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  • The Unit: Episode 1 - First Responders

    The Unit is a covert team of U.S. Special Forces operatives who must undertake missions around the world. The latest newcomer is Bob Brown who joins Jonas' team and they set out to rescue an airliner filled with European businessmen who have been hijacked by terrorists. Meanwhile, Bob's wife Kim is struggling with how much control the Unit has on her own personal life.
  • The Unit: Episode 2 - Stress

    The team, minus Bob, are in search of a fallen Chinese satellite. This quickly turns into an opportunity to capture one of the world's most wanted terrorists. Meanwhile, Bob is questioned about the Unit's role in the rescue of the hijacked plane. Molly decides to visit the Unit's psychiatrist about the shooting at her home. Kim is frustrating about moving and then comforts a woman who has just learned her husband has died in combat.
  • The Unit: Episode 3 - 200th Hour

    Jonas attempts to rescue a group of American missionaries in hiding in the Philippines. However, he soon realizes the mission is going to take more manpower he expected. At the base, Mac ends up being shot by Bob during a training exercise and Molly, Kim and Tiffy prepare to host a visiting senator.
  • The Unit: Episode 4 - True Believers

    The Unit is sent to Los Angeles to protect Mexico's drug minister who has been threatened with assassination and soon his wife and sons are kidnapped. At the base, a former Unit wife makes a return appearance in the hopes of luring the Unit members away. Tiffy is upset when Ryan orders Mack to take time off.
  • The Unit: Episode 5 - Non-Permissive Environment

    Jonas and the team carry out an assasination of a terrorist in Spain. However, they soon find out that the government called off the mission and will now not protect them in the country which means there only hope is to escape. Back at the base, Molly learns that her daughter Betsy wants to drop out of college and Kim thinks about taking a college course herself.
  • The Unit: Episode 6 - Security

    When the Unit goes undercover as security detail for the American Ambassador in Israel, their mission to plant a bug in the Russian embassy there seems destined for failure. The Unit is sent on a mission to the Russian embassy in Israel in hopes of recording evidence that the Russians are planning to sell materials to the Iranians that will enable them to build a nuclear bomb. The plan seems doomed from the beginning when Bob is banned from entering the embassy and Jonas seems unable to elude embassy security. Meanwhile, Kim becomes suspicious when she sees Tiffy sneak into a hotel room and, due to security warnings, Kim reports the incident to Tiffy's secret lover, Col. Tom Ryan.
  • The Unit: Episode 7 - Dedication

    The crew must fly to Afghanistan to assassinate a high ranking member of the Taliban. However, one of their team helicopters ends up going down in enemy territory, placing the entire crew in jeopardy. Back at the base, Molly confronts a friend and retired Unit veteran about his addiction to painkillers and Kim ends up getting a job at the local radio station.
  • The Unit: Episode 8 - Sere

    The Unit enters the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance Escape) training course thinking they will be guards, but are shocked to learn that they are the POWs for an undetermined amount of time. Based on the real-life training course that the military uses to prepare for capture by enemy forces, The Unit takes on a grueling exercise of torture and humiliation. The training proves to be especially difficult for Bob, who is sick when the training starts, and the torment pushes him close to death. To complicate matters, the CIA is orchestrating exercises with virtually no limits to the level of physical punishment and emotional manipulation that can be used in an effort to break them, which would result in them being kicked out of The Unit.
  • The Unit: Episode 9 - Eating the Young

    When negotiations to purchase surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) from a drug lord in Brazil break down, the Unit must find a new way to retrieve and destroy these lethal weapons. After an effort to buy the surface-to-air missiles from a drug lord falls through and the missiles disappear, Jonas and his team must track down the weapons before they are taken out of the country. Jonas bonds with a local boy who directs the team to where the SAMs have been taken to be shipped and now it is in the Unit’s hands to destroy them. Meanwhile on the home front, Kim stirs up more trouble when she insists that the “Family Readiness Group” deals with more serious issues, and Williams struggles with how and when to tell the woman he wants to marry that he is a Unit member and not a clerk on base.
  • The Unit: Episode 10 - Unannounced

    When Bob's cover is blown while training soldiers in Africa, he advises Jonas to cancel a planned visit by a dignitary due to impending danger; however, things get complicated when they learn that the visit is a cover,. Despite warnings of danger, the visiting high ranking official refuses to cancel his plans. Meanwhile, Kim gets an unexpected encounter while working at the radio station and Molly is presented with a real estate investment opportunity.
  • The Unit: Episode 11 - Exposure

    When Keith Soto, the son of a former Unit member, returns to base for a reunion, Jonas and Col. Tom Ryan discover that he is a newspaper reporter working on a story that threatens the secrecy of the team. Although perturbed by the fact that Keith uses the reunion on base as his way in to get a story, Jonas decides to tell him the "truth" about how his father was killed under the condition that he promises not to publish the story. Jonas is under extreme pressure to prevent Keith from running the story, for the consequences could be detrimental to the entire Unit. Meanwhile, with Tiffy and Kim's help, Molly manages to track down the woman who scammed $40,000 of the women's investment fund.
  • The Unit: Episode 12 - Morale, Welfare, & Recreation

    The Unit is called in to consult on a bomb planted in an Atlanta bank, but they must take over control when they learn that the bomb might be nuclear. Jonas and his team take over, but when they hand control back to the bomb squad, the Unit's specific recommendations regrettably are not taken into consideration. Meanwhile, Bob and Kim take a vacation, but Kim soon discovers that Bob has whisked her away on a mission and needs her help.
  • The Unit: Episode 13 - The Wall

    After Jonas and his team assist the U.N. in capturing a Bosnian general who is a war criminal, the Unit members find themselves in jeopardy when the general escapes capture. Despite encountering several obstacles, the Unit detains a former Yugoslav general wanted for war crimes and lets the U.N. take credit for the capture. However, unbeknownst to the team, the criminal escapes U.N. custody and is now seeking revenge on the Unit. Meanwhile, things become unstable at home when Tiffy thinks Mack re-upped with the Unit and Kim learns some disturbing news.
  • The Unit: Episode 1 - Change of Station

    Tiffy and Molly try to help a young boy, who was a student of Tiffy's a few years earlier. The team is on mission in Pakistan where they encounter a woman who's been undercover there for very long. She uncovered a plot for a terrorist attack on multiple cities. The team helps her foil the plan.
  • The Unit: Episode 2 - Extreme Rendition

    When the Unit is sent to Bulgaria on a complicated mission, an enemy becomes a temporary ally when he helps track down an elusive target they have been after for years. Jonas and his team carry out a complex and dangerous prison escape of a rogue former Unit operator in order to have him help track down the world's leading arms dealer. Meanwhile, in desperate need of money to care for her aging mother, Molly takes a one time recruiting job to hire someone away from the military, but some members of the Unit family are not happy about her decision.
  • The Unit: Episode 3 - The Kill Zone

    The Units original mission in South America is put on hold when they must first rescue two of their own advance team members. Jonas and his team are sent to Paraguay to eliminate a militia rebel leader, but the mission is put on hold when they must rescue two Charlie team members trapped by a sniper. Meanwhile, Kim and Molly help the fianc of a fallen member deal with her loss, and Kim urges Bob to sign a life insurance policy when she sees how little the army does to help the widows of men who have served.
  • The Unit: Episode 4 - Manhunt

    When the Unit sets out to intercept a dangerous package, they soon realize that it is a wanted terrorist with an attack plan who they must hunt down and stop,. The Unit tracks down a wanted Indonesian terrorist on U.S. soil, but in a race against time they must prevent his moving target from exploding. Meanwhile, the Unit wive
  • The Unit: Episode 5 - Force Majeure

  • The Unit: Episode 6 - Old Home Week

    When Jonas and his team are sent to intercept a shipment of smuggled diamonds intended to fund a terrorist attack, Bob is mystified when he sees a fellow Unit member pocket some of the rocks. While the men of the Unit are out in the field on a mission to track down smuggled diamonds linked to an impending terrorist attack, Bob is not sure what to do when he sees a team member and close friend help himself to some of the stones. Meanwhile, the ladies of the Unit are back on base organizing "Old Home Week" to raise funds to help those in service in Iraq.
  • The Unit: Episode 7 - Off the Meter

    Jonas and Bob agree to help a mother rescue her 17-year-old daughter from a cult whose members are about to flee the U.S. The guys' participation isn't authorized by the Unit and is strictly off the clock. They travel to Arizona with Cheals for the mission and meet up with the distraught mom. When they enter the cult compound, things don't go quite as they planned. Back at home, Tiffy covers for Charlotte Ryan with the police after she sees her driving erratically and discovers pills in her car.
  • The Unit: Episode 8 - Natural Selection

    A helicopter carrying Bob and a woman translator crashes in a remote area in Russia. The two aren't injured seriously, but the cold weather and lack of food soon begin to wear them down. As Bob searches for food and help, he remembers back to when he went through training for the Unit to see if he would qualify. It was a time when Jonas' job was to make sure he failed.
  • The Unit: Episode 9 - Report By Exception

    When Jonas is sent to Latin America to assassinate a prominent official, he finds himself in grave danger after beltway politics undermine his mission. Jonas works closely with his "undercover wife" to assassinate a prominent Latin American official who threatens the U.S. oil supply. However, after Colonel Tom Ryan is questioned about the Unit's current mission in a congressional briefing in Washington, a subsequent press leak undermines the mission and puts Ryan's men in danger.
  • The Unit: Episode 10 - Bait

    Jonas is captured by a militia group during a mission and held hostage. He's forced to make a video that outlines the group's demands. The chief one is that a terrorist held by the U.S. be released within 48 hours or Jonas will be executed. The suits in Washington, D.C., refuse to negotiate, so Col. Ryan sends his own men in to attempt a rescue. Back at the base, Tiffy learns she may face time in prison for her involvement in covering up Charlotte's reckless driving.
  • The Unit: Episode 11 - Silver Star

    Jonas' father is awarded the Silver Star for heroic actions in Korea at a private ceremony attended by family members. Jonas recalls his dad's deeds to his nephew, also a soldier, after he learns that his nephew beats his wife. Back on base, Mack attempts, via radio contact, to help a man land a private jet after the pilot dies at the controls.
  • The Unit: Episode 12 - The Broom Cupboard

    Jonas is ordered by the president (William H. Macy) to meet with the son of an Asian country's overthrown king, who plans to topple the dictatorial regime that ousted his father.
  • The Unit: Episode 13 - Sub-Conscious

    The mission is to take control of a South Korean submarine to assist in the defection of a North Korean Scientist. The team find themselves confronted by several roadblocks. On the submarine, the South Korean Captain does want to take orders from Jonas. On the home front, Kim has a dream that shares many similarities to the current mission. Ryan thinks that Bob told Kim about the mission and threatens to scrap the mission and wants to fire Bob.
  • The Unit: Episode 14 - Johnny B. Good

    The Unit is assigned to slip into Iran to plant radiation "sniffers," but when things go awry, Mack must decide whether to leave behind an Iranian woman who served as their loyal guide to be tortured, or mercy kill her himself. Meanwhile, back at home a wounded Jeremy has Molly at his bedside while his strangely absent girlfriend Crystal is steaming things up with one of the married men of the Unit. Her own affair long over, and fulfilling hours of community service at a free legal clinic, Tiffy clashes with lawyer Wilson James over a case of a soldier gone AWOL.
  • The Unit: Episode 15 - The Water Is Wide

    The Unit must diffuse a bomb at the U.N.; Molly and Tiffy visit Vietnam and try to find a onetime POW who may still be alive; Crystal attempts to seduce Mack.
  • The Unit: Episode 16 - Games of Chance

    The team participates in a unique competition known as the CT Games that puts them up against other Special Forces units from around the world. Things take a bad turn when one of the teams appears to be taking things too far to win. Kim must travel to Utah to save her job and finds herself meeting an ex-lover. She spends some time getting reacquainted with him.
  • The Unit: Episode 17 - Dark of the Moon

    The Unit captures three Pakistani men from a Waziristan village to take in for questioning, but Jonas and his men are pursued by militia. They take refuge in a U.S. command post staffed with mostly malcontents.
  • The Unit: Episode 18 - Two Coins

    When Jonas and members of the Unit study advanced desert warfare in Israel, Grey becomes smitten with an Israeli soldier, but the relationship proves deadly.
  • The Unit: Episode 19 - Outsiders

    While Brown and Williams are on their mission in New Guinea, Mack discovers that Crystal is feeding information to a snooping reporter and tries to put an end to it.
  • The Unit: Episode 20 - In Loco Parentis

    The children of government officials and foreign nationals may be in grave danger when they're taken hostage by captors who make no demands.
  • The Unit: Episode 21 - Bedfellows

    While Bob is forced to make a difficult decision out in the field, Mack, convinced that Tiffy is having an affair, faces turmoil on the home front and ends up making a fateful decision.
  • The Unit: Episode 22 - Freefall

    While Mack, Grey and Williams protect a Thai prince on American soil, Jonas joins Bob on a mission to bring down a terrorist leader, but after parachuting from over 40,000 feet and a mid-air malfunction, Jonas' number-one mission becomes saving Bob's life.
  • The Unit: Episode 23 - Paradise Lost

    When the Unit returns from a successful mission, they discover that a full investigation into their past is underway and life as they know it will never be the same.
  • The Unit: Episode 1 - Pandemonium (1)

  • The Unit: Episode 1 - Sacrifice