wright, to get hold of a symbiote so that he could use it to cure himself. But he needs the medical data from Sam's body (due to the fact she was possessed by a symbiote) to make it work. The SG team tracks Sam down before they can do the necessary autopsy to get the info they need, but not before Wright has the symbiote put into his body. The symbiote/Wright is cornered by O'Neill, who is shot by Symmonds and helps the symbiote to escape. While the team thinks Maybourne shot Jack, Symmonds and symbiote/Wright begin to negotiate for the symbiote's knowledge.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Wormhole X-Treme!

    Martin from "Point of No Return" has amnesia again, but has managed to become a TV "creative consultant" by selling a script from his vague memories of SG-1. The government approved the go-ahead for the show as a cover for their covert SG organization, but now the ship that Martin and his fellow aliens came in on is heading back to Earth. Jack goes undercover as a military consultant for the show, Wormhole X-Treme! ("Because shows with an "X" in the title do better in the ratings"). Martin's other aliens are after him as well, and send Sam and Daniel on a path that intersects with the NID. It turns out Martin gave himself amnesia to forget the devastation that had destroyed his home planet, and his fellow aliens want the control device back so they can take control of the pre-programmed ship when it arrives back on Earth. Jack eventually turns the control device over to the aliens, but Martin chooses to stay behind to take advantage of his newfound fame now that the show's crew have footage of the alien ship arriving.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Proving Ground

    The SGC is running a group of cadets through training, and O'Neill isn't particularly satisfied with the group. When they fail two training exercises, Jack is ready to drop them out of the SGC program until he gets word of an alien incursion and is forced to take the cadets on as he invades SGC headquarters. It soon becomes clear (to the audience) the "invasion" is another training exercise. The cadets eventually figure it out but one of them, Haley, doesn't find out and opens the Stargate after taking the controls off-line. Haley is knocked out and radiation floods the chamber as the Gou'ald launch an attack...except that's a test too when the team leader, Elliot, goes back to rescue her.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - 48 Hours

    A Stargate mishap leaves Teal'c trapped inside the Stargate network. Any effort to use the Gate will erase his stored patterns, but the government, as represented by Col. Simmonds, want the Gate reactivated regardless of the cost. They give Hammond 48 hours to resolve the matter, and give him a specialist, McKay, to help. Meanwhile, Daniel is off to Russia to negotiate with the Russians to borrow their DHD to aid in Teal'c recovery. The Russians aren't happy that the U.S. government have been holding back on Gate developments, and delay. Meanwhile yet again, Jack is contact by Harry Maybourne, who warns him about Simmonds' perfidy. And Simmonds contacts Hammond and offers him a fix for Teal'c's predicament in return for some favor. Jack figures out Simmonds must have got the information from the captured Gou'ald, and he and Harry track him down. Although the Gou'ald is reluctant to talk, Jack finds the taped conversation between him and Simmonds. They use the tape as evidence to put away Simmonds, and use the solution to recover Teal'c over McKay's protests.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Summit (1)

    When the System Lords call a summit to deal with a new threat against them, the Tok'ra and Daniel infiltrate the conference and plan to use a poison to wipe them out, but matters get complicated when Osiris, still in the body of Dr. Sarah Kane, arrives.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Last Stand (2)

    Osiris ("The Curse") goes to war with the System Lords, leading to a massive peace summit on a hevially armed space station.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Fail Safe

    Earth finds itself threatened when SG Command learns that an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet. The Asgard can't interfere because it's a natural disaster, and the Tok'ra are on the run. SG-1 fixes a crashed cargo ship and intercept the asteroid with a bomb. Things go from bad to worse as their engines cut out, they all but crash, and the air leaks out. Making things even worse, they discover a store of naquata (sic) in the asteroid's core. The Gou'ald towed the asteroid into position and shoved it toward Earth. If the bomb detonates it'll ignite the naquata, causing a nova-like explosion. Meanwhile the bomb has been hit by a rock, and Jack must make a quick disarm attempt. Well past the fail safe point, they have only one option: use the wrecked cargo ship's hyperdrive to blast the entire asteroid thru Earth just before it impacts Earth. They pull it off with just seconds to spare.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - The Warrior

    K'tano, a charismatic Jaffa leader who defeated his own weak System Lord, Imhotep, tries to rally his people against the Goa'uld, and seeks to forge an alliance with Earth. K'tano creates a new Jaffa homeworld. His army is made from the armies of killed System Lords. SG-1 meets with him and supply them with Earth guns and weapons. However, as Jack starts to see K'tano's growing messianic complex he becomes worried. Teal'c and Bra'tac are swept along in K'tano's crusade despite Jack's misgivings. Teal'c is sent on a suicide mission against the System Lord Yu, who readily defeats him. It turns out one of Yu's rivals has set a trap using a ship K'tano believes will hold mutineers to his cause. Yu sets Teal'c free and he challenges K'tano to a death duel. It turns out K'tano has been taken over by Imhotep's symbiote and Teal'c manages to kill him – the whole thing has been a sham set up by Imhotep to strengthen his power base.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Menace

    SG-1 explores a planet and finds an inactive android. When they reactivate it, it identifies itself as Reese and doesn't seem to know it's an android. Meanwhile, they find evidence that the Replicators were active on the planet. Reese doesn't accept she is an android and seems intent on getting out, while making "toys" using the nanotechnology in her own body, including a Replicator. When confronted Reese confesses she built the Replicators and they got out of her control and killed her "father" and everyone else on the planet, and when she gets out of control the Replicator goes berserk. Unable to contact the Asgard, Hammond orders SG-1 to shut down the Reese robot. She sends the Replicators through the base and heads for the Stargate, and Daniel goes in to try and win her trust and remove her power chip but fails. Hammond and Carter set the self-destruct while Jack gets in and shoots Reese - she shuts down the Replicators before she finally "dies".
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - The Sentinel

    SG-1 finds a world under siege by Lord Svarog's forces because the "Shades of Grey" NID team disabled the planet's defenses. SG-1 must work with the captured team members to restore them.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Meridian

    SG1 returns from a visit to Kalowna with Daniel irradiated at a lethal dosage that will kill him in less then a day. In flashback the team relates how they met with an ethical advisor, Jonas Quinn, and witnesses the Kalownans' process for extracting a high-energy output naquadria to create a weapon. Then they reveal that Daniel was somehow irradiated and the Kalownans are accusing him of sabotaging their weapon program. Daniel says it was an accident and he's taking the blame for it. The Asgard and the Tok'ra are out of contact and Sam's attempt to use a Goa'uld healing device fails. Jack is insistent that Daniel not be blamed despite the fact that SGC plans to not dispute the charges against him and try to maintain diplomatic relationships. Daniel has visions of Oma who encourages him to "ascend," while Jonas is inspired by Jack to steal some naquadria and bring it to SGC, while revealing the truth to his government - that Daniel sacrificed his life when a chain reaction threatened to destroy the entire planet. His revelation cuts him off from his own people, forcing him to remain at SGC. Jacob Carter arrives in time to try and cure Daniel, but Daniel asks him to stop. Resolving to take a new path, Daniel ascends and disappears.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Revelations

    In the aftermath of Daniel's departure, a shattered SG-1 is called upon by the Asgard when Freyr asks them to rescue a scientist, Heimdall, who is stranded on a moon under attack by Osiris. When the team arrives they find that Heimdall is doing research to overcome the problems in the Asgard's genetic/reproduction system – if he fails, their race is doomed. Worse, Osiris has created technology capable of withstanding Asgard weaponry and has captured Thor. She and Anubis plan to draw all the information of Asgard technology from Thor's mind. When Anubis arrives, Jack and Teal'c manage to slip on board the ship during transport to rescue Thor and blow up the shields preventing them from Heimdall teleporting them out. With Heimdall's scanners they stay ahead of the Jaffa until Osiris floods their section with coolant gas and captures them. Heimdall reveals that he has an uncloned Asgard body they need to study and begin evacuation. Thor manages to get them out through the ship's circuitry even as Osiris takes Carter captive. Jack and Teal'c destroy the shield and Heimdall teleports everyone back to their cargo ship, including Thor. They flee as three stronger Asgard ships arrive and Osiris and Anubis flee. Thor is left in a coma while the team isleft to ponder how powerful Anubis truly is, and left to wonder about the mysterious breeze that follows them out of the base.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Redemption (1)

    The SGC has come under attack from Anubis, who has a device that can use one Stargate to destroy another. With a wormhole dialed in to Earth's stargate, the SGC can not contact its off-world allies for help. Carter works furiously to find a solution. Meanwhile Teal'c is off-world attending his wife's funeral, his son believes she would not have been killed if Teal'c had not joined the fight against the Goa'uld. Wanting proof that the Goa'uld are not gods and can be stopped, he insists that Teal'c allow him to join him in battle so he can see for himself what the war is all about. They search for the planet Anubis is attacking Earth from and prepare to go into battle against him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Redemption (2)

    The SGC has come under attack from Anubis, who has a device that can use one Stargate to destroy another. With a wormhole dialed in to Earth's stargate, the SGC can not contact its off-world allies for help. Carter works furiously to find a solution. Meanwhile Teal'c is of world attending his wife's funeral, his son believes she would not have been killed if Teal'c had not joined the fight against the Goa'uld. Wanting proof that the Goa'uld are not gods and can be stopped, he insists that Teal'c allow him to join him in battle so he can see for himself what the war is all about. They search for the planet Anubis is attacking Earth from and prepare to go into battle against him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Descent

    SG-1 heads toward the planet Earth, on board a cargo ship with the Tok'ra Jacob Carter, Major Davis, and a scientist named Dr. Friesen. They're on their way to investigate a Goa'uld mothership, which has arrived in Earth's orbit -- but has made no aggressive moves. They quickly find out why: Jacob scans the ship, and finds no life signs. They board the ship, but O'Neill orders new team member Jonas Quinn to stay on the cargo ship with Teal'c. Quinn is anxious to contribute to the team and prove himself, but Teal'c reassures him that it will simply take time for the colonel to come to trust his abilities. On board, the team discovers that the ship is, in fact, deserted -- and its self-destruct countdown is inexplicably stuck mid-way through the countdown. The engines are functional, though, and O'Neill intends to salvage the ship. Jacob, of course, urges caution. They also hear a strange static over the ship's intercom system, repeating every few minutes. Carter and Davis investigate the computer core, and make a discovery: the ship belongs to Anubis, and is the very same ship that defeated an Asgard battleship and captured Thor ("Revelations"). Anubis implanted an advanced alien device into Thor's brain in order to download his knowledge; though the team rescued the Asgard, he has no brain activity and isn't expected to come out of his coma. The team theorizes that when he had access to the ship's computer system, Thor may have left behind a powerful computer virus that eventually forced Anubis to abandon ship -- and sent it to Earth, as a sort of gift. Dr. Friesen asks Colonel O'Neill for a chance to look at the shield generator, as Anubis' shield technology is more advanced than anything they've ever seen. O'Neill refuses, but Friesen soon makes his way to the generator on his own. He finds three of Anubis Jaffa still on board, martial arts warriors, who kill him. O'Neill finds Friesen's body, and warns the rest of the team -- but it is too late. The Jaffa arrive on the pel'tac level and shoot Jacob with a staff weapon, then begin the ship's rapid descent into the planet's atmosphere. The Jaffa use the ring transporter to get to the cargo ship, where Teal'c (after saving Jonas' life) quickly disposes of them with a zat gun. The fight disables the crystals that control the ship's transport rings, though, leaving the rest of the team stranded on the mothership. With insufficient time to dock the cargo ship and affect a rescue, they fall to Earth and crash into the northern Pacific Ocean. Teal'c and Quinn return to Earth, where General Hammond gives them permission to join the rescue operation. The ship survived the crash intact, and a deep-sea rescue submarine has been dispatched. On board the mothership, Jacob reports that his Tok'ra symbiote is healing his injuries -- but he has a broken collar bone. O'Neill and Carter head back to the computer core to try and find some answers, but are trapped in a corridor when the ship seals off the area to prevent flooding. The room quickly fills with water, and Jacob tries to open the doors remotely -- but he cannot. The water reaches the ceiling, and Sam and Jack have no way out. The door suddenly opens, and water floods out, saving their lives. Jacob has no explanation. The submarine arrives and docks with the ship, and Jonas and Teal'c board. Before they escape, Major Carter insists that they stay long enough to figure out what is going on. She has a possible explanation for the frozen self-destruct countdown, for the fact that a Goa'uld mothership mysteriously arrived in their solar system, and for the fact that her and O'Neill's lives were saved. Thor's consciousness is still inside the computer system. He didn't leave a virus -- he left himself, and has been trying to communicate with them through the static message they've been hearing. They decipher the message, and it is Thor's voice. Carter believes that if they can salvage the crystals from the computer core, the Asgard can transfer Thor into a new clone body and save him. Jacob, Davis and Quinn are ordered off the ship, while the rest of SG-1 retrieves Thor's consciousness. But when they head back toward the sub, their only exit is blocked: another passage has been sealed as the ship continues to flood. And now that Thor is no longer in control, the self-destruct has begun again -- only minutes remain. Jack orders the others to take the sub to a safe distance, while he, Sam and Teal'c try to access the glider bay. But Sam cannot activate the force shield that will protect the bay and enable them to fly out, and the clock is ticking. Jonas tells the others to board the sub and leave without him. He hurries down the corridor to a junction where he believes he can reroute power to Major Carter's panel; he's studied the specs on the mothership a dozen times, and knows it inside and out. He reaches the flooded compartment and swims underwater, holding his breath as he transfers the power. The plan works, and the team is able to safely access the glider bay. Jonas swims to a nearby ring transporter, and transports himself -- water and all -- to another deck. He runs to the glider bay in time to join the others. The ships survive the dangerous flight through the deep sea, shooting up into the sky as the ship explodes deep beneath the surface.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Frozen

    In the frozen wilderness of Antarctica, a trio of scientists man a small U.S. research base. The base was established four years ago, at the site where Earth's second Stargate was discovered in an underground cavern ("Solitudes"). The team has since uncovered two frozen Jaffa, trapped there sometime within the last 2,000 years or so. But now, they make a stunning new discovery: a young woman, frozen in the ice, and perfectly preserved. SG-1 travels to Antarctica to participate, along with Dr. Janet Fraiser, and work with Dr. Francine Michaels and her team to begin thawing out the woman -- named "Ayiana" by Michaels. A tissue sample shows that Ayiana's cells haven't even disintegrated. And when Dr. Fraiser shines a light in Ayiana's eyes, her pupil dilates -- a cortical response. Astonished, they hook her up to an EEG and find brain activity. Ayiana is alive. The team works quickly to thaw her out and resuscitate her, and Ayiana's own body -- which has amazing healing abilities -- kicks in to help. Her heart begins to beat, and she even regains consciousness. The doctors are dumbfounded that such a thing is even possible. Even more startling are the implications Ayiana has for the origins of the human species. Samples from the vein of ice where she was discovered show that she is at least 3 million years old, possibly much older. She was probably around when the Antarctic Stargate was still in use -- as long as 50 million years ago, when the Antarctic plate wasn't at the south pole and wasn't covered by a glacier. Though she is essentially human, Ayiana predates the human race by millions of years. Carter and Fraiser consider a new theory: perhaps our evolution isn't the first time that human evolution has occurred on Earth. Ayiana herself could be one of the Ancients, the race that invented the Stargates ("The Fifth Race"). Fraiser reveals that her brain patterns show similarities to both Cassandra's, when she was subject to Nurrti's genetic experiments to create an advanced human ("Rite of Passage"), and Colonel O'Neill's, when he had the library of the Ancients downloaded into his brain ("The Fifth Race"). Ayiana is, in short, another example of the evolutionary potential of human beings. Jonas tries to communicate with her, and meets with limited success. Ayiana is a bit scared, and doesn't speak English -- but she learns to understand what he is saying very quickly. Soon, however, Dr. Michaels collapses. She has contracted a disease, probably carried by Ayiana. It attacks the brain in a way similar to cerebral spinal meningitis, according to Dr. Fraiser, and is fatal within a few days. Dr. Woods and Dr. Osbourne have also been exposed, and are lost in a storm outside. Osbourne finds his way back to the research base, and O'Neill and Teal'c head out to find Woods in the sub-zero wilderness. After a lengthy search, they find him and bring him back. He is near death as Dr. Fraiser and the others try to save his life. Ayiana steps forward and places her hands on his chest, and Woods is restored to perfect health. Her healing powers, it seems, are not limited to herself. At Jonas' request, Ayiana is willing to try and help Dr. Michaels and Dr. Osbourne as well. She heals them both of the disease, though each time she is severely weakened. And now, they discover, O'Neill, Carter, Jonas and Fraiser have also contracted the mysterious disease. The base is quarantined, and it is too dangerous for Ayiana to try and heal anyone else. Her white blood cell count is dangerously low. But when the team goes to sleep for the night, Ayiana sneaks into the barracks room and begins to heal them. They later find her, collapsed on the floor. She has managed to save everyone in the base from the disease -- except Colonel O'Neill. A disease control team soon arrives, and Ayiana and O'Neill are placed into quarantine units and transported back to the SGC. Jack lays dying, and Jonas goes to speak with Ayiana. He encourages her to get better -- not only so that she can save O'Neill, but because they want her to live. "Sorry," she says softly, and dies. The colonel is left with few options. He is past the stage where the Goa'uld healing device can help him. Thoran arrives from the Tok'ra, and tells the team that they have a symbiote who needs a new host. Kanan's previous host was badly injured while on an undercover mission, and died before he could divulge what the Tok'ra believe to be vital intelligence. Major Carter relays the option to Jack. The symbiote could save his life, and is willing to leave him after a new host is found -- or even to sacrifice itself, if a new host can't be found within a reasonable amount of time. Jack's response is cutting: "Over my dead body." Sam explains that it's the only way he can survive, and that the symbiote also has information vital to the Tok'ra. Blending with it would give the Tok'ra an opportunity to learn it. O'Neill agrees, and is sent through the Stargate in a quarantine unit to meet his fate.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Nightwalkers

    Samantha Carter is awoken at 2 o'clock in the morning by a phone call. The man on the other end identifies himself as Dr. Flemming, and tells her that Adrian Conrad's secret project never ended ("Desperate Measures"). Flemming races down a road, but is followed and run off the road. Carter hears a crash, and the phone goes dead. The next morning, General Hammond informs her, Teal'c and Jonas Quinn that Dr. Flemming's car was found wrecked, but that there is no trace of him. He was an employee at a biotech firm in Steveston, a small town in Oregon. The company is Immunitech Research, owned by Adrian Conrad. With a potential connection to the Goa'uld that has taken Conrad as its host, the team travels to Oregon to investigate. They can't wait for Colonel O'Neill, who has recently been blended with a Tok'ra symbiote to save his life ("Frozen"). The Tok'ra haven't found a new host for the symbiote yet, and O'Neill remains off world. Carter is put in command of SG-1 for the Earth-bound mission. In Oregon, the team learns a lot from the local sheriff. Immunitech burned to the ground the night before, destroying Flemming's lab. It's a big hit to the small town, which relies on the company for many jobs. And Flemming isn't the first disappearance. His partner, Dr. Peter Stoeffer, disappeared two months ago, also under mysterious circumstances. The team heads to Flemming's home, but find that it's been pillaged for any and all valuable information. But while they are there, the team gets a break: a package is delivered to Flemming, from Flemming. Carter opens it, and finds a syringe filled with an unknown liquid. She sends a sample to be analyzed, and preliminary analysis indicates that it may be a sulfur-based antibiotic. Teal'c and Quinn begin to notice that the townspeople are acting strangely. They nearly get into a bar fight one night, but the next morning they encounter one of the men from the bar -- who claims to know nothing about it, and tells them that he was home asleep. Jonas observes that the entire town seems to be walking around as if they're half-asleep. What was the purpose of Immunitech's research? SG-1's investigation reveals that Flemming and Stoeffer had been studying embryonic stem cell research, which could potentially be used in cloning. When Sam mentions that the biotech firm saved the town after the local shipyard went out of business, Jonas (who seems to have a photographic memory and keen powers of observation) remembers seeing tire tracks in the snow when they passed the shipyard. If it's out of business, who has been visiting the large, abandoned building? SG-1 checks it out, and finds an enormous, partially-constructed space craft inside. They also find several computer discs, and take one. In their hotel room, Carter works to crack the encryption code. When night falls, Teal'c and Quinn return to the shipyard to see who arrives. What they find is nearly the entire town -- dozens of people arriving to work on the ship. But they are quickly apprehended -- not by the townsfolk, but by undercover NID agents. On the way back to the hotel, Agent Singer tells them that the NID knows what's going on in the town, and has been monitoring it. Immunitech was cloning Goa'uld symbiotes -- but the creatures began taking over the local townsfolk. They are still infants, and so they can only take control of their hosts when the people fall asleep at night. They are building a ship to escape Earth, and the NID plans to seize it when they are finished. But the local sheriff is one of the Goa'uld, and he leads a group of Goa'uld-infested citizens to the hotel. Carter unlocks enough of the computer disc to see that the data is written in Goa'uld, and begins to figure out what is going on. When the Goa'uld arrive and break down her door, she injects herself with Flemming's antibiotic. She is infested with a young Goa'uld, who takes control of her. Teal'c, Jonas and the two NID agents are also soon captured. Led by Major Carter, the agents are given their own Goa'uld. They are sent with the remaining cloned symbiotes to infiltrate the NID, now that the organization has been called in to break up their secret operation and seize the ship. But Carter is not truly under the Goa'uld's control. The antibiotic acted as an immunity and killed the symbiote (which was genetically engineered with a specific kill-switch, activated by the drug); Carter then played along to gain their trust. She zats the entire group unconscious, then follows the Goa'ulded NID agents and apprehends them as well. The ship is confiscated and sent to Area 51 where, though only partially complete, it may still prove valuable. The entire town is treated with the antibiotic, which kills the Goa'uld and leaves them all with no memory of what had happened.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Abyss

    An unknown figure hurries through the dark woods of an alien world. He leads a young woman, afraid, as they are pursued by a squadron of Jaffa warriors. She stumbles, and he tells her to wait in hiding until the Stargate is opened. He makes his way to the gate and begins to dial, but is struck in the back by a staff weapon blast. The man falls to the cold, muddy ground, and Jaffa surround him. With no way of escape, a Tok'ra symbiote comes out of his mouth and onto the ground. The man collapses and rolls over -- it is Jack O'Neill. He is revived with a Goa'uld sarcophagus, and brought before his captor: the Goa'uld System Lord Baal. A heavy-gravity field pins him against the wall in Baal's chamber, as the System Lord slowly tortures him for information. Who is he? Why did he infiltrate Baal's top secret base and steal his personal slave? What is the name of the Tok'ra that possessed him? Jack can't answer any of his questions, and despite his condition takes a few humorous jabs at the mighty System Lord. Baal kills him. On Earth, the Tok'ra Thoran arrives with word of O'Neill's fate. His life was saved from a mysterious virus when he was blended with the Tok'ra Kanan ("Frozen"). But a few days ago, O'Neill/Kanan walked out of the Tok'ra base and through the Stargate without explanation. The Tok'ra blame O'Neill; SG-1 thinks Kanan seized control of his host and used him. Nevertheless, they have no idea where he is. O'Neill wakes up inside the Goa'uld sarcophagus once again, and is taken to a prison cell. The cell has no door or bars; instead, at the flip of a switch, the gravity in the deep cell shifts, and Jack falls to the back wall -- which has now become the floor. He is alone in the deep pit, and helpless. Back at the SGC, SG-1 asks Thoran to provide Kanan's recent mission reports, in the hopes of figuring out where Colonel O'Neill may have gone. He refuses, despite the treaty between Earth and the Tok'ra that allows for such exchange of information. General Hammond refuses to allow him to return to the Tok'ra until he agrees. In Baal's prison cell, Jack is greeted by someone he never expected to see again: Daniel Jackson. His friend and former teammate has ascended to a higher plane of existence ("Meridian"), and has shown himself now in order to comfort O'Neill. Jack pleads with Daniel to help him escape, but his friend insists that he cannot interfere. As an ascended being, he is forbidden to use his powers in that way -- even when he's sure it's the right thing to do, even when it concerns the people he cares about. Jack is taken before Baal again. The Goa'uld tortures him with acid, demanding to know the name of his Tok'ra symbiote. O'Neill finally remembers it, and tells him. But he cannot remember anything about their mission, and Baal kills him again. Back in Jack's cell, Daniel offers him a way out. Baal is going to keep torturing him to death and reviving him, over and over again. Each time he goes into the sarcophagus, it steals away a part of his soul. SG-1 doesn't even know where Jack is -- and even if they did, it's a fortress, so they'd never be able to rescue him. Jack's only way out is to ascend, like Daniel has. All he has to do is release his burden. O'Neill isn't willing to let go of his life and try to ascend, and instead asks Daniel to make sure Baal can't revive him again -- to kill him for good. Daniel refuses, and the Jaffa come for him again. Thoran finally agrees to share Kanan's mission reports with SG-1, and the team searches the records for any hint about where O'Neill might have gone. They learn that on one recent mission, Kanan used Baal's most trusted personal slave -- a woman -- in order to access secret information. Why would the woman risk everything to help him, unless she became personally involved with Kanan? Jack, the team reasons, must have subconsciously influenced Kanan. The moment they were blended, the symbiote would have been confronted by everything that makes the colonel who he is -- including the deeply-rooted conviction not to leave anyone behind. Kanan had gone back to Baal's fortress to rescue her. "He loved her," Jack confesses to Daniel after another torture session. And if Daniel lets him go back in there, he's going to crack. He's going to tell Baal everything, and then the Goa'uld is going to do to her what he's doing to O'Neill. The team knows of no way to free O'Neill from Baal's clutches; General Hammond refuses to allow them to attempt it themselves. But Teal'c has a revelation, and convinced Hammond to agree to a daring plan: they deliver information about the location of Baal's secret base to Yu, a rival Goa'uld System Lord. Yu has the power to attack the base with his powerful warships, giving Jack a chance to escape. Jack wakes up in his cell to find Daniel once again. Daniel acknowledges to his friend that Jack was right -- there's always another way. Sam, Teal'c and Jonas thought of something. Yu's attack begins at that moment, and the base loses power. The gravity field is deactivated, giving the colonel an opportunity to escape. It is Jack's fighting chance, and Daniel tells him that if anyone can make it out, it's Jack. He overpowers a Jaffa on his way out, and finds the slave woman -- Shayla -- in another cell. He takes her with him. He makes it back to Earth, where his friends attend to him in the infirmary. Though none of the others can see him, Daniel shows up one last time to say goodbye to Jack. His withdrawl from sarcophagus addiction will be hard ("Need"), but he knows Jack can handle it. But now, Daniel must leave -- he has his journey, and Jack has his. Daniel is suddenly gone, and O'Neill whispers, "Thank you."
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Shadow Play

    The SGC receives a transmission through the Stargate from Jonas Quinn's home planet. Commander Hale requests permission to visit Earth with a team of dignitaries. Despite the tragic results of their previous encounter with Kelowna ("Meridian"), General Hammond allows it, and Hale arrives with Ambassador Dreylock and Dr. Kieran -- Jonas' former teacher and mentor. The Kelownans explain that two rival nations, with whom they have been in conflict for centuries, are about to sign a non-aggression pact -- what they believe to be a prelude to war with the nation of Kelowna. In exchange for the highly valuable element naquadria, they ask for military technology. (Their world is several decades behind Earth, technologically.) It's a difficult situation for the SGC, which has had previous dealings with a world offering much in exchange for Earth's help in fighting a war ("The Other Side"). But the U.S. government authorizes SG-1 to continue with trade negotiations, and the team prepares to depart for Kelowna. Dr. Kieran gives Jonas the cold shoulder during his first visit, but later returns by himself with a shocking proposal. He is part of an underground resistance movement that is poised to seize power in a coup. He tells Jonas that the people are tired of the endless conflicts with their neighboring nations, but their leaders have stopped listening. They need Jonas' help to put an end to the conflict forever -- and to prevent the Kelownans from using the massively destructive naquadria bomb, which they have recently completed. On Kelowna, SG-1 meets with Hale, Dreylock, and their leader, First Minister Velis. They offer medicine and other non-military technologies, but the Kelownans won't settle for anything other than military tech. They are desperate, and believe that they are facing their certain annihilation. Their only other recourse is the naquadria bomb, which they are prepared to use against their enemies in a preemptive first-strike. The negotiations adjourn for the day, and Colonel O'Neill demands that Dr. Kieran do something to help them. He asks Kieran to contact the Resistance on their behalf. He reluctantly agrees, and travels to a seemingly abandoned warehouse. The Resistance is busy preparing for their big move, and their leader asks Kieran if he trusts the humans from Earth. "I trust Jonas," he replies. Meanwhile, First Minister Velis speaks privately with Jonas. He offers him a full pardon for stealing naquadria and defecting to Earth, and invites him to return home to Kelowna and take up his previous position at the university, as if nothing had happened. But he must help the Kelownans acquire Earth military technology, and he must keep a close eye on Dr. Kieran. Velis tells Jonas that the professor has been acting more and more erratic. When the negotiations fail, SG-1 prepares to return to Earth. Dr. Kieran pleads with them to stay and help the Resistance, which is ready to make its move in just two days. All they have to do is bring soldiers through the Stargate and seize the main governmental building where the gate is housed, while the Resistance moves against every other governmental building in the city. They hope to depose the government without ever firing a shot. O'Neill is skeptical, and demands a meeting with the Resistance. Dr. Kieran returns to the warehouse district, but Jonas finds him there and tells him he is being followed. Shots ring out as Kelownan police chase the two. Jonas tries to protect the professor, but Kieran falls over a stairwell railing to the alley below. Quinn convinces the Kelownans to allow SG-1 to take the professor back to the SGC for medical treatment. O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c returns to Kelowna to track the naquadria that Kieran told them he'd been smuggling into the Resistance. They find the warehouse and the naquadria -- but no Resistance. The warehouse is completely abandoned, with no signs that it had been used in years. On Earth, Dr. Fraiser discovers that Kieran is suffering from a degenerative brain condition that resembles advanced schizophrenia. Colonel O'Neill finds Jonas speaking with First Minister Velis, pleading with him to find another solution than using the bomb. Jack delivers the bad news: Dr. Kieran is schizophrenic. There is no Resistance, and there will be no coup -- it was all in his head. Velis explains that Kieran's condition was discovered to be a side-effect of his exposure to naquadria during the research project. Jonas and the rest of SG-1 return to Earth, where Dr. Kieran is to be transferred to a long-term care facility. When the professor tells Jonas that all is in place for the coup -- and that the Resistance is keeping him informed -- Jonas lets him have his fantasy. "You saved the world," he tells him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - The Other Guys

    Three scientists study an ancient Goa'uld ring transport platform on a dusty alien world, as SG-1 "baby-sits." One of the scientists, Jay Felger, watches on in astonishment. He hero-worships the team, and is excited to be in their presence. His friend, Simon Coombs, tells him to get back to work. But a Goa'uld ship suddenly flies overhead, and a battalion of Jaffa warriors are transported to the surface. SG-1 is pinned down in a firefight, and Colonel O'Neill uses his radio to order the scientists to lay low and head back to Earth as soon as possible. The three men creep up to the edge of a hill in time to witness SG-1 being captured by the Goa'uld. Felger wants to try and rescue them, and tells the other scientist to report back to Earth. He and Coombs use the ring platform to transport themselves up to the ship before it leaves orbit, and arrive undetected. Coombs is a nervous wreck. The Jaffa, led by Herak, toss the team into a prison cell. They will be taken to a planet under the control of Anubis, where their master Khonsu -- a minor Goa'uld in the service of Anubis -- awaits. Khonsu ordered the live capture of SG-1. Felger and Coombs find the team, and try to break them out of the cell -- only to learn that the team doesn't want to go. Colonel O'Neill explains that they're on a mission; Khonsu is a Tok'ra operative with vital information to relay, and this is the only way he can do it without being discovered. Khonsu has learned where Anubis has been getting his advanced technology (Between Two Fires, Revelations). The cell door opens, and a small group of Jaffa enter. Felger and Coombs try to hide behind SG-1, but are discovered. But the soldiers are members of the free Jaffa movement (The Warrior), and are loyal to Khonsu the Tok'ra, there to help facilitate SG-1's mission and eventual escape. O'Neill asks them to take the scientists and hide them someplace safe until the mission is over. Felger and Coombs hide behind a stack of crates in a storage room on board the ship. But when the vessel arrives at its destination, they witness the free Jaffa shot and killed by Herak and his men. Felger and Coombs dress up in the dead men's Jaffa armor and head out to the planet's surface, where SG-1 is being brought before Khonsu. When the team arrives, however, they learn that the Tok'ra is dead. He had been a known spy, and was shot dead by Herak once SG-1 was in custody. Herak demands that O'Neill reveal the names of all the Tok'ra spies within Anubis' ranks, and imprisons the team behind an energy force field when he gets no information. Felger and Coombs find a control room inside the facility and communicate with SG-1. Felger heads for the closest armory, while Coombs manages to lower the shield. SG-1 escapes, and Felger brings them zat guns. The scientist has a plan: they'll escape the facility, then signal Coombs to ring out and head for the gate. The team makes it outside and to the Stargate, battling Jaffa left and right. But Felger learns that Coombs is trapped in the control room. The Jaffa have found him, and are breaking through the door. SG-1 heads back inside, take out the Jaffa at the door, and rescue Dr. Coombs. Herak and the rest of his men are too late, and catch the team at the Stargate just as they escape to Earth. Back at the SGC, Felger and Coombs are presented with medals for their bravery in helping to rescue SG-1. Colonel O'Neill salutes them, and Major Carter plants a big kiss on Felger's lips. If only it wasn't all in his mind...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Allegiance

    SGC's Alpha Site is crowded with Tok'ra and Jaffa refugees and tensions mount between them when the base falls under sabotage and both Tok'ra and Jaffa are mysteriously killed. Jacob Carter and Bra'tac try to keep their respective sides restrained. They eventually realize that an Ashrak, a Gou'ald assassin, is at large and using an invisibility device to hide its presence. Bra'tac is seemingly killed saving the Tok'ra leader Malek. Sam eventually figures out a way to build a device that will disrupt the invisibility field. Bra'tac shows up just in time to save Malek once more, cementing the relationship between the Jaffa and the Tok'ra.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Cure

    On the newly contacted planet Pangera, SG-1 is offered a deal for a miracle medicine, and they eventually discover that the source is a captured Gou'ald Queen. Worse, the Pangerans don't have enough of the medicine, Tutronum, and what they have is only a temporary effect that requires continued dosage to sustain. The Tok'ra agree to help but Teal'c and Jonas discover that the captured Queen is Egeria, who created the Tok'Ra 2,000 years ago on Earth and is now on the verge of dying. The Tok'ra can't find a cure to the Tutronum and want Egeria released because of her founding status and to deal with their own problems with dying out. One of the Tok'ra, Kamel, sacrifices herself to let Egeria take over her host body and let her give voice, forgive the Pangeran for their experimentation on her, and explain her own self-corrupted genetic structure is to blame for the failure of the Pangeran cure. She gives them the solution to the problem with the Pangeran medicine and the two planets depart on good terms.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Prometheus (1)

    Major Samantha Carter is approached by a news reporter as she gets into her car. The woman, Julia Donovan, has a source who has provided her with information on a top-secret government project, code-named "Prometheus," and wants Carter to comment on it. Sam tells her nothing, and leaves.At the SGC, she tells General Hammond about her encounter. He learns that the story is due to run in four days, and sends Major Paul Davis from the Pentagon to speak with Donovan.Davis finds her in a limousine, and introduces himself. He tells her that running her story would put people in danger, and that her source has broken about a dozen federal laws in leaking information to her. He recommends that she not run the story, but Donovan isn't phased.But she soon finds Davis and Carter at her office, speaking with her producer, Al Martell. The president of the United States has asked the owner of the network to kill the story, and the producer has agreed. Donovan threatens to take it to a foreign news agency and get the story out anyway, but the producer strikes a bargain with the government. They'll turn over all information and records on Prometheus, in exchange for a tour and full disclosure. When the government eventually decides to go public, they get a world exclusive.The government agrees, though Hammond later tells Sam that they plan to double-cross the press. The producer has agreed to reveal their source after the tour -- at which point the government will destroy all the news agency's records. The important thing is to find and plug the leak, so that this doesn't happen all over again.Carter and Jonas meet Donovan and Mr. Martell outside the entrance to a top-secret, highly secure facility in the Arizona desert, where Prometheus is in development underground. Along with four crew members (cameramen and technicians), they enter an elevator and head down into the facility. Carter introduces them to the Prometheus, also known as the X-303 -- a massive spacecraft built by the United States military. It is equipped with Earth's first working hyperspace generator, making it capable of interstellar travel.The ship isn't finished, but Carter and Jonas give Donovan and Martell a tour while the cameramen set up on the bridge. They're watched by a pair of guards, who are quickly dispatched when the cameramen pull out a zat gun and pistols from hidden compartments in their equipment. The woman technician, Jones, quickly accesses the computer.On the engineering level, Carter spots a problem with the computer and heads back toward the bridge. She meets the three men in the corridor, and barely escapes into a storage closet. But the men lock her inside, and head for the engine room. They find Jonas, Donovan and Martell, but learn that Jones has lost computer control on the bridge. Jonas realized what was happening when the engines came online, and put the computer into a diagnostic mode -- removing and hiding the ship's primary control crystal.But the producer is in on the hijacking, and recovers the crystal for his associates. They're paying him a lot of money, Martell tells Donovan. Computer access is restored, and Jones begins to overload the powerful hyperspace engines.The hijackers radio their demands to the surface, where Major Davis and Colonel O'Neill wait at a makeshift command post. They demand the release of two military prisoners: Colonel Frank Simmons, formerly of the NID, and the Goa'uld who has taken billionaire Adrian Conrad as its host. If their demands are not met, they will blow up the hyperspace engines, causing an explosion powerful enough to wipe out most of Arizona.With no alternatives, Simmons and Conrad are brought to the facility and sent inside. The Goa'uld works in the engine room to make the ship capable of hyperspace travel, while Simmons takes command on the bridge. Jonas and Donovan are held hostage, while Sam has managed to assemble a transmitter and communicate with the surface. Major Davis tells her that she can disable the ship's power from a panel just one deck above her. She uses a torch to burn her way through the sealed trinium door.Colonel Simmons tells Davis to retract the roof, and he is forced to consent -- allowing the ship to take off. Sam escapes her prison, and heads for the next deck as the ship climbs through the atmosphere. Teal'c and O'Neill take a glider (recently taken from Anubis' mothership - Descent) after the Prometheus, following them into space and boarding through the launch bay.Carter shorts out the panel, causing the ship to lose power. But the Goa'uld finishes the hyperspace engine, and Simmons orders that they open a hyperspace window -- shooting the ship lightyears away from Earth.O'Neill and Teal'c arrive to save Carter from a pair of hijackers, and the three proceed to the bridge. But Adrian Conrad gets their first, and attacks Simmons. He has no more use for him, and wishes to take control of the ship. The two men struggle, and Simmons shoots Conrad dead.Sam makes it to the bridge, but Simmons confronts Teal'c and Jack in the corridor. His eyes glow as he attacks them; the Goa'uld has taken him as a host. He beats them both handily, and moves to finish off Teal'c. But the ship exists hyperspace with a jolt, and O'Neill leaps to a control panel on the wall, entering the code to open the outer doors. Simmons is sucked out into space, and the doors are resealed.With the hijacking averted, an injured Jones explains things back on the bridge. During Colonel Maybourne's rogue Stargate program (Shades of Grey), an NID team discovered a tablet on an alien world, with writing in the language of the Ancients. It described a vast depository of the Ancients' weapons and technology, but it took the Goa'uld in Adrian Conrad to decipher the coordinates. The Prometheus provided them with an opportunity to get there.But now that they've arrived at the coordinates, there is no planet to be found. And without knowing where they are, Carter tells Colonel O'Neill that she can't plot a course for home.But that's the least of their problems, as an Asgard battleship suddenly arrives. Commander Thor transports aboard, and asks for their help. The Replicators have overrun the Asgard homeworld, and Thor needs SG-1 ... and their ship.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Unnatural Selection (2)

    Thor arrives on board the Prometheus, where SG-1 is lost in deep space after having thwarted a hijacking attempt by rogue N.I.D. operatives (Prometheus (1)). The Replicators, Thor announces, have completely taken over the Asgard home world. They need SG-1 -- whose ship will be ignored by the techno-bugs, as inferior technology -- to visit the infested planet and save the day.The Asgard's most recent failed plan involved a time-dilation device, Thor explains. In studying the android Reese (Menace), they discovered a way to signal all Replicators in the universe to come to them. Once they were all there, on the mostly-evacuated Asgard world, the time-dilation device would be activated. It created a bubble around the planet in which time was slowed down by a factor of 10,000 -- effectively trapping the bugs there long-term, until the Asgard could find a way to eliminate them for good.But the Replicators stopped the device from going off, and even managed to reverse its function. Now, time within the bubble is passing 100 times faster than normal.Thor tows the Prometheus back to Earth, where Colonel O'Neill secures the approval of his superiors for the dangerous mission. The ship's unwanted passengers are transported to the surface, while Thor transports up weapons and supplies (including a room full of food from the SGC). The Asgard then tow the ship far from Earth, to their home galaxy.The Prometheus proceeds on its own power to the Asgard world Halla and lands. SG-1 disembarks to find a stormy, desolate world -- a world covered entirely with a smooth surface of Replicator blocks. They cautiously make their way to the only structure still visible, where Carter locates the time dilation device. But before she can begin to understand how to reverse it, the team is surrounded by five humanoids.O'Neill is shocked to see humans on this barren world -- until he learns that they are not human at all. They are a highly evolved generation of Replicators, who have emulated Reese and built themselves entirely out of microscopic-sized blocks -- essentially, nanites. Reversing the time device has allowed them to multiply and evolve at a rapid pace.The team opens fire, but their weapons are entirely ineffective against this generation of Replicators. Their leader, First, steps toward Jack and pushes his hand through the colonel's forehead. He is in his thoughts, and has complete access to Jack's memories. Three of the others likewise grab Teal'c, Carter and Jonas, and enter their minds. First forces Jack to relive the death of his son, and threatens to use it as punishment every time he does not cooperate. He wishes to see all of the worlds where SG-1 has been on their travels, in order to plan the Replicators conquest of Earth's galaxy.The team awakens on board the Prometheus. Carter learns that Fifth, a young-looking and wide-eyed Replicator, carried them all back there to rest after their experience. Now, the Replicators have invited them all back to the structure for dinner.When they arrive, the Replicators explain themselves. First was created in Reese's image, and was the one who stopped the Asgard device; his nanite technology allowed him to reach through a hairline crack in the device's casing to stop it before it activated. After replicating more like himself, the creatures attempted to correct the flaw in Reese's programming and create a Replicator who is more human. Fifth was the result. But he is now considered inferior to them because of his emotional "weaknesses." He was the only one who did not invade the team's minds, and First insists that he take his turn.Carter sees that Fifth is reluctant and conflicted, and volunteers herself. Fifth reaches gently into her mind, and Sam finds herself standing with him in the middle of a storm. It is not a place from her mind, Fifth explains, but from his. They may speak for a few moments there without the others knowing what is said. Carter convinces Fifth to help them escape -- his Replicator "brothers" won't be destroyed by reversing the Asgard device, just frozen in time until the Asgard can figure out what to do with them.Fifth agrees, but with one stipulation: that SG-1 takes him with them.Carter agrees, and wakes up. The other Replicators have gone for now, giving Fifth time to access the time-dilation device. Carter moves to set the clock to countdown. But if Fifth leaves immediately, the others will know he is gone and deactivate the device. He must stay while SG-1 runs to the Prometheus, and join them at the last minute -- so that the Replicators do not have time to react to his absence and shut off the device again.Jack tells Sam to set the timer for five minutes, but subtly indicates only three minutes with his fingers. He cannot allow Fifth to escape the trap. SG-1 hurries back to the ship and takes off.First and the other Replicators arrive to confront Fifth, and First tells him how naive he is to think that the humans would take him with them. Fifth opens the device and looks at the timer -- only seconds, not minutes, remain. "She promised ..." he says.Time comes to a near stand-still as the device activates, trapping the Replicators. The Prometheus streaks through space -- SG-1 has escaped. Jonas and Sam question O'Neill's decision to use Fifth's humanity against him, but Jack is adamant that there was no other solution.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Sight Unseen

    SG-1 returns through the Gate with a strange energy-emitting device and soon see mysterious discorporeal buglike creatures. The creatures are harmless and exist normally on Earth but the device conveys the ability to see them...and it's contagious. O'Neill spreads the "plague" to a small town en route to his fishing vacation. Sam and Jonas come up with a cure but Vernon Sharpe, a military vet and garage attendant who is rather paranoid of the government since being in the Gulf War, escapes the quarantine. The team tracks Vernon through his mother and Jack confronts Vernon in an abandoned hanger and convinces him to help his country by keeping the secret.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Smoke & Mirrors

    Senator Kinsey exits an office building amidst a crowd of cheering spectators, and the entourage of security expected for a presidential candidate. His party's convention is only weeks away, and Kinsey is regarded by many to be a top contender for the second spot on the ticket.But his plans may soon come to a bitter end: in a window several floors up in the hotel across the street, a lone gunman loads his weapon. A shot rings out, striking the senator square in the chest. He goes down, and the shooter packs up his weapon and makes a quick exit. It is Jack O'Neill.The next morning, Colonel O'Neill arrives at the SGC to find his team crowded around a television, listening to the latest reports. He appears shocked when Major Carter tells him that Kinsey is dead; Jack has been on vacation alone in Minnesota for several days. But General Hammond soon arrives with a pair of military guards, who arrest O'Neill for the murder -- despite his vehement protests.Major Davis soon arrives to explain the matter to SG-1. Police recovered surveillance video of O'Neill from the hotel, seemingly incontrovertible evidence against the colonel. But the team can't believe he would do this, and Hammond orders them to investigate the matter -- bearing in mind that they have little jurisdiction, if any. Knowing that O'Neill once blackmailed Kinsey based on his involvement with a rogue faction of the N.I.D. (Chain Reaction), SG-1 considers just how Jack may have been impersonated by someone who knew there was bad blood between them.Carter visits Area 51, where 12 mimic devices recovered from aliens who once infiltrated the SGC posing as base personnel (Foothold) are stored. They're fakes; the real mimic devices -- including one programmed for O'Neill's image -- have been stolen. Jonas and Teal'c investigate the matter further, while Carter flies to Washington, D.C. to check in with an old acquaintance.She meets N.I.D. Agent Malcolm Barrett at the organization's headquarters. He gives her no help whatsoever -- but, cryptically, passes her a handwritten note telling her to meet him in a nearby park. When she arrives, Barrett tells her that his office is bugged (part of standard N.I.D. operating procedure). There is a cancer in the N.I.D., he tells her -- and after the hijacking of the Prometheus (Prometheus (1)) by Colonel Simmons and a former N.I.D. team, the White House has had enough. They called Barrett in and assigned him to a secret mission to bring down this shadow group that is using the N.I.D. to do its dirty work. He was close to getting enough information from Kinsey to take down the group when the senator was shot.The two visit a known weapons dealer, whom Barrett allows to operate in exchange for information. They learn that the shooter did indeed purchase his weapon there -- but the dealer identifies him as Colonel O'Neill. Carter asks if the buyer handled any other weapons -- which he did. A fingerprint from the weapon leads to a positive match in the N.I.D. employee database: an agent named Mark Devlin.Meanwhile, Teal'c and Jonas have discovered that most of the Area 51 personnel who were studying the mimic devices were transferred to the X-303 project. Only a few continued to work on the devices, including one who was reportedly killed in a car accident just days before Kinsey's assassination. With help from Dr. Fraiser, they determine that Dr. Brent Langham was not, in fact, killed.They track him down, only to find that he is using one of the stolen devices to hide out behind another man's face. Teal'c and Jonas apprehend him, and take him back to the SGC -- where an intimidating Teal'c gets him to confess everything. He stole the devices for "the Committee," the shadow group that leads the rogue arm of the N.I.D. They're wealthy businessmen, he explains, who have millions invested and expect to reap billions in return. They use the N.I.D.'s resources to acquire alien technologies, then incorporate them into their product lines. "I thought this was about saving the world," Jonas observes. Langham tells him that no one ever said that had to be a non-profit endeavor.Carter and Barrett track down Agent Devlin, only to narrowly escape the house he has rigged to explode. Soon, they realize that they have to start trusting each other. Sam tells him about the mimic devices and the foothold incident, which had been expunged from all official records; and Barrett tells her that Senator Kinsey isn't dead. He's in a coma, and the story of his death is being reported to protect him from the shadow group. Major Davis is handling the whole thing.Sam remembers, though, that one of the alien mimic devices was programmed to make the wearer look like Davis. They hurry to the hospital, and apprehend Devlin -- who is indeed using the device to pose as Major Davis -- just before he finishes off the senator.Carter then uses a mimic device -- programmed to look like Devlin -- to go and report to the Committee. She tells them that Kinsey is dead and Davis will get the blame. Next, they suggest, they should put pressure on General Hammond once again to relinquish control of the SGC. Carter gets just enough incriminating evidence from the businessmen before her mimic device fails, and Barrett rushes in with a team to arrest the men. The rogue N.I.D. is no more.Back at the hospital, Colonel O'Neill appears in full dress uniform to reluctantly participate in an announcement to the press. Senator Kinsey has fully recovered, and tells the gathered crowd that O'Neill's apparent guilt was only part of Kinsey's own elaborate plan to bring down a rogue faction within the U.S. government. As Jack reluctantly shakes his hand, Kinsey whispers to him, "You just won me the election."
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Paradise Lost

    Maybourne tells Jack about a planet which was inhabited by the Furlings, he says there's a weapon there and that he has the key to get into it and he gets Jack into taking him to the planet along with SG-1. Once on the planet, he puts the key in and inserts the combination, but he doesn't do one step, he takes Carter's zat gun and shoots her and Jack, he pulls out the key, which causes the doorway to open, he jumps through and so does Jack. It turns out that there was no weapon, it was a "utopia" that Maybourne wanted to go to because he had nothing left on Earth. Maybourne assumes that they are on the other side of the planet, meanwhile, Major Carter and a team of scientists have been trying to find a way to activate the doorway again for a week, they have nothing. Jack the reason that the Furlings died is because the Goa'uld brought a plant through the trasporter which causes the person who ate it to go insane and die. A cargo ship sent by the Tok'ra arrives and picks them up, the Tok'ra send Maybourne to an isolated planet somewhere.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Metamorphosis

    The Russian SG team brings back one of Nirrti's test subjects, who self-destructs after testifying she is working to produce a perfect human, a hok'tar. SG-1 and the Russians go to the planet and find disfigured natives who claim Nirrti is their savior – the team needs her to cure the natives and try and capture her, but the unconvinced natives use their telekinetic and telepathic abilities and everyone ends up captured. Nirrti begins to experiment on the team, killing the Russian commander and taking a special interest in Jonas, offering him supreme power. When Jonas declines she goes to work on Jack but he convinces the telepath to read Nirrti's mind – he does and they kill their "goddess," and telepathically extract the knowledge to work the machine.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Disclosure

    The U.S. and Russia discloses the existence of the Stargate to the United Kingdom, China, and France in a secret Pentagon meeting. As Major Davis briefs the ambassadors, Kinsey, recently transferred from Appropriations to Intelligence oversight, shows up just to help things along. The countries in question aren't thrilled with America keeping the Gate under their control and the ever-scheming Kinsey proposes that the NID monitor it on behalf of all five countries. Hammond trumps Kinsey by calling in Thor to make a personal request and the nations agree to let the U.S. and Hammond maintain the program.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Forsaken

    SG-1 arrives on a planet and meets humans from a colony planet of Celts but with highly advanced spaceflight technology and their own ship, the Ceberus. They are under attack by an unidentified alien race without seeming motive and the Celt team has their own secrets. We find out the Celts' ship was a prison transport and Jack and Teal'c make contact with one of the aliens . . . who claims to be the captain of the Ceberus. Each side claims they're prison transport officers and the other side are escaped prisoners. It turns out the "aliens" are telling the truth and the prisoners plan to use the Stargate to go plunder other planets and use Jonas as a hostage. Fortunately Jonas and Hammond suspected them and set up a plan to capture the prisoners when they use the Gate and end up back on Earth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - The Changeling

    Teal'c starts suffering from a series of dreams where he is a human fireman, "T," preparing to donate a kidney – the people in his dream are people he knows, ranging from his SG-1 teammates to Apophis to Bra'tac. In Teal'c's dream (?) Daniel Jackson is a psychologist who refuses to okay T for donating his kidney while in real life Teal'c believes he has lost his symbiote. As a psychologist dream-Daniel tries to help T come to grips – we find out the dream is Teal'c mind helping him get through after he was in an ambush and shared his symbiote to keep he and Bra'tac both alive. When SG-1 resscues them there are no other symbiotes available – worse, Teal'c's symbiote is now too weakened to even save one of them. Jacob Carter arrives with a Tok'ra version of Tratonin from the Pangerans (from Cure) and Hammond authorizes the treatment. Daniel appears to Teal'c and reassures him that things will be fine.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Memento

    The SG-1 team is onboard the Prometheus assisting in a test flight when it falls out of hyperdrive. They get to P3X-744, an unexplored planet that once had a Stargate on it but is now apparently inactive, but are forced to jettison the overloading drive which causes the natives to fire missiles. They convince the natives of the planet (Tagrea) to detonate the missiles and meet with them. The Tagreans are of mixed opinions and seem to have no knowledge of the Stargate or of their history past 300 years. Jonas and Teal'c find out the planet was enslaved by Horus and manage to find the location of the Stargate where it was buried. The Tagrean military commander, Calfas, moves in and takes them prisoner -- Jack appeals to the councilman, Ashwin, who has Calfas arrested and frees the team, letting them use the Stargate to return home to get what they need to repower the Prometheus and establish diplomatic relations.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Prophecy

    SG-1 arrive on P4S-237, a planet where the locals are under the tyranny of Lord Maat and his master Ba'al, and the villagers believe SG-1 will fulfill a thousand-year old prophecy to free them. Jonas passes out - he starts having brief flashes of the future. Jonas suspects it's the results of Nirrti's experiments on him (in "Metamorphosis"), while Dr. Fraiser has detected a non-cancerous tumor that is growing fast. Jonas tries to alter a future where he sees Sam get wounded on P4S-237, but when she stays behind she gets injured in a base accident. One of the locals sells out O'Neill and Teal'c and plans to get the iris codes from them, while Jonas has a vision of Mot coming through the iris and wiping out the base. Mot secretly has them released to ambush them when they use the iris code. Meditating, Jonas determines O'Neill will be ambushed when he activates the code to come back, before he passes out himself. As Jonas undergoes successful surgery he warns Sam who warns the others, while the locals turns against Mot and kill him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Full Circle

    Skaara runs through the tent village on the desert world of Abydos, where the first Stargate team from Earth once helped liberate them from the powerful Goa'uld Ra seven years ago ("Stargate" the movie). He enters a tent filled with people, and kneels down to speak with an Abydonian elder. She tells him that he must prepare the others for battle. Skaara wonders how they can hope to stand up to a Goa'uld as powerful as Anubis, and is told that they won't be alone. A hooded figure reveals himself to the young man -- it is Daniel Jackson.Back on Earth, Colonel Jack O'Neill enters the SGC elevator and proceeds down to level 28. There is a power surge, and the elevator stops. Daniel appears, and tells Jack that Abydos is in trouble. Anubis is on his way, looking for the legendary Eye of Ra.When O'Neill reports this to General Hammond and the rest of SG-1, he's surprised to learn that they don't think he's nuts for claiming to have seen the deceased Dr. Jackson. But the team is given the go-ahead to visit Abydos, and try to find the Eye before Anubis does.They arrive, and Skaara shows them to an area of the pyramid where writings on the wall speak of the Eye. When they're unable to make progress, O'Neill demands that Daniel shows himself. He appears, though he insists that he's not allowed to help. If he interferes with unascended people, he explains, Oma Desala herself (a rogue member of the ascended) would intervene to prevent "the others" from bringing down their wrath.But Jack convinces him to help a little, at least to locate the Eye for them. Meanwhile, Teal'c and the Abydonian boys set up a perimeter around the pyramid. Kasuf has taken the women and children into the caves to seek refuge. Anubis has arrived, and his gliders streak over the Abydonian desert.Daniel shows Jonas and Carter another chamber, where he'd always suspected there to be a hidden chamber. O'Neill and Skaara head to the surface to help the others fend off the attack. With Daniel's help they figure out how to access the secret chamber. Inside, Jackson makes a remarkable discovery: his people, the ascended, are actually the Ancients -- the builders of the Stargate network!He tells Sam and Jonas that he must do something, and vanishes. But before going, he tells them to guard the stone tablet he has found. Written in a very old dialogue of the Ancients, it tells of a lost city with a stash of the Ancients' weapons and technology -- which can give Earth a huge advantage over Anubis. After he leaves, Sam and Jonas find the Eye of Ra hidden in a secret compartment.Outside, Anubis' Jaffa land in force, and push the Abydonians back into the gate room inside the pyramid. Anubis' forces dial the Stargate from another world to prevent their escape. A vicious battle ensues inside the gate room, and several Abydonian fighters -- including Skaara -- are shot. Jack orders them to retreat into the catacombs of the pyramid.When they meet up with Jonas and Carter, Jack slaps a brick of C-4 explosives onto the Eye of Ra. The Jaffa army fills the catacombs, led by Herak ("The Other Guys") -- apparently, Anubis' new First Prime. O'Neill threatens to destroy the Eye -- and everyone with it -- unless they give them a clear path to the Stargate. After consulting the shrouded and sinister Anubis (who has arrived in orbit aboard a massive Goa'uld mothership), Herak refuses. Anubis will destroy all of Abydos if he does not hand it over.But Daniel appears on board Anubis' own ship to confront him. He tells the Goa'uld that he will not allow him to harm anyone else on Abydos, and that he has the power to stop him. But Daniel may not be right: Anubis reveals his true, dark face to Daniel, who is stunned to learn what he is.On the surface, SG-1 and the Jaffa are at stand-off. But Skaara is near death, and when he passes, his body begins to glow with an intense, white light. He has ascended.In orbit, a hyperspace window opens, and Anubis' ship is surrounded by a fleet of Goa'uld motherships. Lord Yu tells him to surrender the Eye -- he commands the collective forces of the System Lords. Daniel indicates that he summoned them, and threatens to tell them that Anubis doesn't have the Eye -- that they can win if they strike now. But instead, he settles on a bargain with Anubis: Daniel will get him the Eye if he swears that no harm will come to the people of Abydos ... ever. Anubis is eager to accept, and it is a promise to which Daniel swears he will hold him. The rest of the Ancients be damned.Daniel visits SG-1 on the surface, and explains the plan. The most important thing, he tells O'Neill, is that they get that tablet safely back to Earth. It holds the key to Anubis' defeat, and he promises to help them find the lost city. O'Neill agrees, and hands over the Eye to Herak.Jackson also explains what he has learned about Anubis: he is one of them, the ascended. The Goa'uld must have learned how to ascend, but the others didn't want him. They tried to send him back, but it didn't completely work. Now, he is still a being of energy, trapped between ascension and mortal life. His dark mask holds his form intact.The Eye is delivered to Anubis, and its terrible power is revealed. Joined with the five other Eyes that Anubis has collected, it transforms his new mothership into a powerful weapon -- which destroys a pair of motherships with a single burst. A massive battle ensues, and the System Lords are routed. Those ships that survive quickly flee.Breaking his vow to Jackson, Anubis now moves to destroy Abydos. But Daniel is there to stop him. Using the power of the ascended, he tries to throw a burst of energy at Anubis -- but is stopped and pulled away. Anubis confesses to Herak that it was not his doing; Oma Desala or the others must have stopped him.Anubis activates his weapon once again, and a massive burst strikes the pyramid on the planet's surface. SG-1 returns to Earth through the Stargate, and Jack witnesses the pyramid collapse around him as he steps through the gate. The pyramid, the planet, everything is utterly annihilated.Earth tries to redial Abydos, but fails time and time again. Carter insists that they keep trying -- she won't give up until someone with a ship flies over the planet and tells her there's nothing left alive. But to her surprise, the Stargate finally connects. A probe shows the pyramid intact and undamaged, so SG-1 returns to investigate.They find the tent village in the desert, bustling with the normal routine of the Abydonians. Even Skaara is there, alive, to greet them. But he explains that one named "Oma" did this; that death is just the beginning of one's journey. Suddenly, the village is gone, and O'Neill realizes that Oma helped the entire population of Abydos to ascend. Skaara tells them that the Stargate will remain until they leave, then disappears.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Fallen (1)

    Jonas works on the location of the City of the Lost and gets a fix on a planet – when they go there, they find locals who have taken in an amnesiac Daniel Jackson. They bring him back to SGC and get reports that Anubis is triumphing with the Eye that Jack turned over to him (in Full Circle). Daniel determines the planet isn't the location of the Lost City that pre-amnesiac Daniel said they needed, much to the team's dismay. They finally come up with a plan: Jonas and Daniel create a fake tablet to lure in Anubis while Jack and Sam fly the F-302 through Anubis' shields via hyperdrive and destroy his crystal power core via a power shaft, then call in Lord Yu. Jonas and Daniel sneak on board Anubis' ship via teleport-rings to access the computers and get the shaft's location. Things go awry when Yu backs out (taking Teal'c prisoner) and Anubis figures out it's a trap and targets the planet's Stargate. Jack and Sam get the info and destroy the power core in the nick of time but Jonas gets captured and Anubis uses the mind-probe to find out about Quinn's home planet of Kelowna and goes there to obtain its Naquadria.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Homecoming (2)

    Kelowna asks SGC for assistance from Anubis' attack, while Yu's First prime reveals to a captive Teal'c that the System Lord is going slowly insane due to his age and constant use of the healing sarcophagus. Teal'c convinces the First prime to contact System Lord Ba'al. Sam and Jack travel to Kelowna and discover Anubis has the Naquadria and is moving on their main base to acquire their Stargate. Daniel tries to free Jonas while Jack and Sam convince the Kelownans and their enemies Tyrania and Andari to combine forces to accept Ba'al's help. Anubis' forces try to recover Kelowna artifacts that are crystals with data on the Naquadria project to bring it up to speed. Teal'c and Sam get there just as Anubis' Jaffa do and get captured.just as Jonas and Daniel use the teleport-rings to arrive and free them. However, Commander Hale of Kelowna sells everyone out to Anubis and gives him the crystal, then gets killed. Ba'al arrives in the nick of time to cause a distraction so SG-1 gets the crystal back – Anubis and his First, Her'ak, escape as the System Lord's pyramid-ship is destroyed. Quinn is invited back to Kelowna to act as a diplomatic representative with Tyrania and Andari and accepts.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Fragile Balance

    SG-1 find out that Jack has apparently been reduced to the age of a teenager, and there is some mysterious connection to alien abductees and the Asgard.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Orpheus

    A Jaffa-centric episode, and it's not a good day for the ones who like the Tauri. Teal'c's son Rya'c and Bra'tac are prisoners at a Jaffa death camp. SG-1, however, will not let their friends meet a lethal end and are determined to rescue them. Along the way, Teal'c becomes a prisoner and his fate looks very precarious.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Revisions

    On the toxic planet P3X-289, SGC finds an electric field screening a inhabitable area and SG-1 goes to investigate. They meet a boy, Nevin, who leads them to his village where his father and the others use a mental Link to tie into a central computer. The team stays with the locals, unaware that one of the councilwomen they met has quietly left . . . and no one but they remember her. Sam notices lowering power values but the computer records don't show it and her technician friend Pallan doesn't remember it either – by her calculations the dome will fail in a short while and everyone will die. The team offers the natives the chances to leave but most are reluctant to accept – Nevin and his father Kendrick first accept their invitation but then abruptly change their mind, and are convinced removing the link causes instant death. Daniels finds papers showing over 100,000 people once lived in the dome, and the protective field is shrinking – the computer has been slowly commanding them to leave the dome and die over the years so as to conserve its diminishing energy. They convince Pallan to help them as the computer programs the other townsfolk to attack SG-1. Sam and Pallan reprogram the computer just in time and the villagers evacuate.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Lifeboat

    The team discover a ship on planet P2A-347 containing cylinders holding people in suspended animation. Glowing energy knocks out the team, and Teal'c manages to get them back through the gate. Daniel wakes up and acts erratically as if he were another person (Martice of Talthus, a sovereign ruler), and Fraiser shows him having the EKGs of a dozen individuals. O'Neill and Carter wake up and Jackson eventually switches to the personality of the chief engineer, Tryan, who is more reasonable and explains they merged consciousnesses with Daniel and can't be separated, or returned to their now-dead bodies. They and two other evacuation ships fled their planet Ardena when a black star caused a solar flare, the ship crashed, and its power loss endanger the sleepers. Teal'c believes someone emerged and forced the merger with Daniel. Teal'c and Sam discover a survivor, Pharrin, on the ship who holds the spirits of 13 other passengers, and hopes to keep them alive until the other two ships fleeing their planetary disaster arrive. Pharrin is the one who put the other spirits in Daniel and knows how to undo the process, but is understandably reluctant since the removal will kill the spirits, including his son. SGC refuses to grant the power to save the ship unless Pharrin restoes Daniel, and Martice orders Pharrin to stand down. Jack persuades Pharrin to ignore Martice, and Fraiser puts them back in suspended animation while they restore power to the ship to revive them fully.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Enemy Mine

    While on a survey of an abandoned Naqahdah mine on P3X-403 one of Colonel Edwards' men, Lt. Ritter, goes missing. SG-1 arrives to help in the search and find Ritter dead - left as a warning by the locals. Meanwhile, Daniel finds evidence of Unas living on the planet. The Unas want the "Umans" (i.e. humans) to leave their home alone. The humans want to mine the rich deposit of naquadah they have just discovered. Daniel calls in his old buddy, Chaka, to help him negotiate with the local Unas leader, who Daniel nicknames Iron Shirt for the Jaffa armor he wears. The mine is where the Unas slaves were worked to death and they consider it holy ground. Complicating matters, Edwards and his team find a huge deposit of naquadah - Earth military has no intent of abandoning the planet. It's a tense situation and negotiations break down as an Unas is mistakenly killed by a soldier who believes he is about to be attacked. The Unas horde prepare to attack but their leader offer to let them surrender if they drop to the ground. Despite Edwards' objections, they eventually do and the leader agrees to negotiate. The Unas agree to work the mine for Earth and give the naqahdah to them.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Space Race

    SG-1 is negotiating with the Hebridans (from "Forsaken") who have high tech that SGC is interested in procuring. Carter volunteers to help the Serrakin pilot they rescued previously, Warrick, and supply a naqadah generator in return for getting a chance to unofficially study their technology. While Carter and Warrick go off on the race, Teal'c and Warrick's brother Eamon monitor the ship as it suffers apparent sabotage along the dangerous "Loop." Teal'c and Eamon go off to investigate and discover that Eamon's boss Tynan has rigged the race. They get captured while Sam and Warrick rescue another pilot, Jarlath, and discover that sabotage is rampant - the saboteurs are humans wanting to make sure their kind win. Tynan threatens to kill his prisoners if the ship doesn't slow, but Jack and Daniel free them and with Jarlath's help they keep the favored human ship from winning.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Avenger 2.0

    While Teal'c and O'Neill are off with some Jaffa and Daniel is helping the natives on a geologically unstable planet, Dr. Jay Felger (from "The Other Guys") has managed to piss off Hammond after blowing the base's power out while testing a new plasma cannon. Felger promises to come up with a new device in 24 hours and comes up with Avenger, a computer virus that can shut down any Stargate in the network. With Carter's backing, Hammond agrees and Felger targets a stargate on a mining world owned by Ba'al. But the virus triggers a network-wide collapse of all the stargates, trapping Daniel in the middle of a flood and Teal'c and O'Neill in a firefight. Ba'al launches a series of attacks on his rival System Lords, taking advantage of the gate shutdowns. Carter and Felger try to upload the original coordinates from the SGC computer but fail, and realize they have to go to the planet where the virus was originally loaded - Ba'al's world. Carter and Felger travel there and realize Ba'al modified the virus and Felger didn't screw things up. Felger works to rewrite Ba'al's rewrite of Avenger and Carter tries to hold off the encroaching Jaffa. Fortunately, O'Neill and Teal'c show up in the nick of time in an Alkesh fighter - Felger is successful and gets to dream of Carter and his assistant Chloe fighting over him in a wrestling contest.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Birthright

    SG-1 meets with a group of Jaffa but are interrupted by an attack by female Jaffa. They salvage the larva from a dying male Jaffa and take the team to their camp on another planet. It turns out the System Lord Moloch kills the women, the Ha'ktyl, so they rebel, but require the symbiotes to keep their female children alive when they reach puberty. Sam offers the women tretonin and Teal'c convinces their leader and priestess, Ishar, but others are skeptical. A group of the women volunteer for treatment at SGC while Teal'c and Daniel remain behind and Teal'c and Ishar grow closer. One of the test subjects rejects the treatment and dies, causing Ishar to take Teal'c and Daniel hostage as her people go out to get more symbiotes from Moloch's symbiotes. Ishar has a change of heart and her rebellious lieutenant Neath is badly wounded, but is persuaded to take the tretonin treatment by her sister Nesa. The two sides agree to remain in touch and continue their alliance and Teal'c and Ishta have a parting kiss.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Evolution (1)

    Daniel is taken hostage when he goes to South American in search of an alien device, while Carter and Teal'c investigate the powerful appearance of a new enemy.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Evolution (2)

    Daniel is taken hostage when he goes to South America in search of an alien device reputed to belong to the System Lord Telchak, and tied to his grandfather. Jack is sent to rescue him, while Carter and Teal'c investigate the powerful appearance of a new enemy intent on wiping out the System Lords one by one.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Grace

    Carter goes on a mission to retrieve the Prometheus, she awakens to find herself alone on the ship and starts experiencing strange things.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Fallout

    The SGC team are reunited with Jonas Quinn, who asks for their assistance as he's discovered a naquadriah chain reaction threatens to destroy Kalowona.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Chimera

    Samantha Carter begins a relationship with a detective, from whom she must hide her life at Stargate Command. Daniel comes face to face with the Goa'uld who has taken his former girlfriend as a host.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Death Knell

    Anubis's Super warriors attack the Alpha site and so the self destruct is initiated but not everyone was evacuated. Teal'c and Jack scour for Major Carter, meanwhile unrest is amongst the allies as the possibility of a mole emerges.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Heroes (1)

    A film crew comes to the SGC to document the normal functions of the SGC.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Heroes (2)

    SGC is wracked by tragedy when one of their own is killed in a Goa'uld ambush.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Resurrection

    Sam and Daniel go to a empty warehouse where there is supposed to a rogue NID operation in the works. Sam and Daniel find out that Keffler (the only man left alive) is the man who "created" her. Her name is Anna and she draws pictures of what she sees in her dreams. but some of the pictures she sees can help Daniel figure how to deactivate the bomb that she has activated as blackmail. The goa'uld DNA inside her wants more time to talk to the man. But in the end she kills Keffler because she is sick and tired of him torturing her.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Inauguration

    The United States has a new President. Vice President (former Senator) Kinsey tries, once again, to take control of the Stargate Program, by persuading the new President that it is unsafe under Hammond's command.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 21 - Lost City (1)

    Bra'tac reveals to the Tau'ri that Anubis will attack Earth in 3 days. Jack gains access to the Ancients' knowledge and in about a week without the Asgard's help he will die. But in this action they are hoping to find the lost city and defend Earth with the knowledge from the Ancients. General Hammond is relieved from his duties at the SGC. But instead he finds out that he is going to become the commander of the Prometheus. Teal'c goes back to Chulak with Bra'tac to recruit rebel warriors and hopefully get some ships to defend Earth from Anubis in the case that Jack dies and they don't find any weapons in the Lost City.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 22 - Lost City (2)

    It starts with Jack doing another crossword but its not really a crossword in the questions Jack reveals the location of the Lost City. (They go to the planet and discover that it isn't the real Lost City but it helps them find the real one. Which is on Earth and and they find it near the other Stargate in Antarctica. They have to melt a mile of ice to get to it though. but while they are doing that above them is the biggest battle in Stargate history against the X-303, X-302's and the fleet of Anubis. When they reach the Lost City they use the technology and its more like a zillion ghosts but destructive ghosts that destroy Anubis and his fleet. Jack almost dies and he freezes himself in the Lost City.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - New Order (1)

    It has not been long since SG-1 saved Earth from Anubis's armada (Lost City (2)). Now there is fear of a new attack, and Prometheus remains on guard in orbit. Tensions are running high between the nations seeking control over the newly-discovered Ancient base in Antarctica, as it lies within international territory. The Asgard are out of reach, and Jack is still frozen in Antarctica.With diplomatic negotiations at a standstill, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, the new leader of Stargate Command, is unable to relinquish control of the Stargate for the purpose of contacting the Asgard (who are likely monitoring the Replicators on Halla), and the enhanced cargo ship is too valuable to relinquish to SG-1. Still, Major Samantha Carter presses Weir, who eventually agrees to allow her and Teal'c to take the ship to try and find help for Colonel O'Neill. Sam calculates that a trip to the Asgard galaxy of Othalla will take 10 days.Back on Earth, the S.G.C. receives a text message from the Goa'uld Camulus: The System Lords wish to send representatives to Earth to discuss negotiations for a new treaty. President Hayes agrees to the meeting, and Daniel transmits a response. Camulus, Amaterasu, and Yu (who is suffering from old age now more than ever) arrive on Earth.Carter and Teal'c successfully reach the Halla system but are almost immediately pulled into a massive black hole. Halla's star has collapsed and is absorbing all surrounding matter. With the hyperdrive burned out following the long voyage, they are unable to escape the gravitational field. Just as a hull breach destroys the ship, Thor arrives and transports them aboard his Asgard vessel. Carter and Teal'c plead O'Neill's case to Thor, but he must remain in the Halla system to ensure the destruction of the remaining Replicators. But the Asgard-created black hole is not enough: a mass of Replicator blocks form together into a ship and use the Asgard time dilation device to escape the gravity well. As Thor's vessel retreats, the Replicators fire a spear of blocks that breaches the ship's hull.Negotiations with the Goa'uld have commenced at the S.G.C. Weir and Jackson learn that all but one of the System Lords have formed a brittle coalition, dividing Anubis's territories amongst themselves. The remaining Goa'uld, Baal, managed to locate Tartarus, where Anubis was building his army of Kull warriors, and now poses a serious threat over the rest of the Goa'uld collective. The System Lords wish Earth to use its new Ancient weapon to defeat Baal and prevent him from ruling the galaxy.As Carter and Teal'c work to destroy the Replicators that have boarded the ship, Sam is taken by a transporter beam. The Replicator ship enters hyperspace headed for Orilla, the new Asgard homeworld where the last of their race is attempting to reconstruct their shattered civilization. Carter soon learns it was Fifth who captured her, and that he is unfathomably angry at her for deceiving him and ultimately leaving him behind on Halla (Unnatural Selection). Fifth wastes little time in probing her memory, a torturous process for humans.Weir tells the System Lords that Baal's threat against them is not Earth's problem, but they are insistent that Baal believes the Asgard can no longer defend the worlds in the Protected Planets Treaty and is prepared to take them as his own. In exchange for aid from Earth, the Goa'uld offer hyperdrive technology as powerful as that of their Ha'tak-class motherships. At first Weir rejects the proposal, saying Earth will not fight the Goa'uld's war for them; but she proposes that they will agree -- if Earth gets all of Baal's territory in return. The System Lord representatives require that they send a message to the others before agreeing.Released from Fifth's painful memory probe, Carter defends herself by telling Fifth that he can see when reading her thoughts that she did not wish to betray him. But he is intent on revenge, and probes her mind again.Thor and Teal'c pursue the Replicator vessel, but just as they are within reach a single Replicator remaining aboard their craft cuts the ship's power. Thor manages to send a warning to Orilla to give the other Asgard ships a fighting chance to destroy the Replicator ship upon its arrival, before it is too late.Carter continues to plead with Fifth for mercy, truly sorry for what SG-1 had done to him. Fifth refuses to give in to forgiveness, one of his human traits he is still unable to comprehend. But as Carter breaks into tears he forgoes entering her mind again, at least for the time being.Six Asgard motherships defend Orilla as the Replicator vessel emerges from hyperpsace and is obliterated. Thor apologizes to Teal'c for the apparent loss of Major Carter.Meanwhile, Daniel has managed to decipher the message the System Lords sent to the rest of the Goa'uld, confirming that they believe Earth is bluffing about its powerful new weapon. The representatives are recalled, stating that Earth's terms are ridiculous. But before they can step through the Stargate, Daniel orders the gate shut down. He has deciphered the return message: the Goa'uld are sending a mothership to attack Earth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - New Order (2)

    With a Goa'uld mothership en route to attack Earth, Dr. Elizabeth Weir has ordered the Goa'uld dignitaries Camulus, Amaterasu, and Yu detained. Across the galaxy, the Asgard Penegal informs Thor and Teal'c that stray Replicator blocks from the destroyed Replicator vessel have rained down upon Orilla's Asgard colony. The blocks have infected portions of the cities that contain the technology that enables Asgard preserve their consciousnesses in computer mainframes, giving the Replicators a decided advantage in conquering the remains of the Asgard civilization.Hoping to stop this threat with the Ancient knowledge in Colonel O'Neill's mind, Thor and Teal'c rush to Earth. At the S.G.C., Daniel reports that the Goa'uld mothership en route was destroyed by Baal's forces, and that the Goa'uld collective are bowing to his power. Daniel is suddenly whisked away to the Asgard ship, along with O'Neill's frozen form. Thor interfaces O'Neill's mind with the ship, hoping Jack will provide them with the information they require to defeat the Replicators before they heal him by removing the Ancient library downloaded into his brain (Lost City (1)). Jack appears as a holographic projection, and almost immediately he begins to construct something.A very much alive Sam Carter awakens to find herself on a farm, and discovers her boyfriend Pete Shanahan feeding livestock. Realizing her memory is missing pieces, he says that they've moved to Montana. A year before she left the S.G.C. because of mental stress, and to be with him. Since then she has been seeing a shrink due to terrible nightmares about the Replicators. Though she is skeptical of this reality, Sam agrees to breakfast.Yu's First Prime, Oshu, requests an audience with Dr. Weir, and announces that he will die before revealing any information -- and that nothing his master says can be trusted. He asks that they be freed to fight against Baal's forces (who may very easily rule the galaxy if he manages to defeat the remaining System Lords), or if they must, die with honor in fighting to destroy him. After discussing the situation with her superiors, Weir agrees to release the System Lords. But to her surprise, Camulus requests asylum. His forces had been among the first to fall; he would have nothing to return to but shame and, ultimately, death.Soon Yu, Oshu, and Amaterasu depart from Earth, swearing that Camulus will be remembered as a traitor and a coward.Sam remains skeptical that her and Pete's life in Montana is a reality, until Shanahan reveals himself to be the humanoid Replicator Fifth, who has invaded her mind again. He tries to persuade Carter to get on with her life in his care. Having moved beyond his anger over her betrayal, Fifth professes his love for her. Carter swears that she would never be happy in his fantasy, but Fifth has no other plans for her and warns that if she does not comply, she can live here unhappily for the rest of her life.As the Asgard stasis unit sustaining O'Neill's life begins to fail, Jack completes the design for a device in conjunction with the ship's computers. Thor wipes the knowledge of the Ancients from his mind, and O'Neill is resuscitated. He is unaware of the purpose of the device he has constructed, but Thor believes it may indeed be a weapon to defeat the Replicators.The Asgard Penegal informs the team that the Replicators on the surface of Orilla are behaving in a pattern unlike any previously seen, and are likely being controlled by a single humanoid Replicator. He also reports that scans of the surface reveal no sign of Major Carter. Asgard commander Aegir soon reports a loss of all contact with the colony on Orilla -- but that he has discovered a single humanoid Replicator floating in space. Thor transports it aboard and SG-1 arm themselves. Thor begins to retrieve communication data referencing any other human-form Replicators, and discovers that Carter is indeed still alive in a Replicator structure near a large vein of neutronium beyond the colony. The Replicators require neutronium to construct their human-form brethren, Thor tells the team -- and Orilla is rich in neutronium because it is also important to rebuilding the Asgard civilization.Almost immediately the transmission is cut as the humanoid Replicator awakens, escaping from the pod and commandeering Teal'c's weapon. On instinct, O'Neill grabs the device he has constructed and fires it at the Replicator, rendering all of its component blocks inert. Having seen the device in action, Thor is now able to create a large-scale weapon from the data stored in the computer to wipe out all of the Replicators on Orilla. He transports SG-1 to the surface in the hopes of freeing Carter.The team is confronted by hundreds of Replicators. SG-1 fires at will, but are soon intercepted by Fifth, who warns that any more destruction of his brethren will result in Carter's instant death. They have no choice but to comply. Fifth returns to Carter, telling her that the Asgard have developed a weapon against his species. Carter makes one final declaration that if Fifth has a shred of humanity and truly loves her, he will free her.Thor successfully powers the larger-scale weapon on his ship and discharges it over the Asgard colony, destroying all remaining Replicators -- while Fifth's newly constructed Replicator ship flees Orilla into hyperspace. O'Neill, Jackson, and Teal'c find Sam alive nearby.After the team returns to Earth, Dr. Weir announces her reassignment to head up the research project at the Atlantis outpost in Antarctica. The S.G.C. will now be overseen by a Brigadier General named ... Jack O'Neill. General Hammond will oversee a new secret department that is unofficially being called "Homeworld Security," which includes Stargate Command, Prometheus, and the 303 construction project. After consulting his teammates, Jack accepts the promotion and the new position. His first order of business: promotion of Major Samantha Carter to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.Fifth's escape vessel has managed to reconstitute itself into the previous, more advanced form that escaped the Halla system. Inside, the neutronium they retrieved from Orilla is formed into his new companion: a humanoid Replicator duplicate of Samantha Carter, who he hopes will help him conquer the galaxy.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Lockdown

    The climactic battle over Antarctica several months ago (Lost City (2)) is making things difficult for the Russians on the International Space Station, forced to adjust their flight path in order to avoid collision with debris from the destroyed Goa'uld ships. One sizeable chunk narrowly misses the station -- but without anyone's knowledge, something has managed to sneak aboard.One month later, Russian Colonel Alexi Vaselov is assigned to Stargate Command and pays a visit to General O'Neill. Jack is still settling into his new duties, and Vaselov shows his outstanding honors in the Russian military as proof that he is the right man to fill the gap on SG-1. O'Neill believes that the unit can continue as three and insists that, until Vaselov goes through proper training, he won't even be allowed anywhere near the Stargate.O'Neill discusses the conversation with Vaselov with his former team, who all agree that there is no regulation that specifically states an SG unit must be made of at least four members. Daniel visits with Colonel Vaselov to encourage him to not take Jack's decision personally, but midway through their discussion the Russian collapses. He is sent to Dr. Brightman's care in the infirmary. The Colonel eventually awakens and informs her that he doesn't recall anything since being in Russia. But he has lesions on over 40 percent of his body, and an elevated white blood cell count. Brightman suggests that anyone who has been in recent contact with Vaselov be examined immediately.Daniel, about to proceed off-world with SG-11, is surprised when O'Neill orders the gate shut down. After an order to report to the infirmary, Daniel snatches a weapon and holds its owner hostage, demanding that the gate be reactivated. He injures two SF's before Teal'c takes him down with a zat, but even that is not enough until O'Neill shoots him in the arm.Following the incident, Brightman concludes that there is a high probability a contagion is sweeping the base. General O'Neill orders the S.G.C. under lockdown: no gate travel, and no one allowed in or out of the base.Daniel's white blood cell count is dropping, and Vaselov's condition is not improving. In his dreams he has begun to see flashes of the past few days, but feels like a helpless observer within his own body. He blames himself for the lockdown of the base and for Daniel's condition, but Teal'c assures him that this would've happened wherever Vaselov would have been. But the manner in which Vaselov describes being trapped within his own body concerns Teal'c.Brightman and Carter learn that one of the Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station died a week after returning to Russia, and that he exhibited the same symptoms as Vaselov. Vaselov was at his deathbed before traveling to the United States. Considering that no one else who was in contact with the cosmonaut became infected, it becomes less and less likely that this is a contagion at all.Daniel soon awakens and remembers nothing after reaching out to Vaselov when he collapsed. The possibility that an alien entity is jumping from person to person becomes highly plausible. Daniel has a memory flash of taking out one of the SFs in the gate room, and almost immediately comes to his own conclusion: the entity is Anubis.The base still in lockdown, Jack, Sam, and Teal'c deduce that the energy shield Anubis once used to contain his partially-ascended essence was destroyed along with his ship, but his essence itself survived along with debris from his ship until the proper time came to "hitch a ride" on the International Space Station. From the cosmonaut he entered Vaselov, then came to Stargate Command with the intent of escaping through the Stargate. He cannot use his powers as an ascended being to escape by less conventional means, as doing so would call down the judgment of the Ancients.Since anyone carrying Anubis's essence experiences physical symptoms similar to fighting off an infection, O'Neill orders compulsory physicals for all base personnel. Vaselov held Anubis' essence for more than a week, and Brightman says he is not responding to treatment. Unless circumstances change, he has at most two weeks to live. With this knowledge, Vaselov asks Daniel to deliver a personal letter to his sister.Daniel soon sees another memory flash, and realizes that Anubis left him for a nurse, Lieutenant Evans. She is questioned by Carter and declares she recalls nothing of the past Tuesday afternoon. Now Airman Malcolm McAfree is unaccounted for. McAfree takes out several airmen en route to the control room, and orders the Stargate to be dialed. O'Neill arrives and zats him, but almost immediately Anubis' essence disappears through the control room wall.Dr. Jackson visits O'Neill's office and proposes that, since they are unable to kill Anubis, they must find a way to goad him into using his Ancient abilities, thereby forcing the Ancient hierarchy to deal with him for violating their rules. To that end, he and Carter devise a means to divide the base into three separate sections, isolating personnel in each and dividing up food, medical resources, and control of power to the Stargate, making it impossible for Anubis to reach it via any one person and keeping him on the move through regular personnel examinations. Hopefully, once he realizes he can't escape through the gate, Anubis will have no choice but to risk revealing himself to the Ancients.After six days without further incident, President Hayes orders O'Neill to recommence Stargate operations in 24 hours. With this in mind, O'Neill makes a last-ditch bluff with a base-wide announcement: the lockdown will continue indefinitely. Anubis, now more desperate, enters Lt. Colonel Carter and disables the division between quarantine zones with a sequence of timed commands. With base security compromised, O'Neill commences the self-destruct; but Carter, now free of Anubis, manages to abort it in time.Anubis manages to activate the Stargate -- and he's in O'Neill. Vaselov rushes into the gate room and tackles him, commandeering his weapon. He threatens Anubis that he will kill them both if he does not leave the General and take him instead. Anubis possesses Vaselov, and travels through the Stargate.Carter and Teal'c come to O'Neill's aid, where Sam informs him that she couldn't abort Anubis' programmed dial-out -- but she did manage to change the address. Anubis, in Vaselov's body, is now frozen solid on an ice world.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Zero Hour

    Five days in the life of SGC as Jack assumes full command of the base and has to deal with a rapidly growing alien plant, the capture of SG1 by Ba'al, arguing alien delegates, and a tricky traitorous System Lord.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Icon

    Daniel attempts to aid a battle-ravaged society when the team's appearance sparks a war.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Avatar

    The SGC experiment with a virtual reality chair from the Gamekeeper's world (season 2), but Teal'c becomes trapped in a virtual loop against an undefeatable batch of Anubis drones.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Affinity

    Teal'c moves into an apartment off-base where he becomes involved in a neighbor's problems. Meanwhile, Carter's boyfriend, Peter Shanahan, proposes and Carter tries to decide. Teal'c is then charged for murder and kidnapping. Daniel disappears while trying to prove Teal'c innocent.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Covenant

    A rich industrialist has evidence to prove that there is alien life on other planets and gives the governments of the world 24 hours to reveal the truth or he's revealing it. The Air Force tries to discredit him. Then Carter is given the job to tell him about the Stargate and the Goa'uld to try to convince him that the world doesn't need to know. The Trust also tries to silence him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Sacrifices

    Teal'c is upset when his son Rya'c plans to marry a Jaffa woman of the Haktyl who he sees as not fit for him. Ishta comes to the SGC after she believes Haktyl has been compromised, and move her people into the SGC until Carter finds them a suitable planet. Ishta attends a meeting of Haktyl warriors to discuss rising against the Goa'uld Moloc, but he finds out about the meeting and captures her.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - Endgame

    The Trust are behind a plan to steal the Stargate and eliminate the Jaffa and the Goa'uld with the Tok'ra poison.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - Gemini

    The Replicator Carter that Fifth created contacts the SGC and tells them that she wants to be destroyed. She also tells them that Fifth has made all Replicators immune to the disrupter. But does she have an ulterior motive...?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Prometheus Unbound

    General Hammond and Daniel go on an expedition on the Prometheus to Atlantis. They encounter an abandoned Goa'uld Alkesh and decide to salvage it. A Kull warrior rings aboard the ship and rings everyone else onto the Alkesh leaving only Daniel onboard the Prometheus. The Kull warrior turns out to be a woman named Vala who wants to use the Prometheus to evacuate her people from a Goa'uld occupied world. But is she even telling the truth?
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - It's Good To Be King

    Report from Tok'ra Intelligence: The war between Ba'al and the system lords has reached a critical stage. To escape Ba'al, Lord Ares is fleeing to a planet he once conquered, drained of Naquadah, then abandoned. Coincidentally, it's the same planet on which Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill (at that time a colonel) granted his treacherous but likable old buddy, Col. Harry Maybourne, asylum from his enemies on Earth.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Full Alert

    Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill comes home to find treacherous former Vice-President Robert Kinsey in his living room. Kinsey tells O'Neill that he can help him take down The Trust %u2014 a group of rogue NID agents who, to date, have usurped control of an Alkesh, tried to steal the stargate and attempted to wipe out the Goa'uld (along with millions of innocent Jaffa) with a symbiote poison.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Citizen Joe

    Gen. Jack O'Neill finds an uninvited visitor in his home. Wielding a pistol (which is aimed at O'Neill's chest), Joe Spencer, a barber from Indiana, accuses O'Neill of ruining his life. Seven years ago, Joe bought an attractively carved stone at a garage sale, from a man whose grandfather found it on an archeological dig in Egypt. Joe picked it up and immediately began having vivid, virtual experiences of traveling through the stargate and being in action with SG-1 %u2014 living their adventures.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Reckoning (1)

    Lord Ba'al has brought the other Goa'uld system lords to the brink of surrender. Now he faces a threat even he cannot hope to survive: the Replicators. The machine species has been overpowering his ships throughout the galaxy. Teal'c and Bra'tac, leading the Jaffa rebellion, are aboard a rebel mothership about to take on one of Amaterasu's motherships %u2014 one of many rebel attacks against the Goa'uld planned to occur simultaneously. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Lt. Col. Samantha Carter are aboard as observers.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Reckoning (2)

    Hidden in the ruins of the temple on Dakara is an Ancient weapon powerful enough to destroy the Replicators and all life in the galaxy. Thanks to Ba'al's timely warning, Gen. O'Neill, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter and her father, Jacob/Selmak, know it. And thanks to Dr. Daniel Jackson's repressed Ancient knowledge, from when he was Ascended, Replicator Carter knows it, as well. It's only a matter of who finds the weapon first.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Threads

    With the planet of Dakara and the Ancient weapon now in the hands of the Free Jaffa, Anubis plans to reconquer the planet and, thanks to Ba'al's modifications to the stargate, use the Ancient weapon to destroy all life in the galaxy at once. At Stargate Command, Lt. Col. Samantha Carter introduces her fianc, Pete Shanahan, to her father Jacob and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak. Later, Teal'c, Bra'tac, Carter, Jacob/Selmak and Gen. O'Neill discuss the delicate situation on Dakara: The Free Jaffa Nation is now in control of the Ancient weapon. They are reluctant to destroy it, because it has become a symbol of their freedom and also ensures their safety. O'Neill argues that no one should be allowed to wield that much power: The weapon must be destroyed.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Moebius (1)

    The world has lost one its unsung heroes: Catherine Langford, Daniel's mentor and one of the pioneers of the Stargate Program, has passed away. She has left Dr. Daniel Jackson her vast collection of archeological tomes and artifacts.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Moebius (2)

    In an alternate timeline, civilian scientists Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson have followed the videotaped instructions of their alternate selves in Egypt, circa 3000 BCE, and have helped Gen. Hammond and his team unearth the stargate at Antarctica. It's now ready to send a team to the planet Chulak, where they will find Teal'c, who, according to the tape, will be needed to repair the altered timeline. The only member of the future SG-1 team missing is Col. Jack O'Neill. Thanks to his old war buddy, Maj. Kawalski, O'Neill is coaxed out of retirement for this mission.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Avalon (1)

    With the departure of Gen. Jack O'Neill, Stargate Command enters a new era. That said, Stargate Command's new commanding officer, Gen. Hank Landry, and SG-1's new leader, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, barely have time to settle in — let alone inaugurate a new era — before the sudden return of the beautiful thief Vala (Prometheus Unbound).Motivated by her insatiable appetite for ill-gotten gain, Vala has come bearing a stolen tablet that only Dr. Daniel Jackson can decipher. She is convinced that the tablet holds the secret to an incredible buried treasure, while Daniel is convinced that some way, somehow, she's going to make his life miserable. At Mitchell's request, however, he consents to a meeting with her.Unfortunately, the tablet isn't the only artifact Vala has stolen. She has also brought along some insurance — two ancient Jaffa bracelets that Teal'c explains were once used to bind prisoners to their guards and thus prevent escape. Before Daniel has a chance to argue, Vala clamps one of the bracelets onto his wrist and the other onto her own.After Dr. Lee tries and fails to remove the shackles, a resigned Daniel complies with Vala's demand and cracks the tablet's code. His translation leads the pair, along with Mitchell and Teal'c, into a deep and ancient cavern under Glastonbury Tor in England. With the treasure just out of reach, they find themselves trapped. Unless they can solve a series of complicated riddles, they will never find the treasure — and, worse, they'll never get out alive.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Avalon (2)

    Trapped along with Teal'c and Vala far beneath England's Glastonbury Tor, Daniel and Mitchell have only seconds to outwit the Ancient snares in which they're caught. Once they succeed, they have to handle only one or two more small details — such as a near-impossible swordfight with an inhuman knight — before they win access to the cave's vast treasure.Amid the standard-issue gold and jewels, Daniel uncovers a horde of books apparently written by the Ancients. They tell a fantastic tale: The highly advanced Ancients may have once called themselves the Alterans, and may have evolved in a far distant galaxy. The crew excavating the treasure also finds a piece of Ancient equipment, which Daniel believes is a communications device.Always eager to uncover more secrets of the Ancients, and excited by the possibility of visiting galaxies beyond the reach of the stargates, Daniel persuades Mitchell and Gen. Landry to let him test the machine.Within seconds, he and Vala — whose lives are still bound to one another by the Jaffa bracelets — drop to the ground, unconscious. Already developing a keen sense of how things work at Stargate Command, Mitchell deduces that this is a bad sign and puts the two under medical supervision. Similarly worried, Teal'c skips a critical meeting of the new Jaffa council to stay by his friend Daniel's side.Meanwhile, Daniel and Vala find themselves inhabiting the bodies of two married villagers on a distant planet. Being married to Vala — in even the remotest possible sense — gives Daniel the creeps, even before he learns that the villagers are devout worshippers of all-powerful and unforgiving beings called the Ori. What's worse, the two people whose bodies Daniel and Vala are inhabiting are suspected of heresy against these mysterious gods.Before long, Vala ends up chained to a sacrificial altar, about to be burned to death by the village's Administrator and his fanatical followers. Restrained by the vehement villagers, there's nothing Daniel can do but watch in horror as the flames are lit. Back on Earth, Mitchell and the others are watching, too, as Vala slips toward death. Because of the bracelets, if she dies, so will Daniel. Apparently, only divine intervention can save the pair now...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - Origin (3)

    Daniel and Vala have been saved from the fanatical Ori followers, but — because their savior is an Ori priest and they're still trapped in "borrowed" bodies in a distant galaxy — they're not exactly home-free. Instead, the priest transports them to the Ori's holy realm of Celestis, where Daniel begins to uncover the secrets of the mysterious gods.What he learns is not reassuring. The Ori seem to be ascended beings who believe that they deserve unquestioning worship and devotion from all humans. They also consider the more benevolent teachings of their ascended rivals, the Ancients, to be evil.For millennia, the Ancients have protected the humans of the Milky Way from domination by the Ori, but Daniel's activation of the communications device has alerted the Ori to the vast numbers of unbelievers in Earth's home galaxy. As a result, the Ori have begun to send out missionaries, called Priors. Armed with the power of their ascended masters and convinced that heathen lives are worthless, the Priors' goal is to convert the entire galaxy to the worship of the Ori — by any means necessary.As Daniel realizes that Earth is about to find itself on the wrong end of an intergalactic crusade, word reaches Stargate Command that a mysterious evangelist has arrived on a planet formerly occupied by the Goa'uld. Hoping to prevent the recently enslaved humans there from falling prey to what sounds suspiciously like another false god, Mitchell sets off to investigate. Teal'c stays at SGC, where he and Landry are deep in treaty negotiations with Gerak, the power-hungry new Jaffa leader.Mitchell soon returns with an Ori Prior, who zealously preaches about the wondrous powers of the Ori to anyone who wants to listen — and to anyone who doesn't, for that matter. Meanwhile, after Daniel refuses to worship the Ori, he and Vala are returned to the village, where they are to be the bait in a deadly trap to catch other heretics. After that, they are to be burned to death — with no interruptions this time. When their bodies, still at Stargate Command, go into cardiac arrest, it's up to Mitchell and Teal'c to find a way to bring them home.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - The Ties That Bind

    Back at Stargate Command and freed from the bracelets that bound them together, Daniel and Vala bid each other a not-so-fond farewell and return to their respective lives. But they haven't been apart for more than an hour before Daniel collapses and Vala reappears through the 'gate, also dangerously weak.Although the bracelets are gone, their effect remains, perhaps because the Ancient communications device augmented their power. Whatever the reason, Daniel and Vala will die if they are separated. Until they can find a way to break the link, their lives are still bound together.When Vala admits that Arlos Kadavam, the scientist from whom she stole the bracelets, might know the answer, a highly motivated Daniel insists that they visit the man immediately. With Mitchell, he and Vala head through the stargate to Arlos's laboratory.After some negotiation — during which Daniel and Mitchell learn more about Arlos and Vala's love life than they ever wanted to know — Arlos agrees to help, on one condition: Vala must return the heirloom necklace she also stole from him.Unfortunately, Vala already sold that necklace to an unscrupulous Jaffa trader named Inago. And before Inago will sell it back, he wants the power coil he sold to her — but she's already disposed of that on yet another planet. Daniel and Mitchell are in for a very long day.They follow the trail of Vala's ill-gotten gains to a cargo ship that is now in the hands of the Lucian Alliance, a dangerous gang of smugglers and mercenaries. Bottom line: If Daniel and Vala want the link broken, they'll have to steal back the cargo ship.Gen. Landry, however, refuses to authorize this final step in their scavenger hunt. It's too risky, and besides, Stargate Command's budget is up for review in Washington, and he needs Daniel to testify at the hearing.Grudgingly, Daniel travels to Washington for the hearing, with Vala sworn to silence at his side. Even with his articulate contribution, however, Sen. Fisher, the appropriations committee chairman, remains determined to impose drastic budget cuts. When Vala chimes in with some helpful comments about the chairman's anatomical shortcomings, Stargate Command's budgetary fate is sealed, and Gen. Landry is suddenly more than willing to approve a potentially profitable mission against the Lucian Alliance.Daniel, Mitchell, Teal'c, and Vala will risk everything — but at this point, no danger seems too great if it removes Vala from all their lives for good.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - The Powers That Be

    Because nothing but time will dissolve the link between them, Daniel and Vala are forced to remain together at Stargate Command. But when Vala learns that P8X-412 is one of 43 planets already visited by a Prior of the Ori, she persuades Mitchell to help the villagers of that primitive world resist this new danger.Mitchell, Daniel and Teal'c accompany Vala to the planet, where they discover the real reason for Vala's special interest: The villagers there worship her as the Goa'uld god Quetesh. Vala was once host to the real Quetesh, and after she was freed of the symbiote, she discovered that the people of this isolated planet hadn't heard that their god was dead. She continued posing as Quetesh, and the villagers showered her with the few riches they had. Now she's back to collect her loot. She also thinks she can simply order the villagers to reject the Prior.Daniel and the rest of the team doubt that. The Prior's powers are very real — on his previous visit, he apparently healed a villager, Vachna, of a terrible illness. Vala won't be able to compete with the Prior in a god-versus-god showdown; the villagers will inevitably lose faith in her and submit to the Ori. Daniel finally persuades Vala that their only hope is to tell the truth. If her people come to see Vala as a false god, maybe they'll be suspicious of the Ori, too.Unfortunately, the revelation of Vala's true identity doesn't go over so well. The outraged villagers toss her in prison and put her on trial for her life. As Daniel argues that Vala deserves mercy, the Prior of the Ori returns. He debates with Daniel, and it's obvious that some of the villagers are buying his claims.When Vachna falls ill again, however, Vala heals him using a Goa'uld hand device. This demonstration forces many villagers, including Vachna, to question the validity of the Prior's claims ... until more people collapse with the illness. The disease spreads too fast for Vala to keep up. Worse, those she heals fall sick again afterwards. Soon, even Mitchell succumbs.The Ori, it seems, want to teach a mortal lesson to SG-1 and the people of P8X-412...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - Beachhead

    Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter returns from Area 51 to help Stargate Command deal with a galactic threat.On the beginning of the episode a Goa'uld comes trough the gate, asking SGC to help stopping a Prior who has taken control of a Free Jaffa planet and is forming a force field around the Stargate. Since this qualifies as a "galactic threat" (Avalon (1)) Carter joins the team with a plan to detonate a huge nuclear bomb on the planet's surface, forcing the Prior to stop the invasion. They take the Prometheus and fly to the planet that is "under attack".While SG-1 is still on the planet deploying the device, Gerak comes in and starts firing at the force field and thus endangering SG-1. Prior ignores their requests and SG-1 beams back up to the Prometheus where they wait for the explosion. Only to find that the explosion is what the Prior wanted, since the explosion's energy was used to expand the force field. And when Gerak's ships begin firing the force field expands so that it encases the whole planet. They discover they've been set up by the Goa'uld who gave them the information in the first place - he seems to be working with the Ori and has used SG-1 to make the force field expand faster.Some objects come trough the Stargate on the planet  and start forming some kind of a 'Megagate' in the orbit around the planet. When constructed, it would be big enough to allow a whole fleet of ships to come trough. At the same time, they notice that the planet is being shrinked into a black hole, so that its energy could be used to power up the 'Megagate'. Gerak escapes, leaving only one cloaked cargo ship to monitor SG-1's movements. Onboard Prometheus, the team tries to figure out what to do and while doing that they completely ignore Vala, so she decides to pull a plan of her own.She beams to the cargo ship that was left behind and puts in in place of the last "block" that would compose the 'Megagate'. By doing so, the energy field that is holding all the blocks together starts to colapse. She tries to beam off the ship, but the planet colapses into a black hole and the 'Megagate' (together with the ship) is destroyed, while Prometheus manages to get away in time.Daniel faints and he is dragged to the infirmary and when he wakes up, he is saddened to realize that Vala didn't make it. But Carter points out that a matter stream did exit the cargo ship moments before the explosion, so it is possible that she is alive and wandering around somewhere in the Ori home galaxy. Meanwhile on Earth, the Goa'uld is taken into custody - he will be put in a dark room somewhere under Area 51 to work on a defense agains the Ori - or he will starve...
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Ex Deus Machina

    SG-1 must investigate when evidence suggests that there are still Goa'uld hiding on Earth -- including a former System Lord. Tensions between Earth and the Free Jaffa continue to mount.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Babylon

    Colonel Mitchell is injured in a skirmish with a warrior from a mythic tribe of rebel Jaffa, and is trained in their fighting techniques only so that he may engage in a ritual battle to the death.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Prototype

    SG-1 finds a genetically advanced Goa'uld-human hybrid (the first of an elite warrior race conceived by Anubis), and must decide his fate.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - The Fourth Horseman (1)

    The Ori unleash a deadly plague on Earth, prompting a powerful ally from SG-1's past to come to their aide.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - The Fourth Horseman (2)

    The Ori unleash a deadly plague on Earth, prompting a powerful ally from SG-1''s past to come to their aide.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Collateral Damage

    Colonel Mitchell stands falsely accused of murder, but he remembers committing it, thanks to technology that grafts memories into someone else's mind.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - Ripple Effect

    Alternate realities coming together at Stargate Command create alternate versions of SG-1 and some of their fallen allies.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - Stronghold

    Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG1 tries to rescue Dr Jackson who has been captured on an Ori controlled world.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Ethon

    Members of the Jaffa High Council are showing unusual behavior and an old enemy, thought dead, is revealed to be behind it. Meanwhile, one of Mitchell's old friends is about to die after having saved Mitchell's life and wishes to know about the top-secret work that Mitchell is doing in order to make his death easier to face.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Off The Grid

    SG-1 investigates a planet whose main crop is the highly addictive kassa, but their biggest problem is that they’re held prisoner on the planet with no way to escape because the Stargate appears to have been stolen.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - The Scourge

    During what was thought to be a routine mission to escort international diplomats to the Gamma Site, SG-1 and their party come up against something totally unexpected and deadly.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Arthur's Mantle

    Carter and Mitchell find themselves trapped on another plane, unable to be seen by anyone. They go after an assassin using a similar cloak who is striking out at the Sodan.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Crusade

    Using an Ancient communication device, Vala contacts Daniel and informs him of what's been happening in the Ori's galaxy.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Camelot

    The team learns of an ancient weapons system in the village of Camelot on an alien planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 1 - Flesh and Blood

    After becoming pregnant while in the Ori's home galaxy ("Crusade"), Vala gives birth to her miracle child. But no one can predict the astonishing -- and dangerous -- being that is brought into the world. Adria, Vala's child, is by all appearances a normal human child. But in truth, the girl is a genetically engineered, human-form Ori. She grows rapidly, aging years in a matter of hours (up to about age 12). She is not "possessed" by an ascended Ori, but is rather the human manifestation (with mortal limitations) of what the Ori are. The girl is an oracle, programmed with the knowledge of her race -- and with their power, destined to lead the Ori on a campaign for galactic domination. Yet, attended by servants and worshippers, she remains a human child who at the same time yearns for love and approval from her mother. The Ori fleet has arrived in our galaxy ("Origin"), with Daniel and Vala on board one of their ships. Ori warriors roam the halls, while peasants serve as staff on the ship. Vala visits her child in the impressive "Oracle's Room," and learns that the young girl knows and believes all that the Ori do about ascension. Adria claims that it was the Ancients who tried to destroy the Ori for their beliefs, and not the other way around -- and that the Ori most certainly do ascend their followers, contrary to what the Ancients have told them. She claims further that it is the Ancients, and not the Ori, who drain power from their followers. They created human life in our galaxy to gain enough power to destroy the Ori -- making this bloody crusade a preemptive strike against the true "evil." Elsewhere, the Earth ship Odyssey squares off against a group of Goa'uld motherships under the control of the Lucian Alliance, a group of criminals that have banded together to fill the power vacuum left by the Goa'uld ("The Ties That Bind"). The ship is damaged and key systems are offline, including the hyperdrive and the Asgard transporter. The Asgard Vasir works to repair it. While Daniel and Vala deal with her daughter, the rest of the team joins Bra'tac and the Jaffa in an assault on three ships in orbit of the Jaffa planet Chulak. Adria is leading the conquest of the planet, on board a ship that has landed on the surface. Vala hopes to sway her daughter, challenging her decision to slaughter innocent people. Carter radios the Ori ships in the hopes of contacting any survivors of the Korelev, an Earth ship apparently destroyed by the Ori (probably how Daniel wound up on board). Daniel finds his radio and responds, assuring Sam that he made it okay. He and Vala hope to zat Adria and capture her.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 2 - Morpheus

    The team goes off-world and ends up in serious trouble. Meanwhile, Landry is faced with having to decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 3 - The Pegasus Project

    The threat by the Ori grows. Danie and Vala visit Atlantis to search for more hints concerning the weapon of Myrdin, better knows as Merlin. This weapon is capable of eradicatin ascended beings like the Ori. Meanwhile Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell have to take the Odyssey to accomplish a dangerous mission.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 4 - Insiders

    Stargate Command captures several copies of Baal and must determine which one is the genuine article.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 5 - Uninvited

    An invisible creature causes loads of chaos in the SGC and knocks-out one crew member after the other.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 6 - 200

    Martin Lloyd asks the SGC and SG-1 for help as he gets close to making a movie about his old tv-show "Wormhole X-Treme".
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 7 - Counter-Strike

    Leathal combat arises between the Ori, lead by Adria and the Jaffa, after a whole planet gets wiped out by a huge energy burst. Adria believes that this could have been done by SG-1. She imprisons Daniel and Vala to get hints about the weapon.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 8 - Memento Mori

    A confused Vala wanders the streets of a city alone and, hungry, enters a deli. When she tries to skip out on the bill, the owner, Sol, stops her. She confesses that she has no way to pay her bill ... and, in fact, she doesn't even remember who she is. She has no memory of her life before she walked into his fine establishment. Striken with amnesia, Vala agrees to take a job as a waitress to pay back her debt while she tries to piece together her memory. She refuses to go to a hospital, and the very suggestion of it causes her intense anxiety. Back at the S.G.C., Colonel Mitchell and Teal'c interrogate a man named Weaver -- one of those responsible for Vala's disappearance -- in the isolation room, while Daniel and Carter watch. Weaver isn't very forthcoming with information, and is clearly concerned about what will happen to him if he helps them. When Vala takes down a pair of would-be robbers, the police take her in for questioning about the incident. But the cop (and deli patron), Ryan, has a hard time comprehending the disoriented and mysterious Vala. As she begins to remember more and more of what happened to her, Vala discovers that she had been taken prisoner by Athena, an evil being (probably a Goa'uld) who used a memory device to probe for information hidden deep within Vala's memory.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 9 - Company Of Thieves

    Cameron Mitchell must go undercover inside the deadly Lucian Alliance to prevent his teammates from becoming casualties of an Alliance civil war.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 10 - The Quest (1)

    SG-1 races against Baal in the hunt to find the Sangraal, Merlin's anti-Ori weapon, and comes up against a series of ancient trials.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 11 - The Quest (2)

    The team race to help Merlin build the Sangraal weapon before Adria can track them down, but he is severely weakened by the scale of his difficult task and is forced to take control of Daniel's body to finish the job.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 12 - Line in the Sand

    Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c arrive on a planet being threatened by the Ori. They decide that a line needs to be drawn and that the Ori must not be allowed to advance any further. Carter attempts to use the Ancient Merlin's technology to prevent the Ori from taking over the planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 13 - The Road Not Taken

    Carter ends up in an alternate universe and changes the course of things in that universe.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 14 - The Shroud

    The SG-1 team learns of yet another world that has been visited by a Prior of the Ori. However, this Prior hasn't issued any threats. The team waits for the Prior's return, only to be shocked by his identity.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 15 - Bounty

    Col. Mitchell returns to Kansas to attend his high-school reunion with Vala when Stargate Command learns of an attack on SG-1 team members.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 16 - Bad Guys

    The SG-1 team visits an alien museum on another planet -- but are mistaken for a band of zealous rebels who have taken hostages.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 17 - Talion

    After a terrorist attack on a Jaffa summit leaves many dead and Bra'tac seriously injured, Teal'c goes on a one-man quest for revenge.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 18 - Family Ties

    Vala's father, Jacek, contacts Stargate Command wishing to trade information about a series of planned attacks on Earth in exchange for sanctuary on the planet.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 19 - Dominion

    The SG-1 team hatches an elaborate plot to capture Adria by using Vala as bait, but Ba'al has a sinister plan of his own which could prove deadly for all involved.
  • Stargate SG-1: Episode 20 - Unending

    The SG-1 team finds they are likely to live the rest of their lives together trapped on a ship which is caught in a time dilation field which Sam created in order to survive an attack of the Ori